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In Search of Slayers

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1/17/2022 0:30:15   

In Search of Slayers

Location: Dragesvard's Shore -> Quests! -> In Search of Slayers
Requirements: Navigation of Tyndur's Depths
Release Date: January 15th, 2022

Objective: Under the fungus covered sky of Dragesvard, you sift through the empty remains for any sign of the Dragonslayers.
Objective completed: Seems like there's more to this than may appear. Better keep that new helmet close at hand.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(7) Hollow Human (1)
(5) Hollow Human (2)
(1) Hollow Dragonslayer - Boss

Captain Lestrad
G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema
Kord / Hopeful Soldier / Hopeful Voice
Skeptical Voice
Wary Soldier / Wary Voice

Self-Containment Unit v15.0
Self-Containment Unit v15.1
Self-Containment Unit v15.2
Self-Containment Unit v15.3
Self-Containment Unit v15.4
Self-Containment Unit v15.5

Access to Search Loot for DCs and Containment Unit.


*At Dragesvard's Shore, Captain Lestrad appears to be taking charge and giving orders to both the DragonLords and the Alliance.*

Captain Lestrad: The scouts have reported a dense nest of fungal growth covering the city. We'll need—
Mritha: Lestrad, you promised to listen to the Speaker, and here he is. But here you are, taking charge like nothing happened!

*Hansa also appears displeased by Lestrad's assumption of authority.*

Kara SuLema: Mritha...
Captain Lestrad: The Great One ordered the DragonLords to aid the Greenguard Alliance in retaking Dragesvard.
Captain Lestrad: Naturally, as the greater force, the DragonLords will lead the charge.
Captain Lestrad: And as Captain of the DragonLords, I am therefore in the commanding position.
Captain Lestrad: Is that going to be a problem?

*Mritha does not immediately respond.*

Captain Lestrad: DragonLord, I asked you a question! Is my command going to be a problem?

*Mritha reluctantly obliges.*

Mritha: No.
Captain Lestrad: Good to hear.

Captain Lestrad: As I was saying...
Captain Lestrad: ...the fungal growth has covered the city. We can try to burn it away with dragon fire, but such magic asks a lot of our partners.
Captain Lestrad: As such, I propose we enter the city and search for any information that may allow us to reclaim the city from the inside.
G. M. Hansa: If I may, I don't think it will be so—
Captain Lestrad: You're from The Rose, right? We definitely don't need advice from the likes of you.

*Hansa hangs her head and closes her eyes after being rudely dismissed by Lestrad.*

G. M. Hansa: ...Suit yourself.

*Kara glances back toward Hansa, feeling quietly concerned about how she was just treated.*

Captain Lestrad: If there aren't any more interruptions, then let's get this expedition started.
Captain Lestrad: DragonLords, to the front. We'll be taking the main streets, along with our guides.
Captain Lestrad: Meanwhile, you Alliance folk will seek out whatever remains of the DragonSlayers.
Captain Lestrad: See if we can get some allies with a better understanding of the situation.
Captain Lestrad: Meanwhile, we'll have the dragons burning away at the top in shifts.
Captain Lestrad: We cannot allow this to spread any farther!
Captain Lestrad: Move out!

*The DragonLords move out and the Alliance regroups while your dragon appears to be having fun sliding on the ice.*

Kara SuLema: Hansa, you had a concern?
G. M. Hansa: ...It's probably nothing.
Kara SuLema: ...Are you sure? If there's anything bothering you, we should be aware of it. Your insight is always valuable!
G. M. Hansa: ...
G. M. Hansa: Despite everything, as my world comes crashing down around me...
G. M. Hansa: I fall back on spite. On familiar, thorny conflict.
G. M. Hansa: You have only been welcoming. I should not hold you to account for Lestrad's words.
Mritha: So what did you want to say? Did you sense something?
G. M. Hansa: This fungus... It goes deep. Deeper than I can see, under the water, and farther below.
G. M. Hansa: Whatever it is, it's alien to me. I cannot determine its nature. But I do know we're only, literally, scratching the surface.
G. M. Hansa: So we should be prepared for anything.
<Character>: Thank you for the information, Hansa. We'll have to be prepared for the unexpected then!
Ostromir: *Sniff*
Ostromir: None of you think you should have some sort of protection against the fungus?
<Character>: You don't happen to have any extra containment suits laying around, do you?
Ostromir: No, we do not. But inhaling the spores of whatever this is can not be healthy.
Vseslava: We thought to bring it up with the DragonLord captain, but he appears to be... resistant to suggestions.
Galanoth: I haven't heard of any adverse effects from the Dragonslayers. Although, I haven't heard from the Dragonslayers in some time, either.
Ostromir: While I understand the Magesterium may have rather unflattering views of lands outside our borders...
Ostromir: I think our policy of not ingesting foreign material into our bodies may prove wise in this case.
Ostromir: There may be long-term effects that are not immediately evident.
Ostromir: You may begin to sprout mushrooms, or one day, suddenly find yourself unable to breathe, or lose bodily functions years afterward, or—
Vseslava: I think they get the point, Ostromir.
Kara SuLema: I think... I can provide a solution with Wind magic. But I'll need to focus, and it will be quite draining.
<Character>: That's only a temporary solution, then. We'll need to find something permanent while we can.
Ostromir: Vseslava and I are not fighters. We can work on some sort of protective headgear for you while we proceed with our task.
<Character>: Thank you. Let's go then. Galanoth, do you know where the Dragonslayers were holding out?
Galanoth: A lot has changed since last I visited. But I think I can find the way.
Kara SuLema: My magic is ready. Lead the way.

*You fight your way through the streets of Dragesvard, battling various Hollow creatures along the way; once at the top of the city, you regroup with the Alliance to discuss what you have just seen.*

<Character>: I had my suspicions, but that... that was a Dragonslayer.
Galanoth: Hmm.
Kara SuLema: This is awful. Do you suppose people inhaled the spores and were turned into... these?
G. M. Hansa: It's... a terrifying possibility.
Galanoth: Quiet, everyone.

*You turn around to face Galanoth.*

Galanoth: Yes, I thought I heard something. Seems this base isn't entirely abandoned.

*Galanoth knocks on a nearby door.*

Galanoth: Open up. It's Galanoth. I'm with allies.
Hopeful Voice: Can it be? Galanoth?
Skeptical Voice: No! It must be a hallucination. Or maybe the Hollow ones have learned to mimic voices.
Hopeful Voice: But if it's Galanoth then we could be saved...
Wary Voice: If you open that door, you'll doom us all!
Galanoth: Stop being foolish. If you don't open the door, I'm breaking it down!
Hopeful Voice: ...
Skeptical Voice: ...Yeah, that's Galanoth.

*A small group of DragonSlayers no larger than the Alliance leave their shelter to greet you all.*

Hopeful Soldier: Is it... Is it safe?
Wary Soldier: Nope. Still mushrooms. I'm going back.
Galanoth: We're here to help, and get you out of Dragesvard if needed. Unless you can fight.
Galanoth: What can you tell us about what happened?
Hopeful Soldier: Well, after the eruption, we did what we could to get people to safety.
Hopeful Soldier: But we're... well, Dragonslayers. Not Mushroomslayers.
Hopeful Soldier: We did our best, but more and more of the Hollow creatures kept coming...
Kara SuLema: I'm sorry, the Hollow creatures?
Hopeful Soldier: The uh, things you fought and saw all over the city. They're not people. They're... well, hollow.
Hopeful Soldier: As far as we can tell, the fungus just kind of... produces them. Not sure from where.
Hopeful Soldier: They're so... weird. Sometimes we'll watch them almost... almost be human.
Hopeful Soldier: They'll aimlessly go in and out of buildings, or what remains of them.
Hopeful Soldier: But they don't do anything until they come across something living.
Hopeful Soldier: Er, not Hollow, I mean.
G. M. Hansa: Perhaps an effect of the spores? Are there any other survivors?
Hopeful Soldier: If it's the spores, they haven't had any effect on us, I don't think. There are definitely other people out there, too.
Hopeful Soldier: We've tried to help, we really have... but it's an extremely hostile environment.
Kara SuLema: I see. We'll have to make it a priority to save any civilians we come across.
<Character>: What's your name?
Kord: Oh! I'm sorry, my name is Kord.

Kord: And you all are...?

A brief introduction later...

Kord: I see. So you're here to reclaim Dragesvard, and hopefully stop the spread of the fungus.
Kord: But if refugees have already made it to the mainland then... surely the spores... It's only a matter of time before it starts there...
Galanoth: The Great One is using their power to cleanse Dragonsgrasp and the surrounding areas.
Galanoth: As a Nature dragon, The Great One does hold some sway over such elements. But that is still a relatively small section of Greenguard.
Kord: That's... We have to do all we can. The destruction here cannot be allowed to visit the main continent.
<Character>: Kord, are you and your fellow Dragonslayers willing to help us?
<Character>: We have to find out where these Hollow are coming from. And how we can stop this fungus.
<Character>: We could certainly use your help.
Kord: Of course! Of course. We Dragonslayers will always rise to the occasion, just as Galanoth has!
Kord: And now that reinforcements have arrived, I'm sure we'll be able to manage.
Galanoth: Good to hear. <Character>, if you don't mind, I'd like to speak to the Dragonslayers privately.
<Character>: We'll just wait here then.
Galanoth: Thank you.

Some time later...

*Ostromir is fitting your dragon with protective headgear.*

Ostromir: There you go, little one.
<Dragon>: And what if <Character> needs me to grow?! | *Indignant roar*
Ostromir: Yes, I think it is perfect!
Vseslava: We have completed the protective gear for everyone else, as well.
Vseslava: While we have managed so far thanks to Kara's magic, if we are to enter more spore dense areas...
Vseslava: Well, better to be safe, if you ask me.
Kara SuLema: Thank you, Vseslava, Ostromir. I could do with a break.

*Galanoth concludes his private discussion with the DragonSlayers.*

G. M. Hansa: Ah. Is your private business concluded, then?
Galanoth: It is.
Galanoth: Those Dragonslayers in fighting shape will join our cause. The others will be evacuated to Dragonsgrasp when possible.
Galanoth: While I am still concerned about the origin of the Hollow, we have completed our currently assigned task.
Galanoth: Let us clear a path and regroup with the DragonLords.
Galanoth: I imagine our information will be of great use to them. And I am eager to learn what they have discovered as well.

*Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens Search Loot for DCs shop.
  • Self-Containment Unit (Cosmetic) - opens Containment Unit shop.

    Other information
  • The suspiciously glowing mushroom cap acts as a one-time healing source during the quest. (Message: Do you want to eat this suspiciously glowing mushroom cap?)
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Kara: "...This isn't just Nature magic. The way the fungus blocks out the light from above... There is Darkness here."
  • Mritha: "Is that... a person?"
  • Hansa: "Whatever they are, they will not stop us from reaching our goal."
  • ...
  • Mritha: "They're so... quiet..."
  • Galanoth: "...I knew this forge."
  • Your mouth waters at the sight of the glowing mushroom cap, but the monsters likely won't let you eat it in peace.
  • Ostromir looks at you like you're insane. Kara shakes her head disapprovingly. But you're fully healed, for now.
  • Forlorn and unadorned, the anvil stands, alone.
  • Ostromir: "I will admit, this is unsettling, even for me. I cannot help but wonder what has become of fair Nieboheim."
  • Galanoth: "The headquarters was this way, I think. The fungus has twisted everything it touches..."
  • As you look out across the rooftops of Dragesvard, you're filled with a sense of dread and awe.
  • Kara: "I swear, that one looks like a Dragonslayer..."
  • Containment Unit shop—containing a cosmetic Self-Containment Unit v15.05 equippable by all players—was added to this quest on December 30th, 2022.

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