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Into the Light

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2/22/2020 4:12:00   

Into the Light

Location: The Greenguard Alliance - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction -> Swordhaven Camp -> Quests! -> Into the Light
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Daybreak (All Versions)
Release Date: February 21st, 2020

Objective: With a massive Tytan high above Swordhaven, what can the newly formed Greenguard Alliance do to save the city?
Objective completed: This alliance is really coming together! Let's hope it lasts to see the sunset.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Fire Elemental
(1) Fire Ray
(1) Flare Raptor
(1) Flare Scout
(2) Light Elemental
(1) Sandstorm
(1) Solar Scout
(1) Sunbeam
(1) Wastes Sentinel (1), (1) Wastes Sentinel (2) - Boss

Queen Victoria

Mysterious Helm Template


*Above Swordhaven, the massive Tytan continues to loom; the Swordhaven Knights prepare to attack.*

Commander: Prepare the ballistae!
Commander: ON MY MARK!

*The Swordhaven Knights fire many large arrows at the Tytan; some connect, however many miss, plummeting back down toward Swordhaven and surrounding areas; the Tytan lets out a cry and hovers even higher above Swordhaven; inside the Swordhaven Castle, you, Queen Victoria, Jaania, and Melissa appear to be forming a new plan of attack, also corresponding with Vseslava and Ostromir remotely via a portal.*

Queen Victoria: And that's the city's defense situation at present. We've called off the attack to prevent any collateral damage.
Queen Victoria: What of the Vind's efforts against the Tytan?
Melissa: Unfortunately, Your Majesty, our Dragonriders are finding it difficult to reach the creature.
Melissa: While we can draw some of its attention from the city, its retaliations are too frequent to sustain a defense.
Melissa: Combined with the heat, many of our riders are struggling to stay in the air for long.
Queen Victoria: And what of the Rose?
Jaania: My research is progressing well. Pending response of the gnomes, I may be able to begin implementation of—
Queen Victoria: The city is under attack, Lady Jaania. Do you have a means of protecting the city?
Jaania: I- I don't know if I have the time to—
Queen Victoria: I understand that your research is important.
Queen Victoria: But it cannot come at the cost of Swordhaven and its people!
Jaania: ...
Jaania: Yes, My Queen. I believe I may have a solution.
Queen Victoria: Good.
Queen Victoria: Vseslava, how is the closure of the rift progressing?
Ostromir: Poorly!
Vseslava: Unfortunately so.
Vseslava: Whoever did this had... intimate knowledge of the anchors.
Vseslava: This is much more than a simple disruption.
Ostromir: It's... how do you say it? Locked?
Vseslava: Encrypted?
Ostromir: Something like that.
Queen Victoria: Is this going to be a problem?
Ostromir: Nothing we can't overcome!
Vseslava: We are making steady progress, but a more serious issue has come up.
Vseslava: Because we are so close to the rift, since the emergence of the Tytan—
Ostromir: The ambient temperature is increasing to alarming levels!
Vseslava: For Ostromir and myself, this is not an issue, as we have our containment units.
Vseslava: But our escort is not faring so well.
Queen Victoria: What can we do to help?
Vseslava: You must find a way to remove or otherwise disable this Tytan, this... source of elemental power.
Vseslava: We're allowing the knights to take shifts in our quarters to help them to recover from the heat.
Vseslava: But if we cannot find a way to stop this, then we may not have long left, rift closed or not.
Queen Victoria: I understand. That brings us to the next topic.
Queen Victoria: How are we going to stop this... Tytan?
Queen Victoria: Our weapons are ineffective... the dragons cannot stay in the air for prolonged assault... and the city's defense is faltering.

*Queen Victoria pauses to deliberate these setbacks.*

Queen Victoria: As seems to be the theme of this Alliance, I believe we must work together!
Queen Victoria: We'll need to use some Rose mages to enhance our remaining siege weaponry, and the Dragonriders of the Vind will be required as well.
Queen Victoria: We'll launch one massive assault, all together!
Queen Victoria: And at that moment, <Character> and <Dragon> may be able to reach the Tytan...
Queen Victoria: ... to either slay it or push it back through the rift!
<Character>: About that...
Queen Victoria: Yes?
<Character>: I have a couple of potential problems to bring up.
<Character>: First, the Sandsea Tytan was very different from this one. It even had a big obvious weak point!
<Character>: So even if <Dragon> and I were to make it up there, we'd be directionless.
Queen Victoria: Apologies if you misunderstood, <Character>. We will of course do our research and create a plan of action!
Queen Victoria: You will not be sent to blindly face the Tytan.
Queen Victoria: But we may not be prepared for every eventuality.
Queen Victoria: Your resourcefulness and resilience is why I've chosen you to face it head on.
<Character>: Thank you, Your Majesty. There is another problem, though.
<Character>: When we defeated the Tytan that emerged from the Sandsea rift, it solidified.
<Character>: If we somehow put an end to this one, well, it's kind of floating above the city.
<Character>: If it were to fall, that could cause some major destruction.
Queen Victoria: Hmm.
Jaania: <Character> is correct. We do not know what will happen if the Tytan is destroyed.
Jaania: I shall begin developing methods of containment for the city, as well as redundant protections for multiple potentialities.
Jaania: It may take some time. I have to check... no—
Jaania: That is, I have to ensure that all probabilities are accounted for.
Queen Victoria: Wonderful. Thank you, Lady Jaania.
Melissa: By the way, Lady Jaania, Kara has expressed a very insistent wish to speak to you personally.
Jaania: I- I have many spells that need—
<Character>: Doing so would certainly help our Alliance, would it not?

*Jaania's eye twitches at your question.*

Jaania: I'll...
Jaania: I'll consider it.
Queen Victoria: It's good to see everyone getting along!
Queen Victoria: Now, if there's nothing else—

*With a large bang, Swordhaven Castle shakes, and the communications portal between Swordhaven Castle and The Golden Hand is severed.*

Queen Victoria: What was that?!

*The Tytan begins to blast Swordhaven from above, perhaps in retaliation to being struck with arrows by the Swordhaven Knights; the Swordhaven Knights run for their lives, while one blast damages the gathering room where you, Queen Victoria, Jaania, and Melissa stand.*

Jaania: It seems the Tytan is now on the offensive.
Queen Victoria: To arms!

  • Battle! - begins gauntlet.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to The Greenguard Alliance - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction.

    *After defeating a gauntlet of invading elementals, you realise a new plan of attack is urgently needed.*

    Queen Victoria: Stupid dress, always getting in the way!
    Queen Victoria: Jaania, about that defensive measure?
    Jaania: I- I'm not sure if—
    Queen Victoria: The city cannot withstand this! If you have any way of defending it, NOW is the time!
    Jaania: I think... maybe... but...
    <Character>, Melissa, Queen Victoria (in unison): Do it!

    *Jaania still hesitates, despite everyone depending on her.*

    Jaania: But... what if...
    <Character>: The lives of everyone still in the city, the lives of the Vind outside, and even our own depend on you right now, Jaania! We're counting on you!
    Jaania: R- right.

    *Jaania realises she has no choice but to defend Swordhaven, no matter the cost.*

    Jaania: This will take some effort to cast. It's been a while.

    Jaania: Defend me.

    *Seemingly out of nowhere, a blast strikes Swordhaven Castle; the scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Collapse

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