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4/18/2020 1:04:57   


Location: The Greenguard Alliance - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction -> Swordhaven Camp -> Quests! -> Collapse
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Into the Light
Release Date: April 17th, 2020

Objective: Time to move.
Objective completed: Back to the battlefront. Hopefully the plan can be finalized before the barrier breaks...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Fire Elemental
(1) Fire Ray
(1) Flare Raptor
(1) Light Elemental
(1) Solar Scout
(1) Sunbeam
(1) Wastes Sentinel (1)
(1) Wastes Sentinel (2)

Queen Victoria

Refraction Pendant (I-VII)

Access to Collapse Loot for DCs.


*Beams of light from the sky continue to rain down onto the city as the assault shows no signs of slowing.*

Jaania: This will take some moments.

Jaania: Defend me.

*A beam of light strikes down upon the room in Swordhaven Castle where you, Melissa, Queen Victoria, and Jaania are standing. The light fades quickly, showing Jaania holding a magical shield that has protected everyone.*

Jaania: I told you to protect me!
<Character>: What was I supposed to–
Queen Victoria: Not now, you two!
Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, can you walk while preparing the spell? We can't stay up here!
Jaania: Of course.
Jaania: It will take slightly longer, and I must maintain concentration.
Queen Victoria: Good. We'll head deeper into the castle as you prepare.
Jaania: Understood, My Queen.
Queen Victoria: Melissa, watch our backs, and <Character>, take the front.
Melissa: As you command., <Character>: Got it.
Queen Victoria: I'll stay by Lady Jaania.
Queen Victoria: Swordhaven will not fall under my watch!

*You fight your way through the corridors of the castle, defeating invading elementals, and eventually emerge into a courtyard outside.*

Queen Victoria: We should be able to stop here for a moment without worrying about the ceiling falling in on us. Is the spell prepared?
Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania?

*Jaania's eyes are closed as she prepares herself.*

Jaania: I'm ready.

*Jaania's eyes glow blue as she rises into the air, and a bright burst of magic encompasses the besieged city. When the light clears, the entirety of Swordhaven is surrounded by a dome-shaped shield of icy magic. More beams of light strike down, but fail to penetrate the newly created shield.*

*Jaania rests on her hands and knees on the ground, gasping for breath. Her skin is colored greyish-white from the exertion. Everyone else stares up into the sky.*

Queen Victoria: It's done then?
Jaania: I... *pant* I...
<Character>: Wow.
Melissa: How long will this hold?
Jaania: I... don't know.
Jaania: I did all I could.
Jaania: I made sure the city gates were excluded...
Jaania: Did I calculate that correctly?
Jaania: No no no...
Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, are you alright?
Jaania: What if I...

Jaania: What have I done?
<Character>: You... you saved Swordhaven. You saved us.
Jaania: But I didn't...
Jaania: The consequences...
Melissa: We can deal with them as they come! But at least now, we have the time to–
Jaania: NO!
Jaania: I didn't, I couldn't–

*Jaania stands up.*

Jaania: The magnitude of such magic is beyond your scope of view.
Jaania: Beyond mine.
Jaania: I must know what the long-term effects are.
Jaania: I have to know what... what I have done.
Jaania: I need to consult my mir–

*Her eyes widen as she cuts herself off, glancing behind her.*

<Character>: There will be time for that later! There's a massive Tytan in the sky we have to deal with–
Jaania: No.
Jaania: You may be fine with diving headlong into changing the world and uprooting the order of Lore.
Jaania: But I am not. I am responsible for my actions, and their consequences, whatever they may be.
Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, you did your duty as commanded by the Queen of Swordhaven.
Queen Victoria: You saved the city!

Queen Victoria: If there are to be any consequences–
Jaania: It was by my hand.
Jaania: My own hand...

*Queen Victoria stares at her with a frown.*

Queen Victoria: I see.
Queen Victoria: Lady Melissa, can you do me a favor, please?
Melissa: Of course.
Queen Victoria: Please escort Lady Jaania safely to her tower, and notify her bodyguards of what has transpired.
Queen Victoria: I believe they will be better equipped to take care of her in her current state than we are.

*Melissa pauses hesitantly before accepting.*

Melissa: ...If I must.

*Jaania and Melissa exit, leaving you and Queen Victoria alone. Queen Victoria is sitting down, leaning against a tree. You turn around to find that she has taken off her crown and wig, the former of which she is gazing at with an air of melancholy.*

Queen Victoria: Look at all this, <Character>.

Queen Victoria: What a mess.
<Character>: How are you holding up?
Queen Victoria: I'm not.
Queen Victoria: I'm running on the feeling in the back of my head that says I am responsible for everyone here.
Queen Victoria: Everyone is under my care. And all I can do is what I think best.
<Character>: It's a lot of pressure.
Queen Victoria: Nobody questions me. Nobody says, "Hey, Queen lady, that's a bad idea!".
Queen Victoria: Not for the big stuff, at least.
Queen Victoria: Sometimes...
Queen Victoria: No, a lot of the time, I wish I could be back in the forest, helping out the animals. But...
<Character>: But duty calls.
Queen Victoria: Those days could never last, could they?

*Queen Victoria smiles at you sadly.*

Queen Victoria: Thanks for listening, <Character>.

*You smile back at her as she stands up and puts her crown and wig back on.*

Queen Victoria: I must check on Brittany. Make sure she's safe.
Queen Victoria: I'll send word to Tara... Let her know that Swordhaven is unsafe to return to.
Queen Victoria: Oh, and follow up with Lady Jaania.
Queen Victoria: Then I have to re-organize the assault on the Tytan, see what resources we've lost...
Queen Victoria: <Character>, please do your best to continue helping the people of Swordhaven. I will send a summons for you when we are ready.
<Character>: I understand, My Queen. I'll do what I can!

*You run off to continue the fight. Queen Victoria watches you leave.*

Queen Victoria: How does s/he keep going, I wonder?

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens Collapse Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Completing this quest unlocks a new faction-dependent rare wave in The Rose Defense: Swordhaven, Golden Hand Escort: Swordhaven, and The Vind Defense: Swordhaven; also slightly increases the drop rate for Defender's Medals from the aforementioned Proclamation War waves.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • They said installing a healing pad in the hallway was a waste of funds. Well, who's laughing now?

  • Thanks to ProbablyCallum for dialogue.

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