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Culture Shock

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7/27/2018 23:57:46   

Culture Shock

Location: The Shore -> Journey Onwards, First Halo -> Quests! -> Culture Shock
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Obsidian Tomb
Release Date: July 27th, 2018

Objective: You have finally arrived in Azaveyr! Time for exploring will be later, right now you need to find a way to the Magesterium.
Objective completed: RUUUUUUN!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Beez
(5) Borowik
(1) Dola
(3) Iele
(4) Lakanica
(1) Leszi

Kara SuLema
King Alteon
Tkaanie Villager(s)

Honey Laden Girdle (I-V)

Access to CS Loot for DCs


*Back in Sulen'Eska, King Alteon regains consciousness after being knocked out by one of magi sentries on the night of the gala. He looks around the tent he is placed in for medical care and becomes shocked by his newfound surroundings. He leaves the tent to look outside and his shock intensifies when he gazes at the treetops around him. Not long afterwards, Kara and Svera discover that he has come to and they approach him from behind.*

Kara SuLema: *gasp*
Kara SuLema: Your Majesty!
Kara SuLema: Svera, please inform Elanee that the King has woken up.
Svera: At once.
King Alteon: Where... where am I? What happened? Who are you?!
Kara SuLema: My name is Kara. I am a Wind Elf. You were gravely injured and brought here- to our camp.
Kara SuLema: Please rest assured, you are in no danger! We mean you no harm.
King Alteon: Swordhaven... Victoria...
Kara SuLema: I assure you, everything is fine. How are you feeling, your Majesty?

*Alteon looks down at the ground to collect himself and calm down despite his regrets. He looks at Kara not long after finding the words to muster an answer.*

King Alteon: Quite confused.
Kara SuLema: Please, walk with me, if you can manage. I have much to tell you. All of us have much to tell you.

*Fades to black. Meanwhile, you take a dingy to row yourself to shore on Azaveyr. You step off the boat when you reach dry land and you enter the colorful forests that blanket the terrain.*

<Character>: *deep breath*
<Character>: Alrighty! Time to find my way to the Magesterium!

*You hike in the forest with a determined mindset. Some time has passed when you realized that something is not quite right. You look around you worriedly and you feel stumped.*

<Character>: Ugh... I think I'm lost...?
<Character>: Too bad I don't have this continent's map. This would be much easier...
<Character>: Stay calm. It's not like this is the first time you've been lost.
<Character>: In a strange place.
<Character>: With no knowledge of its dangers.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: First things first. Find a town. Or a village!
<Character>: Or any sign of civilization...

*You see something rustle in the bushes, causing your eyes to widen in fear.*

<Character>: Who's there?! Hello?

*One of the locals shyly peeks out the bushes to show himself, but he is reluctant to speak to you for you are unfamiliar to him.*

Ludomir: Umm... hello?
<Character>: Oh, thank the Avatars!
<Character>: Hello! Do you perchance know how can I get to the Magesterium?
Ludomir: The... Magesterium?
Ludomir: Capitol?
<Character>: Is Capitol where the Magesterium is? If so, then yes! That's correct! I'd like to know the road to the Capitol! Please.
Ludomir: Umm...

*Another local peeks out of the bushes to give you directions to bail save awkward Ludomir from getting anxiety caused by the subject of the conversation.*

Izbor: Uuuh... if... if you keep going west, you'll stumble upon a road. This will be the main trading road.
Izbor: Follow it, and you'll eventually get to the Capitol, after passing various villages.
<Character>: Thank you so much! Goodbye!

*You continue to hike through the forest while both Ludomir and Izbor gaze at you as you disappear from their sight. Izbor then turns toward Ludomir.*

Izbor: What was that about?

*Ludomir doesn't say a word in response. Instead, he shrugs with a worrisome look on his face. You finally find yourself stumbling across a dark brown road. There, you encounter the bizarre yet fascinating bestiary along the way and like you always do back in the mainland, you knock them out. Although the road is laid out like a labyrinth, you heed the young mens' directions by proceeding west. Throughout your hike, you discover a cluster of borowik mushrooms that restore your HP and MP once when you click on it. The cluster vanishes after you eat it, but it reappears when you return to the area you last found it in. The path brings you to a village that is famed for its honey. You take a deep breath with a smile on your face for your surroundings feel like you are walking through a paradise.*

<Character>: What a quaint little village! This sound of buzzing is so calming! The bees back home don't make such beautiful sounds. So fascinating!
Villager: Well, hello there, stranger!
Villager: I don't believe I've seen you around. How goes your day?
<Character>: Oh, it's very... interesting! The name's <Character>. I'm looking for the uh, Magesterium.
<Character>: I'm from the Land of Dragons, and I believe we have a common enemy- The Rose. I'm a hero, and an adventurer, and I'm seeking-
Villager: A hero! Shapeless hold me!
Villager: Good people of Ull! A hero is amongst us!
<Character>: Umm...

*Before you know it, you are surrounded by Ull's villagers who have spontaneously taken an interest in you the instant one of them announced your arrival. The attention that you are getting discomforts you.*

Villagers: Oooooh!
Villagers: Aaaaah!
Villagers: A hero!
<Character>: What's... happening?
Villagers: Is he/she sanctioned by the Magesterium?
Villagers: Oh, look at his/her biceps!
Villagers: I don't know! Said he/she was from the Land of Dragons!
Villagers: Oooooooooh!
Villagers: From Smocha Gwova!
<Character>: Ah, haha, yes, uh... haha...
<Character>: *thinking* This is awkward...
<Character>: *thinking* ... but pleasant. I could get used to it! Such a different reaction!
<Character>: *thinking* Is this culture shock?
<Character>: Oh, your forest was infested with terrifying monsters and beasts! I took care of them, I did!

*The villagers' interest in you quickly turns to shock and panic once you implied that you clashed with the wildlife nearby.*

Villagers: You...
Villagers: Our household spirits?
Villagers: Taken care of?
Villagers: Killed?!
<Character>: Huh?!
Villagers: Murderer!
Villagers: Sacrilege!
Villagers: Our forest, befouled!
<Character>: Let me explain!
Villagers: What's gonna become of us?
<Character>: I didn't know! I'm sorry!
Villagers: This is no true hero! Desecrator!
Villagers: Get him/her!

*Frightened by the misunderstanding, you run away from the village just when the locals formulate an angry mob and chase you.*


*Meanwhile, back in Sulen'Eska, King Alteon's conflicted feelings worsens after Kara enlightens him about her cause and the situation her people are in. He sits down on a mushroom while Kara, Elanee, Svera, Carat, Niki, Melissa, Mritha gather around him to watch him succumb to his guilt.*

King Alteon: I-
King Alteon: I didn't know.
King Alteon: I didn't realize...
Kara SuLema: I know, my King. It's a lot to take in.
King Alteon: You...

*He looks at Elanee who glares at him in return with the same sorrow he feels.*

King Alteon: You were just trying to live your life. You fell in love with an orc, and the Rose wanted to lock you up in Espina Rosa...
King Alteon: In a prison... for loving someone they considered a monster...
King Alteon: Someone *I* considered a monster...
King Alteon: And you? What's your story, soldier?
Leam: It's not as... tragic... as the ones you've heard so far. I used to be a member of the Rose. I witnessed many things that I would prefer not to remember.
Leam: I could no longer reconcile myself with the goals of the Rose, so I left. I decided to help the resistance.
King Alteon: The resistance-
King Alteon: That's what you are, isn't it?
Kara SuLema: Resistance can be a burdened word.
Kara SuLema: I'd like to think we're simply the ones who walk on the right path, but then so thinks every creature that walks and breathes the wind.
Kara SuLema: No.
Kara SuLema: You Majesty! We fight for those who have the right to exist in this world!
Kara SuLema: We desire more than anything to live in a world where magical and non-magical beings all have the right to both live and prosper.
Kara SuLema: If Jaania's vision of a world without magic were to come to fruition...
Kara SuLema: All peace and harmony you see here between magical and non-magical, human and non-human would be lost.
King Alteon: ...

*He looks down at the ground, feeling conflicted once again by what both sides have told him and what he has learned about what the Vind stands for.*

King Alteon: But... Jaania has done so much good... she showed me-
Kara SuLema: Your Majesty, we honestly believe that what Jaania is doing is wrong.
King Alteon: ... Just call me Alden.
Kara SuLema: Oh... A-as you wish.
King Alteon: I...
King Alteon: Please, leave me. I need to think.

*Kara ultimately agrees to give him space. She obviously feels sorry for the broken monarch for having to enlighten him after several years of being deluded.*

Kara SuLema: Certainly.

*Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot - Opens CS Loot for DCs

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