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Words and Deeds

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4/1/2023 11:29:40   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Words and Deeds

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Words and Deeds
Requirements: Completion of The Gala
Release Date: March 31st, 2023

Objective: The Magesterium attack has thrown the Gala into disarray. It's up to you to escort King Alteon to safety...
Objective completed: And so you return to Sulen'Eska, with the wounded King Alteon in tow.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(6) Magi Guard
(7) Magi Sentry
(1) Magi Guard, (2) Magi Sentry - Boss

King Alteon
Princess Victoria

Royal Vault Sword (I-V)
Royal Vault Staff (I-V)
Royal Vault Dagger (I-V)

Access to Gala Part 2 Loot for DCs.


*Upon entering a dimly lit hallway of the lower level of Swordhaven Castle, while you help King Alteon and Princess Victoria escape, Victoria peeks from a corner and observes a gold and silver inhuman knight—a part of the Magesterium's invasive force.*

Princess Victoria: ...There's more of them around the corner.
King Alteon: Preposterous! How are there so many of them in my castle? Who are they?
Princess Victoria: <Character>, do you have any idea where they came from?
<Character>: Ugh, give me a minute, I'm almost done here.

*King Alteon looks at you while you change out of your Gala outfit off-screen and arm yourself; Victoria take another peek from the corner to observe the escalation of the Magesterium's attack.*

Princess Victoria: The knights are nowhere to be seen...
Princess Victoria: Is this an attack on the kingdom?

*Victoria ponders the motive of the Magesterium's attack and how it is related to Jaania.*

Princess Victoria (thinking): What did Jaania do...?
King Alteon: I... I abandoned the guests and ran... I have to go back and make sure—
Princess Victoria: No, father! We have to evacuate. Your life is what's important here!
<Character>: Phew, alright, I'm done!
<Character>: Taking off that formalwear from over my <Class> attire was harder than I expected...
<Character>: And I thought soulwoven outfits were supposed to be manageable! Danyel and I are going to have a little chat later!
<Character>: Your Majesty, Princess, we are good to go.
Princess Victoria: Wait— What about Brittany?
King Alteon: She will be safe.
Princess Victoria: How can you be so sure?
King Alteon: Only Jaania and I can unseal her room. We still don't know what's causing her illness, after all...

*You peek from the corner yourself as you begin to worry about their current situation.*

<Character>: There sure are a lot of them ahead. We're going to have to fight our way through.
King Alteon: Who are they? Who would be so foolish as to attack the castle?
<Character>: I don't know. All I know right now is that Jaania has some hand in this.
King Alteon: ...
<Character>: Nevertheless... She's keeping the main threat at bay, so we can escape.
<Character>: Please, stay close and leave them to me.
Princess Victoria: I'll help—
King Alteon: You will not fight, young lady!
<Character>: Shh! Keep it down!
Princess Victoria: What? Are you serious?!
King Alteon: I'm dead serious! Princesses like you should not—
Princess Victoria: No!
Princess Victoria: Just no!
Princess Victoria: You will not tell me what I can or can't do.
Princess Victoria: I'm tired of you treating me like this!
<Character>: Can this wait? We're kind of—
Princess Victoria: Every time I came back from "delegations", I had to hide cuts and bruises from you because I knew you wouldn't approve of my adventures!
Princess Victoria: But that ends now!
Princess Victoria: I am not made of porcelain!
Princess Victoria: I can take care of myself!
Princess Victoria: And I'm certainly not interested in "attracting a Prince,—"
Princess Victoria: "—when I'm gallivanting around the countryside engaged in such unsuitable activities", father!
Princess Victoria: Yes, I still remember that! I remember every single time you've scolded me thus!
Princess Victoria: Now, I'm going to take up my bow, rip up my dress and defend you, because I'm not just a helpless princess!
Princess Victoria: I am your daughter!
Princess Victoria: And I am going to help you get out of here, whether you like it or not!
Princess Victoria: Because that's who I am!

*Alteon silently looks at Victoria, guilt-ridden for hurting his middle daughter without realizing that Victoria can take care things by herself.*

<Character>: Yep, they definitely know we're here now. Hurry. We have to move before they corner us!
King Alteon: You... have a bow with you...?
Princess Victoria: Let's go.
King Alteon: We will continue this conversation later.
Princess Victoria: Whatever. I don't care, let's just go!

  • Robina joins you as Guest A.

    *You and Victoria fight various Magisterium golems throughout the hallways, while King Alteon trails behind; meanwhile, back at the upper level of the castle where the Gala was held, Jaania and Zlatomira are locked in a magical stalemate where their two attacks collide with both casters try to overwhelm the other, with no avail; Dezyderiush can be seen dead and frozen by Jaania's ice spell.*

    Jaania: You have some nerve, attacking the palace during a peaceful royal celebration...
    Jaania: Do you understand what you've started?
    Zlatomira: Whatever it takes!

    Zlatomira: You cannot interfere with the Fissure!
    Jaania: Well, this only makes me want to look into it even more.
    Zlatomira: ...
    Jaania: What is it that you're so desperately protecting? That you're ready to start a war for?
    Jaania: The Fissure is simply a geyser of raw mana... it's not even on your territory.
    Jaania: You're trespassing.
    Zlatomira: The Fissure is not yours!
    Zlatomira: It is so much... more... ugh!
    Jaania: What? You didn't realize the extent of my power?
    Jaania: Your... colleague, or whoever he was, underestimated me, and look what he has brought upon himself.
    Jaania: You'll end up like that too.
    Jaania: So, before it happens, tell me everything you know.
    Jaania: I'd hate for all your knowledge to go to waste.
    Zlatomira: We... will... stop you!
    Jaania: I see...

    *Back at the dimly lit hallway, you, Victoria, and Alteon briefly stop at an area where the windows behind them provides more light.*

    <Character>: Are they in every corner of the castle? This seems planned.
    Princess Victoria: But... I thought they were only here for Jaania...
    <Character>: Maybe they were lying? Or maybe they wanted to prevent her from fleeing?
    <Character>: I don't know. I've never seen people like them before.
    Princess Victoria: ...
    Princess Victoria: What do they even want from us...?
    King Alteon: *pant* Can we... rest for a bit... ?
    King Alteon: *pant* I'm not... made for running... *pant*... any more...
    King Alteon: I'm too old for this... *pant*
    <Character>: I think we're safe for now. We can rest for a couple of minutes. But we have to stay quiet.

    *You, Alteon, and Victoria hear the sound of swords striking nearby; those sounds came from Melissa, who emerges as the victor against five of the Magesterium's golems.*

    Melissa: There you are! You could have warned me you were going to be leaving the scene, <Character>!
    <Character>: Melissa! I'm glad you're safe! I would have waited for you, but given present company, that wasn't really an option.
    Melissa: Oh. Right! Um, hello, Your Majesties. I'm Princess Melissa of the fairies.
    King Alteon: The... fairies?
    Melissa: Got a problem with that?
    King Alteon: Er... No. No, certainly not...
    <Character>: ...Your Majesty, while we're resting, I would like to have a word with you.
    King Alteon: ...I suppose I'm in no place to deny you.

    *Victoria's eyes look at King Alteon while you prepare to tell the king about the Rose's wrongdoings as it was the sole reason you entered the Tournament of Champions in the first place.*

    <Character>: Thank you.
    <Character>: ...I would like you to take a moment and consider what Jaania is doing.
    King Alteon: Which is?
    <Character>: Under her leadership, The Rose... they've done horrible things.
    <Character>: Not all of them, I guess, but—
    <Character>: No, that's beside the point.
    <Character>: The Rose is doing awful things to magical creatures and peoples all over Greenguard.
    King Alteon: That's not how I'd describe it.

    *There was a brief silence before you are shocked to hear that King Alteon knows the Rose's wrongdoings all along.*

    <Character>: You...
    <Character>: You know about it all?
    King Alteon: Do you think Jaania's keeping me in the dark?
    King Alteon: I know The Rose is capturing terrible beasts, bringing them to the Beastmaster so that he can take care of them.
    King Alteon: I also know that The Rose is pursuing mages who are using magic for evil acts and taking them in for rehabilitation.
    King Alteon: It's for the safety of Greenguard! Not everyone can defend themselves like you can.
    King Alteon: The people need to be protected. Protected from the dangers of magic!
    <Character>: That's... not true. Not at all!
    <Character>: The Rose is hunting innocent creatures just because they're magical!
    <Character>: Up until recently, General Akanthus led an oppressive war against the Clawkin, Dravir, and more in Betrubung Swamp!
    <Character>: They're being taken away from their families and loved ones, simply because they're magical!
    <Character>: And in the eyes of The Rose, magic is evil.
    King Alteon: ...

    *Victoria looks at you and nods her head continuously with a reassuring smile on her face.*

    King Alteon: But... magic is evil...
    <Character>: ...How can you say that?
    <Character>: Have you forgotten how <Dragon> and I saved Greenguard and all of Lore...?
    <Character>: ...All of the good that's been done... using magic?!
    King Alteon: Then dangerous! Magic... is dangerous!
    <Character>: Rocks are also dangerous! Swords and spears are dangerous!
    <Character>: Are rocks evil? Are your knights?

    *Your series of questions surprises Alteon.*

    <Character>: Evil people misuse magic. They use it as a tool. A weapon.
    <Character>: But... magic is so much more than that!
    King Alteon: ...

    *Victoria nods her head at you continuously as her smile widen, indicating that Alteon is becoming doubtful about the information that you have fed to him.*

    <Character>: Magic is—
    Melissa: I can take it from here, <Character>.
    Melissa: Magic... is the life and soul of Lore.
    Melissa: By your standards, I'm a magical "creature". Evil. Dangerous.
    Melissa: But I'm a person, King Alteon. A person, just like you.
    Melissa: Magic touches all things, whether we want it to or not.
    Melissa: The Rose is using that as an excuse to persecute whoever they wish.
    <Character>: They're using the excuse of defending Greenguard from "magic" to do whatever they want.
    <Character>: Please, Your Majesty, I do not blame you for wanting what's best for your Kingdom...
    <Character>: ...But The Rose has twisted your good intent and abused your sentiments.
    <Character>: Just as they have so many others.
    King Alteon: ...
    <Character>: Now, Princess Victoria, do you—
    Robina: Robina will suffice at the moment.

    *Alteon looks down at the ground, still assessing your and Melissa's conversation to him.*

    <Character>: ...Robina, do you know where we are in the castle? We should try to make for an exit as soon as possible.
    Robina: I... I don't know. It's been a while since I've wandered these hallways.
    Robina: Father?
    King Alteon: ...A way out? Yes. There is an old backdoor that leads outside the walls. It's normally supposed to be locked and gated, but...
    King Alteon: ...I suppose it's our only choice.

    *Assessing the diminishing options, you decided to take the backdoor that Alteon mentioned as the only choice of escape.*

    <Character>: That will do. We've spent long enough here. Let's get moving. Melissa, watch out backs, okay?

    *You and Robina continue through the hallways as they continue fighting various Magisterium golems, while King Alteon trails behind; meanwhile, back at the upper level, Jaania and Zlatomira's magical attacks are still locked in a stalemate, but both of them seem to be visibly drained from their duel.*

    Zlatomira: My magick is much more powerful than yours! You... ugh... won't keep this up forever!
    Zlatomira: You will tire eventually.
    Jaania: ...

    *Jaania glares at Zlatomira's magic source—a blue human husk known as an Ignominious—behind her curiously.*

    Jaania: ...That's your magic source, isn't it?
    Zlatomira: ...
    Jaania: You use people as nexuses? Despicable.
    Zlatomira: You are telling me what is despicable?
    Zlatomira: We know what your organization has done. We have done our research!
    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: I will repeat myself. Tell me what the Fissure is.
    Jaania: It'll save me some time. As you know, I already have people investigating it.
    Jaania: I'll know sooner or later, might as well be sooner.
    Zlatomira: Never!
    Zlatomira: Ugh!
    Jaania: You attacked the royal court and infiltrated the castle. I assume you have more of those... golems of yours, scattered throughout it.
    Jaania: I could even assume that they may have attacked the king himself.
    Jaania: Granted, <Character> most likely took the king to safety...
    Jaania: Nonetheless, you've foolishly started a cascade of events that will inevitably lead to intercontinental conflict.
    Jaania: All because of me.
    Jaania: I'd say I'm flattered... *pant*... but I'm not that petty.
    Jaania: Was it worth it?

    *As she is still locked in her duel with Jaania, Zlatomira responds an answer to Jaania's question.*

    Zlatomira: I have... underestimated you, that much is true.
    Zlatomira: But you will be stopped! You think this is the extent of the Shapeless' power?
    Zlatomira: You should fear us. The Proclamation is alre—

    *Suddenly, as Zlatomira warns Jaania about the Proclamation, Akanthus stabs her from behind, ending the stalemate; back in the hallway, Robina excitedly points toward the backdoor that leads to the way out from the castle.*

    Robina: Here! I see the exit!
    Robina: Let's hurry and escape the castle before more of them catch up to us.
    Melissa: Fresh air, finally. I've had enough of this... edifice.
    Melissa: I'm... I'm going to go on ahead. I need to stretch my wings.
    King Alteon: And where will we go? Could we hide somewhere in the city?
    <Character>: What if they're there too? There are too many unknowns.
    <Character>: We can figure out the details later. But for now, we need to move.
    King Alteon: I... I can't abandon my people!
    <Character>: You're not—

    *Suddenly, you hear Alteon cry out in pain; you and Robina look toward him and discovered that a Magesterium golem has attacked the king from behind, causing Alteon to fall to the ground.*

    Robina (briefly): Father?!

    *Scene cuts to black.*

    <Character>: NO!

    *Meanwhile, in the Magesterium's citadel on Azaveyr, a group of their acolytes had witnessed the events on the attack on Swordhaven Castle through a rotating runic circle in the center of the room.*

    ??? (1): We have lost visual contact. Such a shame...
    ??? (2): They have been lost, along with their Ignominious.
    ??? (3): Does this pose an issue for the Shapeless' plans?
    ??? (4): If it is a war they want, they shall have it.
    ??? (5): The Shapeless wills it!
    ??? (6): Continue preparation for the Proclamation!
    ??? (7): Is that truly the only way?
    ??? (8): You heard the mage. She will not stop her interference.
    ??? (8): She must be occupied until the people turn against her.
    ??? (1): The Proclamation will scour the land. And it will be her own fault.
    ??? (2): Rightly so.
    ??? (3): The Shapeless wills it!

    *Back in the hallways on Swordhaven Castle, you and Robina—both worried—kneels on the ground to watch over the wounded King Alteon.*

    <Character>: I... I just turned around—! Is he okay?!
    Robina: I don't... I don't know...

    *Melissa flies over to regroup with you and Robina after hearing the attack on the king.*

    Melissa: What are you do—
    Melissa: I left you alone for one moment! What happened to the King?
    Robina: He's... he's been injured!
    Melissa: ...
    <Character>: What do we do now? We... we still need to escape
    Melissa: Follow me. I know where to go.
    <Character>: Where?!
    Melissa: Sulen'Eska.
    <Character>: I... I don't know if that's a good idea, Melissa.
    Melissa: Well, it's the only one we have right now! Kara will help. I know she will!

    *You remain silent as you still assess the decision of taking the wounded king to Sulen'Eska, causing Melissa to lose her patience.*

    Melissa: <Character>!

    *Still assessing this decision, you remain silent, causing Melissa to be impatient even more.*

    Melissa: We're taking him to Sulen'Eska! Now!

    *Realizing that you don't have much of a choice, you decided to take King Alteon to Sulen'Eska and try to get Robina to come with them.*

    <Character>: Robina, come with us!
    Robina: I...

    *Robina looks at her wounded father before looking at you with tears in her eyes as she refuses to go with you and Melissa to Sulen'Eska.*

    Robina: I can't!
    <Character>: What?!
    Robina: I... I have to stay.
    <Character>: He's your father!
    Robina: I...
    Robina: P-Please take care of him...

    *Robina quickly runs away in the opposite direction, crying.*

    <Character>: ROBINA!

    *Melissa looks on at her, unfazed by Robina's outburst; as she runs away, Amadeus—hiding through one of the doors in the hallways—ominously glares at Robina; meanwhile, at the upper level, Jaania and Akanthus have a worrisome discussion about the events that transpired.*

    Jaania: *pant* It's... *pant*... about time you showed up...
    Akanthus: Apologies, my Lady. I was occupied elsewhere. I came as fast as I could.
    Akanthus: I shall gather troops and pursue <Character> at once.
    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: What do you mean?
    Akanthus: <Character> and her/his associates have kidnapped the king and fled Swordhaven.
    Jaania: What are you talking about? I told them to escape.
    Akanthus: It is possible I was mistaken.
    Akanthus: But I can think of no other reason why the king would need to be unconscious, if he were leaving by his own will.
    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: And if you were so concerned about the king's well-being, why didn't you stop them?!
    Akanthus: It was already too late. Forgive me.
    Jaania: Just... Leave me...
    Akanthus: As you wish.

    *Jaania's eyes widen in shock upon hearing the news of King Alteon's kidnapping from Akanthus; scene fades to black, then back in; at the Ivory Tower, Jaania changes out of her cyan dress and gets ready to go to bed after a long, tumultuous night; she closes her eyes and fears the worst.*

    Jaania: This day can't get any worse...

    *As Jaania sits down on her bed in order to go to sleep, she notices a peculiar vase.*

    Jaania: Huh...?

    *As Jaania begins to see the vase more clearly, she—now alarmed—recognizes the Elemental Roses on it as she is familiar with them back when she was an apprentice under her former teacher, Brump; scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens Gala Part 2 Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • A HP/MP healing pad can be found during the quest; if Robina was defeated, she will be reinvited as Guest A in addition to a refill on the player's potions upon touching the healing pad.
  • This quest is a re-released version of Are Rocks Evil? with rewritten dialogue and bugfixes; more information can be found in the March 31st, 2023 Design Notes.

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