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Gala, The

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6/10/2017 17:13:03   

The Gala

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> The Gala,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> New Quests -> Visit Kara -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> The Gala
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of My Spot
Release Date: June 9th, 2017

Objective: It's time to don your formalwear and head over to the royal gala!
Objective completed: You KNEW something was going to happen!!!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Annoyed Noble
Bored Noble
Diligent Noble
Distracted Noble
Haughty Noble
Kara SuLema
Kind Noble
King Alteon
No-name Noble
Princess Victoria
Proud Noble
Popular Noble
Secretive Noble
Sleazy Noble
Very Noble
Weird Noble
Wobbly Noble
Young Noble



*The young red-haired girl turns around to face you. She is not surprised anymore, but rather shy and fearful.*

<Character>: I'm... I'm just kidding, you don't have to be afraid! Sorry!

*The girl remains hesitant to reply to you.*

???: ...
<Character>: ...
<Character>: So...
<Character>: My name is <Character>. What's yours?
???: My daddy told me not to talk to strangers.
<Character>: That's... that's very solid advice!
<Character>: So... do you want to just sit in silence?

*The girl notices your dragon and becomes curious about him/her.*

???: Is this a dragon?
<Character>: Yes! Indeed it is!
<Character>: Their name is <Dragon>!
???: It's very cute!
<Dragon>: *thinking* Cute!? I will burn you, kid! *grumble*
<Character>: <Dragon> says "Thanks"!

*The girl starts to smile, an indication that she decided to warm up to you.*

Lynn: I'm Lynn.
<Character>: Nice to meet you, Lynn!
<Character>: Why are you out here so late?
<Character>: Do you live nearby? Do you want me to escort you home?
Lynn: It's okay.
Lynn: When my dad isn't home, I like to go on adventures!
<Character>: But it's late! Aren't you afraid of monsters or bandits?
Lynn: No.
<Character>: Oh, I see.
<Character>: *thinking* This is awkward...
<Character>: Does your dad know you're going on adventures?
Lynn: Yes.
<Character>: Reeeeally?

*After several silences of unnerving silence, Lynn gives you an honest answer.*

Lynn: No.
<Character>: You know what?
<Character>: I don't want to get involved, you obviously look like someone who can take care of themselves...
<Character>: ... so I will just leave this chair here and get going!
Lynn: Mhmm.
<Character>: But... heh... this is my spot, so I will be back. Eventually.
<Character>: If you want... you can come over too. If you'd like.
Lynn: You have my permission.
<Character>: E-excuse me?
Lynn: This place belongs to me! I am a princess of all these lands and the whooole world, and you have my permission to come here!
<Character>: Oh... are you now? Whoa... okay... thanks! This is such an honor!
Lynn: Bye bye!
<Character>: Umm... Bye!

*You walk away from the cliff while Lynn turns around and watches the view with a smile on her face. You and your dragon run through the forest surrounding Oaklore to converse about what will await sooner than you think.*

<Dragon>: *thinking* What was that about?
<Character>: I... honestly don't know.
<Dragon>: *thinking* It was weird, I don't like her.
<Character>: Oh, come on, just because she called you "cute"?
<Dragon>: *thinking* Something feels wrong about her.
<Dragon>: *thinking* She smells like death... and flowers.
<Character>: Riiight.
<Character>: Well, let's get some sleep and go over to Kara. I lied about not keeping schedule-the gala is tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous.
<Dragon>: *thinking* You'll be fine, I'm coming with you!

*You and your dragon hit the hay when you two return to whatever hometown you live in. The next day, you arrive in Sulen'Eska to tell Kara about having your dragon accompany you, but she understandably refuses outright.*

Kara SuLema: I am sorry, <Character>. <Dragon> can't come with you.
<Character>: What?!
<Dragon>: *thinking* What?!
Kara SuLema: Why are you surprised?
Kara SuLema: <Dragon> could never come with you! It's simply too risky!
Kara SuLema: They are quite obviously a magical being... one of the most magical of them all!
Kara SuLema: You can't show up with your dragon. At the gala. In Swordhaven. A royal city. Under the Rose's jurisdiction!
<Character>: Alright! Sheesh... I get it! Fine!
<Dragon>: *thinking* I'm not fine with that!!!
Kara SuLema: What did they say?
<Character>: That they're fine with it...
<Dragon>: *thinking* I swear, I will burn everything to the ground!
<Character>: That's enough! Go to your room!
<Dragon>: *thinking* You're not my father!
<Character>: <Dragon>!
<Dragon>: *thinking* Ugh, this birthday SUCKS!!!
Kara SuLema: I'm so sorry for this <Character>. I know you're close to them...
Kara SuLema: But <Dragon> can't go.
<Character>: I understand...
Kara SuLema: Someone else will be accompanying you, however. In case something goes wrong, as you've mentioned.
<Character>: Oh?
Kara SuLema: Melissa.
<Character>: The Fairy Princess?!
Kara SuLema: Precisely.
<Character>: But she's magical as well! How-
Kara SuLema: She has her ways. I've already spoken with her... and after some arguing, she is on her way to Swordhaven and will meet you there.
Kara SuLema: She will aid you in case there's trouble.
<Character>: Very well...
Kara SuLema: I know this isn't how you envisioned it, but it will have to do.

*You look down at the ground feeling disappointed and lamenting that your dragon won't be able to come along. Kara quickly smiles to attempt to lighten the mood.*

Kara SuLema: Ah!
Kara SuLema: Your friend Danyel was here earlier!
Kara SuLema: He dropped off the outfits and, I must say, they look absolutely dashing!
Kara SuLema: The fabric is beautiful! It's so pleasant to touch, and so... fragile, yet durable! I don't know how to describe it.
<Character>: Yeah, soulweaving is something else.
Kara SuLema: Well?
<Character>: Well what?
Kara SuLema: Try it on, of course!
<Character>: Oh... alright.

*Loads VIP. You enter an illuminated dressing room where you try on each outfit and change the base and trim colors that you feel suits you best. Once you have chosen the type of outfit and colors you are comfortable with, you exit the dressing room and return to Kara who admires your ravishing appearance.*

Kara SuLema: Oh, <Character>!
Kara SuLema: You look absolutely marvelous!
Kara SuLema: You will be on everyone's lips, I am sure of that!

*You look at yourself from head to toe with uncertainty. This indicates that you're still nervous about the event even as the hour approaches quickly.*

<Character>: Assuming I'm not already... since I was directly invited by the king himself.
Kara SuLema: Which is a good thing. While talking to the king, please give off an aura of... positivity towards magic.
Kara SuLema: High-born nobles of Swordhaven are sheltered and fed lies about magic by the Rose.
<Character>: How could you possibly know that?
Kara SuLema: As you know <Character>, I have my ways of finding the information I need to lead to go forwards.
Kara SuLema: Leaders of the Vind are chosen from those who are capable of doing so from the day they begin to lead.
Kara SuLema: And the wind carries tales from all corners of the world, which includes Swordhaven. Do not forget that.
<Character>: Ah.
Kara SuLema: Precisely.
<Character>: Well...
<Character>: I'll be off, then!
Kara SuLema: May the winds guide you, <Character>. Good luck!

*Fades to black. Fades back in to depict the interior of Swordhaven's Castle where the hallway is filled with guests of sophisticated grace mingling and enjoying the refreshments provided on the dining tables set out. The announcer pulls out a scroll to read the moment you have arrived in the section of the hallways where the gala is taking place.*

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, may I have your attention, please!
Announcer: The one we've all been waiting for, has finally arrived... fashionably late!
<Character>: Give me a break, I got trapped in an outhouse on my way here!!!!
Announcer: Scandalous!
Announcer: Now, may I present to you...
Announcer: Tamer of dragons! Collector of powerful artifacts!

*You look the opposite direction of where you are walking while the guests whisper amongst themselves about you, much to your annoyance. Some of them are thrilled about your presence. Others are simply more reluctant.*

Announcer: Slayer of titans!
Announcer: Master of the Elements!
Announcer: Mayor of a small town by the ocean!
<Character>: *thinking* Whaa...?
Announcer: Chickencow Wrestler!
<Character>: *thinking* ...
Announcer: Bringer of the sun!
Announcer: My dearest bestie!
Announcer: Defender of the oppressed!
Announcer: Everyone's object of desire!
Announcer: Saviour of Lore!
Announcer: And a terrible cook! The one and onlyyyy...
Announcer: Lord/Lady <Character>!!!

*The guests continue to whisper, but you now look straight ahead to ignore their gossip. You approach King Alteon who is guarded by two Pactagonal Knights as usual.*

<Character>: Your Majesty!
King Alteon: Greetings, <Character>! I'm so glad you could make it!
King Alteon: Now that all the recent tragedies across Lore have been resolved with your help...
King Alteon: ... it is time for all of us to come together and strengthen our resolve to protect our subjects.
King Alteon: I'm sure you are familiar with some of the guests here already. The Rose have been so instrumental in keeping the peace.
King Alteon: Jaania herself, in fact, has-
<Character>: This is exactly what I wanted to talk with you about, Your Majesty.
King Alteon: Oh, there will be plenty of time for that later! For now, please enjoy yourself, <Character>.
King Alteon: Eat, mingle, let us celebrate the Rose and its achievements!
<Character>: W-wait... what?
<Character>: This gala is in their name?!
King Alteon: Not everything can be about you all the time, <Character>! Now, if you would excuse me, I do have other guests to greet.
<Character>: Your Majesty! Please, wait-
???: Hi, <Character>.

*You turn around after someone from behind greets you. That person turns out to be Princess Victoria who has been suspiciously absent for ages.*

<Character>: Robi-
<Character>: Princess Victoria?!
Princess Victoria: Keep your voice down!
Princess Victoria: How are you?
<Character>: What do you mean how am I?! Where have you been?
Princess Victoria: I'm not sure I follow?
<Character>: I haven't seen you around for such a long time! Are you well?
Princess Victoria: Huh?
Princess Victoria: But we have-

*Victoria's eyes widen when she finally realizes what you were talking about.*

Princess Victoria: -obviously never seen each other since you were thawed, that's completely right and correct!
Princess Victoria: Silly me! Ohohohoho...
Princess Victoria: I have been...around. The castle, that is. That's why you haven't seen me!
Princess Victoria: I've been...attending to my royal duties...and...stuff.
<Character>: Well, it's good to finally see you, then!
Princess Victoria: Likewise!
<Character>: Where are the other princesses?
Princess Victoria: Oh, Tara is off to seal a deal with an eastern country. She's become quite the entrepreneur.
Princess Victoria: Brittany is...sick.
<Character>: Oh no, I'm sorry.
Princess Victoria: I think it's going to be fine. Jaania's magi are helping...
<Character>: Ah...
<Character>: How is your- how is the king?
Princess Victoria: Jaania is convincing.
<Character>: Hmm?
Princess Victoria: I can see it. She's preying on him. On our misfortune. I bring it up every now and then, but he refuses to listen.
<Character>: What do you mean?
Princess Victoria: <Character>, our mother died...because of magic. And our little-
Princess Victoria: I don't know how she knew it, but I know that she's using it very well.
Princess Victoria: My father may appear strong, but he's hurting. Even after ALL these years.
Princess Victoria: When Jaania first came to my father, he was hopeful, but skeptic. After all... she IS good at what she is doing, and people saw it.
Princess Victoria: But then she showed him something, and...it tipped the scales. His outlook on Jaania changed.
Princess Victoria: He still is wary of the Rose, mind you...but not of Jaania.
Princess Victoria: I don't know what she showed him, but must have been significant. It changed his perspective. Maybe even...healed him, but still...
Princess Victoria: You will have an opportunity to speak with him. If he won't listen to his own daughter...maybe he'll listen to you.
<Character>: I...
<Character>: I will certainly try.
Princess Victoria: Thank you, <Character>. I will... see you soon.
<Character>: Huh?
Princess Victoria: Oh, nevermind! Go on, have fun!

*You take a walk through the hallway after your conversation with Princess Victoria. Along the way, you try your best to mingle with the other guests, yet most still have their mind on the current situation be it praise or reluctance.*

Sleazy Noble: I heard a rumor that King Alteon is going to marry Jaania!
Distracted Noble: Oh, don't be ridiculous. Jaania, Queen? Preposterous.
Sleazy Noble: It would certainly be convenient, you must agree.

Proud Noble: You know, when I was young, my parents wanted me to study magic. I wasn't any good at it, but look at me now!
Proud Noble: Property owner, gala attendee... I'm 658th in line for the throne, you know. I've done the math!
Annoyed Noble: Yes, yes, you've mentioned SO. MANY. TIMES.

Noble: They say the Rose has spies everywhere. Good on them! The better to protect the people, I say.
<Character>: Hmm.

Secretive Noble: I'm not sure I like the Rose getting so close to the King.
<Character>: Not a fan of the Rose?
Secretive Noble: I-uh-the Rose? I said, the crows. You know. The birds.
<Character>: Right...

Waiter: Moglinberry juice, my Lord/Lady?

Haughty Noble: Did you hear? King Alteon has the Rose taking care of poor young Brittany.
Haughty Noble: I think they might have had something to do with the sickness in the first place!
Kind Noble: You don't actually think that, do you? The Rose have the best non-magical physicians in the city. Of course the king would want only the best.
Haughty Noble: But that's the thing-I heard they're actually using magic!
Kind Noble: Oh, don't be ridiculous, dear!

Wobbly Noble: I think-*hic* I thiiink I've had a little.. too much Moglinberry Juice.
<Character>: Should-do you need help?
Wobbly Noble: Help? *urp* You know who needs help? The King! Hahaaa.
<Character>: Is he in danger?
Wobbly Noble: He looks... fuzzier than usual.
<Character>: Maybe you really have had too much juice.
Wobbly Noble: If you say so, fuzzy hero, if you say so.

Popular Noble: Did you hear about the recent magical attacks on some of the outlying villages? Those poor people. We must do something to help.
No-name Noble: Perhaps we should increase funding to the Rose? They're stretched fairly thin as it is, what with the recent events.
Popular Noble: And let them take the glory and fame for themselves? I think not! Elections are coming up soon, you know.

Young Noble: Isn't Jaania supposed to be here?
<Character>: I think so.
Young Noble: I don't see her anywhere. Oh, I was hoping I'd get a chance to talk to her. Do I look presentable?
<Character>: You look...fine.
Young Noble: I knew I shouldn't have worn this top today, my one chance at the beautiful Jaania and I'm already messing it up!
<Character>: I'll leave you to it then.

Weird Noble: Hey, hey you. The Rose is evil. Don't listen to their lies!
<Character>: Finally, someone who-
Weird Noble: They're from beyond the stars. You have to listen to me, hero, you have to stop them.
Weird Noble: They're going to-I've seen their true form, writhing masses of tentacles-they're in our brains. Our brains!
<Character>: Umm...
Weird Noble: Remember. They're in the water.

Not-so-Noble: You are in my personal space!
<Character>: Excuse me?
Not-so-Noble: You are excused.
<Character>: *thinking* Wow, he must be a blast at parties. Oh, wait...

Bored Noble: I wish something exciting would happen. I just want to go home and sleep.

Very Noble: Ah, <Character>! I was hoping I would get a chance to catch you.
Very Noble: I was wondering if I could get your opinion on some matters of great importance.
<Character>: Of course, anything to help.
Very Noble: Quite, quite. Surely you've heard of the great storms recently interrupting sea trade with the west?
<Character>: I haven't. Are they magical storms?
Very Noble: No, no, nothing of the sort, or we would have contacted the Rose!
Very Noble: Could you weigh in on the complexities of intercontinental taxation and dues, considering the delays and lost cargo and lives-
<Character>: I'm afraid I don't know much about, uh, taxes. Sorry.
Very Noble: Not a problem, not a problem at all. We can't all be out slaying monsters and prancing about, can we?
<Character>: Prancing?
Very Noble: Just a phrase, just a phrase.

???: Enjoying the gala... ...<Character>?

Diligent Noble: Keep your eyes open. I've had good information that this gala has been targeted by anti-Rose sympathizers.
<Character>: I'll keep that in mind...

*While you were trying the best you can to enjoy yourself during the gala, you bump into a disgruntled Melissa who is thankfully recognizable to you in her purple dress and signature hair.*

Melissa: Are you done cozying up to the high and mighty?

*After a few moments of looking at her in order to make sure it was truly she whom Kara sent, you finally respond.*

<Character>: Melissa?
<Character>: Well, look at you, "princess"!
Melissa: Ugh...
<Character>: Not feeling it?
Melissa: I. Hate. Dresses...
<Character>: I meant to ask, how did you...?
Melissa: Magic.
Melissa: Subtle enough to not raise attention.
Melissa: I can hide my wings very easily. As for the ears, I cut them.
<Character>: What?!
Melissa: That was a joke. I am known to joke. I concealed them with magic too.
Melissa: Ugh, this dress is so constraining. My sword is sticking to my thighs...
<Character>: I won't even ask.
Melissa: Good.
Melissa: Have you spoken to the king yet?
<Character>: Yes, but I didn't have a chance to use this "royal audience" card yet.
Melissa: Well, get to it then. We don't know when-
???: Hello... <Character>.

*Jaania suddenly appears before you and Melissa in a regal dress decorated by frost crystals and elemental roses, causing the both of you to feel tense and alarmed.*

<Character>: Jaania.
Jaania: I've heard you will be gracing us with your presence.
<Character>: You look positively... cold.
Jaania: Thank you.
Jaania: You look lukewarm, at best.
<Character>: I think I'm going to need some ice for that burn, but I don't want history to repeat itself.
Jaania: Oh, you are hilarious.
<Character>: Thank you.
Melissa: Lady Jaania, Lord/Lady <Character>... I bid you farewell.

*Melissa leaves the scene immediately to avoid losing her cool, but you and Jaania glare at each other. But before either of you could say a word, a messenger donning Manahunter armor shows up right next to Jaania.*

???: Please excuse the timing, Lady Jaania, but Emissary Amadeus said this is urgent.
Jaania: What is it?
???: Someone has sent you a bouquet of flowers. They were delivered to your private quarters.
Jaania: And this is urgent how?
???: I- I don't- I don't know! I am sorry for interrupting, I was told it was urgent. So sorry. Please excuse me!
Jaania: You are excused.
???: Thank you! Have a pleasant ball!!!

*The frightened messenger flees off-screen. Shortly after you and Jaania are alone again, you smirk.*

<Character>: Secret admirer?
Jaania: ...
Jaania: I hope this event is to your liking?
<Character>: It was, until you showed up.
Jaania: Do we really need to do this? Can't we be civil?
<Character>: I thought we were being civil right now?
Jaania: You are exhausting, as usual.
<Character>: You're the one to talk!
Jaania: I beg your pardon?
<Character>: Jaania, I'm sorry, but... let me be frank with you. And let me repeat myself.
<Character>: What you are doing is wrong!

*Jaania's eyes turn the opposite direction before they are drawn back to you.*

Jaania: You might want to be careful, everyone is listening.
<Character>: Let them listen.
<Character>: I want them to hear how you justify yourself and your actions.
Jaania: You are such a brute, <Character>. You need to be in the center of the attention, don't you?
Jaania: You crave it.
Jaania: You are the hero, aren't you? Always the center of the attention...
Jaania: Well, let me tell you something!
Jaania: You are not the only one who can bear this title! You are not special!
Jaania: You were not the one who woke up in a world on the brink of destruction, caused by your closest friends.
Jaania: I was!
Jaania: You were not the one who tried to help people when all of the elements were ravaging throughout the lands!
Jaania: I was!
Jaania: You were not the one who managed to calm the destruction, saving countless of lives, and the one people turned to!
Jaania: I was!
Jaania: You were not the one who had to deal with all that pressure and still come up on top!
Jaania: I was!
Jaania: You were not the one who, in the midst of all the destruction and chaos, founded an organization that to this day is bringing peace to this land!!
Jaania: I was!
Jaania: You are not the hero of this story!!!
Jaania: I AM!!!

*Your eyes widened at the sight of Jaania's rant escalating like a pot of boiling water. Ice crystals form on the floor around her and your facial express drops indicating disappointment once again.*

<Character>: Jaania...
???: My my...
???: What a spectacle!
???: Now, that was worth the trip, wouldn't you say?
Jaania: Who are you...?
Dezyderiush: I'm Dezyderiush, and this is Zlatomira.
Zlatomira: We are from the Magesterium.
Dezyderiush: And you, Lady Jaania, will come with us.
King Alteon: Jaania? What is the meaning of this?
Jaania: They are no one, I will take care of them. Stay out of it... Your Majesty.
Zlatomira: You are meddling in the affairs you cannot hope to comprehend.
Dezyderiush: You are to stay away from the Fissure!
Jaania: Or what?
Zlatomira: Or we will take action. We have this place surrounded.
King Alteon: Anyone who threatens my subjects, threatens this kingdom! Explain yourselves!
Dezyderiush: We have no qualm with you, King.
Zlatomira: However, if your "subject" won't come with us... then qualms will be had.
King Alteon: Jaania, explain!
Jaania: ...
Jaania: <Character>, escort the king and the princess to safety.
<Character>: What?
Jaania: Please... do as I say. Protect the royal family. It won't be safe here in a while.
Dezyderiush: I take it you won't come with us, then?

*Jaania does not respond. Instead, she simply stares coldly, giving the Magesterium representatives clear responses of what they feel they must do.*

Zlatomira: Very well.
<Character>: I knew this wouldn't end well... Your Majesty! Victoria! Come with me!
<Character>: Jaania.

*Jaania's eye turns the opposite direction to face you while you prepare to leave.*

<Character>: We're not done here.
Zlatomira: Get her!

*Abruptly cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to FlameWolf for additional information.

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