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Olaf's Party

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12/12/2008 19:20:53   
ArchMagus Orodalf

Olaf's Party

Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> MORE QUESTS! -> Olaf's Party -> More -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ice Queen, Dragon Amulet
Release Date: December 12th, 2008

Objective: PARTY TIME!
Objective completed: You and your dragon put a stop to Aisha's final, evil plan and saved the people of Dragesvard from her icy clutches... and Olaf's pool.

Experience rewarded: 3602
Gold rewarded: 600

(1) Titan Aisha - Titan Boss



Ice Dragon Scale

<Character>: A party?!
Galanoth: Yes. Olaf's parties are legendary and this one has been going on a long time.
<Character>: Oh yeah, I've seen the notes around town. Must be some party. Why didn't we go before now?!
Galanoth: We had more important things to do than attend a local party. Besides...
Galanoth: ...We just got invited today. Olaf sent us a note.
<Character>: Saving an entire town comes with benefits, I guess. Let's go.

*You and Galanoth head to Olaf's party, where all of the attendees are stuck in a frozen pool.*

Galanoth: Knock knock!
<Character>: Anyone.... home?
Olaf: Thank goodness!
Bjorn: WHAT? Has someone come to save us?, Gerda: I can't turn my head!
Galanoth: Save you?
<Character>: You guys look like you're having fun!
Helga: Fun?! HA!
Ingaberg: We WERE having fun until SOMEONE had the bright idea of having us all jump in the pool! *glares at Sven*
Sven: Don't look at ME. No one made you jump in.
Astrid: I don't see the big deal, guys. I'm still having a great time.
<Character>: So you guys have been frozen solid in this pool for... how long?
Helga: It seems like weeks.
Oslo: ...And Sven keeps singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."
Galanoth: How are you still alive? How have you fed yourselves?

*Presumably some time ago, a squirrel hops in front of Olaf on top of the frozen pool.*

Olaf: ...
Squirrel: ...

*An exclamation point appears above Olaf's head.*

Olaf: Hop in.

*Olaf opens his mouth.*

Squirrel: ...
Squirrel: No.

*Scene cuts back to the present day.*

Olaf: ...It hasn't been easy.
Gerda: This has not been Olaf's best party.
Galanoth: We'll get you out of there in no time.
Aisha: No, you WON'T!
Lief: Oh yeah, AND we had a party crasher.
<Character>: Aisha! What are you doing here?
Aisha: Who do you fools think sent you the invitation?
Aisha: I found our last battle.... unsatisfactory. I demand that you fight me again when I am unpoisoned!
<Character>: (Galanoth, do you have any more Dragonbane?)
Galanoth: (No, I used the rest of it on my blade!)
Aisha: Dragons have excellent hearing, hero. Plus, I'm RIGHT HERE!
Galanoth: Leave these people out of this, Aisha.
Aisha: I think not, Dragonslayer. Once I've finished with you, I will take my time with them.
Aisha: Quit stalling, FACE ME!

*You and Galanoth turn to each other in order to discuss how to deal with Aisha.*

Galanoth: She's at full strength now, <Character>. I have no idea how we're going to defeat her.
<Character>: Well, I suppose this is the best time to tell you. Galanoth.... I am a DRAGONLORD!
<Character>: How could you have NOT noticed? Didn't you see my pet dragon fighting beside us?
Galanoth: I thought it was a horribly deformed dog or something!
Galanoth: I thought it might hurt your feelings if I said "Man, what happened to that dog?!"
<Character>: You've never seen a baby dragon before?
Galanoth: I've seen a few, but I thought that there was no WAY that you'd have a dragon with you if I was there too.
Galanoth: So that's how you know so much about Dragonlords. It all makes sense now.
<Character>: I'm sorry that I lied to you but your hate runs so deep... I didn't want anything to happen to <Dragon>.
Galanoth: Your bond with your dragon must be very strong.
<Character>: It is. <Dragon> and I have been through a lot. I trust my dragon with my life.
Galanoth: Just as I trust you with mine.
Galanoth: None of that matters right now. Maybe there is ONE good dragon in the world. If you raised it.... it must be a worthy creature.
Galanoth: ...The exception to the rule.
Galanoth: If you and your dragon have the power to defeat Aisha, then do it. Save those people!
<Character>: I will. Thank you for understanding, Galanoth. I know you think all dragons are evil and must be destroyed.
Galanoth: Prove me wrong, <Character>.

Aisha: I sense your Dragon Amulet once again, <Character>. You cannot command me with that weak magic!

  • Summon Dragon and Battle! Queen Aisha! - equips DragonRider.
      Aisha: Enough talk! Let us end this!

    • Queen Aisha Battle! - begins battle with Titan Aisha.
    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    • leave - returns to Dragesvard.
    *After your victory in battle, you leave Olaf's party and return to the main Dragesvard town with Galanoth.*

  • Equips player's saved class.

    Galanoth: I was...impressed with how well you and your dragon worked as a team.
    Galanoth: I am not ready to admit that there are good dragons in this world...
    Galanoth: But seeing you and <Dragon> facing down the ice queen like that...
    Galanoth: ...Let's just say that I'm open to a new possibility.
    Galanoth: Maybe there is one dragon who might do more good than ill for the people of Lore.
    Galanoth: Thank you once again for saving Dragesvard, <Character>.
    Galanoth: The others want to thank you too. Just take a look around town... everyone is back where they belong.
    Galanoth: I'm looking forward to doing battle by your side again soon, <Character>... You and <Dragon>.

  • Complete Quest!

    Other information
  • Complete this quest to unlock Party On, Olaf! badge, as well as additional NPC dialogues in Dragesvard.

    Thanks to
  • Sasuke Uchiha for titan tag.
  • Saojun for experience and gold rewarded information.
  • atticus239 and dragonlord dartag for additional NPC links.
  • Dark Dragon Rider, GhostBear5, and Lady_Skyress for links.
  • diva77677, Jay, Peachii, Seahawkfan, and WoTiFe for corrections.

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