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Snow Fields, The

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11/7/2008 19:07:53   

The Snow Fields

Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> MORE QUESTS! -> The Snow Fields -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Long In The Tooth
Release Date: November 7th, 2008

Objective: You and Galanoth must travel to the Snow Fields and meet the Ice Dragons to try and see if the will turn their backs on Aisha.
Objective completed: So, Aisha's plan is global cooling! With the Elemental Ice Orb she may be able to pull it off. Defeating her is more important than ever. It looks like a war between the dragons, ice elves and Dragesvard cannot be avoided. PREPARE FOR WAR!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(10) Polar Dravir
(2) Ice Dragon - Boss

Ice Dragon

Ring Of The Very Short Ice Mage

Ice Dragon Scale

Galanoth: What do you mean "we have to talk to the dragons"? Those monsters don't TALK to our kind.
<Character>: We have to try. The Tusker leader, Paul said that the dragon seemed frightened. The dragons might feel forced into fighting.
Galanoth: The only thing that i've ever seen a dragon fear... is me.
<Character>: You're missing the bigger picture. If we can convince these dragons to come to our side, then we might be able to avoid this war.
<Character>: I've spoken to Linus, Grrol and G'joob. They've all sent messengers to the dragons to meet us on the snow fields, near the mainland shore.
Galanoth: I'm telling you, <Character>, Nothing will come of this. But still...
Galanoth: ...If these dragons ARE afraid of something then I'd like to know what it is. One can never have too many weapons.
Galanoth: Plus, sending them a message that we want to meet is a great way to draw them out!
Galanoth: Besides, WHEN things go wrong, you might need my help to battle the ice dragons.
<Character>: That's fine with me. But remember, we're going to talk first. We won't fight unless we need to. Let's go.

  • Galanoth joins you as Guest A.

    *You and Galanoth fight your way through various Polar Dravir until you reach the Ice Dragons.*

    Galanoth: Ice Dragons!!
    <Character>: Don't you start! One Artix was bad enough. Control yourself.
    Ice Dragon: We recieved your messages, human. We have come. Say what you need to say.
    <Character>: Oh great and mighty dragons...
    Galanoth: *snirk*
    <Character>: *AHEM* Oh, great and powerful ice dragons...
    Galanoth: *coughWIMPScough*
    <Character>: (QUIT IT!) Oh, mighty dragon of the north...
    Galanoth: Mightly? *Pfffft!*
    Ice Dragon: It seems like the canned snack that you brought as an offering has something to say.
    Galanoth: OFFERING?! Why I should rip your horns off and stuff 'em up your...
    ???: Enough...

    *Aisha appears between the two Ice Dragons.*

    Aisha: Galanoth, the Dragon Slayer and <Character>, the Hero of Falconreach...
    Aisha: It is a pleasure to finally meet you both.
    Aisha: I am Aisha, the new queen of the ice elves and ruler of the ice dragon army.
    Aisha: I am also in posession of the Elemental Orb of Ice that you are searching for, <Character>.
    <Character>: I thought you might have the orb. It would take an item of amazing power to control over these ice dragons.
    Galanoth: SO that is how she is controling them? That is why they are afraid of her?
    Aisha: It is true that the orb is very powerful. It has increased my own natural magic several hundred times.
    Aisha: You see, my people can only exist in this polar environment. In order to flourish and grow...
    Aisha: ...Then we need the rest of Lore to be as cold as the frozen northlands.
    Aisha: I have been using the orb's power to make the polar ice sheet grow faster than it ever would have on its own.
    Aisha: Through this process of "global cooling", my people will soon cover the face of the word and our empire will rule all of the warm races.
    Aisha: We have begun our conquest by crushing all of the pathetic, human settlements in my kingdom. Dragesvard is all that remains.
    Aisha: Once all of you humans are gone we will wipe out or enslave the other races of the north.
    Aisha: As I use the Ice Orb to expand our sphere of influence more and more of your people will meet the same fate.
    Aisha: Finally, your sad little race will be wiped from the face of Lore and my people will rule their frozen paradise... as it was meant to be.
    Galanoth: I don't understand your hatred of us Aisha. Once, the ice elves and humans lived side by side.
    <Character>: Humans and ice elves could accomplish SO MUCH if we worked together rather than wasting our energy fighting.
    <Character>: What makes you believe that your people are so superior?
    Aisha: What makes you think that my people are the ice elves, <Character>?

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
      Aisha: Draco nythera simesti mef selourm humazte. Locus aldrnodus sey constri naturilithi. (Pop-up: Your Dragon Amulet starts to glow!)

      *The draconic language transforms into common.*

      Aisha: Dragons have always been superior to humans. It is simply our place in the natural order.
      Aisha: My people.... the ice dragons... have been waiting for centuries for a leader like me to come along.
      Aisha: I plan to put dragons... especially ice dragons... BACK in their rightful place on all the thrones of the world.
      Aisha: The Elemental Orb of Ice is the key that we have been waiting for.
      Aisha: We dragons know that Sepulchure is gathering the orbs and we know why.
      Aisha: We know that you are trying to stop him, but neither of you has a right to OUR MAGIC... and I plan on taking them back.
      Aisha: You and that traitorous whelp, <Dragon> will be taught your place in time but first things first.... Dragesvard.
    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
      Aisha: Draco nythera simesti mef selourm humazte. Locus aldrnodus sey constri naturilithi. (Pop-up: You need a DRAGON AMULET to speak the Dragon language!)
      Aisha: ...
      Aisha: Feth somallth ellorah min <Dragon> sellis toven. Mai yolith yem sain yestrix... Dragesvard.
    Aisha: My brothers, kill Galanoth. I want the hero taken alive. Once you are done, return to me. We march on Dravesvard soon.

    *Aisha vanishes.*

    Ice Dragon: As you wish, Queen Aisha.

  • Ice Dragons To Battle! - begins battle with 2 Ice Dragon.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Dragesvard.

    *After your and Galanoth's success in battle, the quest is completed.*

    Other information
  • Location of Cat Item reagent:

    While doing Cure in Thyme from Mogloween Chapter 7 you can find Cat Item (Cat's Eye) as a temporary item. 3 Right.

    Next Up: Gary's Fate

    Thanks to
  • Jay for entry rewrite and corrections.
  • 1337 Ch0C01473 and Dwelling Dragonlord for information.
  • Niki, Peachii, and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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