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Long In The Tooth

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10/31/2008 23:52:56   
ShadowReaper of Help

Long In The Tooth

Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> MORE QUESTS -> Long In the Tooth
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Bear Facts
Release Date: October 31st, 2008

Objective: Galanoth has asked you to meet his Tusker contact near the bottom of the Dragesvard iceberg.
Objective completed: The Tusker people have joined you! With the races of the frozen northlands united you stand a chance against Aisha.... but if you can convince the dragons to join you, you will be unstoppable. Now, how to convince the ice dragons to join you?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Pip
(11) Tusker


Ice Dragon Scale
IceSeer's Helm
Ice Shard Helm
Tusker Disguise
Grenwog Egg

Galanoth: Great work, <Character>. Now the Killguils and the Ursice Savages are with us! All that remains are the Tuskers.
Galanoth: They are a race of rugged, nomadic wal...rus...es? Warlii? Warlusi?
Galanoth: Anyway, they are very secretive... they untrusting of outsiders, so this will not be easy.
Galanoth: If you can convince them to join us, then we will have the support that we need.
Galanoth: No matter how this turns out, <Character>, I'm impressed with your work so far. I could never have done what you have acomplished. Good luck.

  • Quest!
  • Back

    G'joob: You must be <Character>. Thank you for coming.

  • Who Are You?
    <Character>: Who are you, and did you just THINK that at me?
    G'joob: My name is G'joob, I am the lorekeeper for my people.. the Tuskers.
    G'joob: And yes, we speak telepathically. We can speak our language our loud but, due to out large tusks, people make fun of the way that we talk.
    G'joob: It was just easier to us to learn telepathically.
    <Character>: That makes sense. Are the Tuskers willing to join us against Aisha and her dragon army?
    G'joob: That is up to you. We are a peaceful race. We just want to be left alone.
    G'joob: We only learned to fight and wear armor to defend our privacy.
    G'joob: But as lorekeeper I know my people's tales. We have had to join with others to protect our way of life before. I think it is time again.
    G'joob: You might be able to convince our leader to join with you in order to defend our privacy.
    <Character>: Great, where do I find him?
    G'joob: It's not quite that simple. We are nomads, roaming these frozen waters and making our secret homes in the hollow caves within the icebergs.
    G'joob: We change the location every day to ensure our privacy and the entrances are all under water.
    G'joob: Once we abandon a cave we let the entrance freeze over, so you will know the right one when you see it. It will be the only one you can enter.
    G'joob: But you might find some of our abandoned camps first. Just keep looking.
    G'joob: A little while ago someone dumped a bunch of Water Breathing Potions in the ocean so you can breathe the sea water.
    <Character>: I wonder if I should tell G'joob that the Water Breathing Potions were my fault?
    G'joob: That was YOUR fault?
    <Character>: What? Hey! NO FAIR READING MINDS!
    G'joob: Sorry. It'doesn't matter anyway. You can breathe the water but it's very, very cold.
    G'joob: You will begin freezing to death as soon you enter the water... the cold will slowly drain all of your life so move fast and find our camp!
    G'joob: My people are not expecting you and we do not like outsiders... they WILL attack you. Be ready.
    G'joob: I would wear something with ice resistance if I were you. Good luck <Character>!

  • Heal & potions
  • Continue

    NOTE: You will lose HP gradually once underwater when you start moving or until you enter a battle or the correct cave.

    Once you've found the correct cave:
    <Character>: That water was COLD!
    Paul: Great, another one.
    <Character>: I mean, REALLY COLD! You think you know cold... try BREATHING ICE WATER!
    Paul: Yes, human. One of the reasons we CHOSE this frigid wasteland was for the cold...
    Paul: ...so nobody would bother us. *ahem*
    <Character>: I'm talkin' SUPER cold. Like the kind of cold where the electrons stop moving.
    <Character>: That was the kind of cold that would make THE VACUUM OF SPACE want warm, flannel pajamas.
    <Character>: That water is SO cold that it hurt my FEELINGS.
    Paul: YES! WE GOT IT! IT'S VERY COLD! What do you WANT?!
    <Character>: Wait... rewind... did you say"great, ANOTHER one,"?
    Paul: Yes, we've had quite a few visitors lately. Far too many. Just yesterday an ice dragon came to us.
    <Character>: An ICE DRAGON? Um... how did he fit through that hole in the ice?
    Paul: Yesterday's ice cave was much larger. That's beside the point... what do you want, <Class>?
    <Character>: Oh great and mighty Tusker leader...
    Paul: Please... call me Paul.
    <Character>: Ok. Oh great and mighty....Paul. I come here to offer Dragesvard's hand in friendship and ask for your help.
    <Character>: The dragon that visited you yesterday... was it sent by Aisha, the Ice Elf Queen?
    Paul: Yes, it was. It came also seeking assistance. What do YOU have to offer?
    <Character>: I...I didn't bring anything. Um... I've got half a sandwich in my backpack... it might be a little soggy but...
    Paul: Well, at least your offer is more reasonable. All the dragon promised us was death if we did not join her.
    Paul: But we Tuskers are proud. We do not respond to threats. If we are caught in the middle of a war we did not start...
    Paul: ...Then we will side with the people who came to us in friendship. We are with you, human.
    <Character>: That's EXCELLENT NEWS, Paul. I will tell my people at once.
    Paul: Human... the dragon seemed... almost frightened of Aisha. If she tried to get us to join with fear... maybe she did the same to the ice dragons.
    Paul: Speak to them. If you can convince them to join us as well... this war may be over before it begins.
    <Character>: Hmmm. If there is even the smallest chance that war can be avoided I have to check it out. Thanks again, Paul!
    Paul: Farewell, human. All our hopes for peace are riding on you.

  • Complete Quest!


    ORIGINAL: Manofthetrees
    I dont know if this is worth mentioning, but the names G'joob and Paul are references to the beatles song, "I am the Walrus" Paul being Paul McCartney, and G'joob being the last word of the chorus, "Goo-goo-gjoob!"

    Thanks to
    -- aceblader, wolfman_naruto, waterslicer and cornfield10 for links.
    -- Peachii for corrections.

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