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Location: Testopia, Day Time Falconreach (Books 1 and 2), A Hero is Bored, Willowshire (Rare), Dragon Attack at Willowshire!, Friday the 13th Invasion, Amityvale (Books 1 and 2), Meet Frostscythe, Xan Bossfight, Friday the 13th Invasion - The Last Stand!, Sepulchure's Flying Fortress, The Hatching, Frenzy at the Forge, Necromancer Nicto, From Ice to....., Slushroom Princess, Flashpoint, To Have All the Gold In Lore!, Ice Princess, Spidermancer, A DragonLord's Birthday!, Share and Share Alike, Princess-napped, In the Mountains..., We're Gonna Need More Fire..., Love Letter, Pet Insurrection, Willowshire Outpost, Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of, Bad Hare Day, A Hero Is Thawed, Day Time Falconreach (Book 3), Cure in Thyme, Breaking Down, The Felonious Five, Return of the Felonious Five, Transformative Thankstaking

Quests given
Book 1 - Dragon Egg Saga
A Hero is Bored
The Black Dragon Box
Opening The Black Box
The Sneevil Dumpsite
Egg Recovery
Summoning Help
The Secret Cave

Book 3
A Hero Is Thawed
Dragon Hatching
Hide n' Seek

Shops owned
Punt Twilly


Twilly: Hiyas! They built a new Petshop on Twillies old stump, so Twillies moved here!

Day Time Falconreach (Books 1 and 2)

Before finishing quests in Oaklore Keep:
Twilly: Have you heard of the Priestess, Lady Celestia? She was supposed to meet me here. Could you ask Rolith in Oaklore Keep?

Before doing Robina's Quests:
Twilly: Hiyas! Want to look for the Black Dragon Box? You should ask Robina the Hood, she knows everything about hunting Sneevils!

After doing Robina's Quests:
Twilly: Oh noes, the Black Dragon Box was empty!? Oooh I know! You need to visit the most famous Treasure Hunter in the land!

After doing Valencia's Quests:
Twilly: 5 eggs? Wowzers! Which one is the real dragon Egg? I know, use the portal and ask Warlic the mage to help!

After doing Warlic's Quests:
Twilly: Amazing <Character>, you have the Dragon Egg! We better put it in a safe place. Hmm... I know a secret cave!

After putting the Egg to the Secret Cave:
Twilly: It is time! It is time! Quick.... let's go to the cave where your Dragon Egg is!

  • The Hatching - begins The Hatching quest.
  • Lady Celestia - teleports you to Sunbreeze Grove.

  • Back to Dragon Egg Saga
    Twilly: Amazing <Character>, you have the Dragon Egg! We better put it in a safe place. Hmm... I know a secret cave!
  • Invite Twilly - Twilly joins you as a pet.

  • Fire War
    Twilly: Cysero gave me a special necklace so I can comes back here whenever I wants! It only works for me though, Aria already tried...

  • Minigame Prizes
    Twilly: Did some one say cake? No cake please!!!!!!!
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    A Hero is Bored

    Twilly: Hiyas!
    Twilly: The path is clear, Priestess!
    Twilly: Oh noes! That is not a carpet Priestess... it is a Gorillaphant!

    Twilly: I will protect you Priestess!

    Twilly: !

    Twilly: But Priestess... you said his/her name was <Character> and he/she is the one who is destined to...

    Twilly: Especially since he/she is going to take that Black Dragon Box and...

    Dragon Attack at Willowshire!

    Twilly: Twillies brought as many people as Twillies could!
    Twilly: Gorgok!!!?
    Twilly: The sheep shredder.
    Twilly: The dingleberry destroyer!
    Twilly: Lets take Gorgok and his army down!
    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: “Twilly”

    Friday the 13th Invasion

    Twilly: Friday the 13th is so spoooky! Let Twillies join you and we can defend town together!
    Twilly: Zorbak!? What are you doing here?

    Amityvale (Books 1 and 2)

    Twilly: Hiyas! Are you guys talking about me? If you need me I will be over there on the stump!

    Meet Frostscythe

    Twilly: We did it! We won!

    Twilly: Woah...

    Twilly: Is he a DragonLord?

    Twilly: *thinks* Only a DragonMaster? Whew.. he has not become a full fledged DragonLord yet... his Dragon will not be full strength.

    Twilly: Did the big frost boss guy just catch a cold?
    Twilly: *Chuckles*

    Xan Bossfight

    Twilly: It worked! I was able to heal him! That was close <Your Character>. Xan nearly finished you off.

    Friday the 13th Invasion - The Last Stand!

    Twilly: Zorbak!? What are you doing here?

    Sepulchure's Flying Fortress

    Twilly: Twillies is curious too.
    Twilly: *gulp* Twillies knows.
    Twilly: Only stories, rumors and legends... but some of them must be true.
    Twilly: That is one of the Great Dragons... one of The Ancient Ones... or what is left of it.
    Twilly: HE must have had his army of necromancers animate the skeleton. It's HIS flying fortress!

    The Hatching

    Twilly: What took you so long? You almost missed it. Oh, I'm so excited! I've been waiting so long for this day.
    Twilly: I don't get to see a dragon hatch every day, especially one so special.

    Twilly: Sure, Lady Celestia gave me the exact date and time of the hatching.

    Twilly: Really? Like what?

    Twilly: <Character>, look, it's MOVING!

    Twilly: A crack in the egg shell! It won't be long now!

    Twilly: Why would you boil water?

    Twilly: Just be ready for anything. We still don't know which dragon this will be, the savior of the world, or its destroyer.

    Twilly: Here we go!

    Twilly: Mmpphmmhm mff!

    Frenzy at the Forge

    Twilly: There are many boars! All over! There's one and there's one and one what that way, over there!


    Necromancer Nicto

    Twilly: Wow! What a wonderfull day outside!
    Twilly: Hmm?
    Twilly: ...oh...
    Twilly: ...stick...

    Twilly: liiieeeeeee!!!
    Twilly: Ooooo lookie! Twilly can see Yulgar's Inn from up here.

    From Ice to.....

    Twilly: Hmm...
    Twilly: Yep, she is definitely fwozen...
    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: Oh.
    Twilly: Pwincess?
    Twilly: Awwwww… Twillies is so happies for you! *snuggle*
    Twilly: *chuckles*
    Twilly: Oh no, oh no, oh no!
    Twilly: Sure a little kissy never hurt anybodies!

    Slushroom Princess

    Twilly: Twillies hasn't ever seen a flower like this before...
    Twilly: RUN!

    Ice Princess

    Twilly: Ok, Dr. Twillies is in!
    Twilly: What seems to be the twouble?

    Twilly: I think so…

    Twilly: *gasp!*

    Twilly: Hmm…this is a pwoblem.
    Twilly: This is the third case of hydra ankle owie-itis syndrome this month.
    Twilly: Which one was it?

    Twilly: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…
    Twilly: You just let Dr. Twillies handle this.
    Twilly: How’s that feel?

    Twilly: Ah - ah - ahhh, that’s DR. Twilly today *wink*
    Twilly: Ahahahahahehehoo!

    Twilly: Hahaha!

    Twilly: Uh ohs…
    Twilly: *sniffs the air*
    Twilly: I think Cysero ‘sploded something again…
    Twilly: Oh Ash, it’s you! No luck with your girl friend?

    Twilly: Aww, Twilly is sorries.
    Twilly: I wish I could heal your voice, but it’s not hurting you…so it’s not something to heal. There has to be some bright side..

    Twilly: Oi.

    Twilly: Wwoooohh, Twillies is getting dizzy!


    Twilly: Mmm, I likes the loud biscuits...
    Twilly: ..but they make my ears jiggle..
    Twilly: *Yawn* Sure, Ashies.. wait.. where are we going?
    Twilly: Do they have some biscwuits there? Twillies has a craving...
    Twilly: Twillies is coming!
    Twilly: What is it, Ashy?


    Twilly: I sure hope this was a good idea, Aria...
    Twilly: ...

    To Have All the Gold In Lore!

    Twilly: What's this, <<You>>?
    Twilly: It looks a little burnt.


    Twilly: Don't Worry I'm back!
    Twilly: *AHEM* I'm back... and I'm fine. Don't anyone worry about me. I just rescued the Dragon Eggs... ALL OF THEM... BY MYSELF...
    Twilly: I have to get these things back to the cave before they hatch.
    Twilly: Oh NOW you're listening. The dragon eggs hatch exactly one year from the appearnce of the Dragon Amulets...
    Twilly: ...on June 10th. I thought everyone knew that.

    A DragonLord's Birthday!

    Twilly: I like my hat.
    Twilly: Oh boy...

    Share and Share Alike

    Twilly: We's moglins can helps, <Character>.
    Twilly: If we absorbs the greedlings magic then we can make sure they don't cause troubles.
    Twilly: We're gonna really want candies thought from now on though.... I think you'd be better be in disguise if come visit with candies.

    In the Mountains.... (Act 7)

    Twilly: Um.. me?
    Twilly: Um, well.. Twillies doesn't really think th--
    Twilly: Okies, well I guess it's just a hug..

    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: Can we try something else please?

    Twilly: This isn't exactly what Twillies meant...

    Twilly: Oh noes, Twillies can't watch this thing!

    Twilly: Oof.. I feel squooshed..

    We're Gonna Need More Fire... (Act 8)

    Twilly: Chillies! Quick! The cage bwoke!!!

    Twilly: Oh noes, oh noes, oh noes!!!
    Twilly: AAAAAHHHhhh!

    Twilly: Frostval is almost here!

    Love Letter

    Twilly/Sepulchure: Time to face your DOOOOM!!!

    Twilly: HEEEEHEEEEheheeehehehee!

    Twilly: HEEeeehehee! That was the best shadowpuppet Twillies has ever seen!

    Pet Insurrection

    Twilly: What's wrong, Awia?

    Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of

    Twilly: Go Clyde!!!

    Twilly: Yay!

    Bad Hare Day

    Twilly: What?

    Twilly: Oh! Thanks, Ashy. It's kinda hard to hear at this attitude.
    Twilly: Ash lost a bet. And now he has to be my tree stump for the day.

    Twilly: We--

    A Hero is Thawed

    If you select the 'Punt it back...' option:
      Twilly: Whyyy iiiis iiiiit aaaalllllwaaaaaayyyyss meeeeeee.....!

    Twilly: The cult of The Rose is trying to stop magic!

    Day Time Falconreach (Book 3)

    Twilly: Hiyas! Glad you made it here, <Character>! <Dragon> has been waiting a long time for you!

    Cure in Thyme

    Twilly: So the M.O.P. are now guarding Andy in a secret location. They don't want anyone finding them. Andy is fine, but he can't have any human contact.
    Twilly: They keep him hidden, give him everything he needs, and take care of him.

    Breaking Down

    Twilly: We'll try to help with what we have but, <Character>, you need to seek out anything that could help heal them!

    Twilly: This... this will work. You did a great thing, <Character>! You helped to heal everyone!

    The Felonious Five

    Twilly: Hiyas, <Character>!
    Twilly: These monsters don't bother me at all. They look delicious!
    Twilly: I suppose they would be scary to the townspeople though. Which would explain why they all ran away.
    Twilly: I can heal you up, if you'd like!

    Twilly: Go get 'em! I'll cheer you on from over here. And maybe have a snack or two...

    Return of the Felonious Five

    Twilly: Yep!

    Twilly: They actually are!

    Transformative Thankstaking

    Twilly: Oh noes...

    Twilly: Looks like we have another two for our herd of Turducken!

    Twilly: No wait, come back! It'll last like—
    Twilly: Oh well, at least all the villagers are safe. And Robin too!


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