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Final Showdown, The

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1/30/2009 21:52:33   
ArchMagus Orodalf

The Final Showdown

Other name: The Avatars

Location: Elemental Attack - The Storm War! -> The Avatars
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Rescue
Release Date: January 30th, 2009

Objective: Nythera faces off against the Avatars!
Objective completed: The Blue Mage has returned and the Avatars are defeated!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience formula:
If you won the battle against the Avatars using Nythera: ((# of Avatars fought w/ Nythera) x 85)
If you lost the battle against the Avatars using Nythera: ((# of Avatars fought w/ Warlic) x 85)
Caps at 255.

Gold formula:
If you won the battle against the Avatars using Nythera: ((# of Avatars fought w/ Nythera) x 5)
If you lost the battle against the Avatars using Nythera: ((# of Avatars fought w/ Warlic) x 5)
Caps at 15.

The boss will switch position if one has reached a certain HP
(X) Celeritas / Fiamme / Haeos / Khazri / Kyanos / Neso / Temblor / Voidstar - Boss


Aquerille (Potent, Perfect)
Burnfang (Potent, Perfect)

Aquetris (Potent, Perfect)
Flameburst (Potent, Perfect)

Aqueoux (Potent, Perfect)
Blastfury (Potent, Perfect)

Power of the Avatars

Elemental Essence

Nythera: The time has come! You have one chance to surrender, you overgrown elementals! Otherwise, your powers are mine!
Temblor: Your pride is your downfall, girl.
Khazri: You cannot win a battle against us. There was only one who could have been called our equal on this planet and he is now gone.
Nythera: Well, I'm here now! I am the most powerful being on this planet an I'll prove it!
Nythera: I've taken down your puny elementals before and I'm more powerful than ever!

Loads Nythera

Temblor: So be it. You will regret your avarice.

Nythera: Argh... I... I... failed.
Nythera: I... can't control... can't... ARGGGHH, he was right. What have I done?
Nythera: I thought... thought, I could do it. I should be... the best, but... I...
Nythera: I have...

Nythera: I... I'm sorry.
Warlic: You must learn from your mistakes, my apprentice. You are forgiven this time, but, as I've said, there is still much left for you to learn.
Warlic: Rest assured, you will someday wield your dragon magic again, though.
<Character>: Warlic?! Wait... WHAT? I... You... You look amazing... but... She KILLED you! I... you... you're back, but she KILLED you!
Warlic: Yes, <Character>, I had a feeling it would come to that.
Warlic: Nythera is a very strong willed being and powerful on her own, even without her magic.
Warlic: Unfortunately, it took such a drastic measure for her to learn and open up.
Warlic: If we had truly battled, the clashing powers could have destroyed all of LORE. Fully unleashing my power has its consequences...
<Character>: You mean... you knew this was going to happen?! There was an all-out war! Falconreach...
<Character>: Falconreach is destroyed, people could have died!
Warlic: Dying is of little consequence to me, I have been to Death's Realm before. We all float there.
Warlic: I had faith in you though, my friend, to protect the townspeople.
Warlic: When that final vial was thrown and I saw what needed to be done, I knew I could count on you to defend those innocent in the matter.
<Character>: But...
Warlic: Stop, <Character>. The Avatars await.

Loads Warlic

Warlic: Please my friends. I know Nythera's pride has angered you, but she realized her error. Please, leave now, and we can begin to set things right.
Fiamme: NO! This is too much, my anger burns.
Celeritas: You cannot hide the girl, Warlic.
Voidstar: Even in the darkest corner, she will be seen.
Temblor: The deepest cave will hold no refuge.
Haeos: Her pride will be the downfall of you all if you do not hand her over!
Neso: The waves will drown what is left of your cities.
Kyanos: The ice will imprison her for eternity, whether we have to go through you or not!
Warlic: I am sorry it has come to this, but Nythera is my responsibility!

After defeating any Elemental Avatar:
Haeos: You win... for now, Warlic.
Khazri: We will not forget this. If the girl dares to challenge us again...
Voidstar: We will be watching.

<Character>: Warlic... I.. you defeated them. If you have such power why didn't we avoid all this in the first place?!
<Character>: You could have defeated Nythera easily! And... and Xan?! You could extinguish him! And Drakath, and Sepulchure, and... and...
Warlic: ... and I could rule over this land? With an iron fist and woe be it to any who dare oppose me?
<Character>: Yes! No... wait... my head hurts...
Warlic: There are certain... limitations to my power. Each spell I cast, generates mana rather than expends it. If I gain too much mana...
Warlic: Every spell I cast could be my end.
Warlic: This is something I'd like to keep between us. I am not sure why my magic works as it does. That is what I am trying to find out with my research.
Warlic: Until I know for certain, I am here merely to observe and lend a hand only when needed.
Warlic: Besides, it is very important to let those who would be heroes... actually be heroes sometimes.
Warlic: It is important that I let you write your own story. As you find out soon when you guide a young hero to knighthood.
<Character>: What... what about Nythera?
Warlic: I will take care of her. She is now ready to actually listen to my teaching now.
Warlic: Someday, she will take over for me here when it is time for me to leave.
Nythera: You... you're... am I still grounded?
<Character>: YES.
Warlic: YES.

Xan: Nope.
Xan: THERE it is!

Voice: We're sorry, but the soul you are trying to reach has been resurrected.
Voice: Please try again later.
Xan: Warlic, once again you ruin my plans! I didn't think it was possible to hate you more!

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Into the Void

  • When Nythera's mana overloads, she will be counted as being defeated.
  • If you defeat the Avatars with Nythera, you'll not have to fight as Warlic.
  • Dying as Warlic will bring you back as if you had just lost as Nythera.
  • All characters that are under 40 level will have an Avatar attack them for over 1000 Damage at first turn [ proof!]

    Thanks to
    -- Saojun for rewards.
    -- Andy8 for requirement, above "1000 Damage" info and title correction.
    -- SlyCooperFan1 for EXP/Gold rewards and the "Defeat as Nythera" information.
    -- Shiitake Warrior for a typo correction.
    -- Lord Paine for info.
    -- marvin_the_robot for additional information.
    -- Stephen Nix for the banner.
    -- Dwelling Dragonlord for required items.
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Leon ShadowHart for coloring.

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