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Unboxing, The

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1/4/2021 20:32:00   

The Unboxing

Location: The Great Giftnapping -> To the War! -> The Unboxing
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Frostval in Falconreach, 100% War Meter
Release Date: January 4th, 2021

Objective: The presents has been liberated, it's time to start the celebrations! Unless...
Objective completed: Happy New Year!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Coaleptitan (1) - Boss


(1) Coaleptitan (2) - Titan Boss (DA Required)

Icemaster Yeti



*You defeat another Coalepti and retrieve what appears to be the final stolen present.*

<Character>: Alright!
<Character>: Looks like all of the presents have been retrieved and delivered!
Chilly: Yaaay!
Ash: Yeah, that's great and all, but... what are we going to do with the rest of the coalepti?

*Despite all of the presents being recovered, Falconreach is still swarmed by the Coalepti.*

If you have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: Let me at 'em! I'll make quick work of these little creeps!

If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: *Haughty roar!*

<Character>: <Dragon>, hold on.
Holly: They're just standing there... looking adorable.
Holly: If it wasn't for all the stealing, I would hug them!
Tinsel: Holly!
Holly: What?
Tinsel: Don't compliment the enemy!
Holly: Maybe they're not the enemy! Maybe they just wanted to spend Frostval with us!
Tinsel: Maybe you're stoopid!
Holly: I-Icemaster Yeti! Tinsel called me stoopid!

*Among Holly and Tinsel's bickering, two Tubby Coalepti begin chuckling to one another.*

Warlic: Hmm...

Warlic: I have a bad feeling about this.
Warlic: What was it again that the book said about stressed coalepti...?

*One of the Tubby Coalepti becomes enraged without anything to steal, causing all of the surrounding Coalepti to merge with it, growing to become one, titan Coalepti.*

Gaelan: Oh my! The creatures here are so interesting!
<Character>: They're... merging?
<Character>: *Sigh* Of course they are...
<Character>: And let me guess...

*You pause before looking up at the giant Coalepti before you, seemingly unamused yet not surprised by this turn of events.*

<Character>: Yup...

*The titan Coalepti lets out an evil laugh, as you continue to stare at it relatively unphased.*

<Character>: <Dragon>, how do you wanna do this?

If you have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: As long as we kick its butt, I really don't care how we do it.
<Dragon>: Wait, does it even have a butt...?

*A sweat drop appears on your dragon's head, followed by a rage vein.*

<Dragon>: Whatever, let's do this!!
<Character>: Let's go!

If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: *Confident chirp!*
<Character>: I couldn't have said it better myself! Let's go!

  • Summon Dragon! - equips DragonRider Armor.
  • Battle! - begins battle with Coaleptitan (1).
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to The Great Giftnapping.

    *After the battle, you can't help but grin as you anticipate finally being able to unbox the presents the Frost Moglins have brought you.*

    <Character>: Aaaand that's that! The threat has been dealt with and Frostval is officially saved!
    Warlic: Yes... And let's hope this is the last time they show up.
    Holly: Thank you, <Character>!, Tinsel: Whoooah! You're the best!
    <Character>: Haha! It is, after all, my duty as a hero!
    <Character>: I would pose, but I'm literally unable to!

    *Your grin widens.*

    Ash: So...
    Ash: Time to open the presents!
    Chilly: Yes!

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: There better be a present for me!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Anticipatory growl!*

    Ash: Oh I can't wait to see what I've got!

    *Chilly's eyes glisten with anticipation as Ash unwraps his present; Ash pauses when he sees its contents.*

    Ash: Umm...
    <Character>: Ash? What's wrong?
    Ash: There's nothing in here.
    Chilly: WHAT?!
    Holly: W-what do you mean?
    Ash: The present. It's empty.
    Tinsel: E... em... empty?!
    Icemaster Yeti: That's not right. I know the kids prepared gifts for all of you. I watched their hard work.
    Warlic: Ah, this must be it.
    Warlic: It appears that the coalepti are able to consume and assimilate the positive emotions I mentioned before. In other words...

    *Warlic pauses before revealing the bad news.*

    Warlic: They digested the contents of the gifts...
    <Character>: Oh no...
    <Character>: Oh no, kids, I'm so sorry.

    *Holly, Chilly, and Tinsel are understandably very saddened by this news.*

    Ash: What are we going to do?
    Icemaster Yeti: I... I don't know.

    *You try to think of anything to lift the Frost Moglins' spirit; suddenly you have an idea.*

    <Character>: Hey.
    <Character>: Chilly. Tinsel. Holly.

    *The three young Frost Moglins look up at you as you kneel before them.*

    <Character>: I'm sorry I couldn't recover your gifts sooner. I let you down.
    Chilly: N-no, you didn't... *sniffle*
    Tinsel: You were awesome...
    Holly: It's just sad t-that you won't, *sniffle* that you won't get presents this year.
    <Character>: But you know what isn't sad?
    Chilly: What...?
    <Character>: What isn't sad... is that this Frostval, I got the best gift there is.
    Holly: You did? Really?
    <Character>: Really really!
    Tinsel: W-what *sniffle* what is it?

    *You smile at the young Frost Moglins.*

    <Character>: Well duh, it's you three!

    *The young Frost Moglins all smile back.*

    <Character>: You came all this way to visit us! It must have been so scary, venturing from the Northlands to Falconreach.
    Holly: It was, a bit...
    <Character>: But you did it anyway. You were so brave, that absolutely nothing stood a chance between you and spending time with your friends!
    Tinsel: Y-yeah!
    <Character>: Actually, the gifts aren't empty. At all!
    <Character>: Take a look!

    *The young Frost Moglins look inside one of the presents; it still appears to be empty.*

    Chilly: Umm...
    <Character>: Don't you see it?
    Holly: No...?
    <Character>: It's filled to the brim with love!
    Tinsel: Haha, groan! You are so silly, <Character>!
    <Character>: No, but seriously! You poured your hearts into these gifts, and that's what matters the most!
    <Character>: Right guys?
    Ash: Yeah!
    Icemaster Yeti: Absolutely!
    Gaelan: Without a doubt!

    *Warlic smiles fondly at this unexpected happy ending.*

    Tinsel: Stop it! You're... you're making Holly blush!
    Holly: You're blushing too, dummy!

    *Chilly is also blushing.*

    Chilly: Thanks, <Character>.

    *You smile once more after truly saving Frostval yet again.*

    <Character>: Actually, you know what we can do? Let's go inside, warm up, drink some hot cocoaberry juice, and make new presents!
    <Character>: All together!
    Tinsel: Is there still time?
    <Character>: For this, there is all the time in the world.
    Holly, Chilly, Tinsel (together): Woohoooo!
    <Character>: And when it comes to the gifts you've made... I know of certain someones who will really, REALLY appreciate them.
    <Character>: So, here is the plan...

    *Scene fades to black; scene fades back in, showing the same mountain of presents you now know to be empty, but in a different location... the Sneevil Box Fort; a dozen Sneevils stare at the mountain of empty boxes in awe, and begin to jump and perform backflips, overjoyed by their unexpected Frostval gifts; scene fades to black.*

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