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Corundum Corruption

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9/28/2015 22:01:59   

Corundum Corruption

Location: Book of Lore -> Corundum Corruption! Crossover Quest!, Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Letters -> Corundum Corruption
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: September 25th, 2015

Objective: Warlic has asked for your help in a matter of great importance!
Objective completed: You have stopped the corruption! Who knows what might have happened if you had not stopped it.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(12) Corrupt Vizalain Protector
(1) Corrupt Corundum Guardian
(1) Ricterild - Boss



Access to Vizalain's Gratitude, Emerald Purity and Emerald Purity DC Shop.

Warlic's Letter:

Dear Adventurer,

Something sinister is happening.
The Vizalain has become
corrupted. Visit me in my tower as
soon as you can.


  • Corundum Corruption! Crossover Quest!
  • Done

    The corruption of the Vizalain's happened many centuries ago, but the effects are about to be felt today. A foul Corruption has awakened in the burrow of a small group of Vizalain protectors and their charge. This Corruption threatens the very earth around them.

    Sensing this, and knowing what could happen if left unchecked, Warlic has broken his silence and called you to his tower.

  • Play the events leading up to this! - takes you to the MechQuest homepage.
  • Continue

    Warlic: <Character>, thank you for coming.
    Warlic: I've sensed something dire that could lead to a catastrophe if it's not dealt with.
    <Character>: You've been here for years, never coming down, and you're only asking for help now?
    Warlic: You have to understand, I'm still dealing with the effects of what happened to me.
    Warlic: Being split into two beings is not something even I can simply, and quickly, recover from.
    Warlic: It's going to be some time still before I have fully regained enough control that I'm not a danger to everyone around me.
    <Character>: I didn't realize...I'm sorry. It's just after this long and you not helping with anything...
    <Character>: Obviously whatever you summoned me for is drastic enough to have you calling me here, even in your current state.
    Warlic: Something drastic indeed.
    Warlic: Do you remember the crystal monsters you faced many years ago? The group that included the living tree?
    <Character>: Yes. The Vizalain and the Corundum.
    Warlic: There are several groups of them scattered all around Lore, hidden away from any who would try to use them for evil.
    Warlic: One of those groups is in danger.
    Warlic: A Corruption I thought removed long ago survived and has once again taken root. If left unchecked it will corrupt everything around it.
    <Character>: You sound like you've dealt with it in the past. Can't you just fix it this time? I know you're weak but...
    Warlic: You misunderstand. I didn't solve this problem. You did.
    <Character>: Me? I don't...I don't remember there being any Corruption when I went in and took the crystal shards the last time.
    Warlic: Not that time. Much, much, earlier. You probably can't even remember it anymore.
    Warlic: Suffice it to say that you thought you had removed all traces, but you missed something.
    Warlic: I don't fault you for it, but now we need to stop this before it spreads to other creatures and the earth around the cave.
    Warlic: You will need to destroy any corrupted Vizalain you come across as well as removing it from any of the crystals that show any signs of it.
    Warlic: As you move through the cave this crystal will draw any of the corruption in the earth around you to it, as well as removing it from the enemies you defeat.
    Warlic: Move through the entire cave, do not ignore any pathways, and do what must be done.
    <Character>: I didn't like doing this before for the shards, and I don't like it now.
    <Character>: However, if I have to to save everything around them I guess I don't have much of a choice.

  • To The Cave!

    Hiztchered: You....you have...returned.
    <Character>: I have?
    Hiztchered: You...who promised help...but left us...with the poison...you said..you removed.
    <Character>: I don't understand. What poison? The corruption?
    Hiztchered: Yes. The Darkness that...clouds and twists...our thoughts...
    Hiztchered: The Darkness they...put..in us. That festered and grew...in the darkened one...hidden deeper...in the cave.
    Hiztchered: You promised...to help us, but then you...left. Left...for countless...cycles.
    Hiztchered: Why did you...not protect us...like you said you would?
    Hiztchered: I can...feel the...whispers...I can hear...the Darkness calling...to me.
    <Character>: I've come to help though! Warlic sent me with a crystal that I've been using to remove the corruption from the cave.
    Hiztchered: You...will...fail. The Darkness is...all encompassing. It will...swallow...your mind just...as it did ours!

    Fight Corrupt Corundum Guardian.

    *You use the crystal to recover Hiztchered from the Darkness corruption encompassing it.*

    Hiztchered: The Darkness...you took it from me. I no longer feel the whispers tugging at me.
    <Character>: I told you I was here to help. Is everything going to be alright now? I'll need to draw the corruption out behind you still...but...that...
    <Character>: Oh...that doesn't look good.

    *You notice a Corrupted Vizalain behind the cave. It breaks out of its shell, and has an appearance unlike any of the other Vizalains, resembling more of a humanoid figure.*

    Ricterild: Free at last.
    Ricterild: Free to spread the Darkness to all.
    Ricterild: Free to remove the one the masters vowed to destroy.

    Fight Ricterild.

    Ricterild: Life giver...I am...sorry...
    <Character>: I'll...I'll cleanse him...
    Hiztchered: Don't be upset. He died free, a slave to the Darkness no more. You saved him, and us, today. We will make sure he is laid to rest properly.
    <Character>: I wish it didn't have to end like this. None of those that I had to kill deserved it.
    Hiztchered: None of my children did, but sometimes what is necessary is not always what we want.
    Hiztchered: You already know that though, don't you. I can tell by your tone.
    <Character>: It's not something I enjoy. I have done things in the past I'm not proud of for the greater good.
    Hiztchered: All of the Darkness is now gone from our home and the few protectors that were not changed will return now that it is safe.
    Hiztchered: Return to the one in red and tell him we are once again safe.
    <Character>: One in red? You mean Warlic? He's the blue mage though.
    <Character>: Weird. I'll have to ask him about that.

  • Return to Warlic

    Warlic: Ah, you return. I take it everything is as it should be?
    <Character>: All the corruption is gone now.
    Warlic: Excellent. Let's deal with that crystal now.

    *Warlic casts his focus spell and return the crystal back to its pure, uncorrupted form*

    <Character>: How did you...
    Warlic: The "corruption" was actually pure Darkness that the Shadowscythe were experimenting with a very long time ago.
    <Character>: The Shadowscythe? Years back, the Necromantress Vayle... she said they would take over. That they would rule the world.
    Warlic: They don't want to just stop at our world. Their goals are much larger.
    Warlic: They are a group of evil Darkness elementals. They've tried, and failed, to conquer the Universe before.
    Warlic: Long before Lore existed there was only darkness; they will stop at nothing to return it to that state.
    Warlic: They first tried with a virus, something to corrupt living beings, and what that failed to corrupt everything they wanted it to they moved to... other ways.
    Warlic: They eventually learned how to bind themselves to items, but this type of corruption was a sort of stepping stone.
    <Character>: Wait...stepping stone? So this was their plan all along.
    Warlic: Not precisely. This was just one plan, one... trial of many in their attempt to corrupt everything else with Darkness. Think of it as a series of tests.
    Warlic: This was just one of those tests to see what they could and couldn't do, and what would and wouldn't work.
    Warlic: I sent this "corruption" of the Vizalain's back to the Plane of Darkness where it belonged. Voidstar will know how to take care of it.
    Warlic: Sadly, those pure creatures of Light had to suffer from this "infection" for all this time. They can now experience life as they were meant to.
    Warlic: Thankfully, it should be the only traces of... this trial at least... left on this world.
    <Character>: It better be. I don't want to even think about what would happen if anything else were corrupted like that.
    Warlic: Thank you for your help, but now I must return to my solitude and finish my recovery.
    <Character>: I hope it goes smoothly. We could really use your help out there.
    Warlic: So do I, <Character>, so do I.

  • Find out what happens if things progressed even further! - takes you to the AdventureQuest homepage.
  • Vizalain's Gratitude - opens Vizalain's Gratitude shop.
  • Emerald Purity Weapons - opens Emerald Purity shop.
  • Emerald Purity DC Weapons - opens Emerald Purity DC Shop.
  • Complete

    Pop-up headlines throughout the quest:

    "Standing in the glow of the uncorrupted crystal is healing you!"
    "This passage looks like it's collapsed. It seems to have been this way for a very long time..."

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