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New Student, A

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1/12/2018 18:50:58   

A New Student

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> The Thorns -> A New Student
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Artifact Heist
Release Date: January 12th, 2018

Objective: You are taking Belle to Warlic in order to see how she was able to survive those Manaphages. If anyone has the answers, it's him!
Objective completed: It's time to hear the history of Theano and how he became the heartless man he is today.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*Within Warlic's sanctum, the Blue Mage ponders deep in thought when he is suddenly opens his eyes and they shift the opposite direction to look at you. He greets you with a warm smile.*

Warlic: <Character>! I wasn't expecting to see you so soon!

*His mood changes to uncertainty in a heartbeat when he catches sight of Belle who has accompanied you to the tower not long after your encounter with Theano in Willowshire.*

Warlic: And you brought a Rose member?
<Character>: It's alright, Warlic. This is Belle. She's a spy for the Vind.
Belle: It's an honor to finally meet you, Mr. Warlic!
Warlic: So... you are the spy I keep hearing about.
Belle: You know of me?
Warlic: I have an intricate relationship with the flying eyes and especially the elementals all-around...
Warlic: I learn much about what goes on in the world because of them.
Warlic: Now, why are you here? It must be rather important.
<Character>: Belle has shown some rather... "unique" talents.

*You approach Warlic to whisper a speculation you had in mind about Belle to him so she wouldn't hear you.*

<Character>: I think she may be an Infernal.
Warlic: Ha! What makes you say that?
<Character>: She was attacked by three Manaphages at once, the machines you informed Galanoth about...
<Character>: They drained so much mana from her that they all exploded.
Warlic: Hmm...
Warlic: That is interesting. Though she isn't an Infernal.
<Character>: How can you tell?
Warlic: She hasn't caused mass destruction yet. Infernals are prone to entropic behavior, causing chaos wherever they go.
Warlic: She could be a Celestial, however. Though I doubt that.
<Character>: A Celestial?
Warlic: They are beings, much like Infernals, however they are prone to Order and tend to have peaceful natures. But there aren't many left.
Warlic: None on Lore, that I've heard of.
Warlic: Belle, may I observe you?
Belle: Umm... Sure, I guess.

*Vitael suddenly materializes from a beam of light that landed on the ground in between you and Belle.*

Warlic: Hello.
Vitael: Belle, are you sure about this?
Belle: It will be fine, Vitael.

*Warlic raises his left hand and conjures an astral projection of a board that consists of runes placed in algebraic equations, graphs, and shapes in an effort to examine Belle closely. As he silently reads the contents of the board, his eyes follow them, however, his concentration suddenly breaks when an abrupt alarm is sounded and the board blinks red like a light switching on and off repeatedly. Warlic appears surprised, indicating that he came to an equally alarming conclusion of his examination.*

<Character>: What is it?!
Warlic: The amount of Mana flowing through your body... is impossibly high!
Belle: What?!
<Character>: What?!
Warlic: It should have killed you, several times over, in fact.
Belle: How is that possible?
Warlic: I have never seen this before...
Warlic: It's amazing. Imagine every person on Lore having a connection to the Mana Core.
Warlic: You could say each person has a "filter" that controls the flow of Mana going to them.
Warlic: Some people's "filter" allows more Mana than others, but it holds enough back, so that it won't kill the person.
Warlic: Kind of like how a straw can only suck up so much Moglinberry Juice at once. Mana bandwidth, you could say!
Warlic: Your filter seems to not exist...
Warlic: You aren't a Celestial, or an Infernal. You appear to be something new entirely!
Belle: H-how...?
Warlic: You are a Soulweaver, correct?
Belle: Yes...
Warlic: And Vitael is your Soul Ally.
Belle: Correct.
Warlic: Vitael, going off of my limited knowledge on Soulweaving, Elemental Spirits are linked to one particular element, correct?
Vitael: Yes. In my case, I am attuned to the Element of Light.
Warlic: And those dark spots, by your...umm... hooves and antlers, how did those come to be?
Vitael: I... don't know. They appeared soon after I synced with Belle.
Warlic: I believe your link with Belle, and her link to Mana, has begun corrupting you.
Vitael: What... are you insinuating?!
Warlic: Not in a bad way, but it is clear that this link has already had some effects on you.
Warlic: And Belle, your link to Mana, as well as your skills as a SoulWeaver, may be able to yield unique results.
Belle: What do you mean?
Warlic: Well, your link to Vitael allows you to weave with her Soul Threads, right?
Belle: Yeah.
Warlic: Therefore, your link to Mana may allow you to "weave"... ...with Lore itself.
<Character>: Whaaa?
Warlic: Mana is the "Soul Thread" of Lore. Due to your link with it, you may be able to weave with it, creating new objects into existence...
Warlic: Perhaps even "unravel" existing things into nonexistence...
<Character>: Do you really believe that? That Belle can...
Warlic: Yes, and abilities like that... can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly.
Warlic: I know from experience.
Warlic: That is why...
Warlic: I will teach you.
Belle: You will?!
<Character>: ... you will?
Warlic: Yes, even if it is just briefly.
<Character>: Thank you, Warlic!
Belle: Yes, thank you, Mr. Warlic! I will not disappoint you!
Warlic: Ha! You already seem more eager to learn than my last student.
Warlic: Just promise you won't kill me like she did.
Belle: Umm.....?

*A piece of parchment materializes from a couple of magenta-violet clouds that quickly vanished. The parchment floats gently to the ground, but not before it caught your eyes.*

<Character>: What was that?!
Warlic: A message, from Nythera.

*Warlic reads Nythera's letter and looks toward you and Belle shortly after he gets to a stopping point.*

Warlic: "Theano" is the name of the Thorn's leader, yes?
<Character>: How did you...
Warlic: I had Nythera do some hunting on any information available on him.
Belle: Can we hear it?
Warlic: You may want to sit down for this, there is a lot here. And I don't like the looks of it.

*Warlic resumes reading the letter despite feeling anxious about the information included. Upon realizing that the area the three of you are in has no furniture, you become puzzled.*

<Character>: Sit where?

*Abruptly cuts to black.*

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