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Theano: A Thorn's Story

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6/15/2018 22:42:13   

Theano: A Thorn's Story

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> The Thorns -> Theano: A Thorn's Story
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A New Student
Release Date: June 15th, 2018

Objective: Find out what made Theano the man he is today.
Objective completed: Turns out Theano's past was darker than expected. Who knows what he plans to do next?!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Capitol Sentinel
High Protector



*A lone, shady blonde man with scars on his face is enjoying a hearty meal in a dimly lit tavern when a young man approaches the table.*

???: You Sobieslav?

*Sobieslav's eyes glares up toward the young man who approached him who is revealed to be none other than Theano.*

Theano: I was told you are the only one crazy enough to do what I need to be done?
Sobieslav: I have heard you've been asking around... Depends, what is in it for me?
Theano: What do you want to be paid?
Sobieslav: Weapons.
Theano: Weapons? You could find those anywhere around here! Why would I waste my time fetching you weapons?!
Sobieslav: Not just any weapons. Soul Forged weapons...
Theano: I see. Still, I'm not your errand boy. If you want me to get these weapons for you, you are coming with me.
Theano: And as soon as we are done with your "chore", we get what I need!
Sobieslav: Fair enough. There is a Soul Forge nearby, owned by a sorry, old Soulsmith named Krasimir. We leave now.
Theano: Very well.

*They depart the tavern and enter Danao's Forge. Sobieslav obtains a handful of Soul Forged weapons while Theano tries to get a vault in the center of the room to open by turning the handles on its door. Sobieslav takes notice of the latter's fixation on it and becomes puzzled.*

Sobieslav: Why are you wasting your time on that vault?
Theano: The most powerful things are those that are locked away. Collecting dust, instead of being used for true purpose.

*The vault's door opens instantly and retrieves a stylish sword that will eventually become his signature weapon.*

Theano: This one...
Theano: This one is mine.
Sobieslav: Whatever, just grab more weapons and get this over with!
Krasimir: Who's there?! Get out of me forge!!!
Theano: That's our cue to get out of here!

*He and Sobieslav flee the Soul Forge and narrowly avoided getting caught. At the time night fell and the full moon was shining in the sky, the two men have collected an Ignominious and founded a temporary shelter in a home that belonged to a member of the Magesterium. Satisfied with this success, Theano smiles devilishly.*

Theano: Finally! My very own Nexus!
Sobieslav: There, I got inside a Magester's house, my end of the bargain is done.
Theano: You have to make sure I get out of here!
Sobieslav: I only had to make sure you got your own Ignominious, you have him now, therefore I'm done.

*He departs the building against Theano's wishes, leaving him alone with the helpless and enslaved Ignominious.*

Theano: That undignified brute!
Theano: Very well. Move, slave!

*Fades to black. Fades back in to Theano holding a rope in one hand and a Soul Forged weapon with another while keeping his stolen sword sheathed.*

Theano: You might wonder, "Why are you doing this?"
Theano: "Why?" Perhaps it's because people like the Magesterium have disgraced my family, because we can't use Mana like they do.
Theano: Or perhaps it's because my wife is sick and I'm trying to save her!

*There is a moment of silence. The Ignominious is unresponsive as expected.*

Theano: But... if I'm going to be honest...
Theano: Perhaps... because it is so...
Theano: ...Much...
Theano: ...Fun...

*He slits open the Ignominious, apparently killing him. He reaps a considerably large sample of its blood. He returns to his home to tend to his ill wife with a needle of the sample in hand.*

Theano: Here you go, darling. I think I found a way to cure you.
Persephone: You are trying so hard, I'm sorry that I am this way.
Theano: Do not worry. This is the only way.

*He injects the needle in her left arm and the mana-infused blood enters her veins, hoping it will reverse her condition.*

Persephone: Theano, I feel weak. What was that?
Theano: No!
Persephone: Tell Sable... I'm sorry.
Theano: NO!
Krasimir: Guards! He's in here!

*Theano hears heavy pounding on the door. Stuck between a rock and a hard place due to his failure to rescue his wife, he becomes overwrought with frustration.*

Theano: All that research and time... Wasted...

*He gets up, grabs his torch, and sets fire to a blue cloth. Meanwhile, outside the building, three Capitol Sentinels that Krasimir is accompanied by are at Theano's doorstep. One of them knocks on his door again.*

Capitol Sentinel: Open up, this is an order!
Krasimir: Oh for Shapeless' sake, just kick open the door!!!
Capitol Sentinel: Do you smell that?
High Protector: Smoke. We're going in.

*They enter Theano's burning home and they discover not only the discarded needle, but also the deceased Persephone whose skin has turned blue.*

High Protector: Contact water mages.
Capitol Sentinel: By the Shapeless!

*Krasimir turns around when he discovers a glowing bright pinkish-cyan light omitting behind him.*

Krasimir: Huh?

*His eyes widened with great surprise when he discovered what was causing the light in Persephone's direction.*

Krasimir: May the Shapeless have mercy!!!

*He quickly retrieves the off-screen object and everything fades to black. Back to the present, Warlic finishes reading Nythera's letter with a troubled look on his face.*

Warlic: The report says that what they found was one of Theano's experiments, but there is no other information.
Belle: What a monster!
<Character>: Belle...
Belle: What kind of person does such horrible things?!
Warlic: Belle, listen to me. You mustn't let your anger control you. Especially not now.

*Belle takes a deep breath and closes her eyes to regain her composure.*

Belle: You are right, Mr. Warlic. I am ready to train now.
Warlic: Are you sure?
Belle: Yes. I will put a stop to this monster of a man.
Belle: Even if its the last thing I do.

*Fades to black.*

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