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Location: Dark Devices, Enigmatic Epidemic, Artifact Heist, Theano: A Thorn's Story, Fear, Fortress of Thorns, Unraveled, Loose Ends

Quests given

Shops owned

Dark Devices

Theano: Bring in the prisoners!!!

Theano: Exactly! That is what our order's purpose is!
Theano: To do what Lady Jaania is afraid to do!
Theano: Activate the devices!

Enigmatic Epidemic

Theano: Citizens of Clearwater, I am here to seek your help. Legends speak of a spell that your elders keep locked away.
Theano: Retrieve it for me.

Theano: Magic is dangerous, especially if the legends are true. This spell has the ability to cause havoc.
Theano: Now, BRING IT TO ME!

Theano: I plan on setting things right.

Theano: Magic is dangerous, after all.
Theano: But so am I.

Theano: You have until sunset to bring me the spell, or your village will perish.

Theano: Every Rose has its Thorns.

Theano: Two things: One, this is not magic, this is science...
Theano: And two...

Theano: Never question my authority!

Theano: Now...

Theano: With the mana collected from the Manaphages...
Theano: ...and some elemental residue from the Wastes...
Theano: ... I can show the citizens of Clearwater what "magic" can really do!

Theano: For years, I have studied the non-magical uses of mana. Such as golem creation.
Theano: Zadd's recent "research" helped too... but it's mostly my accomplishments that got me this far.

Theano: Rise, my Disease Elementals! Go to Clearwater and infect their people! Only when they hand over their spell shall their blight be cured!
Theano: Until then, they will suffer!

Theano: Hello, <Character>.

Theano: Wow... you really do talk a lot, don't you?

Theano: Well, as much as I would love to chat, I have some important business to attend to since I was able to successfully lure you to the Tower.

Theano: Until I get what I need, keep Wormwood company.

Theano: This is Wormwood. My greatest creation. The Greater Elemental of Disease!

Theano: I have no time for your questions and soon neither will you.
Theano: Now I must be going. Goodbye.

Theano: Those stupid villagers, they should know that I always get what I want.

Theano: Soon... Soon we will be together again...

Artifact Heist

Theano: Do you two ever shut up? Of course it was brilliant, I thought of it! Now, can we please just finish the task at hand without this needless palaver?!

Theano: Now, break open these doors so that I can get my prize.

Theano: Beautiful, isn't it?

Theano: A shard of the Ultimate Orb? Yes.
Theano: It's just the artifact I need in order to cast that resurrection spell...

Theano: I guess I never did introduce myself. How rude of me.
Theano: I am Theano, High Commander of the Thorn.

Theano: Akanthus? No, don't be a fool. He may know of our work and hide it from that wench, Jaania, but the Thorn is mine, and mine alone.

Theano: I couldn't agree more!

Theano: What's the matter, <Character>?

Theano: Those Manaphages are my cue to leave. Goodbye, <Character>. I'll let my friends make sure you and your friend are "taken care of".

Theano: A Thorn's Story

???: You Sobieslav?

Theano: I was told you are the only one crazy enough to do what I need to be done?

Theano: What do you want to be paid?

Theano: Weapons? You could find those anywhere around here! Why would I waste my time fetching you weapons?!

Theano: I see. Still, I'm not your errand boy. If you want me to get these weapons for you, you are coming with me.
Theano: And as soon as we are done with your "chore", we get what I need!

Theano: Very well.

Theano: This one...
Theano: This one is mine.

Theano: That's our cue to get out of here!

Theano: Finally! My very own Nexus!

Theano: You have to make sure I get out of here!

Theano: That undignified brute!
Theano: Very well. Move, slave!

Theano: You might wonder, "Why are you doing this?"
Theano: "Why?" Perhaps it's because people like the Magesterium have disgraced my family, because we can't use Mana like they do.
Theano: Or perhaps it's because my wife is sick and I'm trying to save her!

Theano: But... if I'm going to be honest...
Theano: Perhaps... because it is so...
Theano: ...Much...
Theano: ...Fun...

Theano: Here you go, darling. I think I found a way to cure you.

Theano: Do not worry. This is the only way.

Theano: No!

Theano: NO!

Theano: All that research and time... Wasted...


Theano: Your creatures have served the Thorn well.
Theano: As long as you keep supplying the Thorn with them, we will continue to fund... whatever it is that you do.

Theano: Probably because no one cares...

Theano: The only "fear" I have, is being trapped with those who are incompetent.
Theano: Which is my current predicament.
Theano: Instead, focus your energy to take care of one last thing for me.

Theano: I detest that woman. Remind me to deal with her after the ritual.

Theano: Perfect.
Theano: Release more Feargeists!

Theano: I know that they won't keep <Character> down, but I do love watching her/him squirm.
Theano: And I would very much like to know what this "Hero" of ours fears the most.
Theano: In a few moments, release some of those garbage Manaphages as well. Let the Feargeists get a head start.

Theano: Once you are done, head back to base. It is almost time for the ritual.

Fortress of Thorns

Theano: You see, <Character>, it doesn't matter how hard you try. I was destined to win.
Theano: I may have failed once, but it was only so that I could succeed here.
Theano: I will even bring <Character>, Hero of Lore, to her/his knees!!!

Theano: Rise, my son!


Theano: Tell me, where is my son?!

Theano: What?!

Theano: What?! Persephone?!
Theano: Are you moronic?! I demand Sable! Not that worthless woman!

Theano: Persephone! Why couldn't you just stay dead?!

Theano: Huh?!

Theano: What?!

Theano: If she was still alive... then that means I can still bring back someone!
Theano: Death, bring back...

Theano: Excuse me!?

Theano: You insolent—!

Theano: Curse you! Curse all of you!!!
Theano: This power is still mine to wield!!!


Theano: I...
Theano: AM...
Theano: DEATH!

Theano: You won't! You cannot beat Death!

Theano: Daughter...
Theano: Join me.
Theano: All of this was for you.
Theano: Join me and help me make this a perfect world.
Theano: A world where we rule and those who use magic, those who think they are better than us, are made to experience true pain!

Theano: You wretch!
Theano: I brought you back once! I will kill you and bring you back again.
Theano: And if your answer does not change...
Theano: I will do it again. And again. And again.
Theano: Now die!!!

Theano: No...
Theano: This is not possible...
Theano: I am Death!

Theano: Gaah!! What are you doing!!!
Theano: No!
Theano: Stop!
Theano: STOP!

Loose Ends

Theano: I am Death... I am Death...

Theano: They all need to die... Magic corrupts absolutely...
Theano: I know you feel the same, Jaania!

Theano: Let me kill them for you!
Theano: The Mages—

Theano: Set me free, and I will kill whoever you want!
Theano: I am Death!

Theano: Do not lay your hands on me, you witch!

Theano: I am Death!
Theano: I will kill you for this!
Theano: I will...
Theano: P-plea—

Theano: ...

Theano: ...!

Younger Appearance
Appearances in Unraveled
Appearance in Loose Ends

Thanks to
  • Jay for appearances in Unraveled and Loose Ends images.
  • Peachii for Artifact Heist dialogue.
  • LouisCyphere and Zeldax for corrections.

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