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Enigmatic Epidemic

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4/23/2017 9:20:29   

Enigmatic Epidemic

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> The Thorns -> Enigmatic Epidemic
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dark Devices
Release Date: April 22nd, 2017

Objective: The Thorn have created a new form of elemental and are attacking the residents of Clearwater. Find the source of the strange disease and put a stop to it!
Objective completed: How did someone collect enough mana required to create a new elemental?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(11) Disease Elemental
(3) Thornhunter
(2) Thornhuntress
(2) Disease Elemental, (1) Wormwood - Boss

Clearwater Citizens
Thorn Member(s)

Wormwood's Axe (All Versions)
Wormwood's Dagger (All Versions)
Wormwood's Staff (All Versions)

Access to Epidemic Loot For DCs


*The bright sun was high in the sky, but the residents in the village of Clearwater have been greeted by The Thorn whose intentions were anything but pleasant.*

Theano: Citizens of Clearwater, I am here to seek your help. Legends speak of a spell that your elders keep locked away.
Theano: Retrieve it for me.
???: Why should we?!
???: Yeah! It's ours!
???: You can't come here and make demands!
Theano: Magic is dangerous, especially if the legends are true. This spell has the ability to cause havoc.
Theano: Now, BRING IT TO ME!

*A suspicious village elder steps in front of the crowd to bravely confront the stern leader.*

Elder: What do you plan to do with the spell if you get your hands on it?
Theano: I plan on setting things right.
Elder: I fear for what you will do with it.
Theano: Magic is dangerous, after all.
Theano: But so am I.

*Theano swiftly holds his sword to the elder's throat, frightening the already horrified citizens into submission.*

Citizens: *gasp*

*The crowd becomes horribly speechless for a brief moment at the sight of the life of one of their own on a thin thread.*

Theano: You have until sunset to bring me the spell, or your village will perish.
Citizen: The Rose are supposed to protect us!
Theano: Every Rose has its Thorns.

*Fades to black. Fades back in to depict Theano removing a canister of mana from a manaphage while he and his forces have settled into a nearby tower. Some still see his motives as immoral and hypocritical, which Theano brutally interprets as defiance.*

Thorn Member: Commander Theano, you should not be practicing magic! It's exactly what we are trying to stop!
Theano: Two things: One, this is not magic, this is science...
Theano: And two...

*Just as he had done with a Clearwater elder earlier, he holds the uncertain female member to her throat, threatening her as well.*

Theano: Never question my authority!
Thorn Member: Y-yes, sir!
Theano: Now...

*He extracts the canister of mana from the manaphage, causing it to shut down.*

Theano: With the mana collected from the Manaphages...
Theano: ...and some elemental residue from the Wastes...
Theano: ... I can show the citizens of Clearwater what "magic" can really do!

*He pours the mana from the canister on the residue, causing it to glow a sickly green color, deeply worrying the Thorn members further.*

Thorn Member: Commander Theano, how are you doing this?
Theano: For years, I have studied the non-magical uses of mana. Such as golem creation.
Theano: Zadd's recent "research" helped too... but it's mostly my accomplishments that got me this far.

*The residue continues to glow until it flashes the room entirely and thus, the Diseased Elementals were born from the experiment.*

Theano: Rise, my Disease Elementals! Go to Clearwater and infect their people! Only when they hand over their spell shall their blight be cured!
Theano: Until then, they will suffer!

*Fades to black. Unfortunately, by the time you arrive at Clearwater, much of the landscape has been infected by the plague just like its citizens. As hopeless as it seems, a female soulweaver donning Rose-colored attire greets you upon arrival.*

???: Hi!
<Character>: Hello...? Are you the one who called me here?
<Character>: I know the Rose and I are on somewhat "friendly" terms, but I'm not at their beck and call.
Belle: Don't worry I'm not with the Rose! Well, not all the way. My name is Belle, I'm a spy for the Vind.
<Character>: You are wearing Spirit Looms. You're a Soulweaver?
Belle: Correct!
Belle: I mainly handle diplomatic missions, as well as supply the Rose with Soulwoven gear in order to keep me out of combat with my allies.
Belle: Plus, I'm trying to save as many lives as I can during this conflict and if my Soulwoven garments save some lives, I'm happy.
<Character>: Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders!
Belle: Sure do!
<Character>: So... why did you call me?
Belle: A strange, magical disease has spread to the residents of Clearwater, as well as sightings of Disease Elementals.
<Character>: Disease Elementals? I've never heard of those! And I've fought many Elementals before!
Belle: It's rather mysterious to me too. That's why we have to figure out how this is happening.
<Character>: Alright, let's go!
Belle: You go. I'm a Soulweaver, we are artisans, not fighters.
<Character>: Oh... right. Then off I go!

*You follow the dirt path around the plague-ridden village. There are Disease Elementals spread out all over the village, but you are determined to overcome them to find the source of the plague. You enter the nearby stone tower after beating down a few Thorn members and have found Theano facing away, however, he seems to be expecting that you would come.*

Theano: Hello, <Character>.
<Character>: I'm guessing you are the one behind all this?
<Character>: Seeing as you aren't wearing a helmet and the Rose is very...
<Character>: ...particular...
<Character>: ... about their leadership not wearing protective headgear, for some reason.
<Character>: You would think that they would want to keep their leaders' heads safe!
<Character>: But then again, it's probably so we can tell the difference between the important people and the rest.
<Character>: Although... I suppose Akanthus is the exception!

*Theano has gotten bored by your observation that he isn't wearing a helmet as you thought he would.*

Theano: Wow... you really do talk a lot, don't you?
<Character>: I've been told.
Theano: Well, as much as I would love to chat, I have some important business to attend to since I was able to successfully lure you to the Tower.
<Character>: Wait, what?
Theano: Until I get what I need, keep Wormwood company.
<Character>: Who?

*At that moment, a stronger Disease Elemental in the shape of one made of water arrived by Theano's side. What makes it distinguishable and possibly deadlier than the other artificial elementals you've faced in Clearwater is that its face is a skull with sickly green eyeholes.*

Theano: This is Wormwood. My greatest creation. The Greater Elemental of Disease!
<Character>: You created... a Greater Elemental? How is that possible?
Theano: I have no time for your questions and soon neither will you.
Theano: Now I must be going. Goodbye.
<Character>: Wait! Who are you?

*But Theano does not answer. He vanishes from the room and has left you alone with Wormwood as he intended from baiting you.*

<Character>: Well, guess it's time to destroy this abomination!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *Two Disease Elementals have spawned the second you begin to face Wormwood. The fact that they constantly respawn indicates that Wormwood will not easily leave you alone. Regardless of how much time it took to dispose of Wormwood, the important thing is you have triumphed before you succumbed to the plague yourself.*

    <Character>: Take that, you pile of slime!
    ???: <Character>!
    Belle: Whatever you just did, it worked! The people are getting better! And all of the monsters dissolved as well!
    <Character>: That's good to hear.
    Belle: Unfortunately, there were still some casualties. The disease... It was just too powerful...
    <Character>: I know, I just got done fighting it.
    Belle: What do you mean?
    <Character>: The leader of the Rose here, whoever he was, made a Greater Elemental.
    <Character>: It was able to create more Elementals in order to strengthen the plague.
    Belle: How is that possible?
    <Character>: It was strong... I'm worried about what he will do next.
    Belle: Did you catch the leader's name?
    <Character>: No, but Jaania will be hearing about this! She needs to get a grip on the Rose!
    Belle: ...<Character>...
    <Character>: People died from this, Belle! From a disease made by a Rose member. How many more will die from her neglect!?
    Belle: It isn't as simple as Jaania not knowing, <Character>. She isn't the only one in charge of the Rose, you know!
    Belle: Akanthus is in charge, too. He has all the resources he needs to pull off something like this and get away with it.
    Belle: I'm not siding with the Rose, and I know you don't like Jaania, but she isn't who you make her out to be.
    Belle: She genuinely cares about the people of Lore. Is she crazy for trying to regulate magic for all of Lore? Yes, and we will stop her, there...
    Belle: But she is also doing a lot of good!
    Belle: We shouldn't be stopping someone from doing good in a world that desperately needs some good in it.
    <Character>: I...
    <Character>: You're right. Well, we should at least let Jaania know about the Thorn.
    Belle: No. If Jaania finds out, Akanthus will find out as well, and the rest will get away.
    Belle: We will never be able to stop them then.
    <Character>: Then we will do this ourselves. Once we find the leader, we can turn him in to Jaania and put a stop to them once and for all!

    *Belle softly smiles upon hearing your determination, but the second she did, one of the Clearwater elders arrived in the tower.*

    Elder: They got the spell!

    *Both you and Belle worriedly turn around to face the fearful man.*

    <Character>: Huh?
    <Character>: What spell?
    <Character>: And who are you?
    Elder: The spell that those...people... wanted.
    Elder: And I'm the Elder. Can't you tell from my name tag?
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: So... this spell. What does it do?
    Elder: No one knows if it actually works, but it was a... resurrection spell.
    <Character>: Wait, what? I thought there was no such thing?
    Elder: Like I said, no one knows if it actually works. It requires way too much mana and life force for anyone to try to perform.
    Elder: It would take a very powerful magical artifact and a lot of people to pull it off, and even then it might not work.
    Belle: A very powerful, magical artifact... oh no...
    <Character>: Belle? What is it?
    Belle: I think... I know where they might be headed...

    *Fades to black. Fades back in to depict the satisfied Theano in a subterranean location with the spell he sought out for in his hands.*

    Theano: Those stupid villagers, they should know that I always get what I want.

    *Zooms out to depict him reading what appears to be a coal-colored scroll written in red.*

    Theano: Soon... Soon we will be together again...

    *Fades to black once again while zooming in on the scroll briefly.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - Opens Epidemic Loot For DCs

    Thanks to Peachii for a correction.

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