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Artifact Heist

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8/5/2017 19:47:05   

Artifact Heist

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> The Thorns -> Artifact Heist
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Enigmatic Epidemic
Release Date: August 5th, 2017

Objective: The Thorn are attacking Willowshire's Guardian Tower! Stop them before they succeed in their plan!
Objective completed: Theano got away, and is more powerful than ever, but at least Belle is safe. How could she survive an onslaught of Manaphages? You plan on taking her to someone who can find out!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Manaphage
(2) Thornhunter
(3) Thornhuntress
(1) Theano - Boss

Thorn Member(s)

Ring of Thorns (I-IX)

Access to Artifact Loot for DCs.


*You and Belle arrive at the clifftop overlooking Willowshire where a fearful guardian is watching the Manaphages wreak havoc in the shambled village.*

<Character>: We came as soon as we could!

*The guardian turns around to face the both of you.*

Guardian: Those machines! They were like nothing I've ever seen! They... They drained our Guardians of their Mana. They... they...
<Character>: It's alright. We're here to help!
Belle: I knew they would be going after one of the Shards! I just didn't know which Guardian Tower they would attack.
Belle: With Willowshire recovering from Caitiff's assault, this was the perfect target! I should have known!
<Character>: It's not your fault, Belle. Right now, we need to help out as much as we can and put a stop to the Thorn's plan!
Belle: You're right. I'll start evacuating as many civilians and Guardians as I can.
<Character>: Belle, you can't. You can't put yourself in harm's way like that.
Belle: This isn't up for discussion, <Character>. People need our help! I will not be bound to inaction just because I cannot fight!
Belle: Vitael!

*A brightly-colored elemental spirit resembling a pegasus, Vitael, materializes before Belle, awaiting her urgent command. Vitael is Belle's Soul Ally.*

<Character>: Whoa! Hello there!
Belle: Would you shield me while I evacuate the area?
Vitael: With pleasure!
<Character>: Okay, Belle, you get them out of here. I have a date with the Thorn!

*Meanwhile, inside the still-tattered Guardian Tower, Theano and his troops search the grounds. They soon come across a wooden door in the hallway.*

Thorn Member: The Guardians didn't know what hit them!
Thorn Member: Yeah! They don't even know it was us that attacked them! All they saw were those crazy machines!
Thorn Member: Commander Theano, your plan was brilliant!
Theano: Do you two ever shut up? Of course it was brilliant, I thought of it! Now, can we please just finish the task at hand without this needless palaver?!
Thorn Members: Yes, Commander Theano!
Theano: Now, break open these doors so that I can get my prize.

*Fades to black. You enter the tower and fight off Manaphages and members of the Thorn in order to get to Theano. Unfortunately, by the time you arrived in the room behind the wooden door, you were too late. An enamored Theano has collected a rainbow-colored crystal that you strongly recognize.*

Theano: Beautiful, isn't it?
<Character>: That's...
Theano: A shard of the Ultimate Orb? Yes.
Theano: It's just the artifact I need in order to cast that resurrection spell...
<Character>: Who do you plan on bringing back? Better yet, who are you?!
Theano: I guess I never did introduce myself. How rude of me.
Theano: I am Theano, High Commander of the Thorn.
<Character>: And Akanthus is your boss?
Theano: Akanthus? No, don't be a fool. He may know of our work and hide it from that wench, Jaania, but the Thorn is mine, and mine alone.
<Character>: In that case, this ends here!
Theano: I couldn't agree more!

*He tosses the shard in midair and fuses it with his sword, causing the blade to turn a bright rainbow color matching the shard itself. Theano draws his blade at you, ready to strike you posthaste.*

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You fight back without hesitation, however, as the battle drags on, it becomes clearer that he seems to be more powerful than you thought he was.*

    <Character>: Ugh!

    *Belle is seen rushing through the hallway with Vitael flying by her side attempting to get away from Manaphages that are pursuing her as Theano becomes strikingly confident.*

    Theano: What's the matter, <Character>?
    <Character>: *thinking* I have to keep fighting!

    *Luckily, at that moment, Belle and Vitael arrive by your side to shield you.*

    Belle: <Character>! Are you alright?!
    <Character>: Belle, what-

    *The trio of Manaphages arrive in the room as well. Belle angrily turns around to face them.*

    Theano: Those Manaphages are my cue to leave. Goodbye, <Character>. I'll let my friends make sure you and your friend are "taken care of".

    *Theano leaves the room. The Manaphages catch sight of Belle and discover huge quantities of mana in her body. They attack simultaneously to drain it, causing you to become frightened for her.*

    <Character>: Bel-!
    Vitael: BELLE!!!

    *The two of you panic just as the Manaphages become overclocked and self-destruct immediately. Belle is surprised about her miraculous survival against the otherwise-fatal draining.*

    <Character>: How... How are you alright? I'm glad you are, but how?
    Belle: I'm... not sure...
    <Character>: You saw what the Manaphages did to those Guardians, and you're fine!
    Belle: I don't even feel weak. How can this be?
    <Character>: I'm not sure. But I'm taking you to someone who can find out.
    Belle: But what about the Thorn's leader?
    <Character>: His name is Theano. I don't know who he is or where he is going. What I do know is there is not much we can do about him right now.
    <Character>: The best we can do is wait until the Thorn resurfaces and stop them before they can do any more damage.
    Belle: They have already killed so many people... And Theano still needs a large amount of lifeforce for that spell to work.
    Belle: That means this will only get worse!
    <Character>: I know... but for now, we are going to visit a friend of mine. He will know how you were able to survive the Manaphages.
    <Character>: Who knows, maybe you will be the one able to put an end to them!

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens Artifact Loot for DCs shop.

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Theano's Blade glows brighter!

  • Next Up: A New Student

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for dialogue.
  • LouisCyphere for correction.

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