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8/12/2010 13:56:55   
  Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer DragonFable


Location: Falconreach, Evening Falconreach, Guardian Tower, That A'Way!, Attack On Drakonnan!, The Final 13th, The Flying Fortress, Sepulchure, Swordhaven (Books 1 and 2), Swordhaven Past, Falconreach Inn, Rifts Opening..., Lucky Day - Unlucky Escape!, The Golden Kiss, Monster Pip, The Summoning, Darkness is Coming, It Begins..., Doom Amulet, Artifact Heist

Quests given

Shops owned
Luck O' the Sneevish
Lucky Day Inside
Lucky Day Outside
Rainbow Saber


West Entrance

Guardian: How's it goin?
Guardian: If you are looking to rest, try sleeping at the Inn. You might even want to explore the town at night anyways.

  • Talk
    Guardian: What, you don't know?! I'm a Guardian!

    Guardian: Sure, technically I'm a knight but our scope of duties and obligations are much larger.
    Guardian: However, mostly my job is to protect this town. It has seen its share of war, and it needs someone to fight for it.

  • Rumours?
    Guardian: Well, I was guarding the East gate the other day and met a hunter..
    Guardian: He had just come from Doomwood Forest and was bragging about how much money he'd made off of monster pelts.

    Guardian: Aye, but I can't imagine who he could have sold the pelts to in Doomwood.. That forest holds nothing but evil.

    Outside the Potion Shops

    Guardian: Hey, did you see that cute mage that went by earlier? *whistles*
    Guardian: Did you know that at night, there are all kinds of weird glowing things in the park? There's even a portal that only works after dark!

    Outside the Guardian Tower

    Guardian: We lost so many...

    Guardian: Welcome, <Character>. If you wish to travel quickly, you may use our gryphon. He is to your right.

    Guardian (1): Come on, rookie, get your guard up! How are you ever going to defend the town if you can't defend yourself?
    Guardian (2): Whoa, that was deep.

    Outside the Bank

    Guardian: Hi there, <Character>.
    Guardian: Everybody here knows who you are.. you slayed the hydra on Arborvale bridge!

    Evening Falconreach

    Around Alina's and Reens' Shop
    Guardian: Good evening, <Class>!

    Guardian Tower Guards
    Guardian (1): Justice never sleeps! The Guardian Tower must remain open whether it be rain or shine, night or day, war or peace!
    Guardian (2): I hate working the night shift...

    Besides Falconreach Bank
    Guardian: Carry on, <Character>.

    Outside of Falconreach Armory
    Guardian: Hail, <Character>. What business have you with the town's armory at this hour?

    Guardian Tower

    1st Floor
    Guardian (1): Have you heard from your family lately?
    Guardian (2): Aye, just today. Father is not doing well, I'm afraid.
    Guardian (1): I'm sorry to hear that. I shall keep him in my prayers.
    Guardian (2): Oh, no it's nothing like that. He's been spending all his money foolishly, and mom is not happy. Not happy at all...

    Guardian: Sorry, <Class>, only guardians stationed here are allowed into the barracks.

    2nd Floor
    Guardian: Hail, <Character>!

    That A'Way!

    Guardian: Aye.

    Attack On Drakonnan!

    Guardian: We will guard the Ice Katana with our lives!
    Guardian: Aye, that's what we do.

    The Final 13th

    Guardian: Sir! The heros have been pouring into town as news is spreading of the coming battle. Also, our scouts have not yet returned.

    Guardian: The able-bodied have been given weapons, and those who cannot fight have been moved to the center of town.

    Guardian: Yes sir!

    Guardian: Yes sir!

    Guardian: <Character>!!!

    Guardian: <Character>.. he's here.

    Guardian: Th-there are too many of them! The sky is filled with these beasts!
    Guardian: Hold it together! Now's our chance to knock as many as we can out of the air before they get here!
    Guardian: ARCHERS!!!
    Guardian: FIIIIIRE!

    Guardian: I'll see to it that our archers and mages continue to blast the dogs out of the sky.

    The Flying Fortress

    Guardian (1): The mana bombs aren't doing enough damage...
    Guardian (1): There are too many of them... they are as numerous as the sands in Lore! We can't hold out much longer.
    Guardian (2): Don't lose faith! By the light, these beasts will see no mercy from my blade!
    Guardian (2): FOR FALCONREACH!!!
    Guardian (1): For Falconreach!!!

    Guardian: Sir!
    Guardian: Something is happening...You should see this.

    Guardian: The tower!!

    Guardian: There isn't time!

    Guardian: Sir! Come quick! Something big is coming!


    Guardian: By the Avatars... look!

    Swordhaven (Books 1 and 2)

    Guardian: Hail, <Character>! Sadly we are both early... the shops have not yet set up since the recent attack.
    Guardian: Ahh, Shopping.. how I love yo--oh hey there.

    Swordhaven Past

    Guardian: Do you say that to everybody that shops here?

    Falconreach Inn

    Guardian: Hey, did you see those two guys in the storage room?

    Guardian: Hahahaha, that'd be them!

    Evening Falconreach Inn

    Guardian (1): Hey, aren't you supposed to be on duty right now?
    Guardian (2): Oh, uh... um... I'm sick. *cough*

    Falconreach Inn (Book 3)

    Guardian: Hey, did you see those two guys in the storage room? I can't believe they're still at it....

    Guardian: I hear they're trying to give Batoro a run for his money.

    Rifts Opening...

    Guardian: GUARDIAN KAIN!

    Guardian: Sir! Fire monsters.. they're swarming the East gate!

    Lucky Day - Unlucky Escape!

    Guardian: Golden monsters are filling up the woods around town!

    Guardian: <Character>, you have to stop these monsters and find whoever let Au'Mydas out!

    The Golden Kiss

    Guardian: <Character>! <Character>, quickly!

    Guardian: Baron Au'Mydas has escaped!

    Guardian: That's just it. He turned two guards to gold before he left!
    Guardian: We don't know where Warlic is, and Au Midas is now roaming free!

    Monster Pip

    Guardian: Yeah, I mean.. I ain't getting my new armor all sticky.

    The Summoning

    Guardian: The monster waves have pulled back!

    Darkness is Coming

    Guardian: The paladin Artix is behind these barricades. He's doing a great job at keeping the undead away.

    It Begins...

    Guardian: Not only Amityvale, Lord/Lady <Character>!
    Guardian: Courier ravens keep coming in, multiple regions are asking for help!

    Doom Amulet

    Guardian: They're just... standing there.

    Guardian: Cultists, the monsters... the fallen... They're all just... standing still.

    Artifact Heist

    Guardian: Those machines! They were like nothing I've ever seen! They... They drained our Guardians of their Mana. They... they...

    Alternative Image 1
    Alternative Image 2
    Alternative Image 3
    Alternative Image 4

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for alternative image 2, additional dialogue and correction.
  • The Odor for additional dialogue.
  • Voodoo Master for additional dialogues and correction.
  • Alanna Zelen for Swordhaven Past dialogue.
  • Karika for entry information.
  • Occavatra for alternative image 4 and Artifact Heist entry.

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