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Flames in the Dark

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9/30/2023 21:03:27   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Flames in the Dark

Location: Book of Lore-> To Book 2! / Elemental Dissonance -> Introduction: Flames in the Dark
Location: Atrea -> Left -> Up -> Left -> Yolande -> Quests -> Flames in the Dark
Requirements: Completion of Book One Epilogue
Release Date: September 29th, 2023

Objective: Another peaceful Falconreach night... broken by flames in the dark.
Objective completed: Who are these people and where did they come from? What matters now is keeping them safe from their fiery pursuers.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Fiendshroom
(7) Fire Imp
(4) Flare Imp
(4) Hobgoblin
(2) Kilhoh
(1) Kilhoh, (1) Flare Imp, (2) Fire Imp - Boss

??? (1)
??? (2)
??? (3)
??? (4)
??? (5)
??? (6)
Guardian Brandus
Guardian Kain
Guardian Riggs

Ornamental Dagger

Somewhere near Falconreach...

*In the Surewould Forest, a rift opens, and a horned humanoid creature appears, kneeling.*

???: ...

*The unknown creature stands.*

???: I... I think it's safe! Come. Quickly!

*Two other creatures appear through the portal, appearing to belong to the same race.*

???: This... This is..?
???: No time for that now. What of the others?
???: They're coming.
???: Then we must keep moving. Now!

*Meanwhile, back in Falconreach, the Guardians have noticed the rift.*

Guardian Riggs: Sir!
Guardian Riggs: Strange beings are showing up at our gates, sir!
Guardian Kain: How many? And what do you mean, strange?
Guardian Riggs: A...a lot, sir. They're um... different.
Guardian Kain: ...Are they hostile?
Guardian Riggs: I-- I don't think so. Seems like they're running from something.
Guardian Riggs: They're asking to enter the city. I think they have children with them?
Guardian Kain: ...
Guardian Kain: Let them in. But keep an eye on them.
Guardian Riggs: Aye, sir!

*Guardian Riggs leaves.*

Guardian Kain: Brandus.
Guardian Brandus: Sir?

*Guardian Kain looks up and closes his eyes.*

Guardian Kain: Send word to <Character>. I think <he's/she's/they're> staying at the inn.
Guardian Kain: Whatever's going on with these new visitors, we'll want <his/her/their> help.
Guardian Brandus: Aye.

*Back at the rift, several imps are also coming through the portal; back in Falconreach, the Guardians are speaking with the unknown race; you and your dragon can be seen also talking with the unknown race.*

???: We mean you no harm. We're just looking for shelter...
Guardian Kain: You're welcome to stay as long as you keep out of trouble.
Guardian Kain: What are you running from?
???: We—

*The Guardian approaches.*

Guardian: Sir! Fire monsters! They're swarming the East gate! Chasing the refugees!
Guardian Kain: Get men there straight away! Brandus, send word to the tower!
Guardian Kain: Everyone else, with me!

*A huge blast of fire sends everyone to the ground and leaves a crater.*

Guardian Kain: Argh!

*Guardian Kain looks up.*

Guardian Kain: Not on my watch... ATTACK!

*Guardian Kain leads a charge toward the fire monsters, as you kneel by the fallen.*

<Character>: Are you folks alright?
???: I am fine. *hrk* Go... Please. I... I can tend to the wounded.
<Character>: Don't worry. We're not going to let any of them through!
<Dragon>: They call that fire? I'll show them fire! | *Heroic roar!*

*You nod before you and your dragon run towards the fire monsters; you fight various fire monsters through Falconreach's eastern gate and the Surewould Forest, where you find Robina and a Guardian helping a family of an unknown race.*

Robina: Thanks for the save, <Character>! I was taking care of this family and got caught off guard.
Robina: The forest has been full of strange lights and fire tonight...
Robina: I don't suppose you know what's happening?
<Character>: I know about as much as you. Maybe we can ask your guests.
Robina: Oh! That's right! I'm sorry, I didn't even introduce myself!
Robina: Robina, at your service, friends. And this is <Character>! The hero of Falconreach.
???: ...Falconreach? <Character>?
Robina: You've... never heard of Falconreach? What about Swordhaven? Greenguard?
???: No. We... We are the Ateala. We are not... from here.
???: Our home was under attack. We sought to flee.
???: The Riftwalkers are opening as many rifts as they can. But if the fire has spread even here... then...
<Character>: These monsters are after all of you?
???: I am afraid so. I only hope that—

*Suddenly, tremors shakes the scene.*

<Character>: What was that?!
???: No... I know these tremors...
Robina: You'll be okay, I'm here— We're here for you!

*The scene shakes again by the tremors.*

???: Atrea comes...

*In the Sandsea Region, a huge rift opens in the sky as Atrea—a giant floating city—comes through; back in the Surewould Forest, you and Robina are left to wonder what happened.*

Robina: Is that it? Has it stopped?
<Character>: Is everyone okay?
???: All is lost... Somorrah...!

*Guardian Brandus enters.*

Guardian Brandus: <Character>! There you are!
<Character>: Guardian Brandus! What was all that? Is there news from Falconreach?
Guardian Brandus: We... We need your help!
Guardian Brandus: After the tremors started, we received a hawk from the Sandsea.
Guardian Brandus: It carried a hastily written note. Apparently, a massive... hole in the sky appeared, and well...
Guardian Brandus: Well, the note says a giant floating city came through.
Robina: A giant rift... That would explain the earthquakes. And a city?
Robina: Sounds like we're about to have a lot more refugees.
Guardian Brandus: Guardian Kain wants you to go and investigate, if you can. Our jurisdiction doesn't extend very far outside of Falconreach.
<Character>: But... What about Falconreach?
Guardian Brandus: Have faith! We'll hold the line and protect everyone!
Robina: The forests and paths are full of the lost and wounded.
Robina: ...Not to mention all the monsters. Carve out a safe path for our guests, will you, <Character>?
<Character>: ...You're right, Robina. I have to go where I'm needed most.
<Character>: Come on, <Dragon>! Let's go see what this city from beyond the rift is all about!

*You and your dragon leaves to investigate Atrea; scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • The Guardians acts as an healing source for HP/MP during the quest.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • There are still monsters threatening Falconreach!
  • Guardian: 'Thanks for the help! They're still coming from the forest— we'll hold the line here!'
  • There doesn't seem to be a way through here.
  • Guardian: 'Keep going! We have to get these— these people to safety!
  • Robina: 'Hey! A little help here?!
  • This quest acts as an reimagined version of Rifts Opening... quest and replaced the original quest on September 29th, 2023.

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