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Guardian Kain

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5/8/2011 3:13:56   

Guardian Kain

Location: Evening Falconreach -> Up -> 2 Left -> 2 Up Left, Falconreach Havoc, The Final 13th, The Flying Fortress, Beast of War, After the Ice Orb, The Growing Darkness, Eclipse, Book One Epilogue, Flames in the Dark, The Puppet General, Disarray, The Merge, Peril, What's That Whistling Noise?, It Begins..., Friday the 13th Interlude, Doom Amulet, Calamity

Quests given

Shops owned

Evening Falconreach

Guardian Kain: Hello, <Character>. What brings you up here at this hour?

  • Talk
    Guardian Kain: Aye. Falconreach, for all the war it has seen, is quite serene after sunset. The town has been through a lot..

    Guardian Kain: Thanks to heroes like you, it is. There never seems to be a shortage of megalomaniacs though, does there?

  • Rumours?
    Guardian Kain: Always! Oh, there are the usual stories about giant monsters terrorizing different parts of Lore.. you know how it goes.

    Guardian Kain: Some of the traders have been spinning tales about ancient magical stones which have the power to summon beasts from the aether.

    Guardian Kain: Aye. One even claimed that he owned one! Apparently he has since sold it off to someone in town, however.
    Guardian Kain: Pity, I'd have liked to have seen it with my own eyes.

    Falconreach Havoc

    Guardian Kain: What is it, friend?
    Guardian Kain: What?! The night guards should be a their posts already!
    Guardian Kain: Thank you for telling me. I will see to it that the posts are manned immediately, and figure out what happened.
    Guardian Kain: It is possible that this was a mistake, but we must be certain--
    Guardian Kain: Go. Now.

    The Final 13th

    Guardian Kain: Status report.
    Guardian Kain: What of the villagers?
    Guardian Kain: Excellent. Alright, outfit the archers and get them ready to be positioned.

    Guardian Kain: As you know, Sepulchure is advancing from the North...
    Guardian Kain: That dog... Aye, our forces will need to be spread out evenly then.
    Guardian Kain: Agreed. Ok, you heard him/her.. let's get moving.

    Guardian Kain: <Character>, I want you to lead the main defense.
    Guardian Kain: May the fates shine on us this day.

    The Flying Fortress

    Guardian Kain: <Character>! Status report.
    Guardian Kain: Nice to get some good news...
    Guardian Kain: The catapults, mages, and archers are making craters in their, but the gaps quickly fill in with more undead!
    Guardian Kain: I only hope you are right...
    Guardian Kain: <Character>, let's go.

    Guardian Kain: Everyone had taken refuge at the Inn.
    Guardian Kain: They are safe.. for now.
    Guardian Kain: However, the Guardians... We lost... many good man and woman.

    Beast of War

    Guardian Kain: It's.. an abomination!
    Guardian Kain: Sepulchure is going to use this to decimate the wall!

    After the Ice Orb

    Guardian Kain: <Character>! Good to see that you've recovered!
    Guardian Kain: It seems Sepulchure was doing more than that..
    Guardian Kain: During your battle, the bank was broken into by Sepulchure's minions, and the Orb of Darkness was taken!
    Guardian Kain: Yes, they survived the encounter. But.. I fear for the safety of the other 4 orbs.
    Guardian Kain: Ride swiftly, my friend. The guardians will ensure the safety of Falconreach.

    The Growing Darkness

    Guardian Kain: Spit it out, soldier.

    Guardian Kain: Gather the mages.
    Guardian Kain: Quickly!


    Guardian Kain: Report.
    Guardian Kain: Good. And it shall stay that way. What of the mages?
    Guardian Kain: That shadow is nearly upon us. Move swiftly, everyone.
    Guardian Kain: It seems the mages are ready. I hope this works...

    Book One Epilogue

    Guardian Kain: ...
    Guardian Kain: I didn't think I'd feel the sun again....
    Guardian Kain: Thank the Avatars.
    Guardian Kain: Well enough.
    Guardian Kain: Those that sought shelter here have started back to their towns.
    Guardian Kain: The mages are resting now. Channeling that Light Shield took an enormous amount of power.

    Flames in the Dark

    Guardian Kain: How many? And what do you mean, strange?

    Guardian Kain: ...Are they hostile?

    Guardian Kain: ...
    Guardian Kain: Let them in. But keep an eye on them.

    Guardian Kain: Brandus.

    Guardian Kain: Send word to <Character>. I think <he's/she's/they're> staying at the inn.
    Guardian Kain: Whatever's going on with these new visitors, we'll want <his/her/their> help.

    Guardian Kain: You're welcome to stay as long as you keep out of trouble.
    Guardian Kain: What are you running from?

    Guardian Kain: Get men there straight away! Brandus, send word to the tower!

    Guardian Kain: Everyone else, with me!
    Guardian Kain: Argh!

    Guardian Kain: Not on my watch... ATTACK!

    The Puppet General

    Guardian Kain: What do you have to report, Mekiai? Have we gotten word back from Swordhaven yet?

    Guardian Kain: Either that, or they're pulling back and preparing for another wave. Don't let your guard down just yet.
    Guardian Kain: And don't recall the messengers, either. Swordhaven needs to know what's happened.

    Guardian Kain: And what of the Ateala?

    Guardian Kain: Get to the bottom of their worries, then. Let it not be said that Falconreach were improper hosts.


    Guardian Kain: <Character>!!! What is going on?
    Guardian Kain: We have reports of chaos from Guardians all over Lore! While you've been off chasing down...


    Guardian Kain: ARGH! I CAN'T WORK LIKE THIS!

    Guardian Kain: While you've been off chasing down... old friends, we've been dealign with this... this... elemental backlash.

    Guardian Kain: Well, for now we need to run damage control.. We need to make sure the people around the devastated areas are safe.
    Guardian Kain: Mekiai, see that the rescue teams get out there immediately.

    Guardian Kain: <Character>, get on your dragon and see if you can spot any survivors.

    The Merge

    Guardian Kain: Looks like he's on his way to you!


    Guardian Kain: Oh!

    Guardian Kain: I was just going to find <Character>.
    Guardian Kain: Cris and Ynnae were on watch last night. <Dragon> circled the tower and headed south towards Doomwood just after 3 in the morning.
    Guardian Kain: There was...
    Guardian Kain: There was evidence of a battle. I... I'm sorry, I gave orders for <Character> to not be disturbed but... this should have been brought to my attention earlier.
    Guardian Kain: It was in the vicinity of Castle Valtrith... <Dragon> hasn't returned from whatever battle happened though.

    What's That Whistling Noise?

    Guardian Kain: MONSTERS!!

    Guardian Kain: <Character>? What a relief! Everything has gotten out of hand.

    Guardian Kain: Yes, and all of the Guardians are off fighting the monsters.

    Guardian Kain: Have a look and see for yourself.

    Guardian Kain: They're getting ready to launch another wave! Archers! Shoot them down!

    It Begins...

    Guardian Kain: ... it's no use, we're all going to...

    Guardian Kain: Yes, yes we can! We should stand our ground here! The entire town is fortified, our best strategy is to wait it all out!!!

    Guardian Kain: This is... hitting me harder than I expected. My apologies...

    Guardian Kain: Surely we can't aid them all? We need to protect Falconreach!

    Friday the 13th Interlude

    Guardian Kain: Our friends... family... fighting against us... can we help them?! Is there anything we can do?!

    Doom Amulet

    Guardian Kain: Don't you hear it?!

    Guardian Kain: Are you really not hearing it?! Get it out of my head!!!

    Guardian Kain: *indistinct humming*

    Guardian Kain: *louder humming*


    Guardian Kain: ... the Darkness has won... we were left alive... we coexist with the Darkness...

    Guardian Kain: ... serve and protect...

    Guardian Kain: ... mother, forgive me...

    Other information
  • Guardian Kain previously appeared in the retired quests Rifts Opening... and The Puppet General; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Book 3 Appearance


    Also See: Adam

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image.
  • Occavatra for Book 3 appearance image.
  • Doomstalker and Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.

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