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Merge, The

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8/31/2012 9:31:53   
Voodoo Master

The Merge

Location: Atrea -> Left -> Up -> Left -> Yolande -> Quests -> The Merge
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Disarray
Release Date: August 30th, 2012

Objective: The only way to end Wargoth... is to merge him with the Professor!
Objective completed: Is the cost of magic too high?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Wargoth - Boss
(1) Titan Wargoth, (1) Fist, (1) Gauntlet / (1) Super Infernal Wargoth, (1) Super Fist, (1) Super Gauntlet - Titan Boss

Guardian Kain
Guardian Roc
The Professor

Antipode Broadsword (I-VII)
Antipode Edge (I-VII)
Antipode Greatstave (I-VII)

Yolande: If... if The Professor is part of the being that destroyed our world.... it... I can't believe it.
Yolande: You have to do what you can to destroy Wargoth... no matter what. If that means sacrificing The Professor to... to remake this Warlic, you have to try.

  • Quest!

    *The whole group that consists of Guardians Kain and Mekiai, Xan, Jaania, Konnan, The Professor and the character are still in Falconreach's Guardian tower*

    <Character>: So... how are we supposed to merge you and Wargoth together?
    The Professor: ...
    <Character>: Without... destroying everything?
    <Character>: Last time we faced him....
    Xan: He wiped the floor with you. Hahahaha!
    <Character>: ... so what do we do?
    Xan: ...
    ???: Hey guys!!!!

    *A mage rushes into the room with many rolls of duct tape and a blackboard*

    Spiderlord: Maybe...
    The Professor: No. This is going to take more than duct tape.
    Spiderlord: Aww...

    *Spiderlord leaves the room*

    <Character>: ...
    The Professor: We will have to fight this fight on two fronts.
    <Character>: Two fronts?

    *The Professor nods*

    The Professor: You, Jaania and Xan will fight Wargoth face to face....

    *Xan approaches The Professor*

    Xan: I'm not going to die for you.
    Xan: ...
    Xan: I've given up enough for you already.
    Xan: I'm not going to give up my life before I get my revenge on Warlic.
    The Professor: *sigh*
    The Professor: If you don't face Wargoth, that's exactly what will happen.
    Xan: ...
    Jaania: Listen.
    The Professor: You will be distracting Wargoth. My apprentice and I will be on the second front... assaulting Wargoth through the dreamscape.
    The Professor: He, hopefully, won't realize we're there until it's too late.... but our being there should weaken him.
    The Professor: With Jaania and Xan channeling the powers of ice and fire... he should be distracted enough to think the power drain is due to them.
    <Character>: I... I don't know how much of... distraction we'll be.
    The Professor: Don't underestimate the power that Jaania wields...
    Jaania: ...

    *Jaania's hand turns into an ice blade for a second and then back to normal*

    Jaania: Hmph.
    The Professor: Just the sight of her made him stop in your last encounter. He... he is trying to remember her. I don't think he wants to hurt her...
    The Professor: I think... I hope, that fighting on two fronts will weaken him enough for my mind to be able to merge with his...
    The Professor: ...without... without a catastrophe occurring.
    <Character>: ... Let's try this then. How are we going to find him?
    Guardian Roc: <Character>!

    *A Guardian enters the scene*

    Guardian Roc: The woods near Oaklore... they're burning!
    Guardian Kain: Looks like he's on his way to you!
    The Professor: Go, you three! We'll take the gryphon to my lab and enter the Dreamscape.
    <Character>: It's time to put an end to this!

    *Xan speaks to Jaania*

    Xan: Be careful.
    Jaania: I can take care of myself.
    Xan: ...

    *Xan, Jaania and the character stand outside of Oaklore. The whole forest is on fire*

    <Character>: This way!

    *They find Wargoth*

    Wargoth: You came! AHAAAAHaahaaha... so predictable.
    Wargoth: This time... I will not go so easy on you.

    You now have to fight Wargoth. The fight happens on Lore and in Dreamscape at the same time. Xan and Jaania don't help fighting, but they channel their powers to weaken Wargoth.

    You have the options to add Apprentice as Guest A and Professor as Guest B. There's an extreme battle version too.

    After you win:

    Wargoth: AAAARRRGHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!

    *Wargoth grasps his head in pain*

    Wargoth: NO! What are you doing?!
    Wargoth: GET OUT OF MY MIND!!!!

    *Meanwhile in the Dreamscape...*

    The Professor: Wargoth! Prepare yourself!

    *And back on Lore...*

    Wargoth: I WILL TAKE YOU ALL ON AT ONCE!!!! HAAAHahaaha!

    *Wargoth explodes. The explosion is enormous. The screen darkens*

    <Character>: *cough* *cough* Wh-- what happened? Xan? ... Jaania?

    *Wargoth is laughing*

    The Professor: This is it.. I hope <Character> is ready.

    *Wargoth shouts "BETTER GET YOUR DRAGON!"*

    <Character>: Oh boy...
    <Character>: WARGOTH! Show yourself!

    *The character flies on his dragon towards the thick smoke that surrounds Wargoth. We can only barely see his (now giant) face*

    <Character>: Argh.. it's too thick.. I can't see a thing!
    <Character>: Oh..... my...........

    *Wargoth reveals himself. He's grown to the size of a mountain. He laughs again*

    Summon your dragon and fight! You may add Apprentice and Professor as guests. You have a choice - you may fight an easy mode or an hard mode of Wargoth.
    The fight consists of three enemies - Wargoth's Gauntlet, Wargoth's Fist and Wargoth's body. After you win:

    Wargoth: PITIFUL INSECT!

    *The character flies towards Wargoth when he shoots a fireball at him/her. The character tries to dodge the attack*

    <Character>: AARRGHH! Hang on, <Dragon>!

    *S/he succeeds*

    <Character>: Just... a little longer!
    The Professor: NOW!
    Konnan: ...

    *Konnan leaps into the air and attacks Wargoth*

    <Character>: It's working!

    *Wargoth and The Professor merge*

    ???: I...

    *The smoke dissipates. Warlic is standing where The Professor and Wargoth stood a few seconds earlier. The character runs towards him with a huge smile*

    <Character>: WARLIC!
    <Character>: It worked!!!
    Warlic: I... <Character>... I... we're outside Oaklore?
    <Character>: Do you... do you not remember anything?
    Warlic: I... remember...

    *The scene zooms in and focuses on Warlic's eye. In his eye we can see the light shield he helped create in the battle against the Mysterious Stranger*

    Warlic: I... remember the light shield.

    *The scene zooms out again*

    Warlic: When we were holding back the darkness from Falconreach. Protecting the town from the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich...
    Warlic: I created too much mana. I... I could feel myself...
    Warlic: Expanding.
    Warlic: I was afraid I was going to explode... destroy the world that I had tried so hard to save.... I opened a portal...
    Warlic: ...but as I went through... I felt myself being pulled apart. I felt supreme power on one side.
    Warlic: And... and... fragility... feelings... on the other. I thought... it was the end.

    *Wargoth appears for a second in his memory*

    Warlic: No. No, I won't remember.
    <Character> (thinks): Or you don't want to....
    Warlic: Xan....
    Warlic: I... I am so sorry.
    Warlic: I should have apologized to you a long time ago.... There's so much... so much that I wish I had done differently.
    Xan: ...

    *Xan approaches Warlic*

    Xan: You set my face on fire.
    Xan: Do you really think I want to hear an apology? Hahahaha!
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: Jaania... ?
    Jaania: You...

    *Warlic smiles*

    Warlic: Jaania..! H-how... ?

    *Jaania slaps him*

    Jaania: I have spent years, frozen in time. Waiting. Wondering.... wondering if I would ever see you again.
    Jaania: Look. Look at what you, what magic has wrought.
    Warlic: ...
    Jaania: You destroyed an entire planet and enslaved it's inhabitants!
    Jaania: Now, they're stuck in the desert, burnt by the light. You would have destroyed this world. Our world... as well.
    Jaania: And you say you wish you had done things differently?
    Jaania: Hahaha....
    Warlic: Jaania... I--

    *Jaania attacks Warlic, Xan and the character. They freeze in a block of ice*

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: Whatever it takes.

    *She nods and leaves the scene. Warlic sheds a tear in his icy prison*

    Years pass... as the power of The Rose grows.

    Chapter 3
    The End of Magic

  • Complete Quest

  • Complete this quest to unlock Fire Fighter badge.

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