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12/10/2011 16:17:28   
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Other name: Anomaly

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Anomaly -> Take me there!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: December 9th, 2011

Quests Available
Friday the 13th - Rift War!
Friday the 13th - Rising Fire
Friday the 13th - Wrath of Wargoth

Desert Thugs
The Desert's Light
Fire Below

The Hunt Begins
The Professor
Master of Puppets
Breaking Crystal
The Merge

Milkgrass Arena
Mind Chamber


Paraginium Items

*Something is keeping you from getting near the floating rock*

???: What do you want stranger? We are not letting anyone near our asylum...yet.


Zon'lzz: Welcome, stranger. We are still in the process of rebuilding our home on this new world, but you are free to explore the Civil District.
Zon'lzz: Were you one of those that helped to save our people during the Rift War? From the armies of Wargoth?


Sentinel: Jatiw, <Character>, welcome to our city! If you wish to visit the Spire, we can transport you there.


Isiri: Jatiw <Character>, welcome to our city!


Alz'ein: Hmmpf. Move along.


Moab: Thank you for helping, <Character>. If you've collected any paraginium, I have items to trade for it.


Yolande: Greetings, Hero. I've heard great stories of your exploits on this world. Will you help us further in establishing our new home?

  • Talk
    Yolande: Atrea was our greatest city on Somorah. When the ancient danger arose again on our old world, we pooled all our energy to move it.
    Yolande: While we can no longer make our own dimensional portals, we were able to expand upon one that The Professor showed us.
    Yolande: We were unable to control where the city appeared here though... which is unfortunate.
    Yolande: Our aversion to light makes us very vulnerable here. The lens above the city keeps us safe at present though.
    Yolande: The desert does present... some difficulty for us to protect ourselves during the daylight hours though.
    Yolande: Will you help us make our new home more secure, <Character>?

  • Quests
    Yolande: Our position here is still precarious. Will you help us, <Character>?


    Tek'zen: Don't worry, my love, the light cannot reach us here.

    The Spire

    Isiri - Ascendant Trainer

    Isiri: May The Empress bless you <Character>. I can feel you are close to magic, just as me. Splendid!

  • Read Signs! (only available if you have a DA)
    Isiri: I am sorry <Character>, but you can't read from zodiac signs yet, you have to be a true Ascendant.

  • Talk
    Isiri: What is troubling you?

  • Who are you?
    Isiri: I am Isiri Da'lia Chromia, highest Ascendant in Atrea, one of the unaels and The Empress' most trusted seer.

  • Ascendant?
    Isiri: Ascendant is a mage who can bend the power of cosmos to his will. gaining powers from the six zodiac signs of our people.
    Isiri: Six claimed zodiac signs, the zodiac signs which do not have an unael are not claimed, thus sscendants can't read from them.
    Isiri: In battle, apprentice ascendants use the original six signs for their advantage. However...
    Isiri: ...more experienced ascendants can combine signs, which can lead to interesting effects. Such as temporal immortality.

  • Unael?
    Isiri: Hmm... how should I explain this...Unaels are atealan equivalent of your "heroes". Or to be more precise, the "Choosen Ones".
    Isiri: Back on Somorah, when one of our people was respected by the community, fulfilled his destiny or had a great power within himself...
    Isiri: ...he became the Unael. Then our purpose, as ascendants, was to "ascend" his very existence and connect him with the cosmos.
    Isiri: Finally, he could either become one with The Empress, or, literally, take one of the zodiac signs and descend back onto Somoroah.
    Isiri: If he chose to descend, the zodiac sign he took became his tool of heroism and ascendant could now read from it.
    Isiri: Me and Nirios are the only unaels left, the other ones have either died or became one with The Empress.

  • The Empress?
    Isiri: She is the voice of the atealans. She is a nation within one being. She is the Ayar Lat'quah. She is The Empress.

    Alz'ein - Riftwalker Trainer

    Alz'ein: <Charatcer>. You may be strong, but you lack finesse.

  • Fight! (only available if you have a DA)
    Alz'ein: You want to fight me? Hah. Not now,human, not now.

  • Talk
    Alz'ein: Ask.

  • Who are you?
    Alz'ein: Alz'ein Yngerhav, known as Broken Horn. The greatest riftwalker and undefeated champion of the Milkgrass Arena.
    Alz'ein: And the only Atealan ever who refused to become an unael.

  • Riftwalker?
    Alz'ein: Riftwalker. A warrior who has trained in extreme conditions so hard, that they can cut reality with a single slash.
    Alz'ein: A warrior whose punch can shatter dimensions. You don't even have to be quick, because you can be anywhere...in a single slash.
    Alz'ein: We are tough. We are resolute. We are one step ahead of you.

  • Unael?
    Alz'ein: Unaels are some kind of champions. Or whatever. If someone saved the world, he became one. Or something.
    Alz'ein: Then they either fused with The Empress or stayed on Somorah to save it over and over again. Extremely boring, if you ask me.
    Alz'ein: Nirios and Isiri are the last unaels. I was given a choice to become one. I refused, it's not for me.

  • The Empress?
    Alz'ein: She is the voice of the atealans. She is a nation within one being. She is the Ayar Lat'quah. She is The Empress.

    Etaos and Nirios - Cryptic Trainers

    Etaos: Jatiw human, your mischief skills are quite impressive...imagine what you would be able to do with illusions.

  • Brainstorm! (only available if you have a DA)
    Etaos: Not a chance, I will not let you enter my mind, you are not truely a Cryptic yet.

  • Talk
    Etaos: You've got some questions, I presume?

  • Who are you?
    Etaos: The name's Etaos A'ravi, Nirios' twin brother and the most accurate Cryptic in Atrea. I'm also a really good dancer.

  • Cryptic?
    Etaos: The mind is the most powerful weapon. That's our credo. Cryptics do not need any weapons, we use our minds to cause pain. Or pleasure.
    Etaos: We do not have to be "one with the shadows", we can simply fool our enemy to see what we want him to see.
    Etaos: Cryptics may seem weak and fragile, but we still are hardly ever wounded, thanks to our decoy illusions.
    Etaos: The most powerful techniques, created long time ago by unaels, affect not only mind, but also the brain structure and neurons.
    Etaos: The only limit to your power.......is your imagination!

  • Unael?
    Etaos: Sorry, I know too little about unaels to tell you anything useful. My brother is one of them, he can explain it to you.
    Etaos: Now, to think about that, my brother isn't the only one. Isiri is also a unael.

    Nirios: your mind is strong...but you can still be overpowered. We have to fix that.

  • Who are you?
    Nirios: I'm Nirios A'ravi, Etaos' brother. I'm the one keeping the black prism above Atrea, engulfing the city in everlasting night.
    Nirios: I'm also an information broker, and one of the unaels.

  • Ask about Unaels
    Nirios: We are the "Chosen Ones", known as unaels. On our home world, when one of our people was respected by the community...
    Nirios: fulfilled his destiny or had a great power within himself, he becamed the Unael.
    Nirios: Then ascendants performed a ritual to "ascend" his very existence. Then he could either become one with The Empress...
    Nirios: or materialize one of the zodiac signs and descend back onto Somorah.
    Nirios: If he chose to descend, the zodiac sign he took became his weapon. If you wish to speak to the ascended ones...
    Nirios: You have to go to The Empress' chambers.

  • The Empress?
    Nirios: She is the voice of the atealans. She is a nation within one being. She is the Ayar Lat'quah. She is The Empress.

    Other Information
    1. Outside preview from the DN.
    2. You can only reach one section of The Spire - The Ascendant one if you're a Mage, the Riftwalker one if you're a Warrior or the Cryptic one if you're a Rouge.
    3. The whole conversation with Nirios is telepathic.

    Thanks to
    -- Voodoo Master for dialogues.
    -- Peachii for additional information.
    -- DF staff for preview animation.

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