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Brief Respite, A

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2/24/2024 1:53:39   

ArchKnight DragonFable

A Brief Respite

Location: Book of Lore -> A Brief Respite,
Location: Book of Lore -> Elemental Dissonance -> A Brief Respite,
Location: Atrea -> Left -> Up -> Left -> Yolande -> Quests -> Flames in the Dark
Requirements: Completion of The Puppet General
Release Date: February 23rd, 2024

Objective: With the war finished and sun high, it's time to rest and listen to the story of the Ateala.
Objective completed: Next stop, Atrea!

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*The Atealan refugees are in Falconreach Inn following the Rift War; you sit with Veyla, Alz'ein, and Nirios at a table as Serenity gives you and the Atealans Moglinberry Juice and a bowl for your dragon; Etaos and Isiri are standing near your table, watching nearby.*

Serenity: There you go! Six pints of Moglinberry Juice, and a bowl for <Dragon>!
Serenity: Let me or Spruce know if you need anything else, okay? Although... it might be a while before we can get back to you.
Serenity: It's never been so packed!
<Character>: Thank you, Serenity! Good luck with everything!

*Serenity smiles; Alz'ein looks at her Moglinberry Juice before focusing back on you.*

Alz'ein: What exactly is a "Moglinberry"?
<Character>: It's— Well, now that you mention it, I'm not entirely sure. But I do know it's delicious.

*After telling your short description of Moglinberry Juice to Alz'ein, she shrugs briefly before drinking her Moglinberry Juice; as Alz'ein drinks Moglinbery Juice, your dragon eats its bowl as you ask about the Atealans' situation with Wargoth.*

<Character>: So, now that we're in a... more comfortable, if a bit cramped, setting, I'd like to get a better understanding of your situation.
Nirios: I promised answers. You shall have them.
Isiri: It's the least we could do.
Etaos: Ask away, friend!
Alz'ein: Hm? Yeah. What they said.
Veyla: ...I will share what I can.
<Character>: First things first. Who exactly is Wargoth? What are we dealing with here?
Isiri: Wargoth, as Nirios briefly explained earlier, is an Infernal being who invaded our home planet of Somorah.
Isiri: In the distant past, our people used to travel between planets with our rifts.
Isiri: It was easy for us. We could dance through space, and no world was beyond our reach.
Veyla: But then... He came. Wargoth. Following the trail of magic left behind by our rifts, he hunted us down.
Veyla: The stories say he burned the power right out of us. We were trapped on sunless Somorah.
Alz'ein: Some of us can still use rifts, though, with enough training and talent. But nothing like the old tales.
Nirios: Wargoth lorded over Somorah. Forced our people into the shadows. Into darkness.
Etaos: The songs sing of decisions made in the name of survival. Of those who fell to allow others to escape.
Nirios: But our salvation came in the form of Wargoth's very own son. With his help, we resisted.
Nirios: We overthrew Wargoth, and ended our enslavement.
Veyla: But then, with his father deposed, the son left. And we were left behind. Left in a world of darkness.
Veyla: And now, after so long, the light... causes us to burn.
Alz'ein: A harsh discovery.
Alz'ein: After generations passed and we recovered some semblance of our former power...
Alz'ein: ... the Riftwalkers were quick to discover that any planet they managed to reach was now inhospitable.
Isiri: Better to stay on Somorah, where we were now comfortable, than to risk looking to the stars.
Etaos: We were at peace.
Veyla: Then... then he returned.
Veyla: Wargoth. The stuff of nightmares appeared once more before the Ateala.
Veyla: And this time, there was no son to save us. We had no choice but to escape. Had to try and get away.
Isiri: Our Empress ordered us to flee, light or no. There was no hope left for Somorah.
Alz'ein: With help from a stranger from your world, we Riftwalkers opened rifts and ushered our people through...
Alz'ein: ... holding them open as long as we could.
Alz'ein: We were followed. And those we left behind...

*A saddened Alz'ein smack your table with her mug of Moglinberry Juice as the Atealans finish their recounting of their origins and Wargoth's with a flashback of the destruction of Somorah caused by Wargoth.*

Alz'ein: I should have stayed! I should have helped fight, I could have—
Veyla: No, Alz'ein.
Veyla: ...The songs don't sing of this new power. He reaches in and pulls the reins on the fire within... and... then you see nothing but flames.
Alz'ein: I'm stronger than—
Veyla: This... this is only the beginning.
<Character>: ...
Isiri: We can only apologize for bringing our conflict to your world. We will do all in our power to help you defend your home.
Isiri: And if the worst should occur, we will do what we can to help your people flee it, as well.
<Character>: I'm sorry for what happened to your home planet.
<Character>: But that's not going to happen to Lore. Not while <Dragon> and I are here.
<Character>: We've saved the world before, and we'll do it again. Isn't that right?
<Dragon>: I eat fire for breakfast! | *Heroic roar!*
<Character>: I am curious, though, about this stranger from Lore who helped you.
Isiri: He was known to us only as The Professor. I'm afraid he disappeared shortly after the first rifts were stabilized.
<Character>: ...Another mystery, then.
<Character>: Veyla, do you know where and when Wargoth might try to attack next?
Veyla: I remember, he... he was after Atrea. He wanted to destroy... everything.
<Character>: Atrea... that's the city that appeared in the Sandsea.
<Character>: That's where I was headed before I ran into all of you.
<Character>: Seems like it's still our next destination.
<Character>: In the meantime, let's get some rest. It's been a long night, and we'll need our energy to make the journey to the Sandsea!
Etaos: You are a hero among heroes, <Character>. Thank you.
Isiri: Your assistance is more than we could ask for.
Alz'ein: Now that I've seen the way you fight, I can't deny that you'd be helpful.
Nirios: Indeed. We're lucky to have met you, <Character>.
Veyla: ...

*Scene fades to black.*

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