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1/27/2012 21:36:21   
Advocator of Wills


Location: Heroes From Beyond, The General's Arrival, The Puppet General, A Brief Respite, Atrea, Friday the 13th - Rising Fire, Rising Fire, Wargoth Approaches, The Hunt Begins, North, The Spire -> Up -> Right -> Approach entrance -> Ascendant, Cosmos, The Empress, Song of the Ateala -> Talk, Arrival of the Vind, Song in Our Hearts

Quests given

Shops owned

Heroes From Beyond

???: These infernal creatures will not take us!

Isiri: I... appreciate the offer. But I think we have bought time for a short break.

Isiri: And I will not hear any argument about it. It would not do to squabble in front of strangers.

Isiri: Please, excuse our manners. I am Isiri, unael of Somorrah, and highest Ascendant of Atrea.
Isiri: My companions are Nirios, an unael like myself...
Isiri: And Etaos. The twins are masters of illusion.
Isiri: And finally—

Isiri: I hope you are well, <Character> and <Dragon>. You are natives of this planet, then?

Isiri: We'd be happy to show you to Atrea, <Character>, but our priority is rescuing our scattered people.

Isiri: That is heartening to hear.
Isiri: If those infernal creatures are not stopped, I fear this planet may not last.
Isiri: By working with us, you will save both our people and yours. We would be glad to have your assistance.

Isiri: Yes. These new stars are unfamiliar, but I feel their warmth all the same.

The General's Arrival

Isiri: Maybe not, but with <Character> and <Dragon>'s help, we're rescuing all we can.

Isiri: Alz'ein! What is this?

Isiri: Alz'ein... I know how you must feel, but our people must come first.

Isiri: ...Very well. You have persuaded me.

The Puppet General

Isiri: Make it quick. If my assessment of this planet's stars is correct, dawn will soon be upon us.

Isiri: I hate to cut the reunion short, but...

Isiri: I'm sorry, <Character>, but do you happen to have any spare cloaks? We Ateala are rather sensitive to the sunlight, as you can see.

Isiri: I apologize that we've waylaid your plans so much, <Character>, <Dragon>.

A Brief Respite

Isiri: It's the least we could do.

Isiri: Wargoth, as Nirios briefly explained earlier, is an Infernal being who invaded our home planet of Somorah.
Isiri: In the distant past, our people used to travel between planets with our rifts.
Isiri: It was easy for us. We could dance through space, and no world was beyond our reach.

Isiri: Better to stay on Somorah, where we were now comfortable, than to risk looking to the stars.

Isiri: Our Empress ordered us to flee, light or no. There was no hope left for Somorah.

Isiri: We can only apologize for bringing our conflict to your world. We will do all in our power to help you defend your home.
Isiri: And if the worst should occur, we will do what we can to help your people flee it, as well.

Isiri: He was known to us only as The Professor. I'm afraid he disappeared shortly after the first rifts were stabilized.

Isiri: Your assistance is more than we could ask for.


Isiri: Jatiw <Character>, welcome to our city!

Friday the 13th - Rising Fire

Isiri: You must defeat his army, <Character>, before Wargoth himself comes through a portal!

Rising Fire

Isiri: This is... disquieting... the calm before the storm.

Isiri: We have no choice. There is no escape.

Isiri: Wargoth controls the fire within her.

Isiri: I can isolate her... try and keep her out of his reach, but I don't know for how long.

Wargoth Approaches

Isiri: Something is coming... but it... it's wrong....

Isiri: Your plane of fire has been weakened. Wargoth's power has grown...

Isiri: <Character>... You must help her.
Isiri: Break his hold over her!

Isiri: Who is this Blue Mage?

Isiri: AAAAhhhh!! N-- no!

Isiri: This isn't over... Veyla is gone....

The Hunt Begins

Isiri: He was able to gain control of your Fire Avatar... I fear he is here. His army was just another distraction for us....

Isiri: She is back under his control. We must find The Professor so we can defeat Wargoth himself.


Isiri: Do not be so rash, Alz'ein. There is always hope.
Isiri: The Professor wouldn't want to endanger any cities, <Character>.
Isiri: He was fleeing Wargoth as much as we were.

Isiri: ...
Isiri: All I can tell you is... go north.

The Spire

Isiri: May The Empress bless you <Character>. I can feel you are close to magic, just as me. Splendid!

  • Read signs! (DA Required)
    Isiri: I am sorry <Character>, but you can't read from zodiac signs yet, you have to be a true Ascendant.
    Isiri: I think you are ready <Character>. I have noticed new signs in the sky, I will temporarily ascend you into the cosmos, so you can investigate.
  • Talk
    Isiri: What is troubling you?
    • Who are you?
      Isiri: I am Isiri Da'lia Chromia, highest Ascendant in Atrea, one of the unaels and The Empress' most trusted seer.

    • Ascendant?
      Isiri: Ascendant is a mage who can bend the power of cosmos to his will, gaining powers from the six zodiac signs of our people.
      Isiri: Six claimed zodiac signs, the zodiac signs which do not have an unael are not claimed, thus ascendants can't read from them.
      Isiri: In battle, apprentice ascendants use the original six signs for their advantage. However...
      Isiri: ...more experienced ascendants can combine signs, which can lead to interesting effects. Such as temporal immortality.

    • Unael?
      Isiri: Hmm, how should I explain this...Unaels are atealan equivalent of your "heroes". Or to be more precise, the "Choosen Ones".
      Isiri: Back on Somorah, when one of our people was respected by the community, fulfilled his destiny or had a great power within himself...
      Isiri: ...he became the Unael. Then our purpose, as ascendants, was to "ascend" his very existence and connect him with the cosmos.
      Isiri: Finally, he could either become one with The Empress, or, literally, take one of the zodiac signs and descend back onto Somoroah.
      Isiri: If he chose to descend, the zodiac sign he took became his tool of heroism and ascendants could now read from it.
      Isiri: Me and Nirios are the only unaels left, the other ones have either died or became one with The Empress.

    • The Empress?
      Isiri: She is the voice of the atealans. She is a nation within one being. She is the Ayar Lat'quah. She is The Empress.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Become An Ascendant!
    Isiri: If you can defeat the celestials, then you deserve to become an Ascendant.
    • Equip Ascendant - equips Ascendant class.
    • Give Armor back

    Isiri: Fantastic <Character>! You came back!
    Isiri: Excuse my excitement, but not many ascendants can deal with the journey to the cosmos.
    Isiri: Thank you for bringing four new zodiac signs back! Looks like these ones are from your side of the cosmos, interesting.
    Isiri: I will make a good use of them! I'm happy to give you the robes of an ascendant!

    The Empress

    Isiri: Ayar Lat'quah, is it time? Time for us to flee once again?

    Isiri: Greetings, <Character>!

    Isiri: My Empress?

    Isiri: Certainly.

    Song of the Ateala

    Isiri: Jatiw, <Character>!

    Isiri: We're holding, but the enemy forces seem limitless.
    Isiri: I am impressed with you yet again, however!
    Isiri: The Empress recognizes your ability, and with you and the Vind, I am glad that we do not need to flee.

    Isiri: Perhaps. It would have been sad to leave this land so soon. The stars here are ever fascinating.
    Isiri: But we must look forward. Once The Empress closes this rift, we'll have such a celebration!

    Arrival of the Vind

    Isiri: A wise reasoning.

    Isiri: That seems quite fair to me.

    Isiri: The Empress sees your assistance here. I'm sure she will approve.

    Song in Our Hearts

    Isiri: <Character>, while the barrier is down, my Ascendants and I will have to focus our full attention on repelling the onslaught.
    Isiri: That being said, I believe I may be able to provide you with some support.

    Isiri: I believe so. We should hold until—

    Isiri: No...

    Isiri: Ayar Lat'quah...

    Isiri: The ascended Unael. They're gone.

    Isiri: We live. Over time, Unael will return, and the Ayar Lat'quah will sing of a new era.

    Isiri: We will always have a place for you and your allies, <Character>, Lady Kara.

    Other information
  • Also known as Isiri Da'lia Chromia.
  • Isiri previously appeared in the retired quest The Puppet General; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Unhooded Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, location link, and corrections.
  • Phastore for Unhooded appearance image.
  • Heartdragon and Onyx Darkmatter for additional dialogue.
  • Sagrym for corrections.

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