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8/10/2019 2:40:01   


Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> The Thorns -> Unraveled
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Fortress of Thorns
Release Date: August 9th, 2019

Objective: Theano has cast the resurrection spell but the results weren't as expected. It's up to you and Belle to deal with the consequences.
Objective completed: Theano is finished, as well as the Thorns. All that's left is to pick up the pieces of the mess Theano left behind.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Theano - Boss


Thorn Replica (I-VII)

Access to UR Loot for DCs.

  • Belle joins you as Guest A.

    *After Theano successfully performs the ritual, a bright white light flashes, summoning Death.*

    Death: How dare you summon me, mortal.
    Theano: Tell me, where is my son?!
    Death: How foolish.

    Death: No such being exists.
    Theano: What?!
    Death: You speak of a being not in my domain.
    Death: Even more foolish, you speak of a being in your own presence.

    *Death summons an illusion of Belle, much to Theano's shock.*

    Theano: What?! Persephone?!
    Theano: Are you moronic?! I demand Sable! Not that worthless woman!
    Death: You demand nothing!

    *You and Belle watch on from the sidelines, unable to see what Theano does.*

    <Character>: Who is he talking to? Do you think the spell only brings back a ghost?
    Belle: Theano!
    Theano: Persephone! Why couldn't you just stay dead?!
    Belle: I am not Persephone.
    Theano: Huh?!
    Vitael: Belle...
    Belle: I am Sable...

    Belle: Your daughter...
    <Character>: What!?, Theano: What?!
    <Character>: How long have you known?!
    Belle: Since we received that letter from Nythera.
    Belle: Krasimir told me that my parents died in a fire but managed to save me.
    Belle: He raised me until I was old enough to attend Edelia.
    Belle: And after hearing about the mana experiments he performed on Perseph— my mother, I now know how I have my... abilities.
    Theano: If she was still alive... then that means I can still bring back someone!
    Theano: Death, bring back...
    Death: Silence!
    Death: I'll bring back no one.
    Theano: Excuse me!?
    Death: That spell was not made for resurrection.
    Death: That spell was only crafted by me, to trick some foolish mortal ambitious enough to attempt it into a cursed existence.
    Death: To make an example of those who would stop at nothing to reclaim the lost.
    Theano: You insolent—!
    Death: Your reward...
    Death: Is that you are cursed with a fragment of my being, following you for all eternity.
    Death: Such is the fate for those who attempt to disrupt my domain!
    Theano: Curse you! Curse all of you!!!
    Theano: This power is still mine to wield!!!
    Vitael: Belle, get back!
    Theano: I WILL KILL YOU ALL!

    *Theano raises his sword once more to attack, but instead Death's curse takes hold of him. He is left part-man, part-monster, imbued with the power of his sword and Death's curse.*

    Theano: I...
    Theano: AM...
    Theano: DEATH!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Theano.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

    *After you have "defeated" Theano, it still appears that he is too strong.*

    <Character>: Belle, I don't know how we are going to beat him!
    Theano: You won't! You cannot beat Death!
    Belle: Enough!
    Belle: I will put an end to you!
    Theano: Daughter...
    Theano: Join me.
    Theano: All of this was for you.
    Theano: Join me and help me make this a perfect world.
    Theano: A world where we rule and those who use magic, those who think they are better than us, are made to experience true pain!
    Belle: I will never join you!
    Belle: And no matter the circumstance, after what you've done...
    Belle: I would rather die than be your daughter.
    Theano: You wretch!
    Theano: I brought you back once! I will kill you and bring you back again.
    Theano: And if your answer does not change...
    Theano: I will do it again. And again. And again.
    Theano: Now die!!!

    *Theano lunges at Belle.*

    <Character>, Vitael (in unison): Belle!!!

    *Belle does not attempt to run, but instead closes her eyes calmly raises her left hand as Theano continues hurtling towards her. Just as Theano is about to impact, Belle's eyes and hair turn a starry mana blue, channeling her Manaweaving abilities learned with Warlic. As a result, she begins to unravel and disintegrate Theano's sword-arm before it strikes her, leaving him in a state of disbelief. Her eyes and hair continue flowing with mana, and Vitael appears to be completely corrupted by mana as a result. You are also in shock at the situation.*

    Theano: No...
    Theano: This is not possible...
    Theano: I am Death!
    Belle: No. You are not Death.
    Belle: You are not even a man.

    Belle: You are just evil.
    Belle: An evil that kills without a second thought.

    Belle: An evil that even kills those most loyal to him.
    Belle: An evil only capable of hurt.

    Belle: And I will make sure you hurt no one else...
    Belle: Ever again!

    *Belle moves in closer to Theano and grabs both of his arms, unraveling them out of existence.*

    Theano: Gaah!! What are you doing!!!
    Theano: No!
    Theano: Stop!
    Theano: STOP!
    Belle: You want me to stop?
    Belle: Just like you "stopped" when people begged for your mercy?
    <Character>: Belle...
    Belle: All those people you hurt!
    <Character>: Belle, stop.
    Belle: I could unravel you entirely.
    Belle: You would be nothing.
    Belle: Not even your miserable excuse for a soul would remain!
    <Character>: Belle, no!
    Belle: But I won't.
    Belle: Because I'm nothing like you.

    *Belle refrains from unraveling Theano any further, the mana ceases flowing through her, and she collapses next to the kneeling, crying, and armless Theano.*

    Vitael: Belle!
    <Character>: Belle! Are you alright?

    *You rush to Belle's side, worrying for her, but Theano still needs to be dealt with properly.*

    <Character>: I will notify Jaania of what you have done.
    <Character>: She can deal with you. The Rose can clean up their own messes.

    *Theano's head slumps, scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot - opens UR Loot for DCs.

    Next Up: Loose Ends

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