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Pale Sea

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Pale Sea

Access Point: Helm's Harbor -> Set Sail!, Pelekoa -> To the Pale Sea
Requirements: None
Release Date: May 19th, 2018

Zones Accessible
Helm's Harbor

Quests Available
Drop Anchor
Bone Isle
The Depth's Maw
Ghastfish Ponds
Mooga Booga Islet
Sunken Ship
Verdant Glade

Random Encounter
Pirate Raid
Rose Attack
Sea Monsters




Other information
  • This sailing simulation displays a Map of the Pale Sea, where the player's location is marked by a golden ship emblem.
  • While navigating the Pale Sea, players are only allowed to move up, down, left, or right one unit, provided there is not a landmass in the player's path.
  • Dropping the anchor on Helm's Harbor's blue anchor emblem teleports the player to Helm's Harbor.
  • Dropping the anchor on Maar's blue anchor emblem teleports the player to Pelekoa.
  • Dropping the anchor on specific, unmarked locations of the map (marked for convenience in the map provided above) will begin various traditional, random dungeon, or challenge style quests.
  • Random monster attacks and treasure discoveries may be encountered while navigating the Pale Sea.
  • A variety of random scenarios that have the potential to benefit or harm the player may also be encountered while navigating the Pale Sea:

  • ??? An impenetrable fog overtakes the ship, turning high noon into a misty twilight. A strange, melodious chanting grows and rings out in your head, disorienting you. The crew quickly springs into action, steering the ship out of the enchanted fog, but you are left weary and muddled. Lose 10% MP.
  • ??? Something... large bumps the ship. You run over to the railing to look over, but whatever it was is long gone. The crew refuse to speak of it, respnding to your inquiries with terrified faces.
  • ??? The clouds suddenly close in as a strange presence overtakes the ship. The last thing you hear before you black out is faint... singing? As you and the crew come to, you notice that you all feel extremely tired and worn out. The clouds are gone, but you still feel drained. Lose 30% MP.
  • ??? You're keeping a lookout when you spot what you think is a whirlpool in the distance. You shout down to the crew, but no one else seems to see what you do. Maybe you just aren't cut out for seafaring. Maybe you should go home. Maybe you're starting to see things. Hear things. Imagining things.
  • A Bad Omen An ill wind blows as dead fish start rising to the surface of the water around your ship. Rather than collect the fish for supplies, the crew tells you that this is a most evil of omens. Unlucky!
  • A Bad Omen The lookout in the crows nest spies a dark shape on the horizon. You and the crew watch in horror as a massive, tendril covered, pitch black shape leaps out of the water many miles away, almost blocking out the sun. A terrifying experience.
  • A Bad Omen You're eating your 'healthy enough' serving of ship's bread when you notice something... moving inside it. Worms in the bread! Disgusting! Gross! You spit it out and notify the crew. A sign of bad luck ahead.
  • A Coral Reef You spot a large glowing patch of light under the sea- a glowing coral reef! You want to get a closer look, but the ship sails around it. The crew tells you that coral is both fragile and dangerous, and as pretty as it is, should be left alone.
  • A Coral Tower The ship comes across a beautiful sight! A magical pillar of coral, glowing radiant red and violet, towers from the sea! Everyone gathers on the deck, marveling. When the ship sails up close, you break a piece of the reef, as a souvenir. When you check on it later, there is only a wet spot in your bag where it was.
  • A Dream You're dozing out on the deck, when you have the strangest dream. A gigantic egg on an island teaches you a beautiful melody that you cannot seem to get out of your head, even after waking up. Strange.
  • A Good Omen A flock of gulls soars overhead. You're told it's a good omen, but you don't feel any different.
  • A Good Omen The seas are unusually smooth for once, unnaturally calm. The crew fears the worst, but as time progresses, their spirits lift, and they begin to enjoy their stroke of good luck. You swear you can see something... glowing beneath the ship, but it is gone when you look again.
  • A Good Omen While sailing, a pod of dolphins joins alongside, jumping playfully through the waves and chattering at the crew. Their company is appreciated, and the crew's spirits are lifted. A wondrous omen of good tidings.
  • A Nap You enjoy a nice nap on peaceful waves in the sun. Heal 20% HP!
  • A Storm One of the deckhands warns the crew about an approaching storm. You brace yourselves, tying up any remaining cargo, when the storm suddenly hits... and it's raining upwards? The 'storm' passes, leaving you wondering about this strange phenomenon.
  • A Watery Encounter An amorphous magical being appears off the port side of the ship. She assure you she means you and your crew no harm, and provides healing magic. Nice!
  • A Watery Grave A pirate ship is spotted off in the distance, heading your way, fast. Before it can reach you, a massive shadow appears beneath it before two gargantuan jaws break the waves from below, encompassing the pirate ship, and crushing it, pulling it beneath the waters. There is nothing left to salvage.
  • An Island The ship comes upon an island, which is literally the size of a peanut. With a single, tiny palm tree. Adorable! You claim it in your name, hoping to retire there when the time comes.
  • Bad Omen The crew brings your attention to a strange mist creeping up the side of the ship. Soon, the ship is engulfed. All sound stops. You begin to hear shouting, incomprehensible through the mist. You think you catch a glimpse of another ship- but as suddenly as it appeared, the mist dissipates, and sound returns.
  • Card Games on Boats! While making your way to the upper deck, you are invited by 3 crew members to join a game of cards called "Keys and Kingdoms". After hearing a short explanation, you know how it is played. You end up losing. Bad luck!
  • Card Games on Boats! While making your way to the upper deck, you are invited by 3 crew members to join a game of cards called "Keys and Kingdoms". After hearing a short explanation, you know how it is played. You end up winning! Good luck!
  • Midnight Scream. A sharp scream wakes you up in your cabin! You run up on deck, to find everyone on the ship, laying down, dead! Hold on... you hear a muffled giggle. After someone says "Ye just couldn't keep yer mouth shut, couldn't you Bobandey!", everyone stands up, laughing. It was just a prank.
  • Mixed Fortune An old, grizzled, crew member offers to read your fortune with an ancient set of tarot cards. After a few sets, he draws a card depicting a ghoulish undead figure wielding a spear. Shaken, he stops the reading there, but shares some of his rations with you later, seemingly out of pity. Heal 10% HP.
  • Naval Battle You wake up to the sounds of cannon fire. A pirate ship has sailed alongside and begun firing cannons! Luckily your crew is able to drive them off. Long day of repairs ahead.
  • Refugees A refugee raft escaping the clutches of pirates is picked up by the crew. While there isn't much to go around for the journey, the crew refuses to leave the refugees behind.
  • Sea Shanty The crew is loudly singing a lively sea shanty about dragons. You join them, trying your best to socialize and not feel left out. You strain your voice, but you gain some friends!
  • Siren's Call A haunting, luxurious melody floats across the ship, and those who hear it begin wandering toward the ship's railings, with intent to jump. The quick witted of the crew tie themselves tightly to the railings and hold on to their enthralled companions until the song finally fades. Danger averted.
  • Something Bright While staring off into the distance, you almost start to fall asleep when something bright and moving catches your eye. It's the shape of a woman, glistening in the sun light, made entirely out of water droplets. You blink and she is gone. No one believes you.
  • Something Strange You're swabbing the deck, when you notice a small group of.. somethings paddling alongside the ship. They're definitely birds, but they're not ducks, or swans, or gulls. They're... chickens? Unsure of the portence of sea chickens, the sailors throw some hardtack crumbs down for them. Better safe than sorry.
  • Storms! A storm whips up and tumbles the ship through rough churning waters. This causes massive damage to the ship, including sending a piece of debris flying through the air which strikes you in the face. You lose 20% HP. Ouch.
  • The Depths While taking a nap in the bright sun, you suddenly find yourself dropping, sinking below the warm waves to the cold, dark, depths below. As you struggle, panicking, a massive eye opens up in front of you. It blinks once, and you wake up, shivering, soaking wet on the deck of the ship.
  • The Rose A Rose ship coasts up alongside you. The crew prepares for the worst, but instead of attacking, the Rose members provide warning of a magical storm nearby to avoid before heading off on their way.
  • The Winds A heavy gale from the south picks up, sending crew flying off their feet, and even some overboard. You have the wind knocked out you to join the passing twister. Lose 20% HP and MP.
  • Trade Ship A brave trading vessel pulls up beside your ship. You exchange stories and take a look at the goods offered. They're all different varieties of... beetles? Your crew refuses to purchase any insect companions for the journey.
  • Twilight Fire You're napping on deck one night, when you're awoken by a crew member. Blue and violet motes, flaring and dancing in the moonlight, have appeared around the ship. You raise your concerns, but the crew members assure you that these are benevolent elementals.
  • Players are not permitted to access the Book of Lore during the sailing simulation.

    Also See: Pasgur Ocean, Tyndur's Depths

    Thanks to Jay for entry rewrite.

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