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3/9/2018 20:46:23   


Location: Swordhaven (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Quest Board
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 9th, 2018

Objective: You've collected and completed all the strange requests that were posted on the Swordhaven request board and now finally the person who's behind them wants you back for one last thing. What could it be?
Objective completed: All's well... that ends well?

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Rose Soldier


Access to Atgasedd Doll (Shop)


*You stroll through the streets of Swordhaven where the market stalls are located. You decide to stop when you reach a crossroad.*

<Character>: Well, I guess enough time should have gone by, by now...

*You look down at the cobblestone ground and close your eyes.*

<Character>: All right! Let's get this over with!

*You advance past the crossroad and after passing by another stall, you come across the quest board to meet the individual that has been posting these notices all this time. You look left and right until you look down at the ground again.*

<Character>: Huh?

You find a piece of dark gray cloth beneath the board, causing you to to become curious.*

<Character>: Hmm... That wasn't there before.

*You kneel down to lift up the cloth and you find a pale doll that is missing its eyes. You stand back up without taking your eyes off of it.*

<Character>: A... broken doll?
<Character>: Am I supposed to do something with this?

*A hooded figure that is coming from behind the quest board catches your eyes and you glance at it. You frown and it stops dead in its tracks.*

<Character>: Hey you!
???: !!!
<Character>: What are you doing here? Why were you hiding?
???: ...
<Character>: Come on! Speak up! Are you responsible for all this?
???: I am guilty of no crime, my Lord/Lady.
<Character>: I'll be the judge of that.
<Character>: Strange things have been happening here and I want to know exactly what you were doing snooping around...
???: If that is your wish, I suppose I have no choice but to oblige.
<Character>: Well, it better be good...
???: Would please have a kernel of food or a coin for some to spare?

*You hesitate for a moment until your facial expression turns to pity and concern.*

<Character>: ... You want food?
???: Precisely.
<Character>: I... How does that answer anything?
???: My Lord/Lady, it answers everything.
<Character>: How?
???: Because...

*The figure lets down its hood, revealing that he is a young boy who is sorrowful and desperate.*

Orphan: ... when you're a hungry street orphan as I am, that is what you do. You go about begging for food to fill your empty stomach.

*Your eyes widen in shock once you catch a glimpse of the unhooded boy's appearance.*

Orphan: Do you have any food to spare?
<Character>: ... I don't have any food on me, but I probably have a coin?
Orphan: That would be nice...
<Character>: Ok. Just.... hold on a second.

*You reach into your inventory bag to dig through your items and supplies until you manage to find a gold coin that you are able to spare.*

<Character>: Ah! Here!
<Character>: Here you go! One gold coin for ya! On second thought, ten gold coins would be much better-

*The boy picks up the doll and his eyes suddenly turn pitch black as well save for his iris and pupil who were looking down at it. You frown at him once again.*

<Character>: ... Kid. Put that thing down. Now.
Orphan: I don't want to...
<Character>: PUT THAT D-
Orphan: ... It feels like home.
<Character>: What?
Orphan: I don't know why, but when I'm holding this doll...
Orphan: It's as if I'm with someone who knows what it's like to find their home on the street...
Orphan: ...
Orphan: Being afraid of what'll come tomorrow...
Orphan: If I'll have enough food to eat or... whether I'll have to steal so that my stomach doesn't hurt...
Orphan: That... that feeling of being angry... or of something being wrong... or sad even...
Orphan: ... when I see other kids going by, holding their parents' hand.

*Your eyes completely widen in shock while the boy vents about how he is feeling to you while he cries tears colored in ink black.*

Orphan: I feel so very alone...

*A mark that matches the one on the doll's chest materializes on the boy's cheek as a scar.*

Orphan: There... there just isn't a place for me anywhere...
<Character>: I-
???: So you do admit to stealing!

*A stern Rose Soldier with cyan facial hair approaches you and the boy.*

Rose Soldier: I thought I warned you what would happen if you were caught stealing, but I guess you didn't listen.
Orphan: W-What? But I...
Rose Soldier: Backtracking isn't going to help you this time...
Rose Soldier: ... since we have a witness.

*You freeze. You become extremely sorrowful for you feel stuck in the middle and you are unsure what to do.*

<Character>: *thinking* What is happening?!
Orphan: But I.... this isn't!...
Rose Soldier: And that means you should get off scot-free for breaking the law?
Orphan: No... but I-
Rose Soldier: Then stealing is stealing.
<Character>: You... you can't be serious! He's just a kid!
Rose Soldier: Well if you're intent on obstructing the law, I can get really serious.

*You frown while the stern soldier apprehends the boy.*

Rose Soldier: Come on, kid.
Rose Soldier: You'll be coming with me down to the outpost.
<Character>: Stop right there!!

*Black smoke omits from the doll just as the soldier took it from the boy. The soldier's eyes turn pitch black just like the boy's did.*

Rose Soldier: "You'll be coming with me down to the outpost."
Rose Soldier: ...that's what someone who's completely heartless would say, isn't it?

*Your eyes widen in shock when you discover that the doll had altered the soldier's behavior.*

Rose Soldier: It's funny...
Rose Soldier: A few years ago, I felt pretty much the same as this kid did.
Rose Soldier: Granted I've never lived on the streets...
Rose Soldier: ...but after my father's fields all burned one year and there was nothing but hunger that filled the pit of my stomach for months on end...
Rose Soldier: ...you'd think I'd know pretty well what that kid was talking about.
Rose Soldier: But I guess...

*The mark materializes in front of the soldier's chest and the top part of his face becomes slightly shaded.*

Atgno: I guess I'm just a horrible person... and a terrible, terrible father...

*You continue to watch in shock, yet you feel unnerved when the soldier's appearance slightly transforms and becomes a remorseful version of himself.*

Atgno: I have a wife and a child...
Atgno: She's exhausted from childbirth. She almost miscarried when the day came...
Atgno: I can't bring enough home on my guard salary for her to recover properly...
Atgno: ... and I'm not around enough to take care of Sunshine.
<Character>: ... Sunshine?
Atgno: My baby girl... My sweet little Sunshine.
<Character>: Oh, that's a... pretty name!
Atgno: I'm... horrible... I've never been good at all with names...
Atgno: But...
Atgno: ... but we thought it would be so nice to give her a name...
Atgno: ... that said how much her presence meant to us and felt in our lives!
Atgno: The... the chief told me I would never get that promotion I wanted so badly...
Atgno: ...in order to help my wife and daughter after I let go of that last thieving, starved kid.
Atgno: I thought it was better that way, but apparently it isn't for those I care about.
Atgno: I can't help anyone.
Atgno: Not the Law... not this kid... not my wife and daughter...
Atgno: ... Not even myself.
Atgno: I'm a horrible father...
Atgno: I'm a horrible fa-
Orphan: STOOOP!!!
Orphan: Stop saying that!!
Orphan: You can't say that about yourself! You... you just can't give up like that!
Atgno: But I'm... I'm horrible...
Orphan: You're the best father there is!!

*The manifestation of the soldier's remorse hesitates for a moment.*

Atgno: ... How can that possibly be true?
Orphan: Because...
Orphan: ... Because I've never lived a day in my life with someone to call a parent.
Orphan: And I can tell that if I had someone who worried or cared about me as much as you did for your daughter...
Orphan: ... that I'd find them to be the best father in the world. I know it.

*The boy's sclera returns to its white color while the manifestation disappears, but the mark on the soldier remains on his chest.*

Orphan: Maybe this sounds strange coming from a kid who lives on the streets and all, but....
Orphan: ... please don't give up. For your daughter that you care so much about.
Orphan: I'm... I'm sure there's a way...

*The soldier becomes moved by the fact the boy poured his heart out to cheer him up.*

Orphan: I...
Orphan: I should get going now...
Rose Soldier: Hold on a second, kid.
Orphan: Y-Yes?
Rose Soldier: ... Thanks for saying all that.
Rose Soldier: Come to think of it... I think I might know how to solve part of your problem.
Orphan: Solve my problem?
Rose Soldier: Yeah... Sort of. Do you know Anders?
Orphan: The blacksmith east of the gates to the Court?
Rose Soldier: Yeah. I often tour around his place while I'm on duty.
Rose Soldier: He's told me recently that due to the sheer volume of orders for equipment from the Rose he's been getting...
Rose Soldier: ... he's been considering finding a boy to help him around the forge.
Rose Soldier: He said he'd pay them an apprentice's wage and if they work well, he might even consider taking them on as a real apprentice.
Rose Soldier: You should find Anders and tell him I sent you... He'd trust my word for it.
Orphan: That's... very thoughtful of you, but I don't think it will work.
Orphan: Even if I worked hard for it, and trust me I would, there's one thing that wouldn't change.
Rose Soldier: And that is?
Orphan: I don't have a home. I could earn some money, but I'd still be on the street...
Orphan: I would get robbed by adults... or worse.
Rose Soldier: Then... why don't you just come home and stay with me?

*The soldier's offer leaves the boy shocked for he was being given a real home and a caring family that he would grow to love.*

Rose Soldier: Listen.... Everything would work out.
Rose Soldier: I might be gone for long hours at times on duty... but you could take care of a little sister while I'm away.
Rose Soldier: ... and with mine and your wage during the day, it would more than pay to keep us stable!
Rose Soldier: What would you say? Would you take care of my little Sunshine?

*The boy open his mouth and smiled in excitement. The passage that was written on the ad to hunt for Bradychwyd flashes on-screen while the boy and the soldier share a happy moment that causes you to smile.*





*The doll is left on the ground, presumably discarded once the situation had been resolved. Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • The "reward" - Opens Atgasedd Doll (Shop)

    Other information:
  • Unigedd is defined by translation from Welsh to English to "solitude."

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