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Chains of Command

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10/16/2020 22:17:30   

Chains of Command

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Chains of Command -> Quest!,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Past Quests -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Chains of Command -> Quest!
Requirements: Completion of The Border Prison
Release Date: October 16th, 2020

Objective: It's time to find Kara and rescue the Clawkin!
Objective completed: The Clawkin have been rescued, but it seems the conflict will only escalate from here...

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Energizer
(6) ManaHunter (1)
(3) ManaHunter (2)
(3) Manahuntress
(2) Rose Golem - Boss

Kara SuLema

Rose Magus Wrap (I-VI)

Access to CoC Loot for DCs.


*You locate Kara SuLema within the Rose's Border Prison, as well as whoever she is speaking with...*

Kara SuLema: Please, Magus, can't you see the pain you're causing them?
Kara SuLema: Taking their families, their freedom...
Kara SuLema: This is beyond cruel!
Z: ...
Z: And yet, such cruelty has delivered to me exactly what I desired. Exactly as planned.
Kara SuLema: You'll not capture any more innocents!
Z: Capture?! Capture?
Z: The latest iteration of my Anti-Magic shackles don't merely capture!
Z: By redirecting a being's natural flow of magic to the shackles, they are not only captured, but placated! Pliable!
Kara SuLema: It's awful!
Z: It's Golemancy!
Z: And it's brought you here. The leader of your little rebellion. The... Breeze, was it?
Kara SuLema: You... you put the Clawkin and others through so much pain...
Kara SuLema: Just to reach me?
Z: Of course. If we couldn't locate you we'd just have to poke and prod what we could find, and sooner or later...
Z: That traitor, Carat, served his role well, too. Led you right here. Akanthus was right, yet again.
Kara SuLema: I... I can't let you continue this. This has to stop!
Z: Bah. Clearly you aren't going to submit peacefully.
Z: Guards! Seize her!
<Character>: Oh no you don't!
Z: No- It can't be!

Z: You- you're gone! Frozen!
<Character>: Do you know me?
Z: But if... No... Akanthus didn't tell me about this!
Z: Guards! Guards!!
Kara SuLema: Don't let him escape! I'll protect the prisoners!

*You fight your way through the ManaHunters in the room.*

Kara SuLema: The golemancer fled back through the fort.

Kara SuLema: I... These Clawkin must be my priority. Go!

*You continue to fight your way through the Rose Soldiers throughout the Border Prison until you locate Z, again.*

Z: Always meddling... Always in the way!
<Character>: Hey! Stop!
<Character>: You're pretty fast for an old guy.

<Character>: Wait, have we... met before?

*Z pauses in disbelief before answering, outraged by your inability to recognize him.*

Z: Have weŚ have we met?!

Z: It is I: Zadd!

Z: Golemancer!

*You appear completely unbothered by this reveal.*

<Character>: Huh. Good... for you?

<Character>: Well, you're not getting away, Zadd!
Z: We will see about that! Golems, to me!

*A pair of giant Rose Golems join Z at either side.*

Z: And now, to make my escape!

*Z shuffles off, leaving you to battle the Rose Golems.*

<Character>: Tsk...

  • Battle! - begins battle with 2 Rose Golem.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Sulen'Eska.

    *After defeating the Rose Golems, you make your way back outside the Border Prison, where Kara, the Clawkin, and other Vind members await your return.*

    Kara SuLema: There you are! As you can see, the Clawkin and I have made it out safely.
    Kara SuLema: What of Z?
    <Character>: The coward fled behind his soldiers and golems. I'm sorry, Kara.
    Kara SuLema: I'm sure we'll meet him again. Such worms will always find a way to wriggle to the surface.
    Kara SuLema: Most importantly, we've saved all the Clawkin and prisoners we could.
    <Character>: What of the fort? Now that it's empty, could the Vind take it over?
    Kara SuLema: A tempting idea, but we weren't prepared to do so. We don't have the forces necessary to hold it.
    Kara SuLema: The Rose will be back with reinforcements before long.
    Kara SuLema: And should we try to hold the fort, it will just give them another reason to ply Swordhaven for resources.
    Kara SuLema: Come, <Character>. Let us return to Sulen'Eska before we must fight our way back!

    *Meanwhile, in Swordhaven, Z has returned to face Akanthus after your and Kara's escape with the captives.*

    Akanthus: You had her, Z.
    Akanthus: You had her and you let her slip away on the wind.
    Z: I apologize, general. I couldn't have planned for <Character>.
    Akanthus: Hmph.
    Akanthus: <Character>... <Character>... You'll have to tell me more about this <Character>.
    Akanthus: But worry not, Z. Your shackles aren't the only way to control creatures.
    Akanthus: Diplomacy. Alliances. History, and politics.
    Z: General?
    Akanthus: But a back up plan is always welcome. Just in case, fit those shackles of yours...
    Akanthus: For dragons.

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens CoC Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Time to find Kara and rescue the rest of the Clawkin!
  • There are some loud noises coming from behind the office door...
  • Oh. Kara must have been through here...
  • A letter of complaint about the resident "Magus". Half of it is hastily scrawled over.
  • Wait... this soldier's just sleeping! He's not even injured!
  • More unconscious soldiers.
  • Maybe this one tripped and fell?
  • Defeated soldiers. Kara's work.
  • There's an argument going on through that open door... Sounds like Kara!
  • A stack of papers. It seems to be a catalog of missing items from the armory.
  • Nope, not this way. This is a broom closet.
  • This door is still locked. You don't hear anything behind it.
  • Notice: The quarters and library of Magus Z are off-limits. Do not bother the Magus in any way.
  • This quest is a re-released version of Facing Z with rewritten dialogue, a new structure, music, and a level 90 reward; more information can be found in the October 16th, 2020 Design Notes.

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