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Divine Judgement

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11/11/2018 20:59:44   

Divine Judgement

Location: First Halo -> Quests! -> Divine Judgement
Requirements: Completion of An Elegy of Ice and Fire
Release Date: November 9th, 2018

Objective: It's time to meet the Magesterium.
Objective completed: That was educational. What is this upcoming Celebration? And what plans does the Magesterium have?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) Magi Drone
(2) Magi Scout
(1) Magi Sentry
(1) Magester, (2) Magi Scout - Boss

Bored Secretary
Meek Magester
Niedamir / Annoyed Magester

Shapeless Idol (I-V)

Access to DJ Loot for DCs.


*Back in Nieboheim, you report to a Heroes Guild's secretary after successfully escorting the pepper merchant.*

<Character>: ... And the pepper merchant was escorted safely!

<Character>: So, how do I register to become a Hero?
Bored Secretary: ...
Bored Secretary: Sign here.

*You stare at the underwhelming piece of parchment held out in front of you.*

<Character>: That's it? I can talk to the Magesterium now?
Bored Secretary: Yep.
Bored Secretary: But unless it's important, they'll probably just turn you down.
<Character>: Fantastic! Thank you, citizen.
Bored Secretary: Yep.

Bored Secretary: Take care now.

*A few moments later, you approach an unknown Magester and his Ignominious from behind.*

<Character>: Excuse me! I am <Character>, Hero of Falconreach, member of the Heroes Guild!
Annoyed Magester: ...
<Character>: I request an audience with the Magesterium.
Annoyed Magester: ...
<Character>: It's a matter of grave importance!

*The Magester now appears to be pondering your request, before turning around to face you.*

Annoyed Magester: How... grave?
<Character>: Very?

The Magester rolls his eyes. Most likely. You can't see his face. You imagine him doing it though!

Annoyed Magester: So be it. Follow me. Do not stray from my side.
Annoyed Magester: The city is preparing for Celebration, and the last thing we need is Heroes getting swept up into the—
Annoyed Magester: Ah, pardon me. Do try to stay close, please.

*A short while later, you and the Magester (and his Ignominious) approach a pair of colossal, beautiful stained-glass doors.*

Annoyed Magester: Here we are.
??? (1): *Angry retort*, ??? (2): *Muffled shouting*, ??? (3): *Mild response*, ??? (4): *Barely audible muttering*, ??? (5): *Heated arguing*

*The stained-glass doors open and you are ushered inside to the Magesterium.*

??? (6): —clamation is almost ready—

??? (6): What is the meaning of this interruption?
Annoyed Magester: Do pardon our intrusion.
??? (7): Interesting., ??? (6): How rude!, ??? (8): We are in the middle of—
Annoyed Magester: This Hero claims to have a concern that is of the utmost urgency.
??? (9): Out with it then!, ??? (10): What are they wearing?, ??? (11): Who is this Hero?, ??? (12): Who authorized this Hero?, ??? (13): What could be so important?

*You head down the steps and approach the center of the Magesterium chamber, surrounded by Magesters.*

<Character>: Greetings!

<Character>: I am <Character>, Hero of Falconreach—
??? (14): Falconreach?, ??? (15): Savage!, ??? (16): Hero?, ??? (17): Is that north of—, ??? (18): Of where?
<Character>: I have sailed across the seas in request of assistance against the Rose.
??? (19): Can you not deal with your own issues?, ??? (20): What kind of Hero is this?, ??? (21): Who authorized this Hero? Somebody answer me!, ??? (22): How impertinent!, ??? (23): How unclean!
??? (24): Where is Falconreach?, ??? (25): How uncouth!, ??? (26): Why should we entertain this?, ??? (27): This is highly unusual., ??? (28): Who let this savage in?, ??? (29): Get <him/her/them> out of here!

*To your surprise, your pet dragon seemingly appears out of nowhere to silence the Magesters' judgemental commentary.*

<Dragon>: *ROAAAAR!*
<Dragon>: <Character> is a Hero! A good one at that! | *growl growl rumble*
<Dragon>: You will listen to <him/her/them>! | *ROAWR*!

*Silence follows as everyone still appears to be in shock at the sudden presence of a dragon.*

<Character>: <Dragon>!!!
<Character>: Where did you come from?!
<Dragon>: I was in your pack the whole time! | *growl grumble*
<Dragon>: Also, we're out of DragonSnax. And Hero-Os. And Gorillaphant Jerky. | *happy dragon noises*
??? (14): Dragon!, ??? (15): How can this be?, ??? (16): They remain?!, ??? (17): Destroy it!, ??? (18): Curious.
??? (30): Get me out of here!, ??? (31): Hold on a second!, ??? (32): Heresy!, ??? (33): Savages!, ??? (34): Blasphemy!, ??? (35): Capture them!, ??? (36): Is this a plot from the Rose?
??? (37): Guards!

??? (37): Guards!

  • Battle! - begins battle with (1) Magi Drone, (2) Magi Scout.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to First Halo.

    ??? (38): Destruction of property!, ??? (39): Don't be stupid!, ??? (40): Hold on a second.
    <Character>: Wait, I'm not working for the Rose— I just wanted to—
    ??? (37): Seize them!

  • Battle! - begins battle with (1) Magi Sentry, (2) Magi Drone.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to First Halo.

    <Character>: Please, I only wanted to learn—
    ??? (41): Spy!, ??? (42): Learn our vulnerabilities?, ??? (43): Let's hear <him/her/them> out!, ??? (44): The dragons remain?, ??? (18): We can't let them escape!, ??? (45): Wait a moment—
    Magester: Useless! I'll do it myself!

  • Battle! - begins battle with (1) Magester, (2) Magi Scout.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to First Halo.

    ??? (46): Enough!, ??? (47): Cease!
    <Dragon>: *growls victoriously*
    ??? (19): So. The dragons persist on the other continent., ??? (20): Stop the fighting!, ??? (21): This savage isn't worth it!, ??? (22): Let <him/her/them> speak!, ??? (23): Give <him his/her her/them their> audience!
    <Character>: I— I apologize.

    <Character>: I really didn't mean to offend.
    <Character>: I am <Character>, Hero of Falconreach. I have come here to seek aid against the Rose.
    <Character>: We share a common enemy in that regard, and I believe, that is—
    <Character>: The resistance believes that we can work together and stop the Rose from doing any more harm.
    <Character>: The Rose threatens magic across Lore, not just in Greenguard and surrounding areas.
    <Character>: The Rose perpetrates injustices against those that use magic.
    <Character>: They will not stop with the Land of Dragons. Your empire, this continent, the Land of Fables, is in danger as well.
    <Character>: With your aid, we can stop Jaania from following through with whatever misguided plans she has made.
    ??? (41): Working with uncivilized folk?, ??? (42): Out of the question., ??? (43): Our plans are already in motion., ??? (44): What if we want to help?, ??? (18): Only if we approve subsection D, part 4—, ??? (45): I voted against it!
    ??? (48): This could prove useful., ??? (49): A vote!, ??? (50): It's only fair!, ??? (51): You've had your evidence!, ??? (52): We need more evidence!, ??? (53): Call a vote!
    ??? (54): Guide our deliberation, Shapeless!
    Annoyed Magester: Come now. The Magesterium will now debate on the subject and come to a most fair conclusion.
    <Character>: But I haven't explained everything fully yet! I also wanted to know—
    Annoyed Magester: We are more aware of the situation than you realize, Hero. Much more aware. But for now, you must wait.

    *You, your dragon, and the Magester leave the Magesterium chamber and await the debate's conclusion outside the stained-glass doors.*

    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: So... I never caught your name, and you were nice enough to humour me... and even escort me here.
    Niedamir: Niedamir.
    <Character>: Nice to meet you, Niedamir!

    <Character>: I was wondering...
    <Character>: Can you tell me why the magesters reacted so strongly to <Dragon>?
    Niedamir: Our ancestors drove the dragons away from here, the Land of Fables, and claimed this land for our own: Azaveyr.
    Niedamir: To see one here, in person... Try to keep it hidden and under control.
    <Character>: Why did the ancient magesters do that? Wipe out the dragons from this continent?
    Niedamir: They did what they had to. Such is the nature of survival. There was no personal animosity at first.
    Niedamir: The magesters of old had nowhere else to go. And the dragons found somewhere else to live.
    <Character>: ...That's it? You couldn't live peacefully? You had to fight?
    Niedamir: That is what the history says.
    <Character>: Do you believe that?
    Niedamir: History is written by the victorious.
    <Character>: But do you believe it?
    Niedamir: Yes.
    Niedamir: Yes I do.
    <Character>: ...
    <Dragon>: Zzzzzzz...

    *The stained-glass doors to the Magesterium chamber open from the inside and the silhouette of a Magester appears.*

    Meek Magester: <Character>, Hero of Falconreach. A most fair judgement has been decided.
    <Character>: Wait, judgement?
    Meek Magester: You may enter.

    *You and your dragon are back in the center of the Magesterium chamber, surrounded by Magesters once more.*

    ??? (55): <Character>, Hero of Falconreach. By divine decree of the Shapeless, the Magesterium has voted and made judgement most fair.
    ??? (56): You are not to be punished for your actions in Ull and surrounding countryside.
    <Character>: Wait, you know about that? That was all just a misunderstanding! I—
    ??? (57): You are not to be punished for the destruction of property and the assault of a Magester.
    <Character>: You attacked me! I was defending myself!
    ??? (55): Silence.

    *You resist the urge to defend yourself any further and turn to face the other side of the Magesterium chamber.*

    ??? (58): You are not to be punished for harboring a dragon.
    <Dragon>: *Suspicious growl*
    <Character>: I... appreciate not being punished for crimes that I didn't do, but what of the aid I requested?
    ??? (59): We will not aid you or your resistance in your troubles with the Rose.
    ??? (55): Our own plans are already in motion.
    ??? (56): They do not concern, nor require, your presence.
    ??? (57): However.
    ??? (58): You are welcome to stay. Explore our glorious Empire.
    ??? (59): Perhaps you will learn something of true civilization to bring back to your heathen lands.
    ??? (60): We are in a time of Celebration, after all!

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot - opens DJ Loot for DCs.

    Other information
  • This quest was updated with various typo fixes on July 28, 2023.

    Next Up: Heroes

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