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1/19/2019 0:32:59   

The Forum

Access Point: Nieboheim -> The Forum -> Travel, First Halo -> Up
Requirements: Completion of The Obsidian Tomb
Release Date: January 18th, 2019

Zones Accessible
Zbylut's Barber Shop

Quests Available

??? Seller
Book Seller
Capitol Citizen(s)
Food Seller
Murshrom? Seller
Omniscient Seller
Pierogi Seller
Rock Seller
Sand Castle Seller
Seller of Potions
Sock Seller
Textile Seller

Azaveyran House Items
Azaveyran Houses

Textile Seller
DC Soulwoven
Soulwoven Clothes

Outer Ring

Outside Gate to First Halo

Citizen: Heroes don't come to the forum very often. It's a shame too. They're so... dreamy...

Citizen (1): I have such a long list of things to bring back home to the village... Maybe I can find a Magester or hero to help me.
Citizen (2): I know what you mean. But at least making this trek gives us some more spending money. And everyone back home is always so appreciative!
Citizen (1): You're right, you're right. Sometimes I wonder if I should move to here and take up a different trade, though.

Book Stall

Book Seller: Small books. Big books. Long books. Short books. Get a book. Give me money. Discount for Magesters and Heroes.

Citizen (1): Is that a foreigner?
Citizen (2): Shh, don't stare!
Citizen (1): They're dressed so...
Citizen (2): Don't be rude! What would the Shapeless think?
Citizen (1): I mean, just look at her/him! I think the Shapeless would agree with me.
Citizen (2): ...I kind of like it.
Citizen (1): And this is why you're still single!

Outside Gate to Second Halo, Meat Stall Azaveyran House Stall

Citizen: Ah, it seems like I can't afford to get something Soulforged this time around. Maybe next time.

Archaeologist: Oh, hello again, <Character>! I've finally mustered the strength to leave Maar! I brought goods to sell as hwell! Hwould you like to buy a house!?

  • Houses - opens Azaveyran Houses shop.
  • House Items - opens Azaveyran House Items shop.

    Potion Stall

    Seller of Potions: Hello traveler! Welcome to my potion stall! Please, peruse.
  • Extra potions (up to 5) 2000 gold (DA Required) - By paying 2000 gold, you will receive up to 5 HP and MP potions. These potions are temporary and will be removed when you log out.
    • Yes - fully restocks your Health and Mana potions, capping at 5 each.
    • No
    Magester (1): We received word that activity has picked up recently around Outpost Yeden.
    Magester (2): Again? Is it the interference of the R-
    Magester (1): Please excuse us, <Character>. In the Shapeless Empire, it is considered impolite to eavesdrop.

    Outside Gate to Third Halo, Sand Castle Stall, Pierogi Stall

    Sand Castle Seller: Saaaaand castles! Beautiful saaaaaaaand castles! Made from actual caaaaastles!

    Pierogi Seller: Get your travel pierogies here! Perfect for a midday snack, or the traveller on the go! Just add hot water! Delicious and fast!

  • Instant Pierogi (DA Required)


    The Instant Pierogi is easy to eat! Just add hot water! The Instant Pierogi will recover your MP. Only 250/150 gold!

  • Yes - adds Instant Pierogi to your Temporary Items.
  • No

    If you already have it:
  • Pop-up: You can only carry one Instant Pierogi with you at a time!

  • Public Baths

    Magester: Enjoy your visit.

    Outside Gate to Second Halo, Bread Stall, Toy Stall

    Citizen: The Magesters always put in such large orders of food and clothing. It's extra work for all of us, but it's for a good cause!
    Citizen: They help those who can't help themselves. Plus, they pay well!

    Public Speaking Platform

    Citizen: Non-Soulwoven items? Of course we have those. Can you imagine if your tablecloth changed color because you got embarrassed?
    Citizen: How awkward!

    Citizen: My girl was taken by the Magesters years ago. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if she weren't so magically talented...
    Citizen: ... but I can rest easy knowing that she's doing her duty and protecting me. Even if we never recognize each other again.

    Inner Ring

    Blue Crystal Quadrant

    ??? Seller: I know Magesters are people too, but they always seem so... distant. They must have so many responsibilities.
    ??? Seller: Sometimes I wish they could just relax with us, you know?

    Citizen: What do you mean, 'What if my goods don't sell?' If my goods didn't sell, I wouldn't have a permit to be here!

    Omniscient Seller: I can tell you your past, present and future for just 3 gossips!

    Citizen: Shapeless watch over you.

    Pink Crystal Quadrant

    Citizen: Did you hear about the latest attack from across the ocean? Thank goodness our heroes were there to drive off the threat!

    Murshrom? Seller: How do you do?! Please try my famous murshroms, prepared by me!? Try my murshrom brew too?!

    Citizen: There was a bit of a scandal in the First Halo a while back.
    Citizen: Thank the Shapeless the Magesters used their magick to figure out what really happened or the drama would have spread like wildfire!

    Food Seller: Fresh produce! Come, come!
  • Red Fruit (Cost: 1 Defender's Medal) - Red Fruit increases Crit by 100 for 1 turns. Food items are removed when you log out. Do you want to buy this?
    • Yes - Adds Red Fruit to your Temporary Items.
    • No
  • Green Fruit (Cost: 1 Defender's Medal) - Green Fruit increases your Health resist by -25 for 1 turn. Food items are removed when you log out. Do you want to buy this?
  • Yellow Fruit (Cost: 1 Defender's Medal) - Yellow Fruit increases your All resist by 10 for 1 turn. Food items are removed when you log out. Do you want to buy this?Citizen: You have to try some of this honey- it's the best in the Empire!

    Green Crystal Quadrant

    Magester: <Character>.

    Citizen: Old Granny Bogumila always makes the best cookies!
    Citizen: I'm glad she's still healthy enough to make it down to the Forum from the Third Halo, Shapeless willing.

    Textile Seller: Get all your Soulwoven textile goods here!

  • Textile Shop - opens Soulwoven Clothes shop.
  • DC Textile Shop - opens DC Soulwoven shop.

    Citizen: Hmm... brown or purple... what to choose...

    Red Crystal Quadrant

    Sock Seller: Soulwoven socks here! Only the finest feetwarmers for your coin!

    Citizen: Are people at home jealous? Nah. The Magesters make sure everything gets split appropriately.
    Citizen: Always been fair to us. And if someone has a problem with it, they can always take it up with the Shapeless! Ha!

    Citizen: I can't wait for the upcoming celebrations! There's so much to do and eat!

    Rock Seller: Magical, shiny rocks! For collectors only! Sky-fallen stones, deepwater baubles, mystical underground gems!

    Other information
  • Heading up from the Forum entrance continues onto the First Halo.
  • 'The Study of Forbidden Magicks' book can be accessed via the Book Stall in Nieboheim, to the right of the Forum in the Second Halo; transcriptions can be found in the post below.

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    1/19/2019 21:11:26   

    Book Stall

  • NOTE - Clicking on any of the books glowing and piled up across the book stall will show a brief description of the content. One of the books 'The Study of Forbidden Magicks', can be readable.

    From top to bottom, left to right:
  • The Mad Magester - Appears to be a fictional tale of a Magester who visited the Land of Dragons, and returned crazed. The book makes fun of the Magester's wild conspiracy theories.
  • Shape of the Shapeless - A childrens' book. It's full of pictures that makes no sense, and what appear to be folk tales.
  • Well-Bound Book - 'Betrayal: The Rise and Fall of the Dragon Alliance'. This book depicts dragons as bloodthirsty deceptive and ferocious creatures, bent on treachery. Despite its bias, it seems to be a fascinating tale.
  • The Basics of Soulweaving - You find a passage that forbids using soulweaving in battle situations. Weird.
  • A booklet - A small booklet titled 'My Daughter Was a Criminal: But I'm Not!' Seems to be some sort of religious comfort pamphlet for grieving parents. It's free.
  • An Illustrated Atlas - According to this atlas, the Land of Dragons appears to be an inhospitable wasteland. There's even depictions of tiny evil monsters and ferocious dragons!
  • The Shapeless and You - There are many copies of this book for sale. It is a moral guide on how not to be eaten by the Shapeless. Most copies of this book seem to be old and very well-worn.
  • Soulweaving for Fun - This book appears to be a hobbyists' guide detailing how to make soulwoven socks, scarves and other sundries.
  • 'The Hero's Journey' - Part one of a massive, ongoing series about the heroes of Nieboheim and their adventures fighting off the enemies of the Shapeless Empire.
  • A History Book - 'The History of the Shapeless Empire, Vol 1'. This massive book appears to be part of a series. There aren't any pictures. Just opening the front cover overwhelms you with boredom.

    Books that can currently be read:

    The Study of Forbidden Magicks
    Classic Bestseller Edition: includes original author's notes!

    (Page 1 - Introduction)
    Greetings, Dear Reader!

    I am proud to present to you this collection of books on the topic of Forbidden Magicks, sanctified by the Magesterium themselves.

    It was my utmost pleasure to traverse our lands, listen to folk tales and compile this repository of knowledge as means to educate and to warn the current and future generations of our glorious country about the magicks that have been deemed "forbidden" by the illustrious Magesterium.

    (Page 2)
    We all know of the wonders of magick, about all of the amazing things it has done for the Empire, but we must also stay cognizant of the magicks that the Magesterium themselves forbade us from practicing, as they care about all of us greatly.

    Creativity is humanity's greatest quality, but it is also its downfall. The magicks described in this collection are examples of people's hubris and perverted thirst for knowledge, as they stray away from the Shapeless and toy with unknown forces.

    (Page 3)
    As this is the first book in the series, I would like to go over some of the despicable Forbidden Magicks, as to not bore You, Dear Reader!
    Please note that these tales are in no particular order.
    I am sure we will have splendid time together, delving deeper and deeper into the minds of the folks that turned their backs on the light of the Shapeless.

    It is imperative for me to state that You, Dear Reader, must under no circumstances attempt to recreate any of the magicks mentioned in this collection!

    (Page 4)
    Forbidden Magicks are known to tear your very own soul apart, tainting it, and twisting it beyond recognition, if not outright unravelling it.
    And with a tainted soul, a broken soul, you have no chance for the afterlife that the Shapeless promises you.

    Please, Dear Reader, heed my words and enjoy this knowledge that I am about to burden You with.

    Let us begin!

    (Page 5) Seal of Ativa
    This Forbidden Magick, as the name suggests, was created by a woman named Ativa. I was led to believe that this individual, in her life, was a very secretive person. Numerous accounts have stated that she led a double life, but I find that hard to believe. After all, if people know your secrets, you're not that secretive.

    In any case, Ativa attempted to craft a way to lock any object imaginable by using souls of others, by any means necessary. At the cost of tearing her own soul as well.

    (Page 6)
    She was dooming her own salvation by doing this, after all.
    Tainting her own soul as a means to keep her secrets hidden. Despicable.
    Secrets that were revealed in due time after her death, however, as the people whose souls she used died, and her misdeeds were brought to light.
    As you can see, this was all for naught. Her soul gone, she herself ceased to exist from this world and the next.

    (Page 7) Precious Sight
    This Forbidden Magick, as I've learned, was supposed to grant the caster the ability to turn everything they see into precious jewels.
    Sadly, it didn't turn out that way for the founder of this spell, as they died, naturally, and the discovered body had diamonds in their eye sockets.

    I haven't discovered much about this person in particular- there aren't many people who have recollection of these events, nor who knew this individual.

    (Page 8)
    If I were to make an educated guess, I would say that this person was poor and wanted wealth, and so they decided to turn to developing Forbidden Magick.
    As You can imagine, Dear Reader, they got what they deserved. They wanted treasures, and all they got was eternal damnation.

    Chamber of Elbaba
    Elbaba was a well known figure of old throughout the Shapeless Empire. She was a very powerful Magester, whose empathy magicks had helped many people of our lustrous country.

    (Page 9)
    Sadly, years and years of taking the negative emotions of others upon herself broke her. Through experimentation and dedication, she sought to craft a spell that could purge her of any and all emotions.

    But, as You can imagine, Dear Reader, her fate was sealed the day she began this endeavor.
    In her experimentation, she didn't just lose the ability to feel, she lost all of her senses. And living without the beauty of sight, the blessing of hearing, the allure of taste... without any of them at the same time, it was too much.

    (Page 10)
    She was trapped in her own body, a chamber devoid of senses, with all of the accumulated emotions of the Empire, and no means to communicate with the world.

    She took her own life, and her soul, tortured and pulled and torn, unravelled.

    And while she forsook the chance for an eternal life in the great beyond, the Empire remembers her devotion to the people.

    Let this be a cautionary tale.

    (Page 11) Yarek's Wish
    Yarek, as people who knew him have told me, was a gentle fellow who wouldn't have hurt even a fly. However, because You are reading about him in this book, Dear Reader, You can deduce that he was a foolish boy.
    Yarek was fed up with the wars that were ravaging Azaveyr at the time of his life, and all he wanted for people was "just to get along", as my sources tell me.

    A very noble outlook on life, indeed.

    (Page 12)
    And so, as a foolish but talented young mage, he tried to solve the problem himself.

    He spent time locked away in his study, ignoring his mentor's commands, and wove a Forbidden Magick that would seal his fate. He attempted to create a wish magick with a very specific purpose.

    He wished for peace in Azaveyr.

    To this day, pieces of him are being discovered all over the country.

    (Page 13)
    That's all that remained of him. The Shapeless couldn't save the soul that the boy himself so foolishly tainted.
    Dreams and wishes are to be pursued and worked for. There are no shortcuts in ambition.

    Fool's Sacrifice
    This Forbidden Magick may seem to some as useful, but it is of course, deadly.
    You see, Dear Reader, there was an age in our Empire's vast history, when magicks such as these described in this book were common and widely practiced.

    (Page 14)
    The Magesterium did all they could to curtail the proliferation of such magicks, and as we now know, they were successful.

    The horrors of that period are thankfully largely lost to time, save few, such as the one described here.

    If I am to believe the rumors, during this time, a mage from a foreign country was staying in the Shapeless Empire's crown jewel, the glorious capitol, Nieboheim.

    (Page 15)
    This foreign mage, as I was told by a source who claims that they are a descendant of someone who witnessed this, was studying Azaveyr's soul-based magicks.
    This mage, fascinated by our cultural and magickal advances, wished to bribe his way into the Magesterium by solving this "Forbidden Magick" problem.

    I don't have to tell You, Dear Reader, how presumptuous this was.
    The mage, after believing he had learned enough, proceeded to develop a "magick to stop all magicks".

    (Page 16)
    He attempted to create a Forbidden Magick that was able to completely nullify the magickal effects of any and all spells. "What utter nonsense!" wouldn't You say, Dear Reader?
    Well, this mage succeeded in his endeavor. He was able to nullify a single effect of a Forbidden Magick that had been plaguing the Empire (which I will describe in later books), but in doing so, his own soul was tainted. Violently and brutally. And though he was a foreigner, know that all pure souls go to the afterlife, guided through the directions of the Shapeless, as it does not discriminate.

    (Page 17)
    But this fool, in order to impress the Magesterium, died, and faded into obscurity due to his hubris.

    True, the Forbidden Magick that he was trying to dispel was indeed weakened, but he broke the taboo. The fool sacrificed his soul and afterlife not for the greater good, but for personal gain. And before You, Dear Reader, think that you may have what it takes to sacrifice yourself for the Empire, may I remind you that this is no longer the ancient past.

    (Page 18)
    If you find yourself having such thoughts, locate a Magester and declare your intent. For they will be able to guide you into such service for the Empire, without resorting to these soul-destroying magicks.

    Let this be a lesson in humility for all of us, Dear Reader.

    And now, let's move onto the closing Forbidden Magick for this book!

    (Page 19) Tanislav's Last Will
    From the history books, we know the fate and stories of the "ghost town Mortem". About how the entire population of the town vanished one day. Of course, currently Mortem is a cozy little town in Tkaanie, bustling with life, but the events of that fateful day in our past shook even the Magesterium.

    It wasn't known what exactly happened there back then until recently, and I shall share my findings with You, Dear Reader!

    (Page 20)
    Recently resurfaced facts state that what happened in Mortem was, in fact, due to Forbidden Magicks!

    The titular Tanislav was a ruler of Mortem, back then. Not many people remember him, and none can remember what sort of a person he was. But I have learned that he cast Forbidden Magick in order to save his child.
    "Was he justified in what he was doing?", You ask?
    The answer is: No, my Dear Reader.
    There are no justifications for using Forbidden Magicks.

    (Page 21)
    I was not able to find out the exact nature of the Forbidden Magicks, but its effects are known by all. By casting it, he not only doomed his own life into non existence, but also doomed everyone in the town, every single person, even his friends. This magick was the cause of the "ghost town Mortem". He sacrificed his own life and the lives of all of the people of Mortem, for his son.

    (Page 22)
    His son, who died shortly after what his father did for him. Those who do not heed the word of the Shapeless are led into misery, and thus perish.

    I believe You are now starting to notice similarities in these magicks, Dear Reader. Forbidden Magick NEVER ends well. It always comes with a price.

    (Page 23)
    Thank you for reading this first book in the collection about Forbidden Magicks!
    I would like to also thank my good friend, Perci, as he was the final push I needed to start this series! Thank you, wherever you are! May our paths cross again one day.

    As for You, Dear Reader, I am glad You chose to follow me on this journey, as I travel across the lands in search of Forbidden Magicks and inform people such as You about their dangers!

    Til next time~

    Olizabeth Danao

    Thanks to MajorHelmet for additional information.

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