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Valtrith Tomb, The

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6/13/2015 1:51:33   
Slayer Zach
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The Valtrith Tomb

Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> The Valtrith Tomb
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 12th, 2015

Objective: For 600 years the tomb of the warrior Valtrith Clan has been lost! If you can get inside the tomb, what secrets can you uncover?
Objective completed: Jaysun wasn't the only Valtrith whose sarcophagus was disturbed!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Angry Spirit
(1) Ghost of Fredrick
(1) Ghost of Tiffany
(1) Ghost of Olsen
(3) Spirit
(2) Tarantula
(4) Wisp


Summer's Wind
Dragon's Tooth
Drakathian Sigil
Sigil of the Valtrith Clan
Bloody Bat Sigil
Gold Tooth
Fossilized Scarab
Mask Fragment
Broken Charm
Giant Ruby
Bloodied Chain
Metallic Claw

Ancient Diary Page

Access to Tomb Drops

*The character, Symone, and Ash are standing in a forge. Ash is trying to repair his Blade of Destiny, which is cracked from earlier.*
Symone: How are we supposed to beat that... that thing?
Ash: Without the power of the light from my sword, we would have been done for and... well, even she was almost overwhelmed.
Ash: It will take a while to get it repaired.
<Character>: She... It... has to have a weakness. Even the Mysterious Stranger had to work in the shadows.
Ash: The Doom Weapon is using...
*Ash tears up.*
Ash: ...using her as a cloak.
<Character>: What about Valtrith? Symone, you know the most about him. He was some legendary warrior, right? He's at least human.
Symone: Valtrith has taken those evil artifacts and added their essence to his own... he's beyond human now.
Symone: Even without those artifacts, the legends say his shadow cloak would pull his enemies into the gloom.
<Character>: We need more than legends now. There has to be something written about him, something that can give us an edge.
Symone: The Valtrith clan ruled over the Deadlands, constantly fighting to gain more territory in the Maguswood.
Symone: Jaysun was said to have been the fiercest amongst them...
Symone: ... but, until the Friday the 13th invasions began, he and his family were gone and buried.
Symone: The location of the Valtrith tomb has been lost for 600 years.
<Character>: Well something dug him up and, if it's a tomb we need to find, I know who can help us. Let's go, Symone.
*You and Symone leave the forge and head into some woods.*

<Character>: Hello?
*A sphere drops from a nearby tree and illuminates for a moment.*
Valencia: <Character>!
*Valencia jumps down in front of you.*
Valencia: It's so good to...
*Symone and Valencia glare at each other.*
Valencia: Oh.
Valencia: Why are you with her.
Symone: Valencia.
Valencia: Well? I thought you had better taste than to partner with a Monster Hunter.
Symone: Don't you dare, you...
Valencia: How many more artifacts and treasures have you destroyed?
Symone: How many more people and homes have been destroyed because you needed to collect?
Valencia: How dare you...
<Character>: Stop! Please! I don't know what's happened between you two but it has to wait! You need to help us, Valencia.
Valencia: I don't need to do anything, <Character>.
<Character>: Serenity's been killed. Valtrith... Valtrith consumed her.
*Valencia looks shocked.*
<Character>: We need to find a tomb lost in the Deadlands.
<Character>: Jaysun Valtrith was dug up and we need something... anything... that can help us bury him again.
Valencia: The Valtrith Tomb? It's not lost... I found it years ago when I was searching for the Secret of the Thorn, but it is way too dangerous.
Symone: Is the Treasure Hunter scared?
<Character>: Please, Valencia, we need to get inside. We have to stop Valtrith before more people are hurt or worse....
Valencia: Fine. We'll need to fly though.

*The three of you fly through the Deadlands on Gryphons and arrive at a mountain.*
Symone: So? What no-
*Symone slip at the edge of a cliff, but Valencia grabs hold of her hand.*
Valencia: Watch yourself.
Symone: I was fine...
Symone: I thought you were taking us to the tomb?
Valencia: We're here.
Symone: Here? There's nothing here but rocks and wind.
Valencia: *sniff*
Valencia: Back up.
*Valencia lights a match and throws it at the rock, revealing three doors.*
<Character>: Three doors to the tomb?
Valencia: One door to the tomb. The other two lead to death. Honestly, if this is the front door... all three probably lead to death.
Valencia: Which one do you want to try, Symone?
Symone: Hmm?
*Symone rubs her foot against the ground.*
Symone: Oh, Vaaaaalllll, I think you missed this.
Valencia: A puzzle... it should point to the right door if we can figure it out.

*You must solve the puzzle to continue. Once you do, the correct door opens up. The three enter.*

<Character>: Ok, now we really need to stick toget....
*The floor disappears below the group's feet.*
<Character>: *sigh*
*The three of you fall down below, it is too dark to see.*
<Character>: Oww...
<Character>: Valencia? Symone?
*A candle lights up the room. You are alone.*
<Character>: Great....

First locked room:
  • Pick Lock

    Jab, Wiggle, Jab, Jab, Wiggle, Jab

  • Open Door

    The room contains a full heal shown by a pop-up headline:
    "You take a chance on the one labelled 'Healing 'Elixir'... it's not instant but it does the job."

  • Examine

    Most of the vials and pots have long since dried out, leaving behind oily and noxious residues. A page torn from one of the books is smudged and crumpled on the floor. 'Potion of Eternal Slumber' is scrawled across the top and the stains of tears long dried cover the page.

    Second locked room:
  • Pick Lock

    Jab, Wiggle, Jab, Jab, Wiggle, Jab

    You may find a key somewhere in the dungeon:

    Direction: Right, Down, 2 Right, 2 Up, 2 Left, Up, Left

    When you do:
  • Take key

    A well used key is hung on the wall. Maybe you can use it on one of the locked doors down here.

  • Examine

    Dragon Statue
    The statue has been furiously hacked to pieces and claw marks rake the painting behind it. A crumpled piece of ancient parchment lies on the floor. You can only make out '...orous shall...', '...of Ea...' as the parchment disintegrates into dust when you attempt to read more.

  • Examine

    Potion Bottle
    A small, crystal bottle lies forgotten on the floor, covered with hundreds of years of dust. You carefully swirl the tiny amount of liquid that's left inside, uncork the vial and sniff... and immediately feel woozy and tired. Whatever is in there is not something you want to try. Maybe another room in the tomb can reveal what the potion is?

    Final Tomb Door, if you don't have a key, you can examine it:

    The Final Tomb
    The door to the final tomb is locked tight, but the lock isn't rusted through.... You should be able to find a key.

  • Enter

    <Character>: Symone!
    Symone: <Character>, finally. Be careful. I don't think....
    *A dagger is thrown past Symone's head, killing a Tarantula.*
    Valencia: I said to watch yourself.
    *Valencia pulls her dagger out of the wall and reveals something...*
    Symone: By the Avatars....
    A painting is revealed.

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Drop Shop
    Opens Tomb Drops shop

    Highlights from mousing over things throughout the quest:

    "Here lies Jack Valtrith, the Conquerer of the Overlook."
    "Three ancient, broken masks are mounted on the wall."
    "The urns are full of ash and bone."
    "A trophy from Darkovia."
    "A stolen banner, the sigil is too faded to make out."
    "The ceiling has collapsed and rocks continue to shift and fall."
    "The outside of this mask is covered with hundreds of pinholes."
    "These masks seem a little smaller... Chuck is crudely written inside."
    "These broken masks are made of hardened leather."
    "The alchemy table is covered with cobwebs, rusted metal, and dead plants crumbling to dust."
    "The charred remains of books and pictures recovered from a fire fill this barrel."
    "A forgotten hairbrand with the initials, "D.V.", lies on the dusty shelf."
    "Those pages have notes on them... you should take a closer look."
    "Micheal is carved into the chopped remains of this mask."
    "A landscape in a heavy, ornate frame."
    "Halsey's masks are covered with spatters of dirt and rust."
    "The broken masks are hung with the razor sharp axe of Cain."
    "A stolen banner from a conquered town hangs on the wall."
    "Here lies Cain and Halsey Valtrith, their legions fought on in undeath."
    "The name Frederick is carved into the cracked and melted remains of this mask."
    "Ash and bone fill the urn."
    "A trophy from battles in the Sandsea."
    "Broken masks of an unknown Valtrith."
    "The cracked and broken masks of Jon Valtrith."
    "Here lies Jon Valtrith, his visions kept the Deadlands in his grasp."
    "The ceiling has collapsed!"
    "An ancient banner, stolen in battle, the emblazoned F is slowly fading away."
    "An ancient sword, its edge-pitted and broken from battles long forgotten."
    "This singed mask has the name Charlie written inside."
    "The axes, though untouched for hundreds of years, are still razor sharp."
    "Deep grooves are clawed into the tile here."
    "You're not sure if the stains are from battle... or from a prisoner."
    "The decaying tusks of some behemoth are mounted on the wall."
    "A stolen banner with a fading sigil of a Sun emblazoned on it."
    "A single, unscarred mask is mounted to the wall with several chewed and torn collars."
    "Here lies Camber Valtrith and his warhound Cujo."
    "Ripley's broken masks still glisten with some kind of slime."
    "Trophies stolen from a long forgotten rogue."
    "Here lies Ripley Valtrith, who led her legions to take Castle Nostromo."
    "Here lies Creed Valtrith, even death could not stop his beasts."
    "Broken masks cover the walls of the tomb."
    "The edge of the machete is dull and chipped."
    "The wood is dark and splintered from heavy use on the battlefield."
    "More of Jaysun's masks that were broken in battle."
    "The blade is rusty and spotted with the blood of Jaysun's foes."
    "A jumbled pile of cultist robes."
    "A small scrap of blue cloth is caught in a crack of the wall. Was someone trying to escape?"
    "Here lies Jaysun Valtrith, deadliest warlord of the Valtrith Clan."
    "Here lies Dyana Valtrith, sister of the great warrior Jaysun."
    "Here lies Elias and Pamela Valtrith, who slashed their way to victory in Camp Blood."

    Gather one of the ingredients required for The Plaguenog:

    "You found a brick of Gutterscotch!"

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