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3/20/2015 22:57:57   


Location: Advance on the Castle! -> The Baron Awaits!
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter None
Release Date: March 20th, 2015

Objective: Youíve made it to the castle but not in time!
Objective completed: Youíre going to need a bigger weapon....

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Baron Valtrith


*The screen slowly zooms in on the Baron's Castle as the crescent moon shines behind it. It fades to black and Serenity is laying on a coffin while the Baron and the cultists surround her body.*

<Character>: STOP!

*You, Ash, and Symone approach the cultists with your weapons ready*

Baron Valtrith: Stop? Youíve only just arrived, <Character>, and late I might add.... Weíve been waiting on you.

*Zealot kneels in excruciating pain as his head starts to bubble*

<Character>: If you wanted me here all you needed to do was ask, Baron. Iím not afraid of you or whatever minions you throw at me.
Baron Valtrith: I wanted you here on my schedule, <Character>. As impatient as I am, the timing for what I want to accomplish needed to be right.

*Zealot kneels in excruciating pain as his head bubbles again*

Baron Valtrith: Rushing leads to forgetfulness.
Zealot: Iím... sorry... Master....
<Character>: I donít care about your schedule, Baron. Let Serenity go! Itís me you want!

*The Baron laughs devilishly*

Baron Valtrith: You may have succeeded in beating me once, hero, but not this time.
Baron Valtrith: While you were hacking your way through the woods Iíve made sure that the artifacts I needed for my completion made their way here.
Symone: No matter what evils you add to your being, monster, weíll still be stronger.
Symone: You exhausted your supply of evil the first time and <Character> took care of the rest!
Baron Valtrith: There is evil you havenít considered, Hunter.
Baron Valtrith: Even a tiny piece of the shell that hatched a World Destroyer contains a great deal of the power that I need!

*A brief flashback depicts either Zealot or another cultist breaking into the cave where your dragon hatched. The eggshell is in pieces.*

If you have the Cloak Scrap artifact in your inventory:
Baron Valtrith: I do want to thank you for bringing what my cultists weren't able to recover though, <Character>.

*The artifact glows around you*

Symone: What is he talking about?
Ash: You liar! <Character> would never help you!

*A flying minion of the Baron took the cloak scrap while the three of you aren't paying attention. Symone and Ash look surprised.*

Symone: You... you should have destroyed that!

Scene continues from here on, whether you have the Cloak Scrap artifact or not.

Baron Valtrith: Even the tiniest scraps of an object infused with evil are more than enough.

*The object is placed on Serenityís hair.*

Baron Valtrith: This time, though, Iím leaving nothing to chance. Every piece put forth for my creation belonged to a villain that rocked this planet.
Baron Valtrith: Villains that wrought death and destruction and had the potential to plunge this world into true darkness!

*Zealotís head bubbles a third time.*

Baron Valtrith: This timeÖ I will create my own evil artifact to aid in my completion!

*He puts his hand on Serenityís head.*

<Character>: NO!

*You, Ash, and Symone charge at the cultists. Baron, refusing to have his ritual interfered, forces Zealot to cast a dark spell that created a barrier of black fire. The three of you could do nothing, but watch. Zealot and the cultists conduct the ritual. Zealotís head bubbles the fourth time and his head is lit on black fire. The eggshell and object glow as Serenityís soul is split from her body. Her soul blinks and she appears to wake up.*

Serenity: Oh, I finally fell asleep! It feels like I havenít been able to rest since I found that unlucky axe....
<Character>: SERENITY!
Serenity: Huh? WhaÖ whatís going on? <Character>?

*It was too late. Before you can explain, Zealotís body is completely lit on black fire as his soul and Serenityís soul merge together. The cultists have disappeared and Baron Valtrith is whole.*

<Character>: No! NO! You monster! I will destroy you and pull her soul back from the depths of wherever youíre banished it!

*A Shadowreaper of Doom floats into the scene and hovers next to Baron Valtrith.*

Baron Valtrith: Her soul wasnít banished, <Character>, it was consumed in my formation!
Baron Valtrith: I pulled her very essence out of her, out of time, and devoured it all! All thatís left is this husk.
Baron Valtrith: There is nothing left to save.

*The Shadowreaper of Doom is stabbed into Serenityís heart, transforming her body into a gruesome feminine carcass animated by black magic.*

Caitiff: Thank you, Master. For freeing me.
Caitiff: You have the power of the Elder oneÖ
Caitiff: Caitiff will serve you.
Baron Valtrith (thinking): The power from the scrap of the cloak.... It ties it to me....
Baron Valtrith: Caitiff, welcome to the world youíre going to help me destroy.

*You, Ash, and Symone look at the result of the ritual, shocked and speechless.*

Symone: What have you created....
Caitiff: Can I take that one apart?
Baron Valtrith: Show me what power you have, Caitiff.

*Caitiff absorbs an enormous amount of dark energy and fires a laser larger than its own body out of its skull mouth. The beam creates several explosions around the castle before it annihilates the whole area. Luckily, Ash projected a shield around himself, you, and Symone. The three of you survive.*

Ash: We canít take another hit....
Symone: We have to run.

*The three of you are forced to flee without even attempting to fight.*

Caitiff: I have failed you, Master.
Baron Valtrith: I used them for what I needed them for.
Baron Valtrith: They run from death and now will have to watch, helplessly, as their luck turns to ashes and their world is consumed by darkness.
Baron Valtrith: Run, <Character>! Tell everyone of your ďvictoryĒ and how you helped to achieve it!

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Peachii for info and corrections.

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