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Location: That A'Way!, Your Secret Is Safe, Feast of Welcomegiving!, The Secret of the Thorn, The Temple of Gloom, The Map Room, Race to the Key Orb, Reanimated, New Face of Entropy, What's Mine Is Mine, Reforged, Nature's Keeper, Surehunter Woes, Earth and Entropy, Hidden Blades, Hidden Blades (Cutscene), Entropic Earth Boss, The Valtrith Tomb, Castle Nostromo, Soul Scrying, Friday the 13th Invasion - Dark Night, Given to Darkness, Peril, One Step Ahead, Darkness is Coming, The Mage Tower, It Begins..., Doom Amulet

Quests given
The Sneevil Dumpsite
Egg Recovery
Race Around Lore
Idol Hands

Bacon Saga - The Bacon Origin
Bringing Home the Bacon
He's (a)-Lyin'
Pureblood Protests
It's A Wash
Heart of Gold
No Horsing Around
Frenzy at the Forge
Don't have a Kow
Queen of the Jungle
Triple Threat?
Garden of Good and Ebil
Inside the Garden
The Secret Revealed
Grrrberus' Revenge

Shops owned
Valencia's Shop
ECCA Merge Shop

Valencia: Why hello there Adventurer! I'm Valencia, world famous rare item hunter! Could I interest you in this rare statue? Only 1 Billion gold!

  • Quests

    Trey Surehunter
    Valencia: Trey Surehunter? Of course I know him. Why, he is my Father.
    Valencia: He went searching for "The Ultimate Treasure" in the Temple of Gloom and never returned. Until he does, I'm running the family business.
    Valencia: I don't know. If I knew I would be going after it too! But pops can have that one. I'm after a much bigger prize!
    Valencia: Legend has it that there is an all powerful weapon called the Blade of Awe...um...aw shucks, you don't want to hear about that rusty old thing.
    Valencia: So... you are a hero?
    Valencia: How interesting! I love hearing stories about Heros. What is your story?
    Valencia: Were you a young child raised on a farm who left to pursue a life of action and adventure?
    Valencia: Do you have amnesia and forgotten that you are actually royalty or have some secret hidden power?
    Valencia: Was your homeworld destroyed and you were sent here in the last escape pod?
    Valencia: Was your family taken from you are an early age causing you to train your entire life to protect others?
    Valencia: Did you find your super powers the day you lifted your weapon above your head and said, "By the power of numb-skull!"
    Valencia: Did you go back in time in a cool looking car to change the course of history for the better?
    Valencia: Do you have some sort of cool looking birthmark or symbol which is part of your destiny?
    Valencia: *Whispers* Did you realize the world around is really.. *gulps* a computer game... and that you, are The One?
    Valencia: ...
    Valencia: Are you absolutely sure you are a hero?
    Valencia: We are going to have to work on your hero story... this is a very important part of being a hero.
    Valencia: You should visit the forums, introduce yourself, and tell everyone how you, <Character>, came to be!
    Valencia: Wait, what? You are after the Black Dragon Box!?
    Valencia: *Gasps* Wow, I cannot believe it is you. So, you are the one...
    Valencia: ...destined to become a DragonLord!
    Valencia: Inside the Black Dragon Box was an Egg. The Sneevil must have dumped it out. Amazing how they can open any lock! (Clue for later)
    Valencia: I know where the Sneevil dump site is... I will help you find the egg. Hmm, I wonder how much it would be worth.
    Valencia: Just between us, I am a bit suprised.
    Valencia: From the looks of you... I would have guessed you would have been going after the White Dragon Box.
    Valencia: Nevermind that, lets go find where the Sneevil tossed out *smiles* your Dragon Egg!

    Sneevil Dumpsite
    Valencia: The sneevil dumped a Dragon Egg out of the Black Dragon Box at the sneevil dump site. I can show you the way there.

    Valencia: A huge Vultragon stole the egg? I bet is was "Ultra-Vultragon!. He lives at the top of.... Mt. Moordoor!

    Valencia: Moordoor? It is a deadly mountain of treasure and the bane of door to door salesmen everywhere! A huge Vultragon lives at the top.

    Valencia: Vultragons? THey are wretched scavengers that steal and eat other's eggs. Their eggs look very similar to Dragon Eggs.

    Egg-xactly 5!
    Valencia: All 5 of these eggs look identical, I am unable to tell them apart. Hmmm, you should take these back to your little red Moglin friend. Good luck!

    Eyedol Hands
    Valencia: Pops left some old maps and one leads to ancient temple near here!
    Valencia: It's said that the people who lived there were unified from three tribes and created a golden idol to celebrate that.
    Valencia: Their temple was overrun though, and the idol broken. Now it lies in ruins covered in creepy-crawlies!
    Valencia: If you go and kill all the monsters maybe you can put the idol back together!

    Bacon Origin
    See below

    Race Around Lore
    Valencia: Hello, <Character>! Feel up for a challenge?
    Valencia: Just how fast do you think you can travel around Lore?
    Valencia: I bet I'm faster! Bring back souvenirs of each place you visit to prove you were there!
    Valencia: As an added incentive, I'll let you trade the souvenirs you find for weapons from my shop. Ready, set, go!

  • Talk
    Valencia: I live my life by one simple code. There is no item too rare and no quest too dangerous!

    Rare Item Hunter
    Valencia: Hunting Rare Items? Each item has a rarity value. Items that only appear once, like unique war rewards, are the rarest of all.

    Valencia: I heard that the citizens of Falconreach recently came into a lot of gold. I thought maybe they might like to purchase this one of a kind item.

    Valencia: Rumors? I hear the 'Lady of the Cake' and 'Jaun Ring to Rule the Mall' quests are coming. I do believe the creators are quite insane.

  • Rarity Score
    Selecting it takes gives you your rarity score (popup)

    Note: For more information, check On Rarity, Rares, Item Drops, Drop Rates, and Sellback Values - An FAQ

  • Shop
    Opens Valencia's Shop.

  • Invite
    Valencia: I am up for an adventure as long as there is rare items or lost treasure involved!

    Adds Valencia to your Party

  • Heal
    Recovers your HP and MP fully.

    The Bacon Origin

    Valencia: I'm glad you're here, <Character>, I have a little favor to ask of you. It has to do with a very rare element I've recently heard about.
    Valencia: Well, you've heard of elements like Ice, Wind, Earth and all? This element is strange, though. It appears to be... bacon.
    Valencia: Exactly. Bacon. Now, in all my wanderings I've never come across such an element, which is why I am very interested in learning all about it.
    Valencia: I really want to know more about element bacon! Please see what you can find out!

    The Search Begins

    Valencia: You might want to start hunting for information in the Falconreach guardian tower. I know its library has many tomes full of obscure information.

    He's (a)-Lyin'

    Valencia: So... a chickencow god? You do come across the strangest people. And animals. Anyway, his messenger left this letter for you.
    Valencia: *reads* If you truly believe yourself worthy to know more about our secrets, then you'll need to start proving yourself.
    Valencia: *reads* You can start by taking care of a rather annoying individual I find myself too busy to deal with.
    Valencia: *reads* The vileness of his slander is making my attendants weep. Oh, and I advise you to not believe a word of what he says. - Zeuster

    Pureblood Protests

    Valencia: Your chickencow god friend has sent down another request from the high. He is quite a character, isn't he?
    Valencia: It seems his sense of musicality is being offended by the interruptions of anthems sung to praise him by his reverential supplicants.
    Valencia: He says that he hates to have their choral efforts ruined, and he is requesting you please deal with the noise...
    Valencia: by any means necessary... before he loses his temper and turns them into soup for his attendants.

    It's A Wash

    Valencia: Well, this is an interesting turn of events.
    Valencia: Zuester's latest request came for you, and it seems that he doesn't need anything killed.
    Valencia: Especially if they're mages. You know...he sure is hard to please; who knows how many of these "requests" of his you'll have to do.
    Valencia: Imagine what his priests go through serving him! Directions for how to get to their temple are in the letter.

    Heart of Gold

    Valencia: It seems your chickencow friend isn't completely self-absorbed, after all. In fact, he's downright benevolent in this letter.
    Valencia: He says Aria has always been a friend to the chickencows, so now he wants you to help her for him.
    Valencia: He says she needs a "hand with a hind", whatever that means.


    Valencia: Zuester has been petitioned by a local bull, the half-cousin of one of his attendants.
    Valencia: It seems one of their calves wandered into the swamp and was attacked by a vicious hydra.
    Valencia: They've never seen one this large, so you'd better be careful, because Zeuster is sending you to take care of it.
    Valencia: The cows have promised to erect a large statue in his honour if you can finish off the monster, so he's eager for you to get started.


    Valencia: This god doesn't really like being challenged much, have you noticed ?
    Valencia: There's a beast who is claiming that Zeuster is unable to navigate some maze-thing the creature built.
    Valencia: Zeuster is more to answer his challenge and disprove his claim, but he'd rather see if you're capable of finishing the task.
    Valencia: He says he's pretty sure you're up to it, but I know you can do it. What's a little labyrinth to a hero like you ?

    No Horsing Around

    Valencia: Sometimes I'm surprised just how nice that chickencow can be. This time, Zeuster would like you to help out one of his friends.
    Valencia: The spirit of his friend's wife is being tormented by a trickster in the Underworld.
    Valencia: Death doesn't want to let her go, and not even repeated pleas have made him change his mind.
    Valencia: His frirend is distraught and Zeuster hopes you can help. He adds a piece of advice: Don't fear him. He certainly knows how to be ominous.

    Frenzy at the Forge

    Valencia: It looks like you've been far too busy to get bored, and things aren't about to slow down anytime soon.
    Valencia: Zeuster would like you to take care of a boar that's been on a rampage, scaring the chickencalves. It sounds like a pretty ferocious beast.
    Valencia: And the next time you're in town, you might want to stop by Yulgar's forge. I hear he's made up a new batch of smoothies.
    Valencia: As good as they are, you might want to take care of this boar first. I hear the townspeople hunting for it haven't had any luck.

    Don't Have a Kow

    Valencia: <Character>! I have good news and not-quite-as-good news for you.
    Valencia: Zuester writes that he is beginning to feel you could be worthy of that secret you're hunting, after all.
    Valencia: That was the good news. The not-quite-as-good news is that he isn't quite sure yet, and needs more convincing.
    Valencia: He says he'll tell you all you need to know for this next task when you get to the magepriest dorm-stable. Good luck, <Class>.

    Queen of the Jungle

    Valencia: Hello, <Character>! It sounds like Zeuster has another task for you since you handled yourself so well with the chicalves. Lucky you!
    Valencia: He says in his latest letter that one of his favorite attendants has pleased him with her devotion, and he would like to give her a gift in thanks.
    Valencia: But he wants it to be a very special present, not just any old trinket.
    Valencia: He's heard of a magical belt worn by the Queen of the Jungle Furies, and he has his little hybrid heart set on giving it to her.
    Valencia: Which is where you come in. You'll need to journey into the jungle and retrieve the belt, by any means necessary.
    Valencia: Oh, and he says he's heard Queen Leeta likes presents, so giving her some gifts might help her part with her belt. Good Luck!

    Triple Threat?

    Valencia: Zeuster didn't give me many details in his latest letter for you. He said he wants to see you on Mount Beeflympis to explain in person.
    Valencia: He certainly has a flair for the dramatic doesn't he? Good luck, <Character>, I can't imagine what he'd be asking of you this time.

    Garden of Good and Ebil

    Valencia: <Character>! Zeuster wants to see you right away!
    Valencia: He says it's an emergency, and if you help him now, it will more than make up for your last attempt.
    Valencia: You should head up to Mount Beeflympus as soon as you can.

    Inside the Garden

    Valencia: What are you doing back here? I can't wait to hear about what you discover inside the Garden!

    The Secret Revealed

    Valencia: Zeuster says everything is ready.
    Valencia: He and Archimoodes will meet you in the MagePriest temple at midnight.
    Valencia: He really does take the phrase "Mysterious!" to heart, doesn't he? We've waited long enough. Go find out his secret!

    Grrrberus' Revenge

    Valencia: Why don't you go and visit that cute puppy you brought back from the underworld.

    Feast of Welcomegiving!

    Valencia: ...
    Valencia: Don't even think about it.

    Your Secret Is Safe

    Valencia: Hmmpfh. I wouldn't say steal, <Character>.
    Valencia: When a very powerful object is held somewhere that's under attack... it's usually a good idea to move it.
    Valencia: Lord Valorus told me the same story I suspect he told you...
    Valencia: Well... legend has it, 1,000 years ago, elementals ravaged the land.
    Valencia: This battlefield was the center and this shield was what the monsters rallied behind... I had to see for myself... Does it look familiar, <Character>?
    Valencia: I'm not sure... Whatever darkness drives the Doom Knights... gives them their power... definitely is though...
    Valencia: Isn't it clear, <Character>?
    Valencia: The towers were built to protect the Orbs. The Order of the Thorn was charged with building the Willowshire Tower... the Tower of Earth!
    Valencia: Not quite... Questions are going to have to wait until later, <Character>.
    Valencia: I still have to get the Secret of the Thorn someplace safe and we have a problem...

    The Secret of the Thorn

    Valencia: We need to get Valorus!
    Valencia: Don't worry, <Character>, sometimes the best hiding places are in plain sight...
    Valencia: Trust me. Right now, we need to get inside the Tower of Earth!

    Valencia: <Character>... he is a ghost.

    Valencia: The true Secret of the Thorn.
    Valencia: ...
    Valencia: Daddy?

    New Face of Entropy

    Valencia: He...
    Valencia: He can't have betrayed us...

    Valencia: I don't understand....

    Valencia: Daddy...
    Valencia: Daddy must have suspected all along.... Combining the the Blade of Awe and Earth Orb....
    Valencia: He has focused the power of the Orb. Make minions. Call the Guardian Dragon. Move the very earth itself. Nothing will be hidden....

    Valencia: ...

    Valencia: ...
    Valencia: ..With the promise of treasure....

    The Temple of Gloom

    Valencia: ...Daddy?
    Valencia: What...what are you doing here?
    Valencia: In a Museum?
    Valencia: Of course we'll help you, Daddy.

    Valencia: Be careful <Character>. The ground looks unsafe here.

    Valencia: Come on Daddy. We should probably go looking for him.

    Valencia: Um...
    Valencia: Hey...<Character>?

    Valencia: How's your face?

    Valencia: Way to go, <Character>!

    What's Mine Is Mine

    Valencia: Where do we go next, then!?

    Valencia: Ok.. looks like it splits up ahead. Which way do you want to go?

    Valencia: Yup. Say.. up ahead... is that--
    Valencia: Ok.. I think we're in the clear.
    Valencia: <Character>.. You should know better than to say stuff like that.

    The Map Room

    Valencia: <Character>! Wake up, <Character>!
    Valencia: Oh. Well, actually that did happen.
    Valencia: ...
    Valencia: Well, um, you see... we made a significant archaeological discovery, and..
    Valencia: It went out on its own eventually, thanks to this cave being damp and all...
    Valencia: A map room!

    Valencia: Come on, let's go check it out!

    Valencia: Isn't it incredible?
    Valencia: Um.. I don't think so.
    Valencia: Right. Well, watch this.
    Valencia: We're very sorry to have intruded mr...
    Valencia: ... Mr Salad. We are looking for--
    Valencia: Salad, who is this Fae you mention--

    Race to the Key Orb

    Valencia: Where did she go?
    Valencia: <Character>.. We're SO close! Pay attention, ok?

    Valencia: Is that...?


    Valencia: You're not going to get near her.
    Valencia: ...
    Valencia: Thanks!
    Valencia: I... I don't know. Daddy must have taken her someplace where they'd be safe though.
    Valencia: I... I don't think we're done.

    Valencia: They get more powerful with each battle.
    Valencia: I have one thing left up my sleeve. We need to get away. Now.
    Valencia: We need to catch up with Daddy and Fae. Everything that those two touch decays...
    Valencia: We're going to need the complete Earth Orb to stop them!


    Valencia: Daddy!
    Valencia: There you are! Is everything ok?
    Valencia: The Stone half? Yes, but....
    Valencia: I...

    Valencia: I hope you know what you're doing....

    Valencia: Daddy?

    Valencia: Daddy?!

    Valencia: Daddy... please... what are you doing?
    Valencia: But...

    Valencia: Wha... What happened?

    Nature's Keeper

    Valencia: The Nature half... you started shifting after you found it.
    Valencia: It must have... slowed time for you somehow. Given you eternal youth.
    Valencia: You spent time in the Temple of Gloom... did you collect anything while there?

    Valencia: We can.
    Valencia: First we have our own trap to lay though.

    Surehunter Woes

    Valencia: Missing something?
    Valencia: Watching you rip the earth apart for meaningless trinkets.
    Valencia: No.
    Valencia: You haven't found anything. Your minions have dug up everything. Knocked over anything in their way.
    Valencia: You just take what they find and throw it on the pile. Do you even know what half of what they've found is?
    Valencia: Not all of it.
    Valencia: I want to make a deal.

    Valencia: Hmph..
    Valencia: You really think I came alone to negotiate with you?

    Valencia: Time for this... TIME FOR THIS?! Look at what you've done...
    Valencia: I think I know better then you do...

    Earth and Entropy

    Valencia: Daddy...

    Valencia: Daddy?

    Valencia: Daddy!

    Valencia: No! Give me your hand!

    Valencia: Daddy! It's not worth it!
    Valencia: You're... slipping!

    Valencia: NO!

    Hidden Blades

    Valencia: DIE!

    Valencia: We need to keep on moving.

    Valencia: ...

    Valencia: En and Tropy were his minions, he had to have known how close they were.
    Valencia: We have more important things to worry about right now...

    Valencia: There is no one place...

    Valencia: It's more important to keep Sepulchure from getting his hands on it...
    Valencia: When the time is right, I can reforge it. For now, though, hide it, <Character>.
    Valencia: Search all over Lore and find the perfect place to hide each piece.
    Valencia: In the meantime, I'll work on forging some kind of decoy to cover our tracks....

    Hidden Blades (Cutscene)

    During the war:
    Valencia: I hope this is good enough..

    Valencia: Ok. Quick, we need to find more hiding spots.

    Valencia: Ok, that's another one.

    Valencia: Thank you, <Character>.

    After the war ended:
    Valencia: That's the last one. Sepulchure will not obtain the power of the Blade of Awe.

    Valencia: It will.
    Valencia: ... It must.

    Entropic Earth Boss

    Valencia: <Character>! Help!

    Valencia: It's after the Blade!

    Valencia: Yes! The Blades of Aww!

    Valencia: Defeat it, <Character>!

    Valencia: Is it ever over?

    Valencia: I'm so sorry....

    The Valtrith Tomb

    Valencia: <Character>!
    Valencia: It's so good to...
    Valencia: Oh.
    Valencia: Why are you with her.

    Valencia: Well? I thought you had better taste than to partner with a Monster Hunter.

    Valencia: How many more artifacts and treasures have you destroyed?

    Valencia: How dare you...

    Valencia: I don't need to do anything, <Character>.

    Valencia: The Valtrith Tomb? It's not lost... I found it years ago when I was searching for the Secret of the Thorn, but it is way too dangerous.

    Valencia: Fine. We'll need to fly though.

    Valencia: Watch yourself.

    Valencia: We're here.

    Valencia: *sniff*
    Valencia: Back up.

    Valencia: One door to the tomb. The other two lead to death. Honestly, if this is the front door... all three probably lead to death.
    Valencia: Which one do you want to try, Symone?

    Valencia: A puzzle... it should point to the right door if we can figure it out.

    Valencia: I said to watch yourself.

    Castle Nostromo

    Valencia: This way!

    Valencia: Here! I found this scroll years ago in Oaklore storage. It's magic should-

    Valencia: What.... What was that?

    Valencia: Heh, we're not just in the middle of its lair... I think we're in Dyana's room.

    Valencia: It took you long enough.

    Soul Scrying

    Valencia: No one has come back from being consumed by the Shadow Cape... except one.

    Valencia: The last page of Dya... Serenity's diary was written after escaping the cultists that woke her.
    Valencia: The only thing in Jaysun's sarcophagus was his final mask, surrounded by shadow. Somehow she and at least of one of the cultists escaped Castle Nostromo with the mask, despite her potion to forget.

    Valencia: Then we have a little blue furball to question.

    Valencia: The Guardians in Falconreach tried to keep tabs on a few of the local troublemakers. They might have a record of his other hiding places.

    Valencia: You, maybe. But I happen to be one of those "local troublemakers". No, the front door won't do at all.

    Valencia: Come on, grab my hand.

    Valencia: ..............

    Valencia: Symone!

    Valencia: If you were behind the undead invasion, how do the cultists fit in?

    Valencia: You're a member of the Cult?

    Valencia: Wait, scrying? You can spy on the Cultists?

    Friday the 13th Invasion - Dark Night

    Valencia: I caught him packing. Zorbak claims he isn't behind this siege. Valrith is handling it... personally.

    Valencia: I can get around his troops. I'll try and find where they're holding the captives.

    Given to Darkness

    Valencia: Wait!

    Valencia: They disguised them as Cultists!

    Valencia: Here, hold this torch. Symone, help me with these rags.


    Valencia: ...

    Valencia: I wante-

    Valencia: <Character>! Let-

    Valencia: *distant whistle*

    One Step Ahead

    Valencia: Not for too long, though. Look at the map, I've marked the sightings...
    Valencia: Greenguard, Doomwood, Sho'Nuff, Fairglade... Oaklore. <Dragon> is getting close.
    Valencia: It has passed Maguswood. It can only mean one thing... <Dragon> is flying towards Sandsea.

    Darkness is Coming

    Valencia: Are you certain?

    The Mage Tower

    Valencia: ...Rose troops as a meat shield...

    Valencia: We might be able to use the help of a certain someone still.

    Valencia: The Blue Mage.

    Valencia: Well, now that this is settled-
    Valencia: Huh?

    It Begins...

    Valencia: ... you're not listening...

    Valencia: It's very, very bad. The gates are holding for now, but we can't all just sit here.

    Doom Amulet

    Valencia: Yes, but...
    Valencia: Something's wrong, <Character>...

    Side View Image
    Book 3 Design Notes Preview
    Book 3 Image
    Alternative Image 1
    Alternative Image 2

    Also See: Rare Item Hunter

    Thanks to
    -- Pink_Star for information.
    -- Andy8 for information.
    -- ILmaset13 for dialog.
    -- Suranjan for reformat.
    -- Stephen Nix for reformat, dialogs and corrections.
    -- Peachii for additional quest given, location and dialogs.
    -- SalvationXI for dialog.
    -- Voodoo Master for dialogs.
    -- Slayer Zach for image and book-3 image.

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