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Inside the Garden

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3/15/2011 10:31:49   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Inside the Garden

Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Bacon Origin -> More -> Inside the Garden
Requirements: Completion of Garden of Good and Ebil
Release Date: May 1st, 2009

Objective: You fought your way past one of the largest (and grossest) guards imaginable. Who could own a garden that needs such imposing guards?
Objective completed: You really, REALLY don't want to know what is guarding the back gate.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0



Hercowles' Wrap
Bright Pink Egg
Golden Egg
Mottled Egg
Sparkly Egg
Spotted Egg
Striped Egg

Valencia: What are you doing back here? I can't wait to here what you discover inside the garden!

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    Cysero: My thumbs are quite normal, actually.
    Cysero: Unless I hit them with something. Then they're a pretty awesome shade of pulsing blue-purple.
    Cysero: Not green, though, sorry. Never seen them that color, except for that time I was, er, enhancing Warlic's spare bath-robe with that dye.
    Cysero: But that hardly counts.
    <Character>: Cysero?!
    <Character>: What are you doing here?
    Cysero: Waiting for inspiration to strike me.
    Cysero: And by inspiration I mean one of those eggs up there in that tree.
    <Character>: No, I mean what are you doing HERE. In this garden.
    Cysero: It's my garden, why wouldn't I be here?
    <Character>: You... have a garden?
    Cysero: WHAT?
    Cysero: I have things. Why wouldn't I have things? Recently I discovered one of them was a garden.
    Cysero: I could have sworn it was an outhouse before, but hey, you work with what you've got.
    <Character>: But what is it for?
    Cysero: Plants, I think. Or planting plants. It looks like a lot of my nature-based magical experiments have wound up here.
    Cysero: Did you see that schnozzberry bush over there?
    <Character>: ...
    Cysero: They taste like schnozzberries!
    <Character>: Who ever heard of a schnozzberry?
    Cysero: No one! But I had this dream, and after an afternoon in my workshop--
    <Character>: Wait. Did you say you were waiting for an egg to fall?
    Cysero: Yep. Look up. This tree seems to be full of them.
    Cysero: They look pretty ripe, too.
    Cysero: ...
    Cysero: Do eggs get ripe?
    <Character>: There are chickencow eggs.
    <Character>: Growing.
    <Character>: On this tree.
    Cysero: That's what it looks like to me, too! And they're pretty big. I bet one would make THREE omelettes!
    Cysero: And what a tree! It sprung up last week shortly after I spilled that plate of sparkly pink stuff on my plate of fried eggs...
    Cysero: I think.
    Cysero: I tossed my ruined breakfast out the window since, for some reason Warlic, says the library isn't a good place for storing ruined food.
    Cysero: I argued that the 'Ruined Food' cabinet was already full but he wouldn't have it.
    <Character>: Why would chickencow eggs grow on a tree? That makes no sense.
    Cysero: Sure it does. You just need to look at it the right way.
    Cysero: Fruit comes from trees, right?
    <Character>: Yes.
    Cysero: And chickencow eggs come from chickencows, right?
    <Character>: I never really wanted to think about that, but... I suppose that's logical.
    Cysero: So, a chickencow egg is also a chickencow tree seed. Same thing... or close enough for government work.
    Cysero: The tree just needed a little convincing to see things that way. Tis one is bearing chieckencow-fruit. Makes sense to me.
    <Character>: But- but- so this tree is a chickencow?
    Cysero: Of course not, it's a tree.
    Cysero: Do you need glasses?
    <Character>: .....
    Cysero: Yup. As soon as they fall, breakfast is mine! I just need to wait for one to drop...
    Cysero: ...And I've got nothing better to do.
    Cysero: ...And I'm hungry.

    So they wait...

    Cysero: Any minute now.

    After a few minutes...

    <Character>: ...

    And a few more minutes...

    Cysero: Getting VERY hungry now.

    *Shake* *Shake* *Shake*

    Cysero: OW.
    Cysero: You think you can just fall on me? We'll see about that.
    Cysero: See ya, <Character>. I have to go introduce this egg to my pals...
    Cysero: Skillet, fork and ketchup.
    <Character>: Cysero! Wait!
    Cysero: Fine, no ketchup.
    <Character>: Can I at least take these other eggs back to Zeuster?
    Cysero: Huh? Sure, go ahead. Knock yourself out.
    Cysero: Before one of these soon-to-be-scrambled eggs does it for you.
    <Character>: Oh! One last question. That gigantic snake-lady? What was SHE here for?
    Cysero: She's guardin' the garden, of course.
    Cysero: And you should see what I've got by the BACK gate!

    Zeuster: <Character>! I cannot believe you've done it!
    <Character>: You should be able to, after everything else I've managed to do for you.
    Zeuster: *sigh* You are right. You are a rare <Class> of rare skill and yes, of incredible worth. We owe you a great deal.
    <Character>: Awww, well. Someone had to think of the children, er, the chicalves. They belong with their parents, not on a tree or as- nevermind.
    Zeuster: We don't understand how someone managed to take the eggs. Did you determine that? And the identity of the thief?
    <Character>: Weeeeell, you see, they weren't actually stolen. I'm not really sure HOW they got onto that tree in Cysero's garden...
    <Character>: But I'm pretty sure a magic powder, a plate of eggs, and a spacetime vortex under Warlic's kitchen window had something to do with it.
    <Character>: It's Cysero. You don't really want to ask too many questions.
    Zeuster: *nod* Very understandable. But the eggs are back, is what's important! So please, name your reward, <<You>>.
    <Character>: ..... You do remember why I've been doing all these tasks for you, don't you?
    Zeuster: Hmm. Yes. Vaguely. Something about wanting... something. Something very important.
    Zeuster: I have so many supplicants, it's hard to keep track of all those requests, you know.
    <Character>: BACON! I want to know the secret of element bacon! I've been helping you for months, and you don't even know why?!
    Zeuster: I was sure you had a good reason.
    <Character>: *scream of frustration* *deep breath* So... Will you tell me the secret of the bacon element now?
    Zeuster: Of course. Anyone who has served my people so well is ore than deserving enough to know one of out most well-kept secrets.
    Zeuster: I will have to prepare the magepriests, though, as the story is really theirs to tell.
    Zeuster: A letter will be sent to your acquisitive purple-haired friend by the statue when all is ready.

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for original entry.
  • Voodoo Master for coloring and corrections.

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