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1/17/2009 2:36:58   
PaperClip OF DOOM


Location: Bringing Home the Bacon, Outnumbered, Don't have a Kow, Triple Threat?, Garden of Good and Ebil, Inside the Garden, The Secret Revealed, Leftovers

Quests given

Shops owned

Bringing Home the Bacon

???: Greetings, moooo-rtal. *cough* Ahem, pardon me. Frog in my throat.

???: No, god. Zeuster. Which is to say, me.

Zeuster: Close. I'm the chickencow god. What did you expect?

Zeuster: He's two mountain-tops over, sorry. If you make your way down now, you might be able to reach him before sunset.
Zeuster: Be prepared for a lot of wood chopping and water carrying though.

Zeuster: Bacon is tasty, if a bit greasy. Does that help?

Zeuster: I prefer to think of it as dispensing wisdom with humor. Why do you ask about bacon?

Zeuster: Why yes, yes I do. But who are you to be asking about that?

Zeuster: I did not ask you why you were asking about element bacon. I asked who you were to be asking. That knowledge is not for just anyone.

Zeuster: Hmm. I suppose you could prove your worthiness.

Zeuster: Fine, fine. You can start by doing a little chore for me and if you prove successful at that, we'll see what else you can do.
Zeuster: I'll leave the details with your nosy friend by the ostentatious statue in the woods.

Zeuster: Omniscience is handier for more than impressing chicks at parties.

Zeuster: Yes, we do. But this one isn't of me, now is it?


Zeuster: Very well done, I admit. You are proving yourself to be more useful than I anticipated.

Zeuster: Ahahah, no no. So far you've proven you're useful. That is quite different from have proven you're worthy.

Zeuster: How do you like my statue? Gateful cattle have a way with precious metals, it seems. I'll have to remember that.

Zeuster: Hmm. You're right, of course. I do look quite fine reflected in gold.

Zeuster: What are you talking about?! It's grand, glistening, and gold and huge. No other statue could possibly be so impressive.

Don't have a Kow

Zeuster: <Your Character:>, good. Archimoodes and I have a task for you.
Zeuster: Well you did say you knew how to be useful.

He's (a) Lyin': (Through a letter)

Valencia: *reads* If you truly believe yourself worthy to know more about our secrets, then you'll need to start proving yourself.
Valencia: *reads* You can start by taking care of a rather annoying individual I find myself too busy to deal with.
Valencia: *reads* The vileness of his slander is making my attendants weep. Oh, and I advise you to not believe a word of what he says. - Zeuster

Triple Threat?

Zeuster: There you are, <your character>! It is good to see you again. I have to say, you've been doing quite well at all these tasks I've set you to. I am impressed, you really do seem to be proving yourself worthy. But I'm tempted to really test your limits now. I have envied Death his security. I would be quite appreciative if you could bring me Triskylos, the beast that guards the Underworld.

Zeuster: From slaying deadly creatures to obtaining rare objects, you've managed to succeed at all of the tasks so far.
Zeuster: This one shouldn't present much more difficulty.

Garden of Good and Ebil

Zeuster: There you are, <Character>! We have a serious problem!

Zeuster: Yes! One of my supplicants has brought word that there are chickencow eggs outside our nurseries!
Zeuster: He heard they were being locked away in some walled enclosure guarded by a hideous monster!
Zeuster: My attendants are frantic, and the common chickencows are running around as if their heads were cut off!

Zeuster: Someone is thieving our chickens before they've even hatched! What kind of person would do something like that?!
Zeuster: If you could find out who is behind this and return our unhatched young, I would not be the only one indebted to you.

Inside the Garden

Zeuster: <Character>! I cannot believe you've done it!

Zeuster: *sigh* You are right. You are a rare <Class> of rare skill and yes, of incredible worth. We owe you a great deal.

Zeuster: We don't understand how someone managed to take the eggs. Did you determine that? And the identity of the thief?

Zeuster: *nod* Very understandable. But the eggs are back, is what's important! So please, name your reward, <Character>.

Zeuster: Hmm. Yes. Vaguely. Something about wanting... something. Something very important.
Zeuster: I have so many supplicants, it's hard to keep track of all those requests, you know.

Zeuster: I was sure you had a good reason.

Zeuster: Of course. Anyone who has served my people so well is ore than deserving enough to know one of out most well-kept secrets.
Zeuster: I will have to prepare the magepriests, though, as the story is really theirs to tell.
Zeuster: A letter will be sent to your acquisitive purple-haired friend by the statue when all is ready.

The Secret Revealed

Zeuster: <Character>, after all you've done for us, you've earned the right too hear this tale.

Zeuster: You must understand, <Character>, when my supplicants pray to me, I am not always paying conscious attention.
Zeuster: I would never be able to concentrate, what with the constant requests for my attention and favor!
Zeuster: The nature of my existence allows for shortcuts. If my subconscious hears a request that seems acceptable, it grants it.

Zeuster: Yes. You can see why we didn't advertise its creation.

Zeuster: Don't be dramatic. How could one be allergic to something that hadn't even existed?

Zeuster: Indeed.

Zeuster: There is much of Lore you do not know, <Character>.

Zeuster: Ask.

Zeuster: Yes, yes there is. It is not one of the originals, but it DOES exist.

Zeuster: A place that smells like... breakfast.

The Leftovers!

Zeuster: This is why I am here.
Zeuster: As omniscient as I am... I did not know where these things came from.
Zeuster: Therefore, I came seeking an explanation from some other higher being.
Zeuster: Cysero was good enough.

Zeuster: They are not his creation, unfortunately. It'd be much easier to deal with if they were.

Zeuster: Cysero knows, but he refuses to share it with me.

Zeuster: Hmm.

Zeuster: This one is looking at me funny.

Zeuster: This is curious...

Zeuster: Another puzzle piece... this is going to play a role in the future. This is my godly prediction.

Zeuster: I'm going to investigate this further. Goodbye, mortals.

Thanks to
-- ArchMagus Orodalf for dialogue.
-- Pink_Star for location info and some dialog.
-- Stephen Nix for banner, dialog and correction.
-- Doomstalker for correction.
-- Voodoo Master for dialogues.
-- Zevox for locations.

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