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3/31/2017 22:53:58   


Other names: The Leftovers!

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> The Leftovers!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 31st, 2017

Objective: Your hero is off to have a completely normal day! Maybe they will run some errands? Or just hang around.
Objective completed: Sghr hr itrs z adfhmmhmf, hrm's hs?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Leftovers - Boss
(1) Titan Leftovers - Titan Boss (Optional)




*You exit the Falconreach Inn after a good night's rest and take a big stretch.*

<Character>: Yaaaaaaawn...
<Character>: Alrighty!
<Character>: Time to tackle the day!

*You turn to your right and suddenly come across a wide-eyed chickencow-like creature whose chicken body parts have now been replaced with that of a cow's and vice-versa. Its facial expression is stiff like it is daydreaming, but it creepily blinks every five seconds. The unexpected encounter wipes your morning smile from your face.*

<Character>: Oh...

*You take a brief look at the wide-eyed chickencow-like creature's legs, causing you to feel unsettled and even awkward.*

<Character>: ...kay.

*You look around your surroundings and discovered that there were a couple more of these creatures in the area. This causes you to assume that you're dreaming.*

<Character>: Time to go to sleep!
???: <Character>!

*You turn to your left to find that Cysero and Zeuster have arrived next to you at the inn's entrance.*

<Character>: Zeuster?
<Character>: And... Cysero...
<Character>: I see where this is going. Cysero, what did you do...
Cysero: I invented baecon, woke up, found my middle sock, pondered where geese are from and started a war.
Cysero: Not necessarily in that order. But that war thing was in another dimension, so I don't know how it applies here.
Cysero: So... I pretty much did nothing today. But the day is still young! Oh, and these things appeared. Not my fault.
Zeuster: This is why I am here.
Zeuster: As omniscient as I am... I did not know where these things came from.
Zeuster: Therefore, I came seeking an explanation from some other higher being.
Zeuster: Cysero was good enough.
Cysero: Aww, thanks.
Zeuster: They are not his creation, unfortunately. It'd be much easier to deal with if they were.
Cysero: Poor babies.
Cysero: I'm calling them Leftovers.
<Character>: So... if neither of you made them... then who did?
Zeuster: Cysero knows, but he refuses to share it with me.
<Character>: You do?
Cysero: Yup.
<Character>: Go oooon?
Cysero: I won't tell.
<Character>: ... Why not?
Cysero: Because it's funnier to leave it as a cliffhanger that we won't come back to for a long while...
Cysero: ... that is necessary to push the overarching plot and mystery further!
<Character>: ...
Zeuster: Case in point.
<Character>: Soooo...
<Character>: I will just... go.
Zeuster: Hmm.

*He notices one of the wide-eyed chickencow-like creatures glaring in his general direction, causing him to become suspicious.*

Zeuster: This one is looking at me funny.
<Character>: They all are...

*One of the creatures twirls its tail like a propeller, levitates in midair, and flies right toward you, Cysero, and Zeuster quickly.*

Cysero: It's coming right for us!
<Character>: *sigh* I won't even question it...

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You confront the creature head-on as it heads in your direction. For some odd reason, the battle takes place in a rainbow-like enviornment. The enviornment returns to normal and you take notice of the strange occurance shortly after the creature is subdued, leaving behind a golden puzzle piece.*

    <Character>: S-something was... was... wrong with the background...
    <Character>: *panic* W-WHAT IS HAPPENING!?
    Cysero: Oh, oh, oh! Look. It left a puzzle!
    Cysero: Beat up more of them!
    <Character>: No!!!
    Zeuster: This is curious...
    <Character>: And SO weird. Too weird. I'm out of here, I just want to have a normal day.

    *You attempt to pass through one of the Leftovers, but it grows to enormous size and reaches the sky, preventing you from leaving the area, much to your sudden surprise.*

    <Character>: Sure, why not...
    Cysero: Go go, <Character>!

  • Titan Leftover
    To Battle!
  • Let a DragonLord Handle this - skips to the next cutscene.
  • Heal
  • Leave Quest

    *Either you or another dragonlord battle the giant Leftovers creature in what looks like a handdrawn background. After the latter's defeat, it drops another puzzle piece and all of the sudden, you, Cysero, and Zeuster end up in the area in Doomwood near Blackwyn Tomb, which confuses you once again.*

    <Character>: Whe- W-
    <Character>: *In a tone signifying that you are going to need a psychologist after this* Where... where are we?!
    Cysero: I believe we were displaced and moved here for plot convenience!
    <Character>: I- I am- But- I don't-
    Zeuster: Another puzzle piece... this is going to play a role in the future. This is my godly prediction.
    <Character>: I- I don't like it.
    <Character>: Who wrote this?!
    Cysero: Well, time to go back to town!
    Zeuster: I'm going to investigate this further. Goodbye, mortals.

    *Zeuster flies to his left until he disappears off-screen. Unfortunately, the day's random events infuriate you greatly.*

    <Character>: *In a cracking voice* I need explanations!!!
    Cysero: Oh, don't worry, <Character>, none of this is canon.

    *Cysero discreetly appears in front of the screen with an eager look on his face and a suspicious tone of voice, indiciating that he is hiding a well-kept secret from you.*

    Cysero: Or is it...?

    *Cysero then leaves the screen quietly, continuing where the dialogue has left off.*

    Cysero: I'm off, I wanna introduce the Leftovers to my kitchen.

    *He, too, dashes off-screen after running in a brief zig-zag across the area, leaving you alone with the floating golden puzzle piece.*

    <Character>: How do I get back?
    <Character>: WHO WROTE THIS?!

    *You depart from the area as well, hoping that the day will return to normal before it gets any weirder. Meanwhile, two individuals in whittish clothing arrive not long after you leave. One has a rotating gold key for a head, the other has a golden rotating square with a keyhole on it.*

    Jdx: Fqddm nmd jmnvr.
    Knbj: Vdjmdv sgzs gd vntkc.
    Jdx: Vd chc.
    Knbj: Cn vd sghmj hs hr z bnmbdqm?
    Jdx: Vd cnm's.
    Knbj: Hmcddc.
    Knbj: Cn vd sghmj sgzs vd vhkk ad hmudrshfzsdc ax sgd qdrs?
    Jdx: Xdr vd cn.
    Knbj: Sgzs hr bnmbdqmhmf.
    Jdx: Vd cnm's sghmj sgzs.
    Knbj: Hmcddc vd cnm's.
    Knbj: Ats vd rgntkc sqx sn zbs nm z ltbg rlzkkdq rbzkd mdws shld. Nq sgdx vhkk ehmc nts.
    Jdx: Rtqdkx.
    Jdx: Vd khjd sghr gtlzm.
    Knbj: Vd rgntkc cn Inqd.
    Knbj: Vd rgntkc.
    Jdx: Vd rgntkc.
    Jdx: Zksgntfg... sghr vzr rhkkx.
    Knbj: Hs vzr, vzrm's hs?
    Jdx: Hmcddc.
    Jdx: Kds'r sqx rnldsghmf cheedqdms mdws shld.
    Knbj: Kds'r.

    *Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Spoiler translations in end cutscene dialogue:

    Key: Green one knows.
    Lock: We knew that he would.
    Key: We do.
    Lock: Do we think it is a concern?
    Key: We don't.
    Lock: Indeed.
    Lock: Do we think that we will be investigated by the rest?
    Key: Yes we do.
    Lock: That is concerning.
    Key: We don't think that.
    Lock: Indeed we don't.
    Lock: But we should try to act on a much smaller scale next time. Or they will find out.
    Key: Surely.
    Key: We like this human.
    Lock: We should do more.
    Lock and Key: We should.
    Key: Although... this was silly.
    Lock: It was, wasn't it?
    Key: Indeed.
    Key: Let's try something different next time.
    Lock: Let's.

    Spoiler translation when quest is completed:

    Quest completion: This is just a beginning, isn't it?

    Thanks to the DFGD forum users for dialogue and quest complete translations.

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