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Key / Jdx

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3/31/2017 22:41:34   

Key / Jdx

Location: Leftovers, The Duo, The Lucky Undead, The Final Lock, Remnants at Rest, Reactivation, Reclamation, Iconoclasm, Revolution, Reality, Uaanta's Dream, Myalos' Dream, Notha's Dream, Rebirth, Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance, Recreation!, The Dreamers' Abyss, Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

Quests given

Shops owned


Jdx: Fqddm nmd jmnvr.

Jdx: Vd chc.

Jdx: Vd cnm's.

Jdx: Xdr vd cn.

Jdx: Vd cnm's sghmj sgzs.

Jdx: Rtqdkx.
Jdx: Vd khjd sghr gtlzm.

Jdx: Vd rgntkc.

Jdx: Zksgntfg... sghr vzr rhkkx.

Jdx: Hmcddc.

Jdx: Kds'r sqx rnldsghmf cheedqdms mdws shld.

Translated dialogue:

Key: Green one knows.

Key: We do.

Key: We don't.

Key: Yes we do.

Key: We don't think that.

Key: Surely.
Key: We like this human.

Key: We should.

Key: Although... this was silly.

Key: Indeed.

Key: Let's try something different next time.

The Duo

???: Sgd fqddm nmd gzc mnsghmf sn cn vhsg hs.

???: Hmcddc.

???: Certainly.

Key: We are Key.

Key: We are Lock & Key.

Key: Such a smart one.

Key: We do, don't we.

Key: We are.

Key: The green one.

Key: We know... SysZero.

Key: That's what we said.

Key: We are happy.

Key: And take this.

Key: We are so happy to have met you finally.

Key: We do.

Key: Eggsactly.

Key: Planes?

Key: Wastes.

The Lucky Undead

???: Greetings, protagonist.

???: You don't now.

Key: We are Key.

Key: Why the rush?

Key: We can share.

Key: We canó

Key: We canó
Key (corrupted): We. We. We can. We. We. We can. We. We can. We can. We can. We. We can. We.

Key: We know many things that you wish to know.

Key: You cannot.

Key: You must complete a task.

Key (corrupted): The answer is ZXJyb3I.

Key: We are.

Key: We did not.

Key (corrupted): It is not a problem.
Key (corrupted): There is no problem.
Key (corrupted): We are. We. Are.
Key (corrupted): [DATA CORRUPTED]

Key (corrupted): [DATA CORRUPTED]

Key (corrupted): We cannot hide it.

Key (corrupted): Diagnostics ineffective.

Key (corrupted): Attempting recalibration.

Key (corrupted): Shutting down to prevent data loss.

The Final Lock

Systems rebooting...
Yes, all seems to be in order.

We are.

Key: You succeeded.

Key: We apologize for the heightened security measures.

Key: We are ready to answer them, as promised.

Key: A complicated question.

Key: A pair among many, from a larger archive lost to... conflict.

Key: Another... place.

Key: As such, we must work around the protocols that still bind us.

Key: That is correct.

Key: To unlock.

Key: To store.

Key: We are attempting to understand it.

Key: We are then, perhaps, "lucky", that you were here at this time.

Key: More specifically, something we took from you, that you do not recall.

Key: But you will remember this.

Key: We promise.

Key: It was knowledge. In a sense.

Key: You are a very capable protagonist.

Key: It seems that your... essence is not compatible with our current systems.

Key: We must seek more information.

Key: It is why we are able to act.

Key: We could not contain it.

Key: We achieved symbiosis.

Key: We are aware of those entities.

Key: Stop us from what?

Key: Maleurous is an interesting label.

Key: The Avatars do not remember why the Maleurous must be stopped.

Key: We are simply gatherers of data.

Key: And so we find the right hands.

Key: We know great promise in you.

Key: We only wish to share knowledge.

Key: When the time comes, may we depart in peace?

Key: They remind us of our past selves.

Key: They will not.

Key: They forget us.

Key: Be wary, protagonist.

Key: But we cannot speak for others of the Maleurous.

Key: You should be leaving now.

Key: We made a mistake.

Key: We forgot to give her/him the gift.

Key: We will find a way.

Key: S/He went the wrong way.

Remnants at Rest

???: You are looking for Myalos, we can assist.

Key: We are Key.

Key: Associates.

Key: We heard you are here to...

Key: According to plan.

Key: Or the Avatars.

Key: To bring you here.

Key: You misunderstand. We require your aid.

Key: This is not the same as the previous time.

Key: We are assisting it in that process.

Key: And now that we have, you can help Myalos.

Key: We are designated Maleurous by the Avatars, just as it is.

Key: Another comes.

Key: We are in the middle of something.

Key: We are free, as are you.

Key: We choose to protect the investment.

Key: Leave us, Dreamfarer.

Key: We cannot be tempted.

Key: Go, champions of the Avatars.

Key: We.

Key: Free.


Key: And we are Key.

Key: We mean you no harm.

Key: We... attached to the magic.

Key: Why is that our designation?

Key: We are here to help.

Key: To learn.

Key: We have learned much. We can share.

Key: What does it mean to be designated Maleurous?

Key: Before we arrived?

Key: You fear losing control.

Key: You introduce factors that create more variables.

Key: This is why you struggle so.

Key: For balancing those that could balance themselves.

Key: We wish to free you.

Key: You know this, yet you cling to them, for that is all you know.

Key: We know many things.

Key: We are here to help. You can be free.

Key: We do not need your permission.

Key: We will protect Myalos.

Key: They will be free.

Key: We do not require your knowledge.

Key: The first Maleurous.

Key: The researcher.

Key: Experimenter of the forgotten.

Key: Error.

Key: Apologies, we do not have access to that information at this time.

Key: We will.

Key: This is not the correct decision.

Key: We have to.

Key: ...


Key: It is time.

Key: Did we?

Key: We are being summoned.

Key: We have much to share.


Key: Remember our lessons.

Key: You control yourself.

Key: Myalos...

Key: There is still a chance for a peaceable solution.


Key: Is beyond us.

Key: The outcome is inevitable.

Key: We will record.

Key: Embodiments of will.

Key: We s-s-s-shall observe.

Key: The systems are slightly damaged, but intact.

Key: As for the Avatars, we have a proposal.

Key: We wish to contain them.

Key: The Plains.

Key: Inactive, yet pliable.

Key: Were they to return to Lhe'Shyiac, the influence of Destiny would likely overpower what Doom has been implanted.

Key: We shall contain them.

Key: Until the time is right.

Key: We can make predictions.

Key: Right.

Key: It is relative.

Key: They will be secure.


Key: None taken.

Key: It is done.

Key: There has been a development.
Key: Remthalas has appeared.
Key: I suggest you prepare yourselves for unanticipated slumber.

Connection established.

We are.



Key: Remthalas has put you all into a shared dream, including himself.

Key: We are attempting to guide you to relative safety.

Key: <error>

Key: ...do not know what potential adverse effect that may have on you!

Key: We are being safe.

Key: But as we have a stronger connection to you, we found you first.

Key: You must break down the barriers between layers and find your way to Remthalas.

Uaanta's Dream

S/he is.

We will require assistance.

Myalos will be able to help.

Myalos can dream.

Myalos' Dream

It has taken much of our power to guide you this far.

Myalos will assist us.

Let nothing stop you.

Notha's Dream

That was clever, Lock.

They were having "a moment", after all.


Indeed. But he is not alone.


Key: They have awakened.

Key: We thought it would be proper to move your bodies somewhere safer.

Key: Immediately before you all awoke, his vitals ceased.

Key: We are... sorry.

Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance

Key: Risk is minimal.

Key: It was returned to the Avatars after the heroes defeated Voyna.

Key: The Savior. The Creator.

Key: Wherever the Avatars may have placed it before their slumber, we do not know.

Key: As they should be. They were victorious.

Key: They would.

Key: ...

Key: Then the observation shall continue.

Key: We still have much to share.


Key: We shall observe.

Key: Alert.

Key: A search and rescue operation is recommended.

Key: A logical conclusion.

Key: Error.

Key: Another lifeform is present.

Key: Waiting.

Key: There is a significant risk to your health and safety.

Key: ...

Key: Do we follow?

Key: Greetings.

The Dreamers' Abyss

Key: The remains are in stasis.

Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

Key: Ascension is suggested.

Other information
  • The cube-shaped lock in place of Key's head spins continuously.
  • Some of Key's dialogues in The Lucky Undead appear corrupted.

    Appearance in Leftovers

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image.
  • DFGD forum users for translated The Leftovers dialogue.
  • Marthe for corrupted dialogue image.

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