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Key / Jdx

Location: Leftovers, The Duo, The Lucky Undead, The Final Lock, Remnants at Rest, Reactivation, Reclamation, Iconoclasm, Revolution

Quests given

Shops owned


Jdx: Fqddm nmd jmnvr.

Jdx: Vd chc.

Jdx: Vd cnm's.

Jdx: Xdr vd cn.

Jdx: Vd cnm's sghmj sgzs.

Jdx: Rtqdkx.
Jdx: Vd khjd sghr gtlzm.

Jdx: Vd rgntkc.

Jdx: Zksgntfg... sghr vzr rhkkx.

Jdx: Hmcddc.

Jdx: Kds'r sqx rnldsghmf cheedqdms mdws shld.

Translated dialogue:

Key: Green one knows.

Key: We do.

Key: We don't.

Key: Yes we do.

Key: We don't think that.

Key: Surely.
Key: We like this human.

Key: We should.

Key: Although... this was silly.

Key: Indeed.

Key: Let's try something different next time.

The Duo

???: Sgd fqddm nmd gzc mnsghmf sn cn vhsg hs.

???: Hmcddc.

???: Certainly.

Key: We are Key.

Key: We are Lock & Key.

Key: Such a smart one.

Key: We do, don't we.

Key: We are.

Key: The green one.

Key: We know... SysZero.

Key: That's what we said.

Key: We are happy.

Key: And take this.

Key: We are so happy to have met you finally.

Key: We do.

Key: Eggsactly.

Key: Planes?

Key: Wastes.

The Lucky Undead

???: Greetings, protagonist.

???: You don't now.

Key: We are Key.

Key: Why the rush?

Key: We can share.

Key: We canó

Key: We canó
Key (corrupted): We. We. We can. We. We. We can. We. We can. We can. We can. We. We can. We.

Key: We know many things that you wish to know.

Key: You cannot.

Key: You must complete a task.

Key (corrupted): The answer is ZXJyb3I.

Key: We are.

Key: We did not.

Key (corrupted): It is not a problem.
Key (corrupted): There is no problem.
Key (corrupted): We are. We. Are.
Key (corrupted): [DATA CORRUPTED]

Key (corrupted): [DATA CORRUPTED]

Key (corrupted): We cannot hide it.

Key (corrupted): Diagnostics ineffective.

Key (corrupted): Attempting recalibration.

Key (corrupted): Shutting down to prevent data loss.

The Final Lock

Systems rebooting...
Yes, all seems to be in order.

We are.

Key: You succeeded.

Key: We apologize for the heightened security measures.

Key: We are ready to answer them, as promised.

Key: A complicated question.

Key: A pair among many, from a larger archive lost to... conflict.

Key: Another... place.

Key: As such, we must work around the protocols that still bind us.

Key: That is correct.

Key: To unlock.

Key: To store.

Key: We are attempting to understand it.

Key: We are then, perhaps, "lucky", that you were here at this time.

Key: More specifically, something we took from you, that you do not recall.

Key: But you will remember this.

Key: We promise.

Key: It was knowledge. In a sense.

Key: You are a very capable protagonist.

Key: It seems that your... essence is not compatible with our current systems.

Key: We must seek more information.

Key: It is why we are able to act.

Key: We could not contain it.

Key: We achieved symbiosis.

Key: We are aware of those entities.

Key: Stop us from what?

Key: Maleurous is an interesting label.

Key: The Avatars do not remember why the Maleurous must be stopped.

Key: We are simply gatherers of data.

Key: And so we find the right hands.

Key: We know great promise in you.

Key: We only wish to share knowledge.

Key: When the time comes, may we depart in peace?

Key: They remind us of our past selves.

Key: They will not.

Key: They forget us.

Key: Be wary, protagonist.

Key: But we cannot speak for others of the Maleurous.

Key: You should be leaving now.

Key: We made a mistake.

Key: We forgot to give her/him the gift.

Key: We will find a way.

Key: S/He went the wrong way.

Remnants at Rest

???: You are looking for Myalos, we can assist.

Key: We are Key.

Key: Associates.

Key: We heard you are here to...

Key: According to plan.

Key: Or the Avatars.

Key: To bring you here.

Key: You misunderstand. We require your aid.

Key: This is not the same as the previous time.

Key: We are assisting it in that process.

Key: And now that we have, you can help Myalos.

Key: We are designated Maleurous by the Avatars, just as it is.

Key: Another comes.

Key: We are in the middle of something.

Key: We are free, as are you.

Key: We choose to protect the investment.

Key: Leave us, Dreamfarer.

Key: We cannot be tempted.

Key: Go, champions of the Avatars.

Key: We.

Key: Free.


Key: And we are Key.

Key: We mean you no harm.

Key: We... attached to the magic.

Key: Why is that our designation?

Key: We are here to help.

Key: To learn.

Key: We have learned much. We can share.

Key: What does it mean to be designated Maleurous?

Key: Before we arrived?

Key: You fear losing control.

Key: You introduce factors that create more variables.

Key: This is why you struggle so.

Key: For balancing those that could balance themselves.

Key: We wish to free you.

Key: You know this, yet you cling to them, for that is all you know.

Key: We know many things.

Key: We are here to help. You can be free.

Key: We do not need your permission.

Key: We will protect Myalos.

Key: They will be free.

Key: We do not require your knowledge.

Key: The first Maleurous.

Key: The researcher.

Key: Experimenter of the forgotten.

Key: Error.

Key: Apologies, we do not have access to that information at this time.

Key: We will.

Key: This is not the correct decision.

Key: We have to.

Key: ...


Key: It is time.

Key: Did we?

Key: We are being summoned.

Key: We have much to share.


Key: Remember our lessons.

Key: You control yourself.

Key: Myalos...

Key: There is still a chance for a peaceable solution.


Key: Is beyond us.

Key: The outcome is inevitable.

Key: We will record.

Key: Embodiments of will.

Key: We s-s-s-shall observe.

Key: The systems are slightly damaged, but intact.

Key: As for the Avatars, we have a proposal.

Key: We wish to contain them.

Key: The Plains.

Key: Inactive, yet pliable.

Key: Were they to return to Lhe'Shyiac, the influence of Destiny would likely overpower what Doom has been implanted.

Key: We shall contain them.

Key: Until the time is right.

Key: We can make predictions.

Key: Right.

Key: It is relative.

Key: They will be secure.

Other information
  • The cube-shaped lock in place of Key's head spins constantly.
  • Some of Key's dialogues in The Lucky Undead appear corrupted.

    Appearance in Leftovers

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image.
  • DFGD forum users for translated The Leftovers dialogue.
  • Marthe for corrupted dialogue image.

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