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5/14/2022 1:24:23   

ArchKnight DragonFable


Location: Book of Lore -> Intro: Reality / To War!,
Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> The Maleurous -> Notha Ly'Ehr -> Reawakening,
Location: Reawakening -> To the War! -> Reality
Level/Quest/Items required: None Completion of Revolution
Release Date: May 13th, 2022

Objective: All's well that ends well.
Objective completed: One last dream, then.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*Late evening at the Book 3 Falconreach Inn, Notha is repairing Myalos' body while Lock oversees her.*

Notha: ...Stay strong, Myalos... The power source is still stable... It's just a matter of time.

*A brief pause as Notha continues to repair Myalos.*

Notha: *Sigh*
Notha: ...Just a matter of time.
Lock: Perhaps a break is in order.
Lock: Uaanta and <Character> are still downstairs.
Lock: They are enjoying themselves.
Lock: It is highly probable that they would appreciate your company.

*Another brief pause as Notha tries to take a break from repairing Myalos.*

Notha: I guess that's the socially expected option.
Lock: It is what data shows to be beneficial to friendship based transactions.
Notha: ...Right. I guess I must make some effort.
Notha: Don't go anywhere, Myalos! I—

*Remthalas appears behind Notha.*

Remthalas: I am not finished, Notha Ly'Ehr.

Remthalas: And neither are you.

*In another room of Falconreach Inn, you, your dragon and Uaanta are enjoying themselves as Key oversees them.*

<Character>: And then he says, "Man, what happened to that tog?!"

*Your dragon nods back to you while Uaanta reminiscence the previous events surrounding the Avatars and the Maleurous.*

<Character>: ...Is something bothering you, Uaanta?
Uaanta: It's not that I dislike your company, <Character>. You've been a... a fine companion.
Uaanta: But with the gods of Lhe'Shyiac locked up in an ancient sentient relic; no offense, Key...
Key: None taken.
Uaanta: ...and my journey home being a prospective adventure in itself, and Notha shutting herself in her room with Myalos...
Uaanta: Yes, there's quite a lot weighing on my mind, <Character>.
Uaanta: Remthalas is still out there, too. And something about that doesn't feel... right.
Uaanta: Makes my sword arm twitch.
<Character>: Maybe I can try and talk Notha out of her room! We can discuss what lies ahead for us.
<Character>: Or, Key, can you um, tell Lock to try to help convince Notha to come down?
Key: It is done.
<Character>: Already? Wow. I don't even have to leave my chair!

*Back in Notha's room in the Falconreach Inn, she asks Remthalas why he appeared to her.*

Notha: Whatever could you be referring to, Remthalas?
Notha: The Avatars, the Makers, they're dormant now. We are free. I have... friends! A happy ending for all.
Remthalas: You know there is more. You promised to help.
Remthalas: To help with that... suffocating thread wound around our necks and hearts from the dreamless sleepers.
Remthalas: From Aequilibria.
Notha: I promised to help.

Notha: And I did.

Notha: We took down the Avatars.
Notha: You helped me, and I helped you. How far that "help" goes was never specified.
Notha: I will not oppose you if you leave me be. But I will not help you in your... madness.
Remthalas: You've seen the hints in your Exalted remnants! There is still yet another yoke to wriggle free from!
Notha: I'm done, Remthalas. Surely there are other people you can pester with your dreams into the unknown.
Remthalas: Heroes.

*Remthalas uses his powers as he states his intentions about Aequilibria.*

Remthalas: I need heroes to tear down the tyranny.
Notha: ...Really? I'm in the middle of something!
Remthalas: And now that the Avatars are free, I will have my answers.

*Notha rolls her eyes to Remthalas.*

Notha: ...You're at least bringing the others in as well, right?
Notha: Maybe I should warn them.

Notha: Hey, Lock, can you—

*Back in your and Uaanta's room, Key notifies you and Uaanta that Remthalas has appeared.*

Key: There has been a development.
Key: Remthalas has appeared.
Key: I suggest you prepare yourselves for unanticipated slumber.

*Uaanta knock the table with her fist.*

Uaanta: Finally! Alright, I'm ready to grill some anglerfish! Let's do this!
<Character>: Unanticipated slumber? Wait, I thought Notha could stop Remthalas from—

*Remthalas, offscreen, puts you to sleep as you fall into the ocean; you found yourself waking up in a classroom on Remthalas' dreamscape with Uaanta, Notha and the inactive Myalos as Remthalas holds a book upon a single fingertip.*

<Character>: Hey, Remthalas! Have I ever mentioned how ridiculously unfair your magic is?
Notha: Oh! There you all are!
Uaanta: Release us at once, Remthalas!
<Character>: Notha, what is going on?!
Remthalas: Settle down, class.
Remthalas: I... require your help. The help of heroes such as yourselves, who have been freed from Destiny's yoke.
<Character>: ...And you couldn't have just asked? What do you need? Ten tog hides?
Remthalas: Our goal is to free... Aequilibria.
Notha: You cannot free a concept. Aequilibria is what it is. You are being foolish, Remthalas.

*Remthalas angrily teleports behind Notha.*

Remthalas: You! Are being too narrow minded.
<Character>: Um... what... is Aequilibria?
Remthalas: When the Exalted sought to destroy their own gods, their controlling gods who wanted only perfection and Order, they succeeded.
Remthalas: To an extent.
Notha: Blah blah blah, turned dormant and likely to remain so forever. The Exalted did quite a good job, all things considered.
Remthalas: Dormant and dreamless. But still here!
Remthalas: Still influencing the course of the lives of every being on Lore!
<Character>: But... Notha said they're a... concept?
Uaanta: Never heard of them. I think this is getting a bit too existential for me.
Remthalas: They don't speak. They don't feel. They just are. Whatever they are.
Remthalas: And the tyranny of their control must. Be. Severed!
Remthalas: I must enter their minds. If they have minds. They will bend, or they will be crushed.
Remthalas: They must see! You must see! You will understand!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: So let me get this straight... You want us to help you "free" the ill-defined remains of some ancient conceptual gods or whatever they are...
<Character>: ...because you think they might be secretly controlling everything and everyone?
Notha: I can't say it doesn't sound fun. But, no thank you, Remthalas. I'll pass.
Uaanta: This sounds beyond me. I am not interested. So let us free, you hypocrite!

*Remthalas plays around the inactive Myalos' head to convince you, Uaanta and Notha to help him.*

Myalos?: "Hi, it's me, your buddy Myalos! I think we should help Remthalas!"

*You appear to be unamused to Remthalas' tactics.*

<Character>: Did you really think that would convince us?

*Remthalas is infuriated that none of them want to help him.*

Remthalas: Very well. If you will not join me...
Remthalas: Then I shall bury you in your dreams. A labyrinth of slumber you cannot escape.
Remthalas: Other heroes will rise. And they will assist me. You will be forgotten, in time.

*Remthalas uses his powers to pull you, Uaanta, Notha and the inactive Myalos in dreams.*

Uaanta: Ugh. I can't move! I swear, I'm going to make stew out of that fish!
<Character>: Notha! Can't you do anything to stop him?
Notha: Oh, but isn't this exciting?
<Character>: Notha!
Notha: Sorry. I could maybe have stopped him from pulling us in, but I was just so curious! He seemed so earnest!
Notha: ...A little bit harder to escape once we're in here, though.
Remthalas: Perhaps I'll visit after an eternity or two. See if your minds have changed. If you begin to understand.
Uaanta: Oh shut it, fish boy. What's Myalos doing here, by the way?
Notha: That's a good question! I was working on them earlier.
Notha: I suppose it's possible that Myalos is actually recognizably sentient after being disconnected from the mechanism mainframe.
Notha: But for Myalos to still be asleep inside the dream...?
Notha: Perhaps there's another...layer of sleep in that metal head of theirs. Isn't this fascinating?
<Character>: ...Sure. But we have to stop Remthalas before he can finish... whatever this is!
Uaanta: I'm... trying! Grrraaargh!
Notha: None of us can move. Why struggle?
Notha: I'm enjoying the show, at least.
<Character>: Wait! What about Lock and Key? They're still out there!
<Character> (briefly): Maybe they can—

*Before you can do something, the screen cuts to black.*

<Character>: ...

*A Defeat message appears, which startles you as there was no fight; the Continue button does not work.*

<Character>: Oh come on, there wasn't even a fight!

*As you are still in pitch black, a golden thread appears below the Defeat message and must be clicked to continue.*

Hello, protagonist?

<Character>: Lock! Key! Is that you?

Connection established.
We are sure this is the one?
We are.
We advise bracing yourself.

<Character>: I'm ready! I'm ready!


*You found yourself back in a twisted version of Falconreach Inn with Lock and Key.*

<Character>: Am I... free? Where's <Dragon>? Where's Uaanta and Notha?
Lock: We are a layer up in your dream. This is not reality.
Key: Remthalas has put you all into a shared dream, including himself.
Lock: We presume he intends to try to imprison you until you are pliable to his whims.
Key: We are attempting to guide you to relative safety.
<Character>: Couldn't you just... hit Remthalas with something? The dreaming one, that is. Not...in the dream.
<Character>: Oh, this is getting confusing.
Lock: That...
Key: <error>
Lock: We...
Key: ...do not know what potential adverse effect that may have on you!
Lock: Yes.
Key: We are being safe.
<Character>: ...Right. So, what's the plan?
Lock: We are currently searching for the others as well.
Key: But as we have a stronger connection to you, we found you first.
Lock: As this is a dream, it is somewhat malleable.
Key: You must break down the barriers between layers and find your way to Remthalas.
Lock: You must break free.
<Character>: Smashing things? Yeah. I can do that.
<Character>: You can't hold me here, Remthalas!
<Character>: I will not be defeated here!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • After first completion, Book of Lore and Falconreach (Book 3) access points no longer directs you to this quest, but Reawakening instead.

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