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3/12/2021 20:54:00   


Location: Book of Lore -> Reactivation / Revelation / Reclamation,
Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> The Maleurous -> Myalos -> Reactivation,
Location: A Friendly Contest -> To the War! -> Reactivation
Level/Quest/Items required: None Completion of Myalos
Release Date: March 12th, 2021

Objective: Well, this is a tricky situation.
Objective completed: Time for a friendly contest to determine the fate of Myalos!

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*At the Firmament, you, a sleeping Uaanta, and an incapacitated Lock and Key, are surrounded by the Avatars.*

Neso: What is the meaning of this?
Kyanos: We did not summon these objects!
Celeritas: Explain!
<Character>: Hold on, hold on! As you directed, we stopped Myalos from activating the ruins.
<Character>: But then we ran into Remthalas. And another Maleurous.
<Character>: They wanted to use Myalos for their own ends.
<Character>: These... uh, "objects", Lock and Key, protected us and held off the Maleurous while we fought to save Myalos.
<Character>: When we emerged from the ruins, it seemed as though Lock and Key had been defeated.
<Character>: We confronted the Maleurous, and Remthalas put Uaanta to sleep.
<Character>: And... now we're here. I don't know how Lock and Key came with us though.
Fiamme: They look... familiar.
Temblor: Containers of Exalted design, perhaps?
Voidstar: Do we contain them? Should we destroy them?
<Character>: They did save Uaanta and me from the Maleurous, so I think they're probably open to working with us.
Khazri: Working? Are they not storage...?
Khazri: Ah, something is happening to them...
Haeos: But this presence... is it not... that of the Maleurous?

*Lock and Key rise, and their bodies reform.*

Lock: W-w-w-w-w-we are Lock.
Key: And we are Key.
Lock: It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Avatars of the Elements.
Key: We mean you no harm.
Kyanos: It is unmistakable! They are Maleurous! How did you infiltrate our firmament?
Lock: We noticed powerful magic.
Key: We... attached to the magic.
Lock: We also do not designate ourselves as Maleurous.
Key: Why is that our designation?
Neso: This is not good. They must be trying to influence us.
Voidstar: Such deceitful tactics. Perhaps destruction is the appropriate response here.
Lock: We do not wish to be destroyed.
Key: We are here to help.
Lock: To teach.
Key: To learn.
Temblor: How is it that they can speak?
Khazri: If they are here, they can be contained here.
<Character>: Um. Avatars, I think they just want to talk to you.
Celeritas: We must not be influenced. We must not. We can not be!
Haeos: Is this part of their plan? To sow indecision?
Fiamme: If so, then they are succeeding. What... what do we do?
Neso: I... do not know.
Uaanta: Uuuugh...
Lock: New experiences are instrumental to learning and development.
Key: We have learned much. We can share.
Uaanta: What's... Oh. And I was having the most pleasant dream, too.
Haeos: Uaanta Fayt, our champion, what is your judgement on this Lock and Key?
Uaanta: I don't know much, but they definitely fought against the other Maleurous. They defended us, and Myalos.
Uaanta: I can't speak for any other motives, but I think I would trust them.
Uaanta: To an extent.
Uaanta: ...I'd let them speak, at least.
Khazri: Very well...
Fiamme: Speak, Maleurous.
Lock: We do not designate ourselves as Maleurous.
Celeritas: But that is what you are, by nature of your... power.
Key: What does it mean to be designated Maleurous?
Temblor: It means... It means that you have been influenced by...
Kyanos: They mean to make us doubt ourselves!
<Character>: Is that so wrong? You've admitted you've made mistakes in the past. You're not infallible. Maybe... you're making a mistake here.
Uaanta: ...
Neso: There is no mistaking this presence. This... Evil that permeates their systems.
Lock: Were you not already influenced?
Key: Before we arrived?
Voidstar: Silence!
Haeos: ...Yet the containers speak true. We have been influenced. Whether we admit it or not.
Lock: You fear the unknown.
Key: You fear losing control.
Fiamme: We have our responsibilities. We cannot neglect them.
Kyanos: Our responsibility is control! It is balance! We are to be the arbiters!
Lock: Yet your actions disturb the natural flow, the natural push and pull.
Key: You introduce factors that create more variables.
Lock: Your actions cause imbalance.
Key: This is why you struggle so.
Lock: Your responsibilities did not account for. For. For. Freedom.
Key: For balancing those that could balance themselves.
Khazri: And what would you have us do, Maleurous? Abandon our watch? Fall into slumber while our responsibilities decay?
Lock: We are not designated Maleurous.
Key: We wish to free you.
Uaanta: That's the kind of thing that Remthalas talks about. Be wary, Makers.
Neso: So it is a Maleurous ploy, after all!
Temblor: But... do they speak the truth?
Lock: Your responsibilities ended when the prophecies began.
Key: You know this, yet you cling to them, for that is all you know.
Kyanos: What do you know of... of...
Lock: Mistakes. We are gatherers of information.
Key: We know many things.
Lock: Shame over past mistakes is a step toward freedom.

*The Avatars pause to process Lock and Key's claims.*

Celeritas: It seems you know much about our history. History that was thought lost and buried.
Fiamme: Can they be trusted?
Lock: We can.
Key: We are here to help. You can be free.
Temblor: Free from this responsibility... to let the world balance itself... Perhaps...
Voidstar: Stop. I sense... a Maleurous has become active yet again!
Lock: We do not wish to–
Haeos: Not you. And not Remthalas.

Haeos: Which just leaves...
Khazri: Peculiar. It's... right where we extracted you from.
Neso: Uaanta, <Character>. Our champions. We ask that you deal with this Maleurous presence.
Kyanos: Lock and Key, you may assist.
Key: We do not need your permission.
Lock: We were going to anyway.
Key: We will protect Myalos.

*You, Uaanta, and Lock and Key are teleported back to the site of Myalos' construct; the unknown Maleurous appears to be attempting to enter.*

Uaanta: I know I don't look it, but I think I'm getting too old for this.
<Character>: Stop, Maleurous! We will not let you harm Myalos!
???: That was very convincing.

???: Well done!
Uaanta: You again!
???: Me again!
???: And here I thought you wouldn't be back so soon.
???: But- one moment, please, I would like to try something before we continue.

*The Maleurous blasts the entrance to Myalos' construct–similar to the blast that destroyed Sinnocence–to no avail.*

???: Hmm... that wasn't enough. Oh well.
???: Now, what can I do for you, champions of the Avatars? Pleasant day, isn't it?
Uaanta: You can step away from Myalos and leave this place for good!
<Character>: Or we can make you.
???: Make me? Now that is an interesting idea. Is a conversation really no longer an option?
<Character>: You just tried to blast your way into Myalos! And now you want to talk?
???: Well, when you put it like that, I seem kind of unreasonable!

???: That's unfair.
Uaanta: No more warnings.

*Uaanta attempts to attack the Maleurous, but they teleport behind Lock and Key, unaffected.*

???: Oh, and I see the Avatars let you keep your toys too. Curious.
Lock: They are learning.
Key: They will be free.
???: Well, when they get bored of you, can I have a turn playing with you?
???: There's so much we could learn from each other, I'm sure.
Lock: We decline the invitation.
Key: We do not require your knowledge.
???: So heartless.
???: But... Hmm... This... this situation presents an opportunity!
???: You see, I am interested in the ruins of Myalos behind you.
<Character>: Didn't you say before that you were done with Myalos?
???: I have no use for the entity known as Myalos. The ruins themselves though, well, I certainly like to believe I'm resourceful.
Uaanta: We will not let you pass, enemy of the Makers.
???: Ugh. Them again. Avatars this, Makers that.

???: Don't you ever think of anything else?
???: You already know how I feel about the Avatars, I'm sure. A shame you're still so attached to their commands.
???: But that means we find ourselves at an unfortunate impasse. And I've been so polite, too!
<Character>: What are you going to do about it?
???: Remthalas has very clearly warned me so many times that I shouldn't underestimate you.
???: So why not a different tactic? This conversation has been quite pleasant, has it not?
???: Why don't we have a friendly contest?
Uaanta: A what? Speak plainly.
???: You'll defend the ruins from whatever odds and ends I have at my command.
???: And if I find your performance satisfactory, I'll leave this place.
???: If not, then you will leave me to my research. Or you can help me with some of it! I'm sure there's much we can discover together.
<Character>: And we're supposed to just take you at your word?
Uaanta: Or we could just stop you now!
???: Ahahaha!

*The Maleurous laughs audibly.*

???: Oh.
???: I'm sorry, were you serious?

???: Stop me... now?
???: No, if you want an "epic final encounter", that will have to wait. We need to build some tension, raise the stakes...
???: And have some fun!

*The Maleurous pauses.*

???: Ah, which reminds me, I should get prepared.
???: See you soon, heroes!

*The Maleurous teleports away.*

Uaanta: I have a bad feeling about this. I don't trust them.
<Character>: Who even are they? Is there anything you can tell us about them, Lock and Key?
Lock: The final Maleurous.
Key: The first Maleurous.
Lock: The explorer.
Key: The researcher.
Lock: Insatiable in the search for knowledge.
Key: Experimenter of the forgotten.
Lock: Jifa Ciy'jvpmrt.
Key: Error.
Lock: Data encrypted.
Key: Apologies, we do not have access to that information at this time.
<Character>: Thanks for trying.
Uaanta: Hmm...
<Character>: We should make the most of the time we have before the Maleurous returns. Let's check on Myalos.
Lock: We should.
Key: We will.

*The entrance to Myalos' construct opens; once inside, you and Uaanta talk to Myalos, while Lock and Key appear connected to the construct itself, presumably to gather data.*

Myalos: I see. Even if I were to finish my body and leave this shell, the Maleurous still have designs for the remains.
<Character>: I don't know what to do. I mean, we have to defend you, but we can't hold out forever.
Uaanta: We can't take Myalos and flee either. The Maleurous is interested in the ruins now.
<Character>: And even if we succeed in fending off the attack, we don't know if this Maleurous will keep their word and leave!
Myalos: I... see.

*Myalos looks down solemnly.*

Myalos: ...I know what must be done.
Lock: Error.

Lock: Logic fault.
Myalos: No, this is sound. I would have liked to... explore... but...
Key: This is not the correct decision.
Myalos: Am I not free to make this choice for myself?
Uaanta: What's going on? What choice are you making?
Myalos: Logically, if the Maleurous wish to exploit the shell to their own ends, then if the shell were gone, there would be nothing to exploit.
Uaanta: Makes sense to me.
Myalos: This unit was created for interstellar travel. I could power it up, launch away from this planet. No longer be present.
Myalos: However, my power reserves are dwindling.
Myalos: Were I to follow through with such a plan, there would not be an opportunity to finish my body. I would drift until the reserves of power ran out.
<Character>: So... your idea is to sacrifice yourself and everything you've dreamed of...
Myalos: I believe this is the only option.
Lock: We can find another way.
Key: We have to.
Myalos: Lock. Key. Thank you, but I believe <Character> and Uaanta will need your help defending me while I... brush off some of my old systems.
Key, Lock (in unison): ...
Myalos: This is my choice to make. I will do as heroes do. I will make a sacrifice for the greater good.

*Myalos appears to detect something.*

Myalos: My sensors indicate that the first of our unwelcome guests have arrived. I suggest haste.
Uaanta: Let's go, then. We're not changing their mind, and we have a job to do.
<Character>: ...Right!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • After first completion, Book of Lore and Falconreach (Book 3) access points no longer direct you to this quest, but A Friendly Contest instead.

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