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3/18/2021 23:03:30   


Location: A Friendly Contest -> To the War! -> Revelation
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Reactivation, 50% War Meter
Release Date: March 18th, 2021

Objective: You've pushed back the Maleurous forces from Myalos... but what awaits you outside?
Objective completed: The contest continues!

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*Just outside of Myalos' construct, you and Uaanta have slain more Incomplete Creations and Malformed Creatures, when the unknown Maleurous approaches you from behind.*

???: Hello again!
???: I am impressed, even with heroes such as yourselves. Not getting tired yet, are you?
Uaanta: I've got more than enough fight left in me.
<Character>: We can take whatever you've got.
???: Good, good to see such strength and defiance. After all, we're on the same team here.
???: We all want what's best for Lore and those that call it home.
Uaanta: You and your Maleurous are hardly what's "best for Lore".
???: And who told you that? The Avatars? And you just believe them?
<Character>: I wouldn't say the Maleurous have been blameless.
???: The Avatars stand in the way of progress with their pathetic attempts at balancing that which balances itself.
???: They stand in the way of true freedom–
Uaanta: Myalos, now!

*Myalos fires a laser at the Maleurous' head; they narrowly duck, but the swift movement accidentally dislodges their hood and mask, revealing a woman's face.*

???: Now that was uncalled for! Here I am, trying to explain my perspective when–
Uaanta: I- Impossible! You're... You're dead!
???: Am I? That's news to me.

*The Maleurous looks down at her body as if to check whether she is alive or not.*

???: Nope, still in one piece.
Uaanta: I slew you with this very blade!
Uaanta: I watched your head roll, your body burn!
Uaanta: Whatever magic this is...
Uaanta: Ly'Vhil!
Uaanta: I know not how you managed to escape the justice of the Makers...
Uaanta: But you will not escape it again!
???: You must be mistaken. Although...

???: Ly... Vhil, you called me?
Uaanta: I would recognize that face anywhere.
???: My... face? Oh! That must be it! What a funny coincidence!
<Character>: I don't see what's so funny.
???: Well, to prevent any further unfortunate misunderstandings, I suppose a proper introduction is in order, if you'll allow me.
Notha: My name is Notha.

Notha: Notha Ly'Ehr.

*Notha greets you, expecting you and Uaanta to return the favor; neither do.*

Notha: From your glares, I take it you aren't going to introduce yourselves?
Notha: "Hi, I'm <Character>, nice to meet you!"
Notha: "Uaanta Fayt. Sorry for the mix up earlier!"

*You and Uaanta both glare at Notha.*

Notha: ...No? Okay.
Notha: But Ly'Vhil... Some... villain who shared my face...
Notha: I was wondering what became of the empty vessel.
Uaanta: Empty vessel?
Notha: It was some research funded by the Holy Throne at the time. Research into potential ways to extend life without necromancy.
Notha: That empty vessel was a duplicate of my body. A soulless husk that I thought locked away and discarded.
Notha: Couldn't have been me. I was imprisoned for oh, who knows how long by the... Avatars.
Uaanta: Then you are still at fault for creating the monster she became!
Notha: Can't claim credit for any monstering, sorry. I don't know whose soul was piloting that body, but it wasn't mine.
<Character>: So... you're from Lhe'Shyiac?
Notha: Born and raised! But that's all behind me now. I like to think I'm... beyond that.
Notha: I... am the one and only Ly'Ehr!
Uaanta: Ly'Ehr... I know my history and geography. And I recognize no city by the name of Ehr.
Notha: Well spotted!
Notha: No, I earned that name. I earned it myself.
Notha: I've uncovered secrets. Knowledge the Avatars sought to keep out of reach. To hold us back.
Notha: I know what tugs at our threads.
Notha: Their balance is nothing more than shoddily constructed chains binding us to perpetual mediocrity!
Notha: Chains that we strive and push against, searching for any foothold, any progress, only to be quashed beneath their arrogant fists!
Notha: That is the oppression I fight against. A freedom just out of reach that I would die for.
Notha: And I extend my hand to you as well, heroes.
Notha: Join me.
Uaanta: The... Avatars are learning. They're changing, and learning to change.
Notha: Entities as old as them don't just change.
<Character>: But they're trying!
Notha: And they'll keep trying, long after you're gone.
Notha: All the while suppressing the people of Lore, imposing their so-called balance that they themselves can't understand.
Notha: As Maleurous, I fight to bring freedom to those who do not know they are oppressed.
<Character>: So here's one thing I don't understand. That doesn't seem like it was the goal of the other Maleurous. Besides maybe Remthalas.
Notha: The Maleurous... An unfortunate collection of souls that the Avatars felt the need to categorize. Another of their mistakes.
<Character>: That's it? Just a random collection of foes who the Avatars felt were threats?
Notha: A good question.

Notha: Yes... and no.
Uaanta: Explain.
Notha: Gladly! It's a very interesting topic. You see, the Maleurous are all connected by a common factor.
Notha: Doom, Evil, whispers. Or perhaps... "the influence"?
Notha: Such... menacing titles. But what is it, really?
Notha: It is freedom. It is ambition.
Notha: It is progress, invention, and innovation!
Notha: It is what drives a forsaken hero home, rather than simply forgetting his past.
Notha: It is what drives the former servant, abandoned by so many masters, to seek his own path.
Notha: It is what drives the lost and alone to find a new family.
Notha: It is what gives spark to life from that which there was none.
Notha: It is what lets us cross boundaries to pursue the impossible.
Notha: It is what drives us to become more than we are, to better ourselves.
Notha: It is that which the Avatars seek to suppress!
Notha: Their perfect balance would leave us nothing more than obedient worshippers and mindless husks...
Notha: ...trusting only in their Good; Their farcical balance!

*Notha pauses, seemingly catching herself getting lost in thought.*

Notha: Ah, excuse me, I got carried away there.
<Character>: That... That can't be what the Avatars want... If that were the case... how could...
Notha: You must have had some suspicion before, yes?
Notha: For there is Good and Evil in us all. In a way, every one of us could be considered Maleurous.
Uaanta: Deceiver. Liar! Stay strong, <Character>!
Notha: I may be many things, but a liar, I am not.
Notha: Consider that as we move into the next part of our contest, yes?
Notha: Although... if Myalos is entering the fray, I suppose I could spice things up.
Notha: Watch your step, okay?

*Notha teleports away.*

Uaanta: I really don't like her, <Character>.
Uaanta: She's lying. She's wrong.
<Character>: Maybe... but I... I think I understand where she's coming from. The Avatars have been so inconsistent...
Uaanta: From what I've heard of your stories and adventures, I can see why.
<Character>: But... what she said about obedience... That can't be what the Avatars want, right?
<Character>: And even if it was... They're learning, aren't they?
Uaanta: You saw it earlier, with Lock and Key. The Avatars can learn. They can be reasoned with.
Uaanta: I do admit, I'm having doubts of my own, but such is a test of conviction.
Uaanta: Regardless of the truth, Notha's path isn't the only way. I know that. You know that.
Uaanta: Stay strong, <Character>. We're Champions for a reason!
<Character>: ...Right!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Completing this quest unlocks replacement war waves–including reticle hazards–for the A Friendly Contest Wave quest.

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