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Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance

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6/11/2022 0:42:05   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> The Maleurous -> Notha Ly'Ehr -> The Epilogue: Remembrance
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Rebirth
Release Date: June 10th, 2022

Objective: All things have to have a beginning, and an end. And an ending is always bittersweet.
Objective completed: "As one journey ends, another begins. Such is the hero's story."

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0



Charm of the Makers


*The next morning, in Book 3 Falconreach Inn, Spruce has finished cooking fish stew for you, your dragon, Uaanta, Notha, and Myalos.*

Spruce: Fish stew's ready, everyone!

*You, Uaanta, Notha, and Myalos are sitting one of the tables as your dragon eat fish stew below their table while Lock and Key observes them.*

Uaanta: I don't know...This doesn't feel right.
Notha: Is there something wrong with your stew? I can't say I've had anything quite like it before.
Notha: What do you think, Myalos?
Myalos: ...I do not have the required mechanical processes to ingest food.
Myalos: But I'm sure it's delicious.
Notha: Ah, right. We'll have to figure something out for that!
Notha: With your permission, of course.
Myalos: Of course.
Uaanta: No...the stew's fine. Delicious even.

*A brief pause before you and your companions discuss Remthalas' remains.*

Uaanta: Was it really okay to have Remthalas just...

*You assure Uaanta that Remthalas' remains are safe inside Lock and Key.*

<Character>: Uaanta...
<Character>: Lock and Key will make sure whatever remains of Kathool's influence does not escape.
Uaanta: You say that, but I find it hard to believe they're infallible.
Uaanta: The Makers are inside them too, after all. And if the madness that took Remthalas were to spread...
Uaanta: It seems risky.
Lock: The remains are dormant and secure.
Key: Risk is minimal.
Notha: Besides, it's only temporary! They just have to hold everything until we get back to Lhe'Shyiac!
Notha: Ahh...I'm not one for nostalgia, but it really has been quite a while.
Notha: Once I get a lab set up, maybe excavate a few artifacts...
Notha: We'll make a separate secure unit for Remthalas.

*As they continue to discuss Remthalas, you and your companions try to make sense on events that transpired during Remthalas' last shared dream.*

Uaanta: Hm.
Uaanta: Aequilibria, Whispers, Kathool...
Uaanta: I'm still trying to make sense of everything.
Uaanta: What...What happened to Remthalas?
Notha: I can't say I know anything about this Kathool entity, but as for Remthalas himself...
Notha: The way I understand it, Remthalas and his people were tasked by the Avatars with...
Notha: Hmm. Keeping watch over something or other.
Notha: Well, whatever it was broke free and the abyssal elves were enslaved.
Notha: Remthalas managed to escape, but never forgave the Avatars for abandoning them to their fate.
<Character>: Something that broke free and enslaved them...I think it's fair to say that was Kathool.
Notha: Oh. Right. That makes sense!
Uaanta: ...I...I see.
Uaanta: What we fought then, that was this...Kathool?
<Character>: No, I don't think so. Not entirely.
<Character>: It was different from the Kathool I encountered before. Similar...but different.
<Character>: I think...Remthalas maybe never truly escaped Kathool.
Notha: So Kathool's influence and Remthalas' desire for revenge against the Avatars and Aequilibria must have coalesced in his dreams.
<Character>: So he wasn't just angry about the Avatars, but Aequilibria too?
Notha: Ah, that might have been my fault.
Notha: Or at least, he learned of Aequilibria from me. I think.
Uaanta: It sounded like Kathool had some knowledge of Aequilibria and Whispers beyond your understanding, Notha.
Notha: Curious, that.
Notha: Whatever the case, I imagine the madness must have latched onto Remthalas' obsession and amplified it somewhat.
Notha: Kathool probably wasn't happy about the Avatars trying to contain it either.
<Character>: What do you think, Myalos? You've been pretty quiet.
Myalos: I...do not recognize any of these designations.
Myalos: I am sorry I cannot be of any more help.
Uaanta: It's okay, Myalos. We're just trying to make sense of everything.
Myalos: I do have a curiosity though. Remthalas mentioned things repeating or staying the same...
Myalos: Just how old is Kathool?
<Character>: When I first met it, it mentioned that we had met before.
<Character>: A lot of cryptic weirdness, just like this time.

*Scene shifts to focus on Myalos, acknowledging your efforts to understand Kathool.*

Uaanta: ...You don't suppose we get reincarnated or reborn after we die, do you?
Notha: Oh? Such blasphemy from the holy warrior!
Uaanta: I'm only asking the question as a hypothetical.
Notha: That's how it starts, you know...
Uaanta: ...
Notha: Right. Too far. Sorry.
Notha: As for reincarnation...Hmm.
Notha: Even among the Exalted, there was no mention of people being reborn, or souls "returning" from death as it were.
Notha: At least, from my own studies. And it was certainly never a theory followed by Lhe'Shyiac in my time.
Notha: After all, I was directed by the throne to look into...longevity.
Notha: From my understanding, when people die, their mana typically returns over time to the Mana Core. What happens after that, I cannot say.
Notha: There are exceptions of course! But none that I have studied particularly in-depth.
<Character>: With how old Kathool seems to be, maybe it has trouble understanding what happens when it wakes.
<Character>: I know it recognized me. Or thought it did.
Myalos: ...Who knows?
Myalos: Maybe it is as ancient as I am, or older. And perhaps its memories are just as frayed.

*As you and your companions continue to banter, your dragon eats your bowl of fish stew on their table.*

Uaanta: ...Maybe it isn't right to keep the Makers as they are, if this is the sort of threat that they were protecting us from.
Notha: Ah, but we were able to protect ourselves!
Uaanta: We can't protect everyone.
Notha: And neither could the Avatars.
Notha: I can't say I'm not interested in Kathool, but from what we saw happened to Remthalas...
Notha: Some things are better left alone. For now, at least.

*You ask Myalos why did they fight against the Avatars as your dragon eats Myalos' bowl of fish stew.*

<Character>: Oh, that reminds me, Myalos!
Myalos: Yes, <Character>?
<Character>: How did Notha convince you to fight against the Avatars?
Myalos: Notha offered me that which I wanted most.
Myalos: Life. A new form.
Notha: I was very convincing!
Uaanta: That was all? That seems like a rather...lopsided transaction.
Myalos: If I survived, I did not know what would happen to me. Perhaps I would have been free.
Myalos: There is a very distinct possibility that the Avatars would have imprisoned me or attempted to coerce me into their service.
Notha: You freed Myalos from the uh...what was it again?
Myalos: A corrupting seed.

Myalos: Shadowscythe.
<Character>: The Shadowscythe... That's one of the things the Avatars were afraid of! And I think... Sepulchure had ties to it?
Uaanta: Ah, I recall the Makers bringing it up when we first met them. Sepulchure was that villain you fought before, wasn't he?
Notha: And as I learned from Myalos, it turns out the Shadowscythe are older than even the Exalted!
Uaanta: The Makers feared themselves becoming influenced by... something. But that seemed distinct from the Shadowscythe.
Notha: They feared the influence of the Whispers. Though I imagine they've been conflicted for a long while now.
Notha: It sounds like you've dealt with the Shadowscythe before, <Character>. Do you have any insight into this?
<Character>: Hmm. Sepulchure and the Mysterious Stranger were a lot more actively... evil than even some of the Maleurous.
Uaanta: Destructive forces of Doom.
Notha: Doom... Perhaps the Shadowscythe is a splinter of the Whispers? No. That doesn't make sense, if it came before.
Notha: I'm working with incomplete information. How exciting! This begs further research!
Uaanta: ...Right. So, Myalos. We freed you from the influence of Doom.
Uaanta: Why turn against the Makers?
Myalos: ...
Myalos: I was free, but I held no gratitude for the Avatars.
Myalos: Uaanta and <Character>, you freed me despite the Avatars' orders.
Myalos: They would have been just as content to see me destroyed or subjugated by themselves.
Myalos: I would never be free to exist while they remained.
Uaanta: You...you don't know that.
Myalos: Given their previous behavior patterns, it was a logical inference.
Uaanta: ...
Myalos: Despite Notha's eagerness, and her own obsessions, I never felt used or coerced, as I feared from Remthalas.
Notha: You see? Nothing underhanded or sneaky. I didn't force Myalos to do anything they didn't want to!
<Character>: That's...reassuring.
Uaanta: I suppose I can try to understand...

*After your dragon flies outside, your dragon goes back inside as the time of day has shifted to dusk before asking what happened to the egg of the Savior.*

<Dragon>: What about that other dragon egg? | *Curious growl*
Notha: What's up, <Dragon>? Stew disagreeing with you?
Lock: They are curious about the egg of the Savior.
Key: It was returned to the Avatars after the heroes defeated Voyna.
<Character>: Do you know what happened to it after? I hate to think of it lost in the Deadlands...
Notha: This egg is important, is it?
Lock: The egg contains the counterpart to <Dragon>.
Key: The Savior. The Creator.
Notha: Hmm. Nothing I've ever heard of. Sounds like Celestial or Aequilibria nonsense to me.
<Character>: Do you know what happened to it, Lock and Key?
Lock: We do not.
Key: Wherever the Avatars may have placed it before their slumber, we do not know.

*Your dragon goes back to the top of your table as you think that the egg of the Savior will be important again one day.*

<Dragon>: ...
<Character>: I'm sure it will turn up eventually. Important things tend to, after all!
Notha: They...certainly do...

*Your dragon glares at Notha.*

Uaanta: Enough, enough!
Uaanta: That's enough heavy talk for one night!
Uaanta: We should be celebrating our victory!
Uaanta: There'll be plenty more time to talk later, before we head back to...
Uaanta: ...back to Lhe'Shyiac.

*You and your companions think about their adventure.*

<Character>: We've had quite the adventure, haven't we?
Notha: ...
Uaanta: ...
Myalos: ...
<Character>: Doesn't have to end here.
Uaanta: ...I suppose the grandkids can take care of themselves a little longer...
Notha: There's still so much to see!
Myalos: I would like to explore more of this land, as well.
<Character>: You're all welcome to stay as long as you wish!
Uaanta: And I'm sure your adventures will one day lead you to Lhe'Shyiac as well.
Uaanta: You'll be welcome as a hero, of course!
Myalos: As one journey ends, another begins.
Myalos: Such is the hero's story.
Notha: So solemn! We need to lighten up a bit!
Notha: Hey, Spruce, can you get us a round of Moglinberry Juice or two? The good stuff!
Notha: The better stuff? I just want more.
Spruce: Sure thing!
Notha: Note to self: Procure a keg or two for transport back to Lhe'Shyiac. I'm sure there's plenty of room in Lock and Key!

Later, that evening.

*Nighttime, you look at Serenity's statue outside the Falconreach Inn as you reflect your encounters against Valtrith, Caitiff, and the Maleurous.*

<Character>: It's over. It's finally over, Serenity.
<Character>: From the cultists, to Valtrith...Caitiff, to Maleurous.
<Character>: ...But it's never over, is it?
<Character>: I know there will be more threats to Lore.
<Character>: More mysteries to uncover, more friends and foes.
<Character>: More struggles and loss.

*You continue to reflect your victories and failures.*

<Character>: More victories, and moments of peace.
<Character>: I'm lucky enough to be free to make my own choices, follow my own path.
<Character>: And I have the power and friends to see me safely through the dangers along the way.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: But sometimes, I can't save everyone.
<Character>: Is that fate or Destiny decreeing when someone's life must end?
<Character>: Is it Doom overwhelming and destroying, taking whatever it can?
<Character>: ...

If you side with Uaanta in Revolution:
Uaanta: Sounds like you have a lot on your mind, <Character>.

*Uaanta appears, sensing that you have a lot in your mind.*

<Character>: Hey, Uaanta.
Uaanta: I can't say I really know all the answers to this Destiny and Doom stuff either.
Uaanta: And whatever happened to Remthalas. It makes me feel so...helpless!
<Character>: How are you holding up?
Uaanta: What, because I'm old?
<Character>: No, I didn't mean- It's just been a lot...
Uaanta: I'm kidding, <Character>.
Uaanta: I'll admit, it's been a few years since my blade has had such a workout.
Uaanta: And of course, I miss my children and grandchildren!
Uaanta: And then there's...everything that happened to the Makers.

*Uaanta reflects on the Makers' dormancy and its impact on her.*

Uaanta: It's an odd feeling, knowing that they're no longer watching over me. Over Lhe'Shyiac.
Uaanta: ...Or perhaps they never really were.

Uaanta: Not entirely.
<Character>: It's a big revelation.
Uaanta: ...Something like that.
<Character>: Have you decided what you're going to do with that information?
Uaanta: ...
Uaanta: Oh, I'm sure Notha will find some way to spread it, or the rumor will get out on its own.
Uaanta: But I'm going to keep it to myself.
Uaanta: So many in Lhe'Shyiac are happy, thanks to what the Makers started. To turn that over for the sake of what, a petty truth?
<Character>: So nothing's going to change for you?
Uaanta: Far from it! Lhe'Shyiac isn't perfect. And there are those that need protecting.
Uaanta: Even those who doubt the Makers or the Holy Throne.
Uaanta: Ha. Such blasphemy coming from the mouth of Uaanta Fayt!
Uaanta: But I am no longer a tool of the Makers. I am a hero. And I choose to follow in your footsteps, <Character>.
<Character>: That's...I'm honored.
Uaanta: And if you ever find yourself visiting Lhe'Shyiac, do stop by for a visit! And maybe an adventure or two.
<Character>: Of course.
Uaanta: Ah, I better head back in. I could do with another bowl of stew.
Uaanta: And make sure Notha's not getting into any trouble.
<Character>: Right! I'll be back in a moment.

If you side with Notha in Revolution:
Notha: Doing some difficult thinking, <Character>?

*Notha appears, sensing that you have a lot in your mind.*

<Character>: Hey, Notha.
<Character>: Well, recent events have given me a lot to think about.
Notha: Good and Evil, Destiny and Doom...
Notha: All these higher concepts and influences.
Notha: Even beyond those, such as Kathool!
Notha: Who knows how many...things are watching and playing with us?

*You ask Notha what to do against these concepts.

<Character>: So what do we do?
<Character>: There's enough trouble on Lore as it is without heroes searching beyond for beings that may one day look at us the wrong way.
Notha: We balance ourselves, <Character>.
Notha: And if anything, such as The Makers, wish to impose their will on us, then we fight back!
Notha: And we win. Just as we have already.
Notha: As for searching beyond...I'm certainly not satisfied with the answers I've gotten so far.
Notha: Maybe one day, when you get bored of being the hero of Lore, you'll find me. Or I'll find you.
<Character>: ...Or maybe you'll poke something you shouldn't have and I won't have much of a choice.
Notha: You always have a choice, <Character>.
Notha: Nothing is impossible.

*Notha pauses before asking you that you are friends with her.*

Notha: Are we friends?
<Character>: What?
Notha: Never mind.
<Character>: I...was just surprised! That's quite the tone shift.
Notha: Oh.
Notha: Sorry.
<Character>: I think...After everything we've been through...
<Character>: Hmm.
<Character>: What do you think, Notha? Are we friends?
Notha: I...
Notha: I don't know.
Notha: I'd like to be.
<Character>: Then that's a good start.
<Character>: I'm sure you'll meet plenty of other people on your adventures, too!

*You remind Notha that she caused the Makers' dormancy.*

<Character>: With the Avatars gone, whatever happens, whatever you decide to do, however you interact with others...
<Character>: It's all your own actions and words.
Notha: Ha. I did put a lot of blame on the Makers. The Avatars.
Notha: But even then, my actions are and were always truly my own.
Notha: Thank you for that reminder, <Character>.
Notha: I'm free, after all. Free to make mistakes, to learn and grow.
<Character>: You know, I'd bet there are a lot of people in Lhe'Shyiac who feel the way you did.
<Character>: Who feel like they've done everything right, according to the Makers, yet still find themselves suffering.
Notha: ...I was lucky.
Notha: But yes. There are certainly those who could do with some...freedom.
Notha: Oh, but I did promise Uaanta I wouldn't start a revolution.
<Character>: You've had so much time to process that anger and betrayal.
<Character>: Those you help might need more...productive ways to channel that anger, besides violence or lashing out.
Notha: Hmm...

*You seem to think that Notha is still planning a revolution.*

<Character>: You're still thinking about starting a revolution, aren't you.
Notha: Maaaaaaaaaybe.
Notha: If I just accidentally let word slip, and someone else spreads it, it's not really me starting things, is it?
Notha: I'm not actually telling people to take up arms!
Notha: Ah...but a clandestine group of researchers and adventurers sounds exciting too!
Notha: ...I'll just have to see which path feels more interesting! Or maybe I'll follow both!
<Character>: What about Uaanta?
Notha: I do want to be her friend, too, I suppose...
Notha: Ah! So many decisions! How exciting!

Notha: Speaking of which...
Notha: Right now, I am going to decide to go in and get another mug of Moglinberry juice, for example.
Notha: Such freedom is absolutely incredible!
<Character>: ...Right.

<Character>: I'll see you later, Notha.
Notha: ...Or maybe I could get Cocoaberry juice. Or mix them together! Surely someone's tried that before?

*After speaking with Uaanta or Notha, you return to look on Serenity's statue.*

<Character>: ...
<Character>: ...So many discoveries to be made.
<Character>: So many mysteries to solve, questions to answer.
<Character>: Adventures to be had!
<Character>: ...I better head back in before <Dragon> gets up to any mischief.

*You run off from Serenity's statue to check with your dragon; meanwhile, separated by no more than a tree, Lock and Key discuss their allies' victory.*

Lock: They seem happy with their results.
Key: As they should be. They were victorious.
Lock: Would they be upset if we were to leave?
Key: They would.
Lock: ...
Key: ...
Lock: Emotional attachment can be conducive to observational endeavors.
Key: Then the observation shall continue.
Lock: We still have much to learn.
Key: We still have much to share.

*Scene pans upward to the moon on the sky.*


  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Completion of this quest unlocks Voidcutter shop.
  • Completion of this quest unlocks the quest chain Defiers of Fate, beginning with the quest Recreation!.
  • This quest's dialogue was modified on June 12th, 2022; any retired content has been archived here.

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