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Soul Scrying

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8/16/2015 7:13:59   

Soul Scrying

Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Soul Scrying
Requirements: Completion of Castle Nostromo
Release Date: August 15th, 2015

Objective: What have the Cultists and Caitiff been up to?
Objective completed: It's trying... to make more.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*During the evening, in That A' Way, you, Symone, and Valencia discuss the revelations that they have uncovered in the Valtrith Tomb.*

<Character>: So... Jaysun's sister, Dyana, is... was Serenity. She was the one who stopped him six hundred years ago.
Symone: And he made sure she wouldn't be around to stop him again.

*A brief pause before you, Symone, and Valencia continue to discuss the revelations.*

Valencia: No one has come back from being consumed by the Shadow Cape... except one.

*Realizing that Valtrith returned from being consumed by the Shadow Cape, you ponder how his cultists has been attacking towns for years before his return.*

<Character>: Jaysun... but armies of Darkness creatures had been attacking unlucky towns in his name for years before he returned...
<Character>: ... so why did they attack?
Valencia: The last page of Dya... Serenity's diary was written after escaping the cultists that woke her.
Valencia: The only thing in Jaysun's sarcophagus was his final mask, surrounded by shadow. Somehow she and at least of one of the cultists escaped Castle Nostromo with the mask, despite her potion to forget.
Symone: And the cultists have been waging wars in Jaysun's name since then. Think, <Character>, when was the first unlucky invasion on Falconreach? Was it before or after Serenity came to the Inn?
<Character>: It was... it was after she came to town. I'm sure of it but... but it was Zorbak who was behind the first war....
Valencia: Then we have a little blue furball to question.
<Character>: I haven't seen Zorbak for years. He had a house by the Necropolis and the place in Moonridge....
Symone: Both of them are deserted. I checked those and a few other places when Serenity first disappeared.
Valencia: The Guardians in Falconreach tried to keep tabs on a few of the local troublemakers. They might have a record of his other hiding places.
<Character>: Oh, the Guardians love me, I'm sure they'd be happy to help!
Valencia: You, maybe. But I happen to be one of those "local troublemakers". No, the front door won't do at all.

*Early morning, using a grappling hook, you, Symone and Valencia sneakily climb through one of the windows on the top of the Falconreach Guardian Tower; after you and Valencia enter the Guardian Tower, Symone is last to enter and has to be helped by Valencia.*

Valencia: Come on, grab my hand.
Symone: Hmpf...
Valencia: ..............
<Character>: Ok, so, if they were keeping tabs on Zorbak then the records were probably kept in the libra....

*Valencia and Symone look throughout the attic for clues if Zorbak is here.*

<Character>: What?

*You, Valencia, and Symone found out that this room is filled with graffiti on the walls and littered with skeletal bones throughout the floor.*

<Character>: Ok...
<Character>: ... this is weird.
???: Ugh, do you "heroes" ever knock?

*Zorbak appears to be wearing his pink-colored pants with a skeletal imprint on it and slowly walks at the right side of the room; as Zorbak walks, you, Valencia, and Symone simultaneously look at him.*

<Character>: Zorbak... have you... have you been living in the Falconreach Guardian Tower?
Zorbak: Sure, if you can call it "living". They don't even have a proper hot tub.
Zorbak: Those stupid Guardians never come up here anyway. And when they get close, I just make some "Ooo" noises and they run away scared.
<Character>: But... why here specifically?
Zorbak: The new... management at the Necropolis was a little too insistent about me joining the staff.
Zorbak: That brat is dark... even for me.
Zorbak: You getting iced and a whole anti-magic movement arising hasn't been too great for necromantic real estate either.
Zorbak: So, yeah, thanks for that, "hero".
<Character>: Yeah, so sorry to inconvenience you.
Zorbak: Meh, I moved into the last place anyone would look for me and now the last people I want to see have found me. What do you fools want?

*Symone glares at Zorbak before grabbing him by his neck.*

Symone: The first undead attack on Falconreach. Why were you putting masks on the undead?
Zorbak: Put. Me. Down.

*Zorbak is beginning to cast his necrotic spells; the skeletal bones on the floor begin to shake.*

Valencia: Symone!
<Character>: We need his help!

*Listening to your and Valencia's words, Symone stops grabbing Zorbak.*

Symone: Fine...
Symone: As far as I'm concerned he's a monster. If he's not going to help, then it's my duty to exterminate him.
Zorbak: Meh, relax, Red, better than you have tried and failed. Now, which invasion are you talking about? There have been so many.
<Character>: The very first one, Zorbak. I caught you in the woods collecting broken hockey masks before the Deadwood Destroyer attacked.
Zorbak: Oh, so just because I'm collecting broken trinkets from attacking undead you assume that I'm behind the attack. Typical, "hero". Typical.
<Character>: Zorbak, were you behind the attack?
Zorbak: Of course I was.

*You, Valencia, and Symone asks how Zorbak's first undead invasion is related to the cultists.*

Valencia: If you were behind the undead invasion, how do the cultists fit in?
Zorbak: Meh. What cultists?

*Symone appears to be irritated by Zorbak.*

Zorbak: Let me see...

*Zorbak turns around and look at his hat.*

Zorbak: Necropolis Student ID... expired.
Zorbak: Council of Smart People... man, has that organization gone downhill...
Zorbak: ... here we go, Dark Cultists.
Valencia, Symone, <Character> (in unison): You're a member of the Cult?
Zorbak: Of course. Who else was going to keep an eye on Falconreach and blondie for them?

*Valencia appears to be irritated by Zorbak as she pulls her sword.*

Zorbak: And who do you think made sure that all their attacking "armies" were filled with pushovers? I mean, honestly, trees throwing squirrels?
<Character>: Zorbak. Cut to the chase.
Zorbak: Meh.
Zorbak: Years and years ago...
Zorbak: Back when you were still wet behind the ears, "hero", three slightly chewed Dark Cultists and blondie showed up on my doorstep.
Zorbak: They wanted help pulling their boss from the Shadows or making blondie remember... whatever. How to bake a cake or something.
<Character>: And you joined them?
Zorbak: I wanted, heh. I still want that cape. It's a direct link to the Darkness Realm. Bones and zombies... ?
Zorbak: That's all solid, physical necromancy. That cape? That cape is souls and essence. I want it.
Zorbak: The only mortal who could control it, though, was swallowed up by it in his coffin.
Zorbak: I'm not sure if it's the masks or if Jaysun made a deal with the Darkness...
Zorbak: ... and the only way I was gonna find out was getting on the good side of the Cultists.
Zorbak: I convinced 'em that the only way to bring that egomaniac back was through some evil artifact collection thing. Which... actually worked.
Zorbak: Then I had 'em put blondie in the Inn and said I would be their spy in Falconreach.
Zorbak: Meh, an invasion every once in a while, send in a report saying blondie was still blonde...
Zorbak: ... and enough contact for me to scry on the Cultists. Then you had to get frozen, and I get stuck hiding in here.
Valencia: Wait, scrying? You can spy on the Cultists?
Zorbak: I did but since blondie stopped baking and started slicing... Nuh uh.
<Character>: We need to know more about the cultists and Valtrith. Show us how to scry for them, Zorbak.
Zorbak: ... If you mess up, it will see you. And you won't like it.
Symone: Show us.
Zorbak: Meh, it's your funeral if it catches you. Not even I'm amused by that prospect. You can use this BioBeast claw as a focus and... let's see....
Zorbak: This ancient Darkness scroll has the runes you need to scry for the Cultists and the new... thing in charge.
Zorbak: The runes will glow in a specific order and you have to activate them in that same order until the detector reads, mehehe, blood red.
Zorbak: With every mistake you risk the scrying being detected. If you run out of chances... well, then you're definitely going to be caught.
Zorbak: The more you manage to flub your way through the runes correctly the more chances you have before you get caught.
Zorbak: Meh, good luck.

Zorbak: I have zero confidence in you.

  • Start Scrying - plays minigame; if player fails, they will have to replay the minigame again.
  • Val & Symone Scry - skips the minigame.
  • Don't Risk It - returns to Castle Valtrith (Town).

    *After beating the minigame, you, Valencia, and Symone scry to show Caitiff slowly walking in a Doomwood forest; a werewolf slowly approches it, who looks at the werewolf in response; both the werewolf and Caitiff attacks before the scene fades to black; back in Castle Valtrith, Caitiff can be seen levitating a Twin Blade of Doom to a cultist before dropping it; dead bodies of cultists and Doomwood monsters can be seen stabbed by Doom weapons; scene fades to black and then fades back in as it zooms at Caitiff's face.*

    NOTE - Choosing the "Val & Symone Scry" option will skip directly to this part of the cutscene.
    Zorbak: Alright, stop it! You've already endangered us enough, you amateurs. Do you want to bring that thing directly to your precious Falconreach?

    *Valencia and Symone ponders about this information.*

    <Character>: It's... learning. It's trying to make more....
    Symone: We should go see how Ash's repairs are coming.

    *After you, Valencia, and Symone left, Zorbak smiles.*

    Zorbak: Suckers.... All the info and none of the exposure.

    *Scene fades to black as Zorbak's red eyes glow.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • This quest was updated with new dialogue on July 28, 2023; any retired content has been archived here.

    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith for entry reformat, other information, and corrections.

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