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New Beginning, A

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3/27/2009 21:30:36   
ArchMagus Orodalf

A New Beginning

Location: Beginning of game when playing as Ash Dragonblade, ArchKnight Falconreach -> Artix -> Talk -> Replay A New Beginning
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet OR Guardianship
Release Date: March 27th, 2009

Objective: You are Ash Dragonblade!
Objective completed: You saved the girl! .... er, kinda...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Bone Fire
(6) Deadwood
(1) Giant Spider
(3) Shake Spear
(4) Shoulder Blades
(1) Skelecaster
(1) Necromancer - Boss

Skele Caster
The Sniffing Blade

Unlocks The Stone shop after removing the blocking stone and defeating the skeletons

Artix: So an adventuer told you that all you needed to do to become a Knight was save a Princess?
Artix: Sounds fun! I am really impressed that you battled the Necromancer and his undead minions on your own. You have come a long way, Ash!
Artix: Frozen girl? *friendly chuckle* Did you really get your lips stuck trying the Sleeping Beauty technique?
Artix: I am sure Warlic can help unfreeze her. He is in the part to the west. It might take some time though. (Best to let her Chill-out untill then)
Artix: It was brave of you to save her. But do not be dissapointed if she is not a Princess. I have been to many Kingdoms yet, I do not recognize her.
Artix: I will see what I can learn about her while you train. Good luck, Ash!
  • Replay A New Beginning
  • Done

    Skele Leader: Impossible!
    Skele Leader: How did he find the unobvious secret rock?
    Skele: Let's eat his brains!
    Skele 2: BRAINS!!!!!
    Skele Leader: ...
    Skele Leader: You are skeletons, not zombies. You do not eat brains.
    Skele Leader: You are not even able to talk!
    Skele: Whoops...
    Skele 2: Whoops...
    Skele Leader: Now... make some scary skeleton noises.
    Skele: Yes sir! *coughs* I mean... Arreeeewwwwwwww!
    Skele 2: Arreeeewwwwwwww!

    Necromancer: Well done my minions. Where ever did you find her?
    Skele 1: Arreeeewwwwwwww!
    Necromancer: Really? What was she doing in there?
    Skele 2: Aaaarreeewwwww!
    Necromancer: Oh my. Hmm, what should we do with her now?
    Princess: Release me now or my Father will send his knights and...
    Necromancer: Haha! And do what?
    Necromancer: You are very far from home, young Pri...
    Skele 4: Master! Someone is approachi...
    Skele 4: Whoops! I mean... Arew?
    Necromancer: This is the last time I will say this!
    Skele 4: Eeeek! *cough* Arreew?
    Necromancer: In this world...
    Necromancer: ...the undead are NOT able to talk!
    Necromancer: Kill the intruder, and then bring the girl to the crypt.
    Princess: HELP! Somebody save me!

    Princess: You saved me! My Knight in shining armor!
    Ash: Actually...
    Ash: The armor is old and rusty... and, I am not a Knight... yet.
    Princess: What? You're... not a Knight?
    Ash: No. Because I am not of noble blood, I must save a... ... save a Orincess to earn a King's favor and be Knighted.
    Ash: Then... I will conquer all evil and become the ArchKnight!
    Princess: Are you serious? *chuckle*
    Princess: Hehehe... Hahaha!
    Princess: *ROTFL* Right... haha!
    Ash: ...
    Princess: Haha! You are just wandering the forest on the chance that... ... you will haha find some cliche Princess and save her...
    Necromancer: Excuse me... Sir Wannabe, you will have to find your own.
    Necromancer: This one is mine.
    Princess: HELP!

    Necro: We have an unexpected guest.
    Necro: Magically seal the door. Use the orbs to dispel it later. I am going to put her with the others.
    Princess: Somebody SAVE ME!!!!! Why are you doing this!?
    Necro: Shhh. Your would-be hero will make a nice addition to my undead army.
    Necro: Mwhaha! So do not take him alive! Got that?
    Skele 2: Arrreeewww!
    Skele Caster: Arrreeewww!
    Skele 1: Arrreeewww!
    Necro: Let's go.
    Skele Caster: Double Bullseye! You would need two dispell orbs to open that!
    Skele Caster: /cough* I mean... Arrrreeewewewe!

    Ash: What? This is just a supply closet.
    Ash: Woah... these weapons are even worse than mine. Broken Sword of Junk -5. Backwards Axe of Self-Mutilation *Yikes*.
    Ash: A sack of Trobble pet food... Who needs that?
    Ash: Oooh, now here is something interesting! The Sniffing Blade! The sniffing blade "nose" when a monster is near...
    Blade: AaaaCHOOO!
    Ash: Must have allergies... *tosses it aside*
    Ash: The Necromancer that lives here needs a raise... Or maybe he should have thought to loot his undead soldiers. His loss is my gain!
    Ash: Woah... what is this? Necromancy: Volume I -- "How to make your own friends" Awww... maybe he is just lonely.
    Ash: Necromancy: Volume II -- "Killing Princesses for fun and profit." ... This guy is sick... I have to stop him! I must save that girl!
    Ash: Ahh. Something useful at last: Dispell Orb!

    Ash: Hey, it's ok.
    Ash: I am fine.
    Ash: Something big and smooshy broke my fall.
    Ash: Sure is dark down here...
    Ash: Hmmm, is something breathing on my neck?

    Princess: HELP!
    Necro: Mwahahaha... yelling in here is futile.
    Necro: By now your hero has been slain and turned into one of my undead troops.
    Princess: But why? Why me? Why are you doing this?
    Necro: The ultimate spell my master is preparing...
    Necro: ...requires the blood of a Darkovian Princess!
    Princess: But I...
    Necro: Shhh... step back, the portal is opening.
    Necro: Master, I have done thy bidding, behold...
    Necro: I present the Princess of Darkovia!
    ???: ...
    Necro: Master?
    ???: The Necromancer who captures the Princess of Darkovia will be given the most sought after prize of our evil art...
    ???: I will teach them the language of darkness.
    ???: BUT...
    Necro: M... m... aster?
    ???: The Princess of Darkovia is a brunette...
    Necro: !
    ???: Worse yet, I detect a hero in your dungeon.
    ???: Let me know how it turns out...
    Necro: ARGH!
    Necro: Impossible, you have magical royal blood in your veins!
    Necro: I sensed it with my magic...
    Necro: and you mentioned your father's knights...
    Princess: But, I am from...
    Necro: QUIET!!!!!
    Ash: Did I come at a bad time?
    Necro: Enough...
    Necro: Kill... Kill them all! Starting with her!!!!
    Ash: Stop! I will not let you do it...
    Necro: Haha
    Necro: KILL HER!
    Ash: NOOOOOO!!!
    Ash: Vorpal ArchKnight weapon throw technique!!!
    Necro: Hahaha! You missed.
    Princess: ...
    Necro: HOLY ZEUSTER!!!!!
    Necro: Grr... HAH!
    Necro: What? Freeze spell?
    Necro: That was supposed to be darkness...
    Necro: What else could go wrong today?
    Ash: You are about to find out...

    Ash: ... and I thought she was giving me the cold shoulder before.
    Ash: She is frozen solid.
    Ash: In all of the fairy tales the hero kisses the Princess to save her! Maybe I should try that...
    Ash: but then again, it is not nice to kiss someone you do not know.
    Ash: But if she is a Princess and I save her...
    Ash: her father would make me a Knight!
    Ash: OK Princess... here we go!
    Ash: Wuh Woa...
    Ash: Wy wips are fwozen...
    Ash: Welp! Wombody welp we! Wy wips are fwozen to the wincwess!

    Tale Image

    Ash: Whis is weally weally cwold!
    Ash: Welp?
    Ash: ...
    Ash: Wanywody?

  • Complete Quest

  • There's a skip button when you return to the previous cutscenes.

    Thanks to
    -- Joseph3194 for The Stone link.
    -- SlyCooperFan1 for location.
    -- Sasuke Uchiha for corrections and links.
    -- Peachii for corrections.

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