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Location: Falconreach (Book 3), Thankstaking Storybook, Return of the Felonious Five, Transformative Thankstaking, Ruby's Request, Stew It Yourself, Revenge of the Shrooms, The Thanks of Us, Prepared for Anything!

Quests given
Falconreach (Book 3)
Revenge of the Shrooms

Thankstaking Storybook
Return of the Felonious Five
Transformative Thankstaking
Ruby's Request
Stew It Yourself

Shops owned

Access to Temporary Food Items.

Falconreach (Book 3)

Ruby: Hello there! Ruby, the Adventure Chef, at your service!

Ruby: Broil on!

  • Talk
    Ruby: What's up, hero?
    • Who are you?
      Ruby: I'm Ruby, the Adventure Chef! I'm a moglin. And a chef. And an adventurer! I've loved cooking and exploring ever since I was small. Smaller.
      Ruby: I travel all over Lore looking for rare delicacies and ingredients for use in cooking the most amazing dishes.
      Ruby: Of course, there are some dangers involved. The occasional unbread, hungry beasts, bandits, traps, the usual.
      Ruby: I'm sure you know all about those sorts of things, hero.
      Ruby: I used to travel with my brother, Rudy, but there was an incident with a fire elemental, a tog, and a couple spatulas.
      Ruby: I'm not sure what he's up to these days.
      Ruby: But hey, that just means more food for me to adventure!

    • Your ear?
      Ruby: Oh, my ear?
      Ruby: It was delicious.
      Ruby: I'm kidding.
      Ruby: I lost it in a cooking accident.
      Ruby: Turns out some beasts don't like being pan-fried in an herb-infused moglinberry juice reduction. Who'd have thought?
    • I see...

    • Food
      Ruby: The food I sell is all... edible! Some food I've collected from the depths of Lore, others I cook to order.
      Ruby: My ingredients are always the freshest, except when they're well aged. And always humanely treated, except when they're not.
      Ruby: I've probably tried one of everything there is to try on this continent, although...
      Ruby: I've never tried a hero steak before.
      Ruby: That was a joke.
      Ruby: Unless you were willing to... no? Definitely not? Are you sure? I'm not drooling! What were we talking about? Right, my food!
      Ruby: It's all perfectly safe and arguably healthy! As I always say, 'The fuzzy green bits are just extra veggies!'
      Ruby: Probably want to pick out anything that's glowing bright neon colors though. That's not normal. Unless you want it to be. I won't judge.
    • Right...
  • Quest!
    Ruby: Oh! Are you here to help me out? I'm always looking for some help...
  • Purchase Food (DA Required)
    Ruby: I have a wide selection in stock, all for the fairest of prices! All organic too, except for what isn't.

    Thankstaking (Chapter 13)

    Thankstaking Storybook

    Ruby: Let's see what delicious dangers await us this Thankstaking, as per tradition!

    Return of the Felonious Five

    Ruby: What a delicious pickle. Transformed, you say? Hmm.

    Ruby: Food. Hmmm. Transformed into turducken. I wonder...

    Ruby: I think...
    Ruby: Yes, working with that scrumptious Twilly, we should be able to use some Moglin magic to counteract the enchantments.
    Ruby: But you'll have to round them all up for us!

    Ruby: Be gentle with them! I'll go find Twilly!

    Ruby: Yeah... turn them all back...

    Ruby: People transformed into turduckens! Sounds like an opportunity too good to pass up. No one will miss Ash, right? Maybe just a wing?

    Ruby: I'm kidding! These plants are vital to the spell we've got planned.

    Transformative Thankstaking

    Ruby: *Snicker*

    Ruby: Excuse me, Joules... was it?

    Ruby: I wonder if you've considered the health benefits of living life with only one legó

    Ruby: What? I'm just curious.

    Thankstaking (Chapter 14)

    Thankstaking Storybook

    Ruby: Hi, <Character>. Can you help me with something that may or may not be really dangerous?

    Ruby's Request

    Ruby: Yo, <Character>. I've got this recipe in mind, but it needs something with some extra kick. Something rare. Exotic.

    Ruby: Thanks for offering to help, <Character>. As it turns out, it only grows inó

    Ruby: Are you sure? I could've sworn... Well, anyway, it only grows in the underground caves of the perpetually windswept lands of Ovungu Zoyo.

    Ruby: I knew you'd be up for the task! I've been all over the place in my adventuring days, Ovungu Zoyo included, and if I've managed, so will you!

    Ruby: The ingredient I need is called an Erythrocitrus. You'll know it when you see it.
    Ruby: Don't forget to stop and take in the landscape! It's quite breathtaking.

    Ruby: Literally.
    Ruby: Try taking shallow breaths while traversing the region, or else the incredibly strong winds might suck the air out of ya! Maybe.
    Ruby: And that would be very interesting!

    Ruby: Off you go, I've got cookery to do!

    Ruby: Acceptable.

    Ruby: It'll have to do.

    Ruby: Of course not.

    Ruby: It's just a spice.

    Ruby: Does that happen often when you cook?

    Ruby: You'll have to invite me next time it happens. Sounds like a delicious opportunity.

    Ruby: Now, shoo! I'll call everyone over when it's ready!

    Thankstaking (Chapter 15)

    Thankstaking Storybook

    Ruby: Oh, don't mind the noise, Gretel is just being a witch!

    Stew It Yourself

    Ruby: WHAT?! Are you out of your mind!?
    Ruby: Everyone knows that you have to stuff the turducken first and then roast it!
    Ruby: Oh, and pleeeease do call me a "little lady" again, witch. We still need a soup, and you look perfect for the brotó

    Ruby: ...Comparing recipes!

    Ruby: Enthusiastically!

    Ruby: Well, actually, we do still lack an extra special dish that'll blow everyone's taste buds away.

    Ruby: Oh, I know! Why doesn't <Character> decide for us?
    Ruby: You're good at picking the clearly CORRECT option, aren't you?

    Ruby: Hi Gaelan! Why yes, that's exactly what I said, we need an extra special dish that'll blow everyone's taste buds away!

    Ruby: Oooh, exotic! Just what I like!

    Ruby: <Character> said that s/he'll go, so we have that covered!

    Ruby: What? You'll have to speak up. Only one ear, you know.

    Ruby: I love it! The more you think you know of the world, the more it surprises you!

    Ruby: Off you go, <Character>! Time's a wasting!

    Ruby: Good news <Character>! While you were away, we reached a consensus!

    Ruby: Instead, through some of my and Gretel's magic, we've managed to, wait for it...
    Ruby: ... to separate the being into two base components!!!

    Ruby: ... and the other one a "duck"!

    Ruby: And I stuff mine after!

    Ruby: See! I told you s/he'd be speechless!

    Revenge of the Shrooms

    Ruby: ...It's horrible, <Character>. Just horrible!

    Ruby: The mushrooms, <Character>! The mushrooms!
    Ruby: They're revolting!

    Ruby: Hmm... Could I? Maybe.
    Ruby: Yes.
    Ruby: Yes, it will be a terrible shame, but I suppose there really is no other choice.
    Ruby: You don't mind taking care of the leftovers, do you?

    Ruby: I told you, they're revolting.
    Ruby: You should probably stop them before someone gets hurt.

    Ruby: Good luck!

    Ruby: Oh, you're back.

    Ruby: Don't be silly. They're just mushrooms.
    Ruby: People eat them all the time! Like in this stew!
    Ruby: It's not like someone's going around Lore, hunting down every last one.

    Ruby: ...Right?

    Ruby: Come again soon!

    Thankstaking (Chapter 17)

    Thankstaking Storybook

    Ruby: Mmm, mushrooms...

    The Thanks of Us

    Ruby: Now, for this year's secret ingredient...
    Ruby: I can't wait to see everyone's faces! These wonderful mushrooms will be the perfect savory match!

    Ruby: There we go! Nice and fresh! Everyone's going to love this!

    Ruby: Heya! What's going on?

    Ruby: Oh! Could it be that you saw my mushroom surprise? Don't they just look super...
    Ruby: ...Delicious?!

    Ruby: You mean "So fresh it's basically walking"?

    Ruby: Oh... they're not supposed to do that.

    Ruby: Oh, you know, some strange city in Doomwood.

    Ruby: That's the one! Funny name, huh? Lots of bones around as well to make stock with!

    Ruby: Mmm.... Bone broth...

    Ruby: Oh just the one, to give it a try.

    Ruby: I promise it was only the one.

    Ruby: Yummmmmm! They're SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

    Ruby: You really need to try this!

    Prepared for Anything!

    Ruby: Well, well, well! Everything is here!
    Ruby: It must've taken you a LOT of travel and trouble to collect all of these!

    Ruby: There's no need to be sarcastic about it, <Character>. If it were that simple, I could have gotten them myself!

    Ruby: Anyway! Thank you so much for gathering all these ingredients!

    Ruby: I know it might be hard to believe, but I'm not actually going to be making something edible!
    Ruby: Not immediately edible, at least.
    Ruby: Rudy is going to be so happy!

    Ruby: Yep! That's my brother!
    Ruby: Apparently he joined The Rose, or is trying to join them, or something.
    Ruby: I can't say I get what that's all about, but he does seem to be happy from the last letter he sent to me.
    Ruby: He mentioned he was wanting to build a DOOMsday vault, somewhere he can retreat to if things get bad, you know?

    Ruby: Yeah, yeah, like the seasoning on a good pan, you're here to stop evil from sticking!
    Ruby: I know you'll try your best to defend against everything coming at us, but still, if it sets his mind at ease then I want to help!

    Ruby: He better!
    Ruby: Besides, it's not like you'll be here forever!

    Ruby: What?

    Ruby: No, I'm good for now. After I inspect everything for quality, maybe take a few samples for myself, have to make sure it's the best...
    Ruby: ...I'll have to find someone to deliver all this to him later.

    Ruby: Maybe I could get that nice Ash guy to do it for free. Doesn't seem like he has much better to do, just standing there in front of the inn all day.

    Ruby: Oh, you're still here? Did you say something? Sorry, missing ear, you know!

    Ruby: I'm going to send him a letter right away to let him know what's coming!
    Ruby: Thanks again, <Character>!

    Side View Appearance

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image, side view image, and corrections.
  • BluuHorseOfficial for correction.

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