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Location: Falconreach (Book 3), Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 13, Return of the Felonious Five, Transformative Thankstaking

Quests given

Shops owned
Access to temporary food items (see dialogue).

Falconreach (Book 3)

Ruby: Hello there! Ruby, the Adventure Chef, at your service! Broil on!

  • Talk
    Ruby: What's up, hero?
    • Who are you?
      Ruby: I'm Ruby, the Adventure Chef! I'm a moglin. And a chef. And an adventurer! I've loved cooking and exploring ever since I was small. Smaller.
      Ruby: I travel all over Lore looking for rare delicacies and ingredients for use in cooking the most amazing dishes.
      Ruby: Of course, there are some dangers involved. The occasional unbread, hungry beasts, bandits, traps, the usual.
      Ruby: I'm sure you know all about those sorts of things, hero.
      Ruby: I used to travel with my brother, Rudy, but there was an incident with a fire elemental, a tog, and a couple spatulas.
      Ruby: I'm not sure what he's up to these days.
      Ruby: But hey, that just means more food for me to adventure!

    • Your ear?
      Ruby: Oh, my ear?
      Ruby: It was delicious.
      Ruby: I'm kidding.
      Ruby: I lost it in a cooking accident.
      Ruby: Turns out some beasts don't like being pan-fried in an herb-infused moglinberry juice reduction. Who'd have thought?
    • I see...

    • Food
      Ruby: The food I sell is all... edible! Some food I've collected from the depths of Lore, others I cook to order.
      Ruby: My ingredients are always the freshest, except when they're well aged. And always humanely treated, except when they're not.
      Ruby: I've probably tried one of everything there is to try on this continent, although...
      Ruby: I've never tried a hero steak before.
      Ruby: That was a joke.
      Ruby: Unless you were willing to... no? Definitely not? Are you sure? I'm not drooling! What were we talking about? Right, my food!
      Ruby: It's all perfectly safe and arguably healthy! As I always say, 'The fuzzy green bits are just extra veggies!'
      Ruby: Probably want to pick out anything that's glowing bright neon colors though. That's not normal. Unless you want it to be. I won't judge.
    • Right...
  • Purchase Food
    Ruby: I have a wide selection in stock, all for the fairest of prices! All organic too, except for what isn't.

    Ruby is currently offering the following dishes at the cost of 1 Defender's Medal:
  • Zard Tartare
  • Zard Legs
  • Zard Burger
  • Zardcakes
  • Zard Kebob
  • Gorillaphant Knuckles
  • Raven's Wings
  • Baked Basilisk

    DA Required
  • Rotten Hardtack
  • Seaweed
  • Cocoaberry Juice

    Thankstaking Storybook

    Ruby: Let's see what delicious dangers await us this Thankstaking, as per tradition!

    Return of the Felonious Five

    Ruby: What a delicious pickle. Transformed, you say? Hmm.

    Ruby: Food. Hmmm. Transformed into turducken. I wonder...

    Ruby: I think...
    Ruby: Yes, working with that scrumptious Twilly, we should be able to use some Moglin magic to counteract the enchantments.
    Ruby: But you'll have to round them all up for us!

    Ruby: Be gentle with them! I'll go find Twilly!

    Ruby: Yeah... turn them all back...

    Ruby: People transformed into turduckens! Sounds like an opportunity too good to pass up. No one will miss Ash, right? Maybe just a wing?

    Ruby: I'm kidding! These plants are vital to the spell we've got planned.

    Transformative Thankstaking

    Ruby: *Snicker*

    Ruby: Excuse me, Joules... was it?

    Ruby: I wonder if you've considered the health benefits of living life with only one legó

    Ruby: What? I'm just curious.


    Thanks to BluuHorseOfficial for a correction.

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