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Child's Play

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12/15/2019 16:30:00   

Child's Play

Location: Book of Lore -> To Frostval!,
Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> The Maleurous -> Mr. Nameless,
Location: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 14 -> Child's Play,
Location: Friday the 13th - Mr. Nameless -> To the War! -> Child's Play,
Location: Friday the 13th - Remthalas -> To the War! -> Child's Play
Level/Quest/Items required: None Completion of Ex Somniis Fabula
Release Date: December 13th, 2019

Objective: One of the Maleurous has appeared! The Avatars have summoned you to deal with it.
Objective completed: Mr. Nameless seems... nice.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Icemaster Yeti
Mr. Nameless
Papa Moglin



*Once again, you and Uaanta have been summoned by the Avatars to the Firmament.*

Haeos: Champions.

Haeos: We have detected activity of one of the Maleurous.
Fiamme: Its presence has been located in the far reaches of the Northlands.
Celeritas: Far to the north.

*You take a moment to think, and decipher where the Avatars are referring to.*

<Character>: Oh come on...
<Character>: Frostvale!
Uaanta: Oh, isn't that where we were headed before the Makers brought us here?
<Character>: Yes...
Uaanta: Where you celebrate Frostval, yes? And there are Frost Moglins?
<Character>: And warm mugs of cocoaberry juice, and a big fire, and presents too!
Uaanta: It sounds quite comfortable.
Khazri: You two have the attention span of a silverfish.

*Remembering the gravity of the situation, you and Uaanta cease discussing Frostvale's festivities.*

Uaanta: Apologies, Makers.
<Character>: Sorry.
Voidstar: Where were we?
Kyanos: Ah. It has been detected in the Northlands.
Temblor: It is exerting its influence on the area, and the moglins and other inhabitants of the region are in danger of falling prey to its machinations.
Uaanta: Makers! Not the Frost Moglins!
<Character>: You've never even met—
<Character>: Never mind...
<Character>: What is the name of this Maleurous?
Voidstar: Does it matter?
Neso: It is nameless.
<Character>: Oh.
Khazri: The name it calls itself is literally 'Nameless'.
<Character>: Oh!
<Character>: Not a very creative Maleurous then. What else can you tell us about it?
Fiamme: It possesses toys. That's how it infiltrates its preys' territories.
Uaanta: Abominable!
<Character>: Huh. I think I've dealt with possessed toys before, actually.
Celeritas: Your previous experience will prove invaluable in this situation.
Voidstar: Nonetheless, we are going to aid you this time.
<Character>: That's new.
Uaanta: You aid us every day, Makers, in our daily lives.

*You glance away from Uaanta, clearly not sharing her respect for the Avatars, or Makers as she refers to them.*

Haeos: We have selected an individual with a similar skillset to that of Nameless, who is going to prove useful in your endeavor.
Kyanos: One whom you have met before, Hero of Falconreach.
<Character>: Oh no, you don't mean—

*With a brief flash of light, a third potential hero has been summoned to the Firmament.*

Sally: —and then they summoned a new puppy, with the fresh sacrifice of a—

*Sally, who is playing with two evil-looking toys, stops abruptly after realising she is no longer where she originally was.*

Sally: —wah?
<Character>: Sally?!
Sally: Umm...
Uaanta: A child?!
Sally: Who—
Neso: Greetings, Sally.
<Character>: Wait a minute, Avatars!
Temblor: Let us explain everything to you.

One exposition later...

Sally: Ah! So the bad toy is making all of the fuzzy wuzzy moglins sad, and not only that, it's stepping on MY turf?
Haeos: That is correct, child.
<Character>: Wait, wait, does this mean Sally is a chosen hero of the Avatars now?
Uaanta: I must agree with <Character>, Makers. With all due respect, she is merely a child!
Celeritas: We know you are more than capable of keeping her safe. Her expertise in the matter is unparalleled.
Sally: Hero?! I don't want to be a hero!

Sally: That's... gross!
<Character>: See? She doesn't even want to—
Voidstar: You will obey the Avatars, Sally.

*Sally rolls her eyes.*

Sally: Gosh, when you put it that way, I guess I don't have a choice.
Sally: It's fine, <Character>, grandma lady. I can handle this!
Sally: If this Nameless is a toy, then I can play with him, right? *Giggles*
Voidstar: That's not the purpo—
Sally: Oh hush, you!

*With another flash, you, Uaanta, and Sally have been teleported directly to the outer woods of Frostvale.*

<Character>: ...

*You and Uaanta are battle-ready, while this time Sally is the one still in her pyjamas.*

<Character>: I don't know how I feel about this...

*Uaanta turns toward Sally.*

Uaanta: Don't worry, little lady! We'll keep you safe!
Sally: *Giggles* Don't patronize me, old lady.

*Uaanta is shocked by Sally's quick and disrespectful response.*

???: Ahhhhh!!!
Icemaster Yeti: Oh no you don't!! Keep moving, keep moving!
<Character>: That's Icemaster Yeti's voice!
<Character>: Uaanta, come! Sally, stay close to us!
Sally: I'm ready!

*You arrive in the town of Frostvale to find frightened Frost Moglins being chased around by possessed toys.*

<Character>: Icemaster Yeti! We're here!
Icemaster Yeti: Good timing, <Character>! I see you've brought some friends!
Icemaster Yeti: I'm afraid introductions will have to wait, though. Help us clear out this mess!
<Character>: Uaanta?
Uaanta: On it!
Sally: Hehe, don't strain yourself, granny, I've got this!

*Green flames surround Sally as she uses dark magic to defeat all of the possessed toys with a single flick of her wrist.*

Sally: Ouch...
Sally: I'm... sleepy.
<Character>: W-wow, Sally...
Uaanta: That was... an outstanding display of Darkness magic! Good job, Sally!
Sally: *Strained giggle* Thank you.
Icemaster Yeti: Thank you, uh, Sally, was it? That was impressive.
<Character>: I'm sorry, Icemaster, but time is of the essence. Where have these toys been coming from?
Papa Moglin: Further north, but there's nothing out there but snow and old trees! The toys just... appeared.
<Character>: Okay. Hmm. Is everyone here alright?
Papa Moglin: I... think so? We haven't had a chance to count.
<Character>: I see. Make sure everyone is accounted for, while I go and investigate where these toys appeared.
<Character>: Uaanta, please stay here with Sally until I return. Keep everyone safe.
Uaanta: Understood, <Character>. Be careful.
Chilly: Thank you for saving us, miss!
Sally: Ohh, you are all so adorable!
Chilly: T-thank—
Sally: I was talking to the toys.
Chilly: Oh...

*Further north, you search for the source of the possessed toys, before running into what appears to be an invisible barrier.*

<Character>: Oof!
<Character>: What is—
???: Well well well WELL!!!
???: Isn't this just SWELL!?

*You look up to see one of the Maleurous watching over you, far above the treetops.*

???: I've been WATCHING you, <Character>!
<Character>: Nameless, I assume...
Mr. Nameless: That's MR. Nameless to you!
<Character>: Oh, great, an ego...
<Character>: I was gonna try reasoning with you, but since you've attacked Frostvale already, this is personal.
<Character>: I'm afraid I can't let you do... whatever it is you're trying to do.
Mr. Nameless: You must have SO many friends, don't you?
Mr. Nameless: So many people who LOVE you, DON'T you!?
<Character>: Uh... That's kind of changing the topic, but—
Mr. Nameless: Let's play a little game!
Mr. Nameless: I will SMOTHER you with affection! I will send you SO many gifts, you'll SUFFOCATE!
<Character>: To be honest, that doesn't sound like a very fun game.
Mr. Nameless: If I win, you and your friends will be MINE!
<Character>: And if we win...?
Mr. Nameless: Oh!
Mr. Nameless: Ohohohoho!

*You turn around and suddenly find that you, and the entire town of Frostvale and its surroundings, are encased in a giant snow globe; from afar, the Maleurous known as Mr. Nameless appears to be holding this snow globe, and removes his mask, revealing his face, albeit obscured by shadows.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • After first completion, Book of Lore, Falconreach, and Frostval Storybook access points no longer direct you to this quest, but Friday the 13th - Mr. Nameless or Friday the 13th - Remthalas instead.

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