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Frostval Storybook

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12/13/2011 7:59:04   
Voodoo Master

Frostval Storybook

Access Point: Book of Lore -> Frostval Storybook (during December),
Access Point: Storybook Collection -> Click on the book with the bright sky blue cover and snow white pages

Quests Available
Chapter 1
Act 1 & Act 2 - Frostvale
Act 1 & Act 2 - A Frostvale Tale
Act 1 & Act 2 - Icemaster Yeti's cave
Act 1 & Act 2 - The Cave of Glaisaurus

Chapter 2
Act 3 & Act 4 - Frostvale
Act 3 & Act 4 - Frostval War 2007
Act 3 & Act 4 - The Frost Cave (Act 3)
Act 3 & Act 4 - The Cave of Glaisaurus (Act 4)

Chapter 3
Prologue - Prologue
Act 5 & Act 6 - Frostvale
Act 5 & Act 6 - I Know What You Did Last Frostval
Act 5 & Act 6 - Slay Bells Ring
Act 5 & Act 6 - Holiday Visit
Act 5 & Act 6 - Cookies!
Act 5 & Act 6 - NoX-Mas
Act 5 & Act 6 - You Never Asked

Chapter 4
Prologue - There's Something About Twilly...
Act 7 - In the Mountains....
Act 8 - We're Gonna Need More Fire...
Act 9 - Frostvale

Chapter 5
Act 10 - Frostval Fallout
Act 11 - The Factory
Act 12 - STRIKE!
To Battle! - Fight The Power! Strike!
To Battle! - Nitroglycerin Sponge Catapault
To Battle! - Plushies in the Snow
To Battle! - Plushie Fury
Act 13 - Frostvale

Chapter 6
Act 13 - Frostvale Defense
Act 14 - Breaking In
Act 15 - Captain Rolith's Revenge
Act 16 - Frostvale

Chapter 7
Act 17 - Flying Mogkees
Act 18 - SnackinLand
Act 19 - Finding the Red Brick Road
Act 20 - The Necromancer of SiOO
Act 21 - Pallors Plan
Act 22 - Winged Darkness
Act 22 - Deadwood
Act 22 - Mogkee Waves
Act 22 - Nitroglycerin Sponge Catapult
Act 22 - Wicked Queen
Act 23 - Frostvale

Chapter 8
Act 24 - Frostval the 13th!
Act 24 - The Summoning
Act 24 - Frostvale
Act 24 - Croft
Act 24 - Zealot
Act 25 - The List Turn In
Act 25 - The List
Act 25 - Making Candy!
Act 26 - Moglinsters!
Act 27 - Chilly and the Candy Factory

Chapter 9
Act 28 - A Tale of Two Timelines
Act 29 - Snowy Forest
Act 29 - Sepulchure
Act 29 - Xan
Act 29 - Zorbak
Act 30 - Dueling Timelines
Act 31 - Frostvale
Act 31 - Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth

Chapter 10
Act 32 - Ice Cream Invasion
Act 32 - Jwealouswy
Act 33 - Frostvale
Act 33 - FwendQuest

Chapter 11
Interlude 1 - The Nec-snow-mancer
Interlude 2 - Snowfang the Dragon
Interlude 3 - What REALLY Happened

Chapter 12
Act 34 - Trouble in the Woods
Act 35 - Jack and Lumberjack

Chapter 13
Act 36 - Hide and Snowseek
Act 37 - The Snowpeak War!
Act 37 - Rescue Moglins!
Act 37 - Cocoaberry Supplies!
Act 37 - Into the Snowpeak Woods
Act 37 - Cocoatapult
Act 37 - Cocoaberry Bombs!
Act 37 - Frallmar's Lair

Chapter 14
Child's Play
Friday the 13th - Mr. Nameless
Nameless Wave
Moglin Rescue!
Alone Together
Friday the 13th - Remthalas
Dream Wave
Breaking the Mold

Chapter 15
Frostval in Falconreach
The Great Giftnapping
Great Giftnapping Wave
Present Run
Instant Gift Delivery
The Unboxing

Chapter 16
A Quiet Night
The Grand Snowfight!
Snowfight Wave
The Last Snow
Happy New Year 2022


Chapter 1
Defender's Medal Shops
Frostval Shop
Frostval War Shop
Moglin Gift

Chapter 2
Defender's Medal Shops
Frostval Shop
Moglin Gift
Out in the Cold War Shop

Chapter 3
5 Gold Rings
Frost Moglin helms
Frostval Houses
Frostval Shop
Lumps of Coal Shop

Chapter 4
5 Gold Rings
Frostval 2009 Presents
Frostval Shop
Lumps of Coal Shop

Chapter 5
Gift Boxes
2010 Frostval Presents
5 Gold Rings
Frostval 2009 Presents
Frostval 2010 (Shop)
Frostval Shop
Lumps of Coal Shop

Chapter 6
2011 Presents
TogTog House Shop
TogTog's Remains Shop
Starlight Weapons
Lumps of Coal Shop
Silly Hats
Togsmas Gifts
5 Gold Rings
Frostval 2009 Presents
Frost Dragon Weapons
Frostval Shop

Chapter 7
2012 Gifts
2012 Presents
Frost Dragon Weapons
Frostval Shop
Lumps of Coal Shop
Mogkee Shop
Pallor's Helm

Chapter 8
2013 Frostval Gifts

Chapter 9
2014 Presents
5 Gold Rings
Ash's Birthday
Frost Dragon Weapons
Frost Moglin Defender
Frost Moglin Slayer
Frostval 14
Frostval 2009 Presents
Frostval Shop
Lumps of Coal Shop
Silly Hats
Togsmas Gifts

Chapter 10
2015 Presents!
2015 Present Merges
Fish Heads
Frost Dragon Weapons
Frostval 2009 Presents
Frostval Shop
Lumps of Coal Shop
Silly Hats
Togsmas Gifts

Chapter 11
Frostval Presents!

Chapter 12
Frost Moglin Artifacts

Chapter 13
Snowpeak Presents! (All Versions)
Presents and Upgrades

Chapter 14
Frostval 2019 Gifts
Uaanta's Blaster

Chapter 15
DMs & Gift Exchange

Chapter 16
Snowfight DM Merges
Snow's Repose Upgrades

The Legend of Frostvale

Holiday Special Event!
As Loremaster I have been requested by the good King Alteon to chronical the events as they happen here in the moglin town of Frostvale. The King believes that something special is destined to happen as the result of this snowy chain of events. You will find the events recorded in this book to be both factual and unbiased. Even through this Loremaster happens to idolize this perticular hero and their amazing adventures.

- Loremaster Maya

Maya: <Character>, it is so exciting to see you again!

Chapter 1

A Frostvale Tale
All of the moglins in the town of Frostvale have gone missing! Well, all except one. Blizzy has come to Falconreach to ask for your help. It is now up to you, the greatest hero in the land, to save the moglins of Frostvale!

Our story opens in the frozen town of Frostvale where Loremaster Maya and Blizzy await you...

Chapter 2

Out in the Cold!
A year after the defeat of Ice Master Yeti the town of Frostvale has come under attack by an ARMY OF FROST MONSTERS!

Loremaster Maya has sent a special request asking you to help defend the peaceful town from this unexplained invasion!

Chapter 3

Lumps of Coal!
The town of Frostvale is preparing for the third Frostval celebration, and everyone is getting into the spirit... until a horrible transformation leaves only the Hero of Frostvale and the frost moglin Chilly free to find a cure!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. After recieving a letter from Blizzy, the hero arrives in Frostvale and is greeted by some old friends...

Chapter 4

Frosty Reception
It's that time of year again! The snow is falling, the cocoaberry juice is brewing, the moglins are missing... again! Who could be behind their mysterious disappearance this year? What would they want with those poor moglins?

It all began on a snowy day in Falconreach...

Chapter 5

Frostval Fallout
The stockings were hung in the super secret, cheer-reinforced, Frostvale basement with care as all the moglins gathered together for fear of being moglin-napped for the holiday again this year!

What will you do to keep Blizzy, Chilly and all their friends happy and safe this year?

Chapter 6

Merry Togsmas!
It's time once again to head north and protect the frost moglins of Frostvale! Every year the poor moglins have been kidnapped for some evil scheme... but this year will be different! Sir Rolith of Oaklore has come to oversee the defense of the village and nothing, nothing, will be getting past him and his army of togs this year!

Chapter 7

The skies have darkened over Falconreach and snow has begun to fall! The sound of... wings fills air?

Just who is this mysterious Queen seeking Vayle, and what... has she done to the Frostvale moglins?! And... how!?!

Chapter 8

Nightmare AFTER Frostval!
The towns of Frostval and Croft have been pulled together thanks to some meddling cultists! Will the Cauldron Sisters and the Frostvale moglins be able to salvage the holiday through cheer and caaaaaandy?

Chapter 9

The Tale of Two Timelines!
Strange events have begun to occur. What's causing them is unknown, but the town of Frostvale seems to be at the center of it all.

Chapter 10

Snow has begun to fall, creating huge fluffy, whipped mounds over the rolling hills and foliage of Frostvale. Chilly and Icemaster Yeti battle for Snow King Supremacy with the other moglin children in the "halls" of their paw-made snow fortress while our intrepid hero sits and reminisces with Blizzy.

One lonely, shy, slightly fish-smelling moglin child tumbles from the hero's gryphon and watches with awe and slight twinge of jwealouswy....

Chapter 11

Three Tall Tales
Frostval is here! Snow is covering the ground, and the celebrations in Frostvale have already begun!

But while Icemaster Yeti was away, you managed to save the day once again! But HOW?

Gather around the annual Frostval feast, and listen to stories of how YOU saved this year's Frostval!

Chapter 12

Jack and Lumberjack
Celebration is in the air. Having just arrived in Frostval this year, you can already feel it. The mugs of hot cocoaberry juice are steaming, the lights around Frostvale are gleaming, The Frostval feast cooking sizzles, the village bonfire crackles. All the moglins are bustling about. Yes, it looks like things are ready to go for the Frost Moglins to start their annual celebration.

But are they? For all the well-planned preperations, something seems to be missing...

Chapter 13

Frallmar Rises
It's that time of year! The snow comes down, the juice starts to steam in your mug and the chill in the breeze aaaall tell you it's time to head up north to Frostvale and celebrate with the Frost Moglins again! The good news is if you think about it, you haven't really had too much trouble the last times around! Sure, you had run in with Snowfang and then Moroz respectively, but after initial misunderstandings had been cleared, Frostval pretty much resumed without a hitch. Sure, you can expect some trouble, but it shouldn't be tooooo threatening to your life expectancy!

Chapter 14

Mr. Nameless
The village of Frostvale is under attack by hordes of... toys? Again?!

A new Maleurous has appeared, going by the name of Mr. Nameless! He's terrorizing the Frost Moglins and trying to kidnap them for his nefarious deeds! You have to reach him and save Frostvale!

Chapter 15

The Great Giftnapping
It's finally snowing in Falconreach!

You can hear Twilly singing some holiday songs, while Gaelan and Spruce are decorating the Serene Inn.

However, it's best to leave them to themselves, since it is time to pay a visit to your favourite frost moglins in Frostvale!

But wait, it looks like there's trouble a brewin'!

Chapter 16

The Grand Snowfight
It's that time of the year!

After last year's shenanigans, it's time to visit the village of Frostvale and check on your favourite Frost Moglins!

But what's that?

Someone unexpected is visiting Frostvale as well!

Other information
  • While it cannot be accessed via the Frostval Storybook, the quest Attacked! took place during Frostval 2010.
  • Act 13 previously provided access to Frostvale town as a conclusion for Frostval Chapter 5, but has since been relocated as the opening act for Frostval Chapter 6 and no longer accessible.

    Thanks to
  • Occavatra for location link.
  • Niki for additional dialogues.
  • SalvationXI for coloring and corrections.
  • Jay and Peachii for corrections.

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