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Knight's Star, The

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12/23/2023 23:12:07   

ArchKnight DragonFable

The Knight's Star

Location: Book of Lore -> The Knight's Star,
Location: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 18 -> The Knight's Star
Requirements: Completion of Frallmar's Lair
Release Date: December 22nd, 2023

Objective: Frostval has come, and it's time for celebration! But where have the children run off to this time?
Objective completed: Happy Frostval!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Arctic Wolf
(2) Frost Drake
(2) Frost Golem
(4) Ice Elemental
(2) Snowball
(2) Snowy Tog
(1) Yeti
(1) The Frost Knight - Boss

Icemaster Yeti

Frost Knight's Scarf (I-IX)

Access to tKS Loot for DCs.


*You and your dragon are sitting on the campfire with Icemaster Yeti and the Frost Moglins in Frostvale as it is Frostval yet again.*

Blizzy: I'm so glad you were able to visit us again this year, <Character>, <Dragon>!
Icemaster Yeti: It's good to celebrate with friends.
<Character>: You know we wouldn't miss Frostval for anything!
<Dragon>: Yeah! | *Cheery growl*
Blizzy: This year has been a lot quieter, thankfully. Won't even have to set down my Cocoaberry Juice at this rate!
Icemaster Yeti: Although... Maybe it's been a little too quiet.
Blizzy: Oh no, don't you start! A quiet Frostval's all we need, thank you very much!
<Character>: Speaking of that, I don't think I've seen the children around yet. How are Jacek, Chilly, Holly, and Tinsel doing?
Blizzy: Oh, you know, they're... around...
Icemaster Yeti: Blizzy...
Blizzy: Well, Jacek wanted to spend some time with his... father. Moroz.
Blizzy: The others are accompanying him. I think.
<Character>: I'm sure they'll be fine. They've all become such good friends, after all.
<Character>: I wish there was something we could do to help, though.
<Character>: Warlic did mention that Moroz's condition is reversible, but...
Blizzy: We've been doing our own research into that. It's odd.
Blizzy: There's always been legends surrounding Frallmar's hoard. Papa Moglin looked into some of the rumors.
Blizzy: But the crown, sword, and scepter of legend we found didn't help.
<Character>: The what?!
Blizzy: The legendary treasures kept by Frallmar! But even with all of our wishes, and those ancient relics, we couldn't help.
Blizzy: Frostval magic is some powerful stuff!
Blizzy: The power to grant wishes and make imagination come true...
Blizzy: But... that also means it's hard to break.
<Character>: Frostval magic...
Blizzy: It explains a lot about the last few years. The appearance of Frallmar's horde, the Reigndragon, the snow fight that got out of hand...
Blizzy: There's only one problem.
<Character>: If Frostval magic makes wishes come true... then that would mean...
Blizzy: Yep. Someone must be wishing for Moroz to stay frozen.

*Meanwhile, the sad Jacek sits down near the frozen Moroz.*

Jacek: Father... Moroz. The Frost Moglins are still trying to find a way to thaw you out.
Jacek: When you are free... will we—
Holly: Jacek!!!

*Jacek stands up as he faces Holly, Chilly, and Tinsel.*

Jacek: What?!

Jacek: Oh. It is you. Hello, Holly. Chilly. Tinsel.
Holly: Come and play! We're going to make snow moglins, and then have a snow fight, and then we'll throw snowballs at Icemaster Yeti!
Jacek: I... I do not know if I should.
Tinsel: Jacek, pleeeeease?
Jacek: Give Jacek some time. Maybe later.
Chilly: Come on, Holly, Tinsel. Let's let Jacek—
Holly: I want to play!
Tinsel: Me too!
Holly: I know you're sad, but do you know what always cheers me up? Playing!
Tinsel: Me too!
Jacek: ...
Holly: Maybe some frost moglin hugs will cheer you up!
Jacek: Jacek said NO!

*Tinsel is saddened upon hearing Jacek's answer; after upsetting Holly and Tinsel, Jacek runs away from Holly, Chilly, and Tinsel.*

Tinsel: Well he didn't have to be mean about it.
Chilly: You two really need to know when to stop. Jacek didn't want to play.
Chilly: What are we going to do now?
Holly, Tinsel (in unison): ...
Holly: You're right, Chilly. We should go say sorry...
Tinsel: Yeah...
Chilly: We'll go say sorry, and then we'll get Jacek the best Frostval gifts ever!
Chilly: But... where did he run off to?
Chilly: Oh no. If he ran into the forest...

*Holly, Chilly, and Tinsel rush to find you, your dragon, Blizzy, and Icemaster Yeti as they call them that Jacek ran away from Frostvale.*

Tinsel: Blizzy!!!
Tinsel: Holly was mean to Jacek and we wanted to say sorry but then he ran into the forest...
Tinsel: ...and I remember you said we shouldn't go into the forest alone and—
Blizzy: Whoa, whoa, slow down, Tinsel. What happened? Where's Jacek?
Tinsel: I saaaaaid—
Chilly: Jacek ran into the forest! Alone!
Blizzy: What?! Why would he do that? No, it doesn't matter.
Blizzy: I'm sorry to ask this of you, <Character> and <Dragon>, but this is an emergency!
Blizzy: Can you help us find Jacek?
<Character>: Of course! We can't just sit around when someone's in trouble.
<Dragon>: Right! We'll save the small child! | *Affirmative chirp*
Blizzy: Chilly, Tinsel, Holly, stay here with Icemaster Yeti, okay?
Chilly, Tinsel, Holly (in unison): Okay!

*You fight your way through various ice monsters in the snowy forest; eventually, you encounter The Frost Knight; after defeating it, The Frost Knight ascends before turning back to Jacek, who was The Frost Knight all along; the confused Jacek finds himself in the snowy forest with you, your dragon, and Blizzy.*

Jacek: What... What happened to Jacek?
Blizzy: Are you okay?! I'd like to know the answer to that myself!
Jacek: I... I remember I ran into the forest...
Jacek: Jacek wanted to be strong! Strong enough to play and not cry!
Blizzy: And... you don't remember anything else?
Jacek: Jacek was strong. But it didn't help. And it was lonely.
Blizzy: Hmm...
Blizzy: When you first arrived, your father mentioned you were born under the "Snow Prince Star".
Blizzy: Jacek, I need you to be honest with me. And I promise, I won't be mad.
Blizzy: Are you making things become real?
<Character>: You think Jacek...
Jacek: I... Jacek does not know. Maybe.
Jacek: Things happen at this time of year. When Jacek gets sad. Or happy. Or very angry!
Jacek: But father... Moroz, he still stays frozen, no matter how hard Jacek wishes.
Jacek: Jacek does not know.
Blizzy: There, there, child. It's going to be okay.
Blizzy: All that matters for now is that you're safe.
Blizzy: Let's get you back to Frostvale and bundle you up with a nice mug of Cocoaberry Juice, okay?
Jacek: ...Okay!

*Back in Frostvale, you, your dragon, Jacek, Icemaster Yeti, and the Frost Moglins are now sitting in the campfire.*

Blizzy: There we go. Everyone's safe and warm!
Jacek: Thank you...
Blizzy: Jacek, I want you to know something.
Blizzy: No matter what, you'll always have friends, family, and a home here with us in Frostval, okay?
Jacek: ...
Holly: We're happy you're okay, Jacek!
Tinsel: We were so scared!
Chilly: Ahem.
Holly: And... We're sorry.
Tinsel: ...Yeah...
Holly: We shouldn't have tried to make you play with us when you didn't want to.
Tinsel: ...Yeah... Sorry...
Chilly: And I should have spoken up sooner. And louder! I'm sorry too!
Jacek: My friends...

*After Jacek accepts his apology from Holly, Chilly, and Tinsel, Icemaster Yeti tells everyone to cheer up.*

Icemaster Yeti: Now, now, that's a lot of tears for a Frostvale celebration, don't you think?
Icemaster Yeti: Cheer up, and let bygones be bygones.
<Character>: Yes, indeed! We still have to give out presents, too!
Chilly, Jacek, Holly, Tinsel (in unison): Hurray! Presents!

*Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens tKS Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • A HP/MP healing pad can be found during the quest.
  • Pop-up headline during the quest:

  • That lone knight looks familiar...

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